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This one comes from Kirsten Powers, and Kirsten wrote, “Dear white people who are upset that you can’t dress up as another race or culture for Halloween: your feelings don’t matter. The only feelings that matter are of those who feel disrespected/mocked by you appropriating their culture for entertainment. Show some common decency.” I’m obviously a little biased on that. We made a video called “The Problem With Bumblebee Man,” which was a parody of “The Problem With Apu.” But Alex, since you’re the second Latino that we have…
[ALEX] Oh great… [LOU] You’re the only Latino we’ll allow on this stage aside from me. [ALEX] And for good reason.
[LOU] For good reason. I don’t need the competition, man. I’m competing with white people, I don’t need it. But, what do you think of… [ALEX] Well, you know, I think when it comes to this kind of thing, we talk about appropriation, what people really get upset about are things like exploitation. When folks feel that aspects of their culture or certain customs are being taken and used in a way that denigrates their meaning or their importance. A good example would be something like — do you guys remember Outkast? Remember the old band there? So they did a Grammy performance once where, during the dance part of it, they had dancers that dressed up as Native Americans with, like, headdresses and tomahawks and that kind of thing. And at the time, there was a massive backlash to it, people were like ‘How dare you?’ ‘This is racist.’ ‘It mocks Native Americans.’ And I think their response was something along the lines of, “well, no, it’s not being done in a way that denigrates or exploits anybody.” And so, in terms of…what was the letter again? It said, “Dear White People”? [LOU] Yeah, “Dear White People.” [BORIS] That’s a great way to start a conversation.
[ALEX] Yeah, it’s wonderful. I always love it when a letter starts, “Dear White People”…

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  1. If these snowflakes go after all representation and symbols. Then they will be going after what we call art. Language, groups, histories. All because they place their identity into all these things. But i'm done trying to figure them out. Time to move on.

  2. I don't care what you do or don't do there will always be someone that's going to be offended by something you do or say or even (nowadays)think.

  3. My father was a bumble bee and I find it sickening that you have appropriated his culture . Your antennae don’t even look real. My dad is rolling over in his hive knowing that this is going on. I hope you get stung. #bumblebeeslivesmatter

  4. A better example of thier point is a white high school student who got death threats for wearing a Chinese inspired prom dress. If she is not able to live a better life because of the influence of other cultures then diversity is pointless and we should all be xenophobes. Either we mix and learn from each other so we can all be better, or we all stay in the little boxes SJWs pick for us based on our skin color/ethnicity.

  5. Is it cultural appropriation if an Asian guy dresses up as a cowboy? I don't get why it's only easiest if white people do it.

  6. It's all fake outrage from sjw's, not the ones they say are outraged. There are some native american groups that have jumped on the, "I'm so offended bandwagon" but no one else gives a shit and is even flattered when their culture is appropriated.

  7. I can't stand fucking snowflakes trying to ruin the world, EVERYTHING is wrong to those fuckers.

  8. Is it trumps fault that government workers aren’t getting paid right now?????????

  9. I feel like there's a double standard against white people and males more and more these days.

  10. How dare the writer of the letter culturally appropriate the English language from European Americans. That is so racist for a fascist SJW to take another’s culture!

    See, it works both ways folks, the name calling, the “appropriation”, etc.

    Here is what is important: common decency. Do unto others as one would have done unto oneself.

    Culture is not an island and it cannot be imprisioned, it is shared, explored, experiences, and ever evolving.

  11. The biggest issue with the whole concept of appropriation, exploitation, etc. when it comes to culture is that one, or even a group of people, cannot claim ownership of a culture. That being said, another stumbling block is that those who bring it up tend to rely of valuing the views of the offended over the views/intent of the one doing the offending so to speak, which in many cultures would just come off as being an unfair/disrespectful method of handling such a dispute.

  12. These pussies need to grow up. Its a Halloween costume go as whatever you want. Don't bow to these queers

  13. I feel like the Left is finally showing its true colors; they are pushing for segregation again.

  14. Dammit I was just sharpening my spear with a rock before I head out into the wilderness in my grass skirt in hopes of getting getting some beans to cook in a mud bowl that I got with food stamps!

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