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– Mr. Rogers. (laughing) (laughing) (upbeat music) – It’s Halloween season, and
you know what that means. Costume parties. Every year there’s more
and more terrible costumes and every year, people keep buying them. – I’ve definitely seen
some questionable costumes out and about, you know
primarily like you know, white people in the
Native American costumes. – I’ve seen stuff online
with like Black Face and like cultural appropriation too, like wearing like Chinese
culture and stuff like that. – Crazy, ethnic costumes or
whatever, where you’re like, “Ew, no.” – [Max] So we’ve collected
some photos of costumes and we’d love to get your thoughts on them. – Okay, the sexy Handmaid’s
Tale costume, I think kind of defeats the point of
the original series entirely. – Kylie Jenner got a
lot of backlash for it. They took a show that was
like really dark and like demeaning to women and they like glorified it by making it
like these sexy costumes. – Mr. Rogers? Wow. I’ve never seen this one. See now this is just a question
of taste, the Mr. Rogers. Yeah, I mean, this is just like why? – You know what? I think that’s kind of funny. I think Mr. Rogers is a staple
of a lot of peoples lives I think Mr. Rogers would’ve
gotten a kick out of this. – [Max] So when you think Mr. Rogers, you don’t first think sexy? – Nope.
(laughs) – Definitely not the wall. Nope. – Any sort of Hispanic person could get really offended by this, you know? – It’s also, it’s like boring – Yeah. – There’s no creativity inside that. – [Max] What if the wall was sexier? – Why not?
– Sexy wall? – Yeah – Oh is this the dentist
who killed the lion? This costume doesn’t even
really seem to be like humorizing it at all or adding a satirical approach to it. – He was inappropriate
by doing what he did. – That’s really offensive. – That’s Anne Frank. Yeah, I don’t know so much about that. – That’s Anne Frank?
– Anne Frank Oh
– Wow. – Well now that you say
it’s Anne Frank, you know you’re like ah you shouldn’t
be dressing up as Anne Frank. – Yeah. – I mean a little kid’s
wearing it, I mean okay. – [Max] It’s historically accurate is the- – It’s historically
accurate, sure, yeah, okay. – [Max] Plenty of prominent
people most recently Justin Trudeau in Canada
have come under fire for old pictures of them in blackface or other insensitive costumes. What are your thought’s on that and how do you think people should react? – I would say he probably
didn’t realize the offensiveness of it. Obviously being surrounded by people that did not make him aware
that it was offensive. – He definitely should have
to answer to the people cause they have a right to
like ask those questions like “what were you doing?” Cause that’s clearly something
that’s not acceptable. – [Max] Is there like a thought
process you would suggest for someone who’s like
maybe not sure if a costume is offensive? – If the thought occurs to you “I don’t know if I
should be wearing this,” you shouldn’t be wearing it. (laugh)

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  1. Being offended so easily shows how much of an emotionally inept basketcase you are.

  2. when did everyone become a giant pusillanimous, fun-sucking group of pussy-ass bitches??

    oooo, i think i just got a costume idea!

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