Are Mexicans Taking Our Jobs? ft. Maritza Montañez | Decoded | MTV

– Are Mexicans really
stealing jobs from Americans? – [Man] Cut! Let’s go again.
(beep) – Are Mexicans —
– [Man] No, no, not you. (beep) – Are Mexicans really
stealing jobs from Americans? (upbeat music) – There’s been a lot of
panic among American workers that their job opportunities
are being taken by so-called illegal immigrants, especially ones will
work for way less money. Now we all know that not
all undocumented immigrants are Mexicans, and obviously, not all Mexicans are undocumented, but this came to a head
during the 2016 election, when now-President Donald Trump campaigned on the platform of cutting back illegal immigration by building a border wall
between the US and Mexico, and creating stricter
deportation policies, but the way Trump talks about immigrants sounds like a horror movie. They’re taking our jobs! They’re taking our money! They’re killing us! Which, to that last one, no. But as for taking our jobs, well, that anti-immigrant stance is almost as old as the
United States itself. But it’s worth taking seriously, because finding work
can be very difficult. Before we get into it, as we’ve talked about before, there are many complicated reasons why people are unable
to immigrate legally, so instead, we’ll refer to those
immigrants as undocumented, instead of demonizing them as illegal. But let’s ask the question. For every undocumented
immigrant that gets a job, is a job taken away from
an American citizen? To help me explain, I’ve
brought along my friend, Maritza Montanez. – Thanks, Francesca. Undocumented immigrants
make up about five percent of the workforce in America, and the kinds of jobs that many
undocumented immigrants have are, frankly, the physically
exhausting kinds of jobs in extreme temperatures
that most Americans would rather not do, including me. Undocumented immigrants
are mainly employed in manual labor and service jobs, like working on a farm,
or as maids and janitors. And even Americans who might gravitate toward this type of work are more likely to get jobs
that require English language and technical skills,
like working as a cashier, or a truck driver. – But the reasoning behind
this idea about immigrants are taking away jobs from Americans is so common that
economists gave it a name. It’s called the Lump of Labor Fallacy, which is the false notion that
there is only so much work to be done and that no one can get a job without taking one from someone else. The problem is that this idea
doesn’t account for the fact that when immigrants arrive, they don’t just increase
the number of workers. They also increase demand for lots of other local
goods and services. They use the money they
earn to rent apartments, eat food, get haircuts,
and buy cellphones, which means there’s more
jobs building apartments, giving haircuts, and selling cellphones. So when more people join the job market, there’s a greater need
for goods and services. But maybe right now, you’re thinking, okay, but what if I really
want to work on a farm? – Well, glad you asked, because lots of them are hiring. So you’ll work long hours, get no health insurance, live far away from any friends and family, and make the least amount I can pay you. Can you start Monday? See, nine out of 10 agriculture
workers in California are foreign born, and more than half are undocumented immigrants. But cracking down on illegal immigration has actually hurt the
American farming industry. This past summer, farmers
in California struggled to hire enough workers
to harvest their crops, which resulted in millions
of dollars of lost profit and higher vegetable prices, ’cause American needed another
excuse not to eat vegetables. – But maybe if a farm
could raise their wages to something more livable, Americans would be lining up in droves to work on them, right? Well, again, that makes
a lot of logical sense, but many farmers argue
it’d just be cheaper and more efficient to turn to robots, and overall, it won’t be
long before most farm workers and well, many manual workers in general are replaced by machines. It’s projected that 83% of
jobs in which people make less than $20 an hour are
now, or will eventually be, automated, which is something we really should all worry about, because it could fundamentally
change the economy. (buzzing) – Today on Decoded. Can you be a robot without
appropriating human culture? – But what about jobs going to Mexico? Aren’t those Mexicans
taking our jobs, Maritza? – Well, kinda, but it’s
less like these guys taking your job, and more like these guys giving them your job. Moving factories to Mexico became easier because of something
called the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA. Basically, NAFTA lets
the US, Mexico and Canada trade stuff with one another
without paying taxes on it, which, in theory, was intended
to help all of our economies, reduce prices and make more jobs, but a lot of companies moved their decent paying American jobs to Mexican factories, because
labor is cheaper there. Workers often receive
little to no benefits, and government oversight is weaker. And for the people who worked
in those American factories, it’s tough, because manufacturing jobs were often a pathway to the middle class. Trump campaigned against
NAFTA as part of his promise to bring back jobs, which you
can agree or disagree with. The problem was that instead
of just being critical of the politicians who put
these agreements in place, or the men and women
in corporate boardrooms who, you know, actually moved
the factories out of the US, he used his position to stir
up racism and xenophobia towards Mexican people themselves. – But being mad at the Mexican
people who take those jobs is kinda weird. For the people in Mexico
taking a job in a factory run by an American car company is no different than an
American taking a job at a factory run by a Japanese
or German car company. And we can’t point our fingers
at just NAFTA or Mexico for the loss of manufacturing jobs in America over the years. American manufacturing jobs
have moved all over the globe. Since the 1950s, American
factories have been closing for a number of reasons,
including globalization, currency valuations, economic
recession and automation. – Forgetting the robots will be your doom. Ha, ha, ha. – It’s complicated issue. We could talk all day about
the many economic policies and laws that affect American jobs, but stirring up fear and
resentment towards Mexicans and immigrants in general
will never be the solution. Special thanks for Maritza
for helping out today. Thanks for watching, and
we’ll see you next time, right here on Decoded. (upbeat music)

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  1. It's not that they are stealing jobs it's that they are exporting american wealth to Mexico. 69 billion dollars in illegal alien remittances are exported out of america each year. Mexican illegal immigrants are responsible for 40% of that 69 B the largest exporter of american wealth and they "migrate" (more like colonize) at a growing rate of 11.8 million a year. 60% of illegal immigrants migrate by foot, as regular border hoppers. Putting an immediate stop to 60% of the largest exporter of american wealth with only several million dollars will has positive impacts in our economy for decades to come.

  2. Basically some of you americans are lazy, complaining and scared of something that actually helps build your country by doing jobs u wont do yourself. Be thankful and grateful latinos do your dirty work for you :3 I'm an american myself and i am a citizen here but i cant wrap my mind on those few Americans who think and agrees with what trumps say.

  3. 2:29 That point is more racist than deporting illegal immigrants could ever be, if we get rid of all of the undocumented immigrants, who will do hard and dangerous labor for little pay? 2:52 I'm so remorseful that the farmers have to pay their workers minimum wage now that they're able to call the police on their employers without being deported. 3:45 Which is something that Trump is trying to stop as well.

  4. I’m white and these people want to talk about the benefits that you get farming I have full health insurance and I make 43,000$ a year as a farmer

  5. Such ridiculous arguements. Where to begin. How about MTV Decoded does a video on why Mexicans and central Americans risk their lives to come here. It's called….real institutional racism. Not the alleged here in the states. Mexico is a class system. If you are Mestizos or Criollos (don't even mention black), the Penisulares are keeping you down. Hardly any school after 9th grade or even 6th grade. Any indigenous blood and you can forget state or fed jobs. Oh and you think pay is terrible on American farms? Yea…. they risk their lives because it's so much work than Mexico. Gimme a break!
    So, let's just talk about teenaged unemployemnt since the Obama error. We're talking 50% and it's even worse in the black community. Jobs like fast food places and even restaurants are overwhelmingly going to illegals (fight of $15). These are important jobs for teenagers. It teaches them responsibility, how to interact with customers and most importantly, the value of a buck.
    Construction wages are decimated by illegals. What were good paying jobs and honest , even noble jobs you could raise a family on are gone. When my home was built in 1997 for $129k, the contractor told me it would be over $300k if it wasn't for "cheap" labor. I would have no problem paying that because it would be relative to the market and medical and social services wouldn't need to be as high, for example.
    How about the billions of dollars shipped out of our economy ever year to these third world countries? Local taxes may be paid by illegals but federal aren't. If the are, it's on someone's stolen social security number. No such thing as a victimless crime! Visits to ERs for primary care, increased uses of infrastructure. Let's not forget the crime that always envelops poverty centers. This list goes on and on!
    Even making the arguement that are jobs are "stolen" in of itself is so disingenuous. There are so many negative aspects to illegal immigration that you can't make it seem noble by picking a few things out and "decoding" them.
    Most importantly, we are a Sovereign Nation governed by laws. When we ignore that, everything else would begin to crumble. How about putting some effort into helping Mexicans fix Mexico? A Narcocleptocracy third world country with 60,000 murders a year. Mexicans are mostly decent hard working God fearing people. Don't they deserve a country that they want to actual stay in and make it better for their children?

  6. Go Trump! Kill NAFTA! Seriously I do not understand why Democrats think Republicans are the ones destroying the middle class. The Blue team champions open border and free trade even though that leads to lots of low wage jobs,and lots of people to work those low wage jobs. Red team is not much better. They're all about tax cuts. Trump is the only one doing it right. Tax cuts and cut down the labor pool to fuel wage growth.

  7. If automation is going to be taking low skilled jobs, then we need to cut back on immigration and deport illegals.


  9. Right. 'Cause Mohammed, the Neurosurgeon definitely took Bubba's job.

  10. You say there are jobs American citizens wouldn't do, yet in other videos you back a robust welfare system (e.g. "Myth #1: Poor People Are Just Lazy" in the 5 Poverty Myths Debunked Video) … pick one or the other, sweetheart!

  11. The key is im black in my people being here 500 Years ago in we just gat our rights like 60 years ago in our people figth hard to get rights black people come first in U.S. because what people did to our people you cant come here in cry about what you cant have black people being crying for 500 years

  12. So when you have 12 million illegal immigrants with the majority being Mexican…

  13. Who the hell in MTV hired this ratchet Black bitch? She is racist as hell.

  14. Lol you are okay with Mexicans working wayyyy under minimum wage job. They are practically doing slave labor. Trump is talking about anti ILLEGAL immigration.

  15. And pc culture isn’t ruining free speech. Undocumented is the same thing! This Mexican chick is white! Kill her!!!!

  16. I can't wait for Francesca to lose her job when MTV cancels this pos shit show.

  17. BAHAHAHA. it ISSS really disrespectful to not bother to learn your friends and coworkers names correctly, sooo why tf did you call her "Murtza"? xD you obviously dgaf about her.

  18. Has this series produced one video that has more likes than dislikes?

  19. What has MTV done? Giving SJW’s shows is not how you gain viewers. Haven’t you seen a trend in the past few years? Progressive YouTube channels have tanked, people don’t like being told, you’re a racist. STOP THIS NOW!!!!!!!

  20. Please… please replace this with music videos.
    Or celebrity death-match… …even re-runs would be fine.

  21. Dear MTV, STFU because you have no fucking idea what you're talking about! Was Cezar Chavez racist when he said "wet backs will drive our wages down"? No, he understood that an excess of labor drives wages down. You should look up "supply & demand" its basic economic principal. That's why my home state of California. has the HIGHEST POVERTY RATE IN AMERICA! And stop with the bullshit that they all work in farm labor here you dumbasses! They work at the mall, forever 21, H&M McDonald's, janitorial, pretty much everywhere you don't need a criminal background check. They use bogus SSN, almost all of them because it's illigal to in California for an employer to check if the employee is using a fake SSN. It's even illigal to see if your prospective employee has a criminal record! Only retarded people with no experience in California could believe this pile of complete bullshit!

  22. I don't need to see a survey, I see it every day where I'm from in New York. Yes, Mexicans have taken over many jobs and have displaced Americans. So not sure where she is getting her "information" from. Maybe the NYC liberal elite bubble, which, ironically, vacations where I'm from.

  23. Nobody said that Mexicans are stealing jobs from Americans. Illegal aliens are stealing jobs from Americans, regardless of where they’re from. They have no business being here and working here. If a legal Mexican immigrant gets a job in the United States, it isn’t a problem.

  24.    F**k you MTV. You can't even get your coworkers name right, and aren't you the one who made a video about people names being their identity?!?!? oh yea you did, dumb s**t!!!

  25. I swear these people that run and act on this channel are completely stupid… or disingenuous

  26. 2:44, does 25$ an hour sound bad? Seriously does that sound bad? I make $8.06 an hour minus taxes, does 25$ an hour for farm work untaxed sound bad???

  27. Here:

    Many people completely contradicted everything you said with actual facts & stats, not like, you know, pictograms. This is one of my favorites, that just ruins everything you say.

    Btw? I'd bet the farm (geddit???) that most of us would pay a lot more for produce, if we could get rid of illegals.

  28. Exactly what I want from my music television, unqualified People talking about politics…..

  29. We need a lot of illegals so we can use them as slaves, bring back slavery yay. Sorry I was summarizing the video.

  30. Sooo your saying MTV is that the only where not automated is because illegals… not just undocumented… they came here or are here illegal

  31. my opinion is that theres no one else who wants to do the labor they're working with, and yet they still say that they're stealing their jobs. smh

  32. If you want to work apply then apply, dont ask for money on the side of the street.

  33. People arent illegal, how you mad over stolen land? Let them come in, subject them to the same laws everyone else is on. How is that so hard?

  34. Actually, they have killed….

  35. So what's the point of this video? Allow anyone in the country and get rid of the border?


  37. MTV has a critique of their viewer's intelligence.

    Spoiler: it's low. Real low.

  38. "Are Mexicans really stealing jobs from Americans?" Yes, really. Not only that they are lowering wages of Americans because if not for illegals many employers would have no workers at the lower wages and therefore have to raise wages and include benefits.
    No such phrase as undocumented immigrants. You can't immigrate without permission (documents).
    Franny makes a statement "sounds like a horror movie", but adds no argument that Trump was wrong.
    "they are killing us". Yes, immigrants are literally killing us. 24 citizens a day are murdered or killed in auto accidents by illegals.
    "For every undocumented immigrant that gets a job, is a job taken away from an American citizen?" This is a bad question since it needs to be true every time. But the idea that American would not do hard labor is historically false. How do you think this labor got done before mass immigration? Right, by American citizens. Fat asses wouldn't do the work but others would especially if wages were higher. 5% of the workforce is illegal? Amazing and disgusting. Our politicians have been failing us for decades. Thank God for Trump!

  39. Of all demographics, Hispanic women earn the least. Gee, almost as if there is a giant influx of cheap, unskilled labor that drives down the average wage.
    And by the way, without proper border controls, how can human traffickers/sex slaves/gang members be intercepted?

  40. What the hell is an undocumented immigrant??!! Last time I checked, if you cross any border illegally, you're "ILLEGAL"! 😂 I'm Mexican, born and raised in Texas but this video is by far the dumbest one I've seen. When American citizens do something illegal in this country, we pay for the crime. Why should these "illegals" get special accommodations for entering the country illegally. I work my butt off to survive in this world and it upsets me that some of my taxes the government keeps, goes to these "illegal immigrants". They get housing, food stamps, free health insurance.. I'm legal and I can't get any of that for free. I'm really tired of all you people that twist the wording around to make these "illegals" sound like they are people that just need help. We need to build this wall already and this Mexican will help dig the holes if need to. Make America Great Again and I miss my 80's MTV! MTV is the new CNN

  41. Undocumented immigrants have literally taken millions of construction and hotel cleaning jobs that Americans that are now unemployed once had.

  42. This is completely false and I’m glad the video is on YouTube so I can respond to it. The fact that these immigrants are forced to do work for so little pay IS STILL A BAD THING. The fact that they defend this point proves just how little thought they truly put into this. They’re solution to the problem is to raise the wages so hat normal citizen will want the job? And use big bad scary robots as a defense of that? MAKING THE ROBOTS IS A JOB THAT WOULD PAY MORE YOU IMBECILE. MAINTAINING ROBOTS would be a high paying job. It hurts the farmers to not hire Mexicans for lower wages? Boo fucking hoo, they deserve it. They decided to choose the morally wrong approach to farming in the first place, and take advantage of immigrants. The fact that you defend this in itself is racist. The fact that you have so little respect for Mexicans that you would rather them work these horrible jobs.

  43. There’s not only Mexicans, and that triggers me! There are other hispanics/Latinos!!! Sheesh

  44. Rude I’m a Mexican so this is not true as a Mexican I approve this message

  45. So it's okay to exploit illegal immigrants because you don't want to work?

  46. Not the Kelly Osbourne argument again.

    Why do you democrats think speaking about us as if we're slave labor endears you to us?

  47. I love Mexicans but dam you can’t get any fast food jobs Bc they only want Mexicans dead ass

  48. How dare you defend illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are ILLEGAL and deserve deportation, end of story!

  49. This video has obviously been reposted by MTV to try and reset the dislikes count. I'm glad to see that the dislikes count is growing almost twice as fast as the likes count. MTV decoded must have the most disliked videos on YouTube. How is this Francesca bitch still employed by MTV??

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