Are Native Americans Offended By Cultural Appropriation?

What’s up guys this is will wear with Praeger you today? We’re at the Navajo Nation and we’re talking to people today about political correctness issues facing their community in their culture Let’s do it. Do you find the name Washington Redskins? Is that offensive to you? Um, I don’t think so I in my personal opinion know I am a Washington Redskins fan You know, I don’t think it’s terrible, you know Because the Redskins actually came down last year to with our Native American people and talking how to do football the little kids You know, I don’t find it offensive Someone came to me and called me a Redskin to my face Hey, it’s my fault for letting that hurt me. I Believe as Navajos and as Native Americans we have larger issues to deal with the name-calling Like that. I like to Cleveland Indians. I thought that was pretty cool But some people would say that was like a drunken native on on a logo You know II mean but the Redskins I don’t I mean that’s a historic. That’s a fighter You know, I mean and like you look at the Apache helicopters, you look at the Navajo code talkers You see people jumping on airplanes saying Geronimo So that’s just admiration that the the American cultures that’s adapting and bringing into their their environment. We can’t dwell on the past Progress is in the future. And so we have to look forward as Native people I didn’t know if you heard about Elizabeth Warren talking about 1/1000 24th the Native American putting that out there. What does that mean to you? And she says I think that’s just a way of kind of having an advantage Being in a political position. Yeah. Let me ask a question back if I were, you know, maybe in a different country Let’s say Ireland and maybe I had 1% and I was trying to claim the 1% you know Any mean kind of like that, you know what I mean? What would you say are the biggest issues are now facing than I have a whole community Definitely language and culture preservation and realizing that it is something we need to preserve and it’s something very special and unique something that a lot of people don’t get to enjoy it’s it’s a cool thing being Navajo and being Native American in this day and age if someone were to dress up as a Native American for Halloween What do you think about that someone outside of the community? There’s a fine line there for me, there are Totems there are pieces of attire and regalia that are Authentic and only meant to be worn during certain times or certain acts of of ceremony but you know if you go to Walgreens or Walmart on the Halloween store or you know a Costume specialty store, you buy something that’s obviously fake I don’t really have a problem with that, you know the symbolism of the headdress and stuff like that and I can see how Native Americans traditionally Who may not see that as great but as a young person like myself I think that’s that’s that’s a cool thing that we get to be represented. Well when you start mutilating Eagles or Sacred animals to make up your regalia just for a Halloween costume. Then you’re crossing the line disrespecting the culture exactly exactly but as far as cultural appropriation Mankind wouldn’t be where we are today If it wasn’t for cultural appropriation at some point in our history somebody took the idea of making fire from another culture and the Navajos were able to adapt and Basically learn from the people that they were and able to integrate that into their own culture. So we were basically survivors I really we take a lot of pride in that and then the Navajo code talkers that were in the South Pacific Theater they used their Native American language and They were instrumental in every marine action and all the different scattered Network Islands overseas and I mean, it could have been any other, you know people in the world, but By the blessing of the Creator we were we were, you know, given and granted that that opportunity to protect our homeland which is America, you know, but I think it has become very Unfortunate that. We live in a culture in a society where outrage has become a recreational pastime Where people knit and pick until they find something wrong and then they become outraged by it and That for me, I believe that hurts cross-cultural relationships I believe it hinders us helping to understand each other now here at the Museum I give a lot of cultural lectures and a lot of cultural tours that’s part of my job here and I always start off every tour and every questionnaires a session with I’m very difficult to offend and I believe that the most offensive questions are the questions that need to be asked and answered Because that’s the only way we learn with each other whether it’s between religion beliefs cultures gender, it doesn’t matter the most offensive things are sometimes the most important conversations to have all right guys So we just finished up here at the cache miss festival here at the Navajo Nation And we found that most Native Americans are not so worried about being offended and more worried about bettering themselves and they love this country They love the military and they love the USA. So thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this follow me and Praeger you on social media drop your comments below and make sure you share this video with your Friends i’m will whit for Prager you thank you You

100 thoughts on “Are Native Americans Offended By Cultural Appropriation?

  1. Im a white guy and if i did art in a native american style its not native american art. I certainly wouldnt say it was. But i should b allowed to b inspired by any art form and draw from it. Taco bell is not mexican food, if i wanted mexican i would go to a mexican restaurant. If i wanted a culturally inspired mexican food i would eat at taco bell.

  2. Let people speak for their own culture. They don't need SJWs getting offended and upset for them.

  3. Cultural appropriation is a melting pot necessity so it’s interesting leftists flock to discourage it while they’re zealously pushing for diversity

  4. Where can I get that Wolf cap the guy at has on!!! It's amazing!

  5. Let’s be honest mate you clearly just cut out all the opinions that were leaning more left and against appropriation, why didn’t we hear the females’ opinion on Halloween costumes. Making a video combing all arguments you heard would be a lot more better. Only adding in the ones that are against the leftist view makes this video no different to a left media video speaking harshly against cultural.

  6. I find "Native American" offensive. I was born here in the US — that's as NATIVE as you can get. If they don't want to be called "Indians," then they should call themselves "Aboriginal Americans." That would be more accurate.

  7. What would the people being offended by cultural appropriation say about Native American art using a boombox as part of their sculpture? Another question I have how is the name Alanta Braves offending?

  8. "It's my fault for letting it hurt me." – wow, we'd be in a much better place if more people thought this way. Outrage culture is a cancer.

  9. Well this interviewer just lumped all American indigenous people together by interviewing one person. So the interviewer is making a horrendous assumption that one man speaks for all First Nations tribes? I’m an Australian euro descent and my opinions are not he same as all Australians of euro descent, in fact it wouldn’t be expected to be, but he is expecting this from this man.

  10. In my country, Peru, traditional dances are taught in a lot of schools, so you see kids of many ethnicities doing dances from different cultures. We share the culture like that.

  11. when they talk about preservation of language and culture, i feel that. my ethnicity is mixed and indonesia just has hundreds of ethnicities based on tribes in the past. but i feel the strongest connection with Sundanese culture, yet i barely speak the language. like, aye, man, i'd love to be fluent in sundanese and able to perform some of the traditional dances beautifully. i want to feel beautiful wearing sundanese kebaya. sometimes am hella embarassed when i remember am more fluent in english than sundanese lmao F.

  12. Language, beliefs, water, paved roads, structurally sound homes, jobs closer to REZ, more development by native businessmen to empower the culture, schools teaching real history, culture, language, beliefs, history, and so on.
    I am part Shoshone but not enough and I will never go to a tribe and claim it. I would love learn it ( I do on my own) but I will not set foot on their land or commache land cuz I’m not invited to do so. I put my bare feet in the red sands and on the plains. That’s my church. My breath. Can’t stand the city and no natural water.

  13. Cultural appropriation simply makes no sense. I mean, what's next? Outfit appropriation? Totally ridiculous

  14. I really enjoyed listening to what they said I'm native American and of German descent so this was nice!!!

  15. Cultural appropriation by African American's stems from the desire to deprive others of something they have. This is the case because the inverse happened to African American's for centuries.

  16. Nothing but respect for native Americans. I am not offended by them nor am I offended for them. I believe the cultural appropriation is actually a good thing.. because without it then all traces of 'this culture' or 'that culture' can and will eventually die out. Appropriation ensures that it lives on. Just do NOT forget the history behind it.. and do NOT claim it as your own original concept. Give credit where it is due and keep it alive.

    That is most important.

  17. Cultural appropriation, white privilege, racism, institutional racism, mansplaining, toxic masculinity, xenophobia….all bs terms created by libtards….bad thing is, it works…if it didnt work it would have died out already

  18. And liberals talk about we stole the land, but they are still here, and trying to bring more immigrants in…do they really care about Injuns?

  19. The only video I have ever watched where I wish I could have given two thumbs up some awesome people giving very truthful insightful answers great job prageru

  20. Very smart people interviewed there.. the left if they really cared would listen & lobby gov to assist etc.. leftist ideas are developed before being released into the national bloodstream, identity politics is slowly morphing into a neo-segregationist, anti-white ideology (that is also anti-Christian, anti-male, and of course, anti-American). In the past year, there have been efforts on college campuses to exclude white students from certain dorms (the University of Connecticut), dining spaces (American University), safe spaces (Claremont McKenna College), and the campus as a whole for a “white people free day” (Evergreen State College).
    Welcome to Identity Politics 2.0, where non-minorities are no longer benignly ignored, but actively reviled, and where the rights of the marginalized are secured at the expense of the rights of privileged. Under this regime, privileged identities (like male or white) are only recognized in order to be excoriated. Identity Politics has thus become somewhat of a misnomer. What we are dealing with today is an ideology that views the traditionally disadvantaged and the oppressed as deserving of more resources and respect than the traditionally advantaged. This ideology is fundamentally backward-looking: the more a particular group has been dishonored and oppressed in the past, the higher its moral status today. Males without college degrees may be faring rather poorly in contemporary America, but because males were supposedly not victimized in the past, they receive little sympathy.

  21. Not that it really has much to do with the video but my niece's And my nephew are 25% Navajo their dad is half Navajo 1/2 white and their grandma and grandpa are both full blooded Navajo Indians and its sound so awesome when they talk to each other because my nieces and nephew all learned when they were very young how to speak Navajo my favorite word is Yaya it means grandma I think and if it doesn't mean gramma it must mean something close to it because that's what all the grandbabies call grandma Yaya

  22. Cultural appreciation my ass, some do it for the stereotype and the making fun of. Don't be blind I know what I'm telling you cause I seen it

  23. Im native american apache and nahua and boy do people love to wear our headdresses it's not problem for me as long as you dont think your native and you know you forsure aren't 🔥👿👌🏾

  24. 3:14 the way he means it, it's not even cultural appropriation. It's cultural admiration. When you wear their dresses without mocking them, it means you admire them, and in that way you make their culture even more famous among the people you know.

  25. I think this video is good. To put my opinion out there, I think there perspective is older because the newer generations is very different compared to them.

  26. Im from Peru. Mostly Native American with some Spanierd mix. Everytime I meet Native Americans from other countries I feel this powerful energy like peace and understanding.

  27. People on the left are racists since they don’t believe natives can articulate for themselves.
    They are un-appointed and uninvited ambassadors of outrage.

  28. Personally I feel that we as the united states of america has short changed the american indians and have put so many restrictions on what they can do to their land like say mine for coal or drill for oil I have heard that to get a permit it can take up to like 20-50 years and get this they are an independent nation inside of the usa and they don't have the right to drill for oil or water on their own land, how screwed up is that.

  29. Leftist: I will protect you and your people.

    Native American: nah I'm good


  30. You mean are native Americans offended by all the culture they appropriated and embarrassed they abandoned most of their own?

    Most natives love America, the few that don't are the loud ones who want handouts and give a bad name to the whole nation.

  31. Cultural appropriation crap came from the Democraps the left wing kooks. Obama started all this bullcrap. He tried to devide America.

  32. I was impressed by the gentleman at 0:40 of the video. I appreciate what he said and how he said it. Semper Fi to the Navajo Code Talkers

  33. It's bonkers if you think about it. I have native blood in me, however it amazes me how oblivious a person can be about themselves. I think the real offense here is how people think a silly $20 costume from Walmart is how natives actually dress.

  34. Each individual he spoke to makes my heart swell with pride and hope for our nation.

  35. I love how he easily puts down the idea of cultural appropriation. Could you imagine the people who made fire were the only one who could keep it? Lol

  36. Cultural appropriation is the sincerest form of flattery. To everybody but the ignorant munchkins on the American political Left.

  37. God…. I love this channel.
    I am from India and I agree with centre right beliefs. This kind of practice will preserve our society. I don't wanna live in a place where right to free speech is destroyed…. Because slowly it gives an incentive to go to a slippery slope of destroying every rights slowly..

  38. Why is it that so many white people go crazy about cultural appropriation and anything politically correct. These white people are messed up in the head or something all they have to do is look around to see the truth but they refused to.

  39. I got a dna test, and I have a little bit of Native American blood but I have no clue what tribe, because of that I don’t claim Native American. I grew up in “white” (which isn’t a ‘race.’) culture. I’m mostly Southern European as it is. I feel like it would be offensive if I claimed Native American for a few points of American blood. Unless you grew up in it, and have that blood then those are the true native Americans.

  40. The SJWs could not care less about the emotions or status of marginalized groups.

    They say a thousand irrelevant things to dress up the one thing they’re really after:


  41. 0:16– just saying, people are gross. Stop littering already you prepubescent dipsh!~5!

  42. drug addiction
    leftists: nahh

    leftists: nahh

    washington redskins
    leftists: REEEEE

  43. Its accaully a compliment when other races come to our pow wow's and appreciate our culture, its called respect..

  44. The native people of America have too much honor then to act and a childish manor; as other people in today's world focus on nonsense instead of working to improve the lives of all Americans as we are all equal under God

  45. These people need to marry eachother and reproduce. It would be sad to lose the remaining 6 million Native Americans in the future.

  46. As a Native American I will say we're not as whiny as other ethnicities in this country. Native American culture in general isn't built on victim mentality or entitlement mentality

  47. I lived most of my life in Montana, Utah, and Alberta and I have seen Indians all my life, and had very few problems, the worst one was having out tractor stolen so Indians nearby could drive to town to buy booze (true story, it only happened once). In all those years I never once heard anyone yell "hey you redskin" or any other slur, but when there's drinking involved some slurs may be used on both sides, but I never saw it in everyday life.

  48. White people mind your own business and stop speaking for minorities… pathetic

  49. " It's my fault to let that hurt me" and again with " The most offensive things are sometimes the most important conversations to be had" If all teachers had that sort of ethos we probably wouldn't be seeing all this BS garbage we see today.

  50. "its my fault for letting that hurt me" that might just be the most powerful sentence ive heard in a while, stoic af also

  51. Guys what about the Left? The Left is going to get upset and start crying and swinging there arms around yelling racist.

  52. 0:50 the left is crying over name calling yet people who have real issues have thicker skin

  53. COOL
    All Get Out. 👍🏼
    was just listenin to Cheryl Bear
    feelin my 1/8 native roots
    not alot, but HELLA more the Fauxcahontas
    dammmmn i'm missin' me some southwest vibes

  54. Ain't it racist to claim you have a people, tribe or a race? Ohhhh wait, that's only brainwashed into the white youth these days. At least people recognize them as their own people, and think its "natural" to work for their peoples well being. After all its only natural

  55. Only problem is that cultural appropriation isn't a real thing !!!!! It's just another way Democrats use race against WHITE PEOPLE !!!! Since it's only a problem when whites do "it"

  56. The Democrats would not at all support the never-never hose or any ethnic group in America they believe in the UN Convention of mass immigration and the evolution of American Indians abolition the Democrats believe in the UN Convention for mass immigration the lack of freedom of speech and the overthrow of the Constitution of America and the abolition of all cultures within in there are no different do the Nazi party but they just wear a different jacket at least an Indian should be proud to be an Indian person I wide American should be proud to be a wide American a black American should be proud to be a black American but instead the Democrats just wish to create racial disharmony and hatred for one another it is all their plan to do away with the Constitution of America and freedom the American people

  57. Native Americans are just the first immigrants, and isint it strange that if people in Europe called themselves Native Europeans they would be called racists.

  58. Being offended over so-named cultural appropriation is a useless, idle, foolish luxury of peacetime and prosperity.

  59. Anyone complaining about cultural appropriation shouldn't be allowed to use the various things created by other cultures.You like Pizza? you like Vodka? You like the Automobile? Isn't it neat to have a domesticated animal? You think your culture created antibiotics? You like whining on the Internet?

  60. Damn, they are trying so hard to preserve their culture that any chance they have to show it is honored and welcomed (unless it gpes against their traditions or ceremony rituals). We have to respect the native americans here bc they are true fighters!!

  61. The natives have never been sensitive. They're warriors, they should be proud, and seem to be.

  62. I'm native American and what's really offensive is that people do not know their history.

    The world was one land at one point and then it broke off and the people who were on the land that broke off where called native Americans and the people who came on this side from the other side of the world didn't kill us at first intentionally. They found out things we knew and then started killing us intentionally. But schooles here in the US are changing history and want us to believe a lie and now we have stupid people believing they stole our land and they need to pay us back for their ancestors.

    Just like they believe Americans need to pay the black Community back for slavery when America wasn't even the first country to start slavery it was the last to get into it in the first to finish it.

    Im not excepting any government help for being a orgianl American and im not paying any money for a stupid ideology.

  63. How about the rest of the world appropriating Western culture?

    Cars? Phones? Film? Just to name a few…

  64. I’m a native American; I was born here; my Dad was born here.
    The progeny of the primitives who were here when white people took this country should get over it; be Americans or let’s put you in a zoo.

  65. Just moved to Arizona. My time here w0nt be wasted! Time for a road trip down history lane 🙂

  66. White people need to stop speaking for , black people , indians , all people , I'm white , it's none of my business , I don't know how they feel , so I can only speak for myself. Please stop white people.

  67. Red skins were warriors, painted their face red to fight and defend their land. If you call a certain group or ethnicity a Red butthole or or red rashes then that is very offensive.

  68. I think it's people crying about stuff… The washington redskins, the Chicago blackhawks, the Edmonton eskimos… It's respect of pride and strength… not demeaning at all…

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