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>>Are Hispanic
people White? Well, That depends
on who you’re talking to. There’s a very confusing statistic about the percentage
of White people in America thanks to a clause in the US Census
that refers to “White, Non-Hispanic”. Now, if you’re White
with European ancestry, Asian with Asian ancestry,
or Black with African ancestry, this may not be something
you’ve ever even thought about. Let’s look at the 2010 Census. If you check the box
that simply says “White”, this registers
you as White Non-Hispanic, which makes up 62 percent
of the population. But together, White
Hispanics and Latinos are 77 percent percent
of the population. Now if that seems like a quick way to boost the number of White people
living in this country, that’s because it kind of is. And if that also seems really confusing,
that’s because it is. So if you ever hear anyone say, “This is America
and 77 percent of it is White,” whether they know it or not,
they are in fact including a very large number of people who identify as Hispanic or Latino. If you look at the 2010
Census application again, the difficulty is that Hispanic
is not considered a race. The census asks you to choose
your Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin, then choose your race
between the six categories offered. Not only is this a hell of a shock when you consider that over 55 million
US citizens are Hispanic, but I guess the “Some Other Race” category is supposed to be
a passive aggressive catchall for their beautifully
diverse culture? And even that option
doesn’t really work — according to the US Census Bureau, most people who mark “Some Other Race”
are often counted as White. So if Hispanic isn’t a “race”,
then what is it? Well before we get to that, we actually
have to settle another important thing: what’s the difference between
Hispanic and Latino? So I’m gonna enlist some help
from my friend Kat Lazo.>>Thanks for having me, Franchesca! So it may get little confusing
if this is your first time hearing this, so I’ll try to keep it
as simple as I can. Hispanic refers to people
of Spanish-speaking origin. It means you have a family history
in a Spanish speaking country. This means you have origins
in these countries, including Spain. But notice how Brazil
isn’t included in the map? Well that’s ‘cause they don’t
primarily speak Spanish, they speak Portuguese. Which bring us to “Latino” or Latinx
if you want to be gender-inclusive. (Which you should be!) Latinx refers
to having origins in Latin America, which is basically the countries
in North and South America that are geographically south
of the United States, including most of the Caribbean. And unlike Hispanic, Latinx excludes much of Latin
America’s colonizer, Spain. So one more time: Hispanic refers to language and Latinx focuses
on a geographic location. But whichever term you use, neither of them actually refers
to a racial identity. Just like America, Latin America has a long and complex history that intersects
between Native People, European colonization, African slavery, and global immigration patterns. Which is why there are
White Latinos, Native Latinos, Black Latinos, Asian Latinos and every kind of mixture you can think of.
Does that help?>>Yeah, that does help. But I think part of the problem
we’re dealing with here is the broader confusion
between ethnicity and race. As we’ve covered,
race is not biologically real. It’s basically
an ever-shifting categorization that sometimes includes ethnicity and sometimes doesn’t. But when it comes to ethnicity, there are legitimate differences
between groups of people that aren’t based on
external characteristics. And yes, ethnicity
can get fuzzy, but there are cultural practices you can associate
with it, like language, cultural values,
and traditions. Which is why if an Argentinian
couple adopts a baby from China, that baby will most likely
grow up speaking Spanish and routing for Lionel Messi. The simple answer:
race doesn’t exist, but ethnicity does.
>>Exactly. The reason this
gets so confusing when we’re talking
about Latinx in America is that there’s a broad
ethnic Latinx identity that has a complex history, with lots of different racial
groups living together. Latinx isn’t a race
but we’re definitely racialized as a people, which is confusing
and I’m the one who said it. The US and Latin American media
has done a great job at constructing an image
of what Latinx look like, and that image is rarely Black or fully indigenous, for example. We, like the rest of the world, have internalized these messages
of White supremacy through the media
and our education, so it’s no wonder
that when Latinx here in the US are confronted with deciding their race
based on the Census, in a predominantly Black
and White binary society, many of us default to White. I personally identify
as a mixed race Latina with indigenous ancestry, but that’s just me. There are a multitude
of ways Latinx choose to identify racially, but it’s up to us
to unlearn much of what we’ve been taught about race
and demand better and more accurate forms
of representation.>>Damn! There has to be
a better way to talk about this. Well there is a better way! The Census is planning
to make changes in 2020 in one huge way: they’re going to stop
using the word race altogether. Hispanic, Latino, and Spanish
Origin will be a category like everything else,
with no qualifiers. That means now people
will check the “categories” that best describe them. This will not only give us a better idea of how many people identify
as Hispanic or Latino, but could also give us
a better idea of multiracial and multiethnic numbers. So to return to the original question, are Hispanic or Latino people White? Well, some are and some aren’t. But to quote 2013 Census Bureau Report, “Race and ethnicity
are not quantifiable values. Rather, identity is a complex mix
of one’s family and social environment, historical or
socio-political constructs, personal experience, context, and many other immeasurable factors.” Hmm! Surprisingly woke
coming from the Census! Special thanks
to to Kat Lazo. Tell us where
we can find you online.>>You can check out
my work at mitú or my personal channel, TheeKatsMeoww.>>We’ll put links
in the description box. Thanks so much for watching, we’ll see you next time
right here on Decoded.

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  2. I mean, they do have a certain look going on which is why we ask if theyre a race

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  5. I think you are very nice, intelligent, beautiful and well meaning young ladies. I agree with you in some areas for example, I don't think there are really any inferior or superior races. Each race has its criminals and saints, geniuses and very, very low I.Q.d people. While I believe there are ethniciities within races, e.g. Nordics and Mediterraneans in the Caucasian races you just can't boldly go forth that there is no such thing as race. I am much older than you girls, I was born way back in 1961 in a time and place of great social change and unrest. This was in Southwest, Georgia, Albany, Georgia, to be precise which was a city in the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement. MLK came to Albany in October of 1961 when I was three months old and remained nearly a year. I was poor and lived in a segregated housing project which was intergrated in 1972 when Jimmy Carter was Georgia Governor. There really wasn't much trouble in the form of racial conflicts between whites and blacks, in fact, everything remained pretty much as pre-intergration, especially poverty for all. I never gave the RACE problem much thought, I really didn't care. Whem I became older and interested in sex I had relationships with both white and black girls. But there is a difference, not only physiological differences and there are but there is something much more fundamental, this is people's wish to be with their own kind. I know that is a very taboo, politically incorrect thing to say now a days, but it's undeniably true. Just simply observe people when they're with their own kind. There is a much more relaxed, loose feeling, a lack of the feel a need to keep your guard up lest you do or say something wrong. There is more I've known a number of racially-mixed children and I can't help but feel sympathy for them, they seem so confused, perhaps not all, but most whom I've known. There is one girl who I have especially in mind. Although she has one white parent and one black parent I, as with everyone whom I know who knows her, always think of her as black. It's rather strange to describe her but she is an extraordinarily beautiful girl, gifted intellectually and with an advanced college education. But I've had the opportunity to watch her when she's with all black friends and when with all white friends. Despite the gifts she has, o yes, I neglected to say that she is also a very, very nice, pleasant and charming girl, despite her assets she has a manner of uncertainty about her, like she really doesn't know where to turn, a kind of loneliness. I beleve we are all God's children and if things occur unforcably, naturally, that's wonderful. However, some things are simply much too serious just too dismiss as a social construct

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