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I start every day the same way: A strong cup of coffee and reading the entire internet. And something popped up recently that really caught my attention. B-style. VICE News is shining a light on this ultra controversial trend. Japanese are pretending to be black. They say it’s called B-style, which is short for black lifestyle. This can’t stand… can it? Isn’t this racist somehow? At least that’s what the internet is telling me. And VICE focussed on one woman in particular: Hina Hasunuma. So don’t worry, my woke friends. I’ll handle this grave assault on race by going straight to the source. Tokyo. Ah, I love it here. A man like me can just disappear into the crowd and go with the flow. Hi. I’m just filming a TV show at this very moment. No problem. Thanks, mate. So I hated straight to Baby Shoop, the epicenter of the B-style movement. It was worse than I thought. “Black for Life” plastered on hats, marijuana leaves on shirts, earrings, even keychains. It was like a Spencer’s Gifts, but… Actually, it was just like a Spencer’s Gifts. And then I saw Hina, the ringmaster of B-style, who’s apparently gotten into Vladimir Putin’s lifestyle as well. And I cut right to the chase. Would you rather be black than Japanese? I’d like to be Italian. Just not having to put as much sunscreen on and being able to go like this in an argument, yeah. Do you ever worry that this might be offensive to black people in any way or – [Jim] Actually, the more I looked into it, what Hina is doing is pretty common in Japan. There are B-stylers, Japanese Chicanos, Japanese rockabillies. They don’t seem embarrassed about it at all. But in America, we have a name for this: cultural appropriation. [Felice] When we start talking about cultural appropriation, the conversation is about the dominant culture taking from the minority culture. Bruno Mars’ 24K video, Miley Cyrus’ twerking, and some crazy c**t named Riff Raff have all been accused of cultural appropriation. [Lord Jamar] He’s being a caricature of what he thinks black people look like. [Jim] It seems like that’s what Hina’s doing. But maybe we should get an expert’s opinion. So I sat down with Seth Rodney. He’s a cultural critic who’s written extensively on this topic. As a white guy, how much do you want me to be outraged by this? I don’t want you to be outraged at all. I want you to think critically about it. I think outrage is really not very useful. I mean, when the pitchforks and the torches come out, people are no longer thinking. [Jim] So maybe VICE saying Hina wants to be black is just a headline designed to stir up controversy. Maybe it’s more like she’s embracing the culture? Is B-styling cultural appropriation? I think in Hina’s case, it’s – there’s something genuine about it. She really likes hip hop! She really does. She loves it.
She really loves it. Hip hop is a worldwide phenomenon. It allows her to have a kind of sense of who she is. [Jim] Perhaps we’re being a little bit hard on Hina. I mean, even I have a dark secret or two in my past. In like 1991, 1992, maybe there was a week or two after Kris Kross and I wore my jeans back to front. Is that bad? I mean… No. [Jim] Phew! Scandal averted. And really, when you’re young, you embrace all sorts of terrible trends. Something that really pisses everyone off is when white people have dreads. Is a white kid with dreadlocks wrong? ‘Cause I think it is. But not for cultural reasons. Just ’cause they look like dickheads. Um, I’d make a distinction between me not liking something personally and it being quote-unquote “morally wrong.” We don’t have to talk about blackface. We know that’s wrong. Ugh! Awful. It took a while, though. Took a while. Should I be offended if a black kid wants to go as a Nazi ’cause that’s our thing? Oh God. Not the Nazi thing. Please. You should be offended if anyone goes as a Nazi anywhere ever. Prince Harry did it. Uh-huh and – (groans) [Jim] Alright. So the Nazi thing: off limits. But in a 2013 performance, Katy Perry wore a kimono and the internet lost its f**king mind. [Katy Perry] I didn’t know that I did it wrong until I heard people saying I did it wrong! Do you think people should have to ask permission to dress a certain way? So like, you wouldn’t be offended if I wore a kimono? She says that I’m allowed to wear kimonos! It’s good to know. It doesn’t make sense to treat culture as this kind of precious object. Right. People like me are put in a position where we have to, like correct you and say, “you can’t do that.” And I don’t think that that actually helps anyone understand that culture. [Jim] Plus, understanding other people is tough when you’re just picking fights in the comment section. Isn’t it better to discuss stuff openly? How about we get in a room and talk it out face-to-face? And the only way to do it is with a highly diverse Jim Jefferies Show panel consisting of a Palestinian, an Asian, a Jewish, a gay, a black guy, and a super white Australian. OK, you’ve all been given a stick with a sign that says “racist” or not “racist.” [Jim] I gathered four examples that all had the internet outraged each in a different category. First up… [DJ Akademiks] Miley Cyrus twerking on stage at the VMAs. [Joe Budden] It’s white privilege at its finest. Miley Cyrus twerking. Racist or not racist? Not racist, just stupid. You don’t think this is a throwback to the minstrel type of era? If she is racist by twerking, that means, like everyone on the internet who has posted any twerking video, they’re all racist. Many people do that and it’s just a fun thing. I agree.
Many people do that and it’s just a fun thing. Not racist. When you’re good at something, it’s not racist. Black people, you know the black girls, they’re a lot more thicker. They could twerk better. Him saying black girls are a lot thicker, they can dance better… ? Is Eminem cultural appropriation? No.
No. Vanilla Ice? Yes. Why? Because… It’s because Vanilla Ice is shit, isn’t it? Damn. That – it goes so deep. As soon as it’s good, you go, “no, that’s alright.” [Reporter] Burrito store closes over cultural appropriation. A couple of ladies – white ladies, the worst of them all, they had a food truck. And they made the best burritos in Portland. Is it allowed – OK, you’re already saying racist! They said that white ladies shouldn’t be able to make burritos. They had to shut their business down. Is this racist or not racist? I’m in between. How the f**k are you in between?! That’s not racist! You’re allowed to make f**king burritos! No! Because the thing is it’s not about making burritos! It’s about the fact that they went to Mexico and then started watching, peering in on these Mexican women making burritos and steal their ideas. Isn’t it more honorable that they actually went and saw how the traditional method – And they didn’t go back to that place in Mexico and compete against – like set up their truck next to the women who are making the burritos and then sell it. But they admit that those women didn’t want to give them their secrets! All Mexican food’s the same. It’s just different f**king shapes. It’s racist. It’s not racist! Don’t you wanna eat the bombest burrito? Who cares?! I’ve been to Asian restaurants where Hispanic people make Asian food and I think the foods are bomb. I don’t think, “oh my god. It’s racist.” Is Panda Express racist? It’s not really considered Asian food, but I don’t think it’s racist. You don’t know your own culture. You don’t even know. [Reporter] The Indians demean and insult an entire group of people. Is it wrong to name a sporting team something like the Indians? Yes. Ugh, I had this problem at my college. Right. Were you constantly naming sporting teams racist things? Our mascot is a gaucho. What’s a gaucho? A man with a mustache and a sombrero. Oh, it’s a Goucho Marx! Yeah, like a gaucho. At all our soccer games, whenever someone makes a goal, you throw a tortilla on the field. It’s a whole thing. That’s offensive! It’s a whole thing! And if they score another goal, you throw out some refried beans. And if they get, like six goals to none, you can make a burrito on the field. You got a full taco. Her school. Racist or not racist? Racist! It’s a great school! So racist! Scarlett Johansson playing a Japanese person in an anime? Yeah, that was terrible. But here’s another question. Still worthy of a wank? I’m sorry? But that’s the thing. Is – Can you have sex with a racist? You can have sex with anything. Yes! With anything?! If you have sex with a racist, that doesn’t make you racist, right? So, you’ve had sex with a racist? I’m Australian! That was the only option that was given to me! [Jim] Alright, did we learn anything? Calling balls and strikes on this stuff is fun. But too much outrage, especially online, isn’t fixing anything. And don’t just take my word for it. [Obama] Like, if I tweet or hashtag about how you didn’t do something right or use the word – wrong verb, or… then, I can sit back and feel pretty good about myself. ‘Cause, “man, you see how woke I was? I called you out!” That’s not activism. That’s not bringing about change. I feel like there’s definitely a point where, like the social justice warriors where it just goes a little too far. Right. And people get so sensitive and then they spend their time, like being offended by something and causing some headline about that rather than going and fixing an actual issue. We have to walk on eggshells, ‘cause obviously, someone’s gonna get offended by everything. Apparently, he just gets offended with everything now. Yeah, everything. You know his type. Whites.
Gays. No, not gays. (Whispers) Gays. Alright, to wrap up: It turns out that life’s complicated… [All] Mhm. You bunch of racists.

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  1. A Gaucho, you mean a Cowboy. They are literally the same thing, in different languages.
    Are you offended they used a South American word or is it just the moustache on the mascot?
    You would expect a cowboy to wear a cowboy hat. That thing on your mascot ain't a sombrero, it's a gaucho hat.

  2. I think it sounds pretty backwards and conservative to be against culturle appropriation. I mean, basically when you say that the mixing of different cultures is wrong, everybody have to stick to their roots. Than there is no learning from each other and relationships are more difficult too because you are not allowed to participate in thinks your partner does. Like that you're not allowed to appreciate Hanukkah with your Jewish girlfriends family or something like that. In my opinion, culture should be something that connects people, something that is interesting that makes curious so that you wanna learn more about other places so that you can appreciate an participate in these culture as well. Shouldn't matter if you are a Mexican interested in French's culture, a Russian interested in Chinese culture, a black person interested in jewish culture or an american interested in native american culture. Mixing culture is a good thing. It makes us more open minded. Saying that cultural appropriation means stealing something from another culture is as stupid as the argument that gay marriage steals it from heterosexuals because it is basically the same argument.

  3. Bullshit! Japanese chick wanting to be black would be totally offended. She's a piece of shit

  4. "Isn't it better to discuss stuff openly? How about we get in a room and talk it out face to face?" Great to hear Jim finally extending an invitation to Avi.

  5. Wear whatever the f you want, its one of the freedoms that is afforded to you. Keep in mind tho if you dress up as a nazi, that probably means you align yourself with their ideology which is a no no.

  6. Makoto kusanagi is not japanese. In ghost in the shell.. So learn the source before you wanna white knight shit.

  7. Cultural appropriation is the result of pre teen sociology from complexed people and mostly to create unrest and divsion all mixed with white self guilt. If you believe in cultural appropriation as a real thing. Lay of the pizza, leave the cocaine aside, stop eating sushi, stop respecting human rights, etc. The list is endless but can be resumed with just GROW THE FUCK UP

  8. "Should I be offended because being a nazi was our thing?"
    Sorry is Jim Jefferies German or is he just a racist against "white people" as if they were all the same people

  9. Cue the flurry of excuses being made on their behalf, by the same folks who would harshly admonish any Caucasian person for merely humming along to a Snoop Dog song.

  10. Honestly if you're educated on said culture then it wouldn't be appropriation since you'd be knowledgeable enough to do it right and with respect.

  11. saying i cant do something simply because i dont belong to a certain race is itself racist.
    how do people not see that?

  12. Lol my old school got called racist. I actually thought it was pretty funny back in the day and I'm Mexican.

  13. Twitter is the loud minority. I can’t speak for all black people, but those I know of can all honestly say this is more interesting or odd than racist.

  14. Nowadays, it is bad to imitate the existence of a longing, and it seems right to complain and find the bad thing desperately.

  15. Only racist thing was naming the team indian especially when whites drove them out of America and reproved them of human rights. If britishers were to name their cricket club on mahatma gandhi or nelson mandela or for a matter of fact on any indian or south african. It would be racist.

  16. cultural appropriation my ass…cry babes. bouncing your ass bent down is racist?! shut the fuck up. this is not racism, this is just jealousy

  17. This debate over the "Washington Redskins" got me thinking….
    It's kinda like if a German football[1] team in Berlin called themselves "The Berlin Shnozzles"[2] or, if you want be even less tasteful, one in Dachau named "The Oven-Baked Dachi(e)s"[3] (or something along those lines).
    I can't see any way how this can not be perceived as distasteful if not racist.
    This would be even worse if said team were in the 3rd league or even lower and consisted of mostly Muslim players…. :-/

    [1] as in football, you know, the term everyone else on earth uses for football (soccer for you Yankees). 😛

  18. This debate over the "Washington Redskins" got me thinking….
    It's kinda like if a German football[1] team in Berlin called themselves "The Berlin Shnozzles"[2] or, if you want be even less tasteful, one in Dachau named "The Oven-Baked Dachi(e)s"[3] (or something along those lines).
    I can't see any way how this can not be perceived as distasteful if not racist.
    This would be even worse if said team were in the 3rd league or even lower and consisted of mostly Muslim players…. :-/

    [1] as in football, you know, the term everyone else on earth uses for football (soccer for you Yankees). 😛

  19. This debate over the "Washington Redskins" got me thinking….
    It's kinda like if a German football[1] team in Berlin called themselves "The Berlin Shnozzles"[2] or, if you want be even less tasteful, one in Dachau named "The Oven-Baked Dachi(e)s"[3] (or something along those lines).
    I can't see any way how this can not be perceived as distasteful if not racist.
    This would be even worse if said team were in the 3rd league or even lower and consisted of mostly Muslim players…. :-/

    [1] as in football, you know, the term everyone else on earth uses for football (soccer for you Yankees). 😛

  20. Downvoted to get to an even 100 but, for the record, I'm upvoting on the inside

  21. This black dude and I would get along fine. I'm brown but I have this fantasy of having sex with a blonde haired, blue eyed, pro-Trump white chick. If she's racist, that's even hotter.

  22. People are stupid, how can people shut down a burrito stand owned by white ladies. Also in ghost in the Shell the major is Caucasian model cyborg who happen to work and live in Japan. Japan needs to make more Japanese characters instead of white people who speak Japanese.

  23. let people wear whatever the fuck they want. little bit then say racist and all kinds of shit. as long as they dont do wrong shit to anybody, it's fine.

  24. Cultural appropriation is what humans do. Without it, we wouldn't have an alphabet to have flame wars with. Just saying.

  25. practice balance ….thank you Mr. Obama for pointing this out. Are the "offended" truly offended or do they just dig the power surge of calling people out ?

  26. The whole "cultural appropriation" thing is solely an American thing. And considering most Americans think they're the center of the universe, they take to the internet to get outraged over anything.
    Do you really think Japanese people care whether or not you're offended? Heck in Thailand Adolf H* is a fashion icon. Even in certain places in Europe you can buy facist stuff at street markets.
    I could walk out tomorrow, a white Northern European guy wearing a t-shirt that says "I'm asian and a good driver". No one would care.

  27. Random white dude in Tokyo meets random white dude Jim Jefferies on street.

    What are the odds?

  28. Screw cultural appropriation. Worry about yourself when it comes to what I'm wearing.

  29. Japan. "It is just a part of our culture to culturally appropriate. We do it to everybody."

    White people "Is it racist when they do it or is it only racist within my culture? Why is everything racist when I do it? Oh. Right. The British empire. "

  30. "You would have sex with a racist "?

    I am Australian that was the only choice I was given 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. The white guy in the panel part is the kind of fake progressive/liberal/whatever that confuses most of the world about the modern American left.

  32. Yes, yes it is. I can cite quite a lot of Japan that is inherently racist, and not in a good way. and and and and

  33. Aussie in Japan for 20 years, mate you are a little behind … this shit has been in Japan since Mc Hammer … when I was here the first time in 1996 it was already a trend, Japanese were getting tanned to a point they look more African than Japanese …. it is nothing new … and we have African-Americans here that dress up as Samurai… is that not also racist?

  34. I don’t think they understand the difference between America street wear and black culture. A lot of us enjoy Japanese culture and fashion. we take from each other’s cultures and it’s fine as long as we respect each other. Cultural sharing is a cool thing I want people to enjoy my culture and I want to lean and enjoy other cultures.

  35. Sooooo many idiotic comments from 'none black' folks talking about what should and should not be offencive. Le sigh 🤔

  36. Lived in Japan for a long time. Not racist, they respect and want to learn about many different subcultures, not only American black cultures. I learned a ton of stuff from my biker and low rider friends there. They all know they’re Japanese..

    Btw this video is about 30 years too late, this b-style started in the 80s there.

  37. How is there a Jew as a race in the Board? It is a religion is it not 🤯 divide et impera…

  38. Cultural appropriation is also known as accretion and is a feature of successful cultures. Outrage is a waste of time. OTOH, it seems the appearance of disingenuous adoption of certain practices. Funny how the white guy in the middle is the most outraged.

  39. I bet those white women burritos are similar to those you find at a chipotle or taco bell, which us Mexicans think are nasty and not real traditional burritos. But whitey thinks they're sooo good.

  40. ❤😂🤣👏👏 please do more of these! This shits hilarious AND genuinely thought provoking!

  41. I try to shut down sensitive Americans by just calling them racist ESPECIALLY when they're liberal "woke" people. Usually they're just white women who want an excuse to be angry, or some overtly sensitive gay guy who for some reason is also angry. In the end they're just white people being angry and demanding to dominate with their mentality over others by any means, kind of similar to white supremacists. I usually don't get anywhere constructive with this but at least I enjoy calling them out.

  42. As a Mexican from Mexico who lives here I say "let the white ladies do burritos" we are happy that other people like our culture

  43. This is an absolutely stupid question. Anyone can dress how they want, and borrow from other cultures as they please. Racism is hatred towards another race, and this whole video and title is extremely stupid. If someone gets offended they need to stop being so damn sensitive. I get tired of all this " is this racist" "is that racist" blah blah blah. More important things in the world the quibbling over some clothing.

  44. This cultural appropriation stuff is fairly inconsequential, if you want to see a racist just talk to that clown Nobita you featured on the show a little while ago

  45. I don't understand what's that "cultural appropriation" bullshit.
    If you do something you saw someone else do it's not cultural appropriation…
    Unless they're part of another culture… It doesn't make sense. I think making the distinction is racist. Wanting to be part of a community isn't. If your community only allows people of a certain "race" then you're no better than the fucking KKK or the nazis. You have the same standards. It's racist.

  46. Big problems are hard to solve, so people getting outraged at thing is their way of feeling like they are doing something.

  47. I know I've seen that Asian kid somewhere before and it's driving me nuts where.

  48. So…the "dominant culture" is taking from the minority culture…i'm confused because the further left you get, the stronger the claim is that white people have no culture. Btw black women, when are you going to stop straightening your hair and use inventions by white people?

  49. I don't know how style can mess with culture. We are all mixed race so I think it's good to promote and share.

  50. And a 100% of commenters don't understand a thing about this. Even though you & i might find this racist, this is really a matter of a vastly different conceptual framework with regards to what it means to "have a culture". The Japanese differ so much in a lot of fundamental cultural ways that most westerners simply can't fathom why this emulation isn't a problem for them. Language, history & habitat have all worked together to create behaviours that westerners find odd (or in this case offensive).
    Not wanting to understand where this behaviour is coming from and only going straight to being offended is illustrative of how self-centered western thinking has become, also within minority groups. The power difference argument is such a trite arbitrary non-starter that gives you such an easy out that all that is left is your emotion.

    If you want to see it in everything, than maybe don't appropriate asian culture (if there is such a thing) in rap music or African culture if you've been in the US for 10 generations.

  51. ps.

    Dreads have been around before most of the Eurasion landmass had been populated. Other species even have dreadlocks.

    Stop appropriating Neanderthal culture (they're all dead so zero power).

  52. Wtf we're now living in a world where eating,selling and making foods that originated from other countries are now considered racist…that's like saying every fast food here in America is racist because they're selling FRENCH FRIES!!!

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