Are Some Cultures Better than Others?

Do you think the United States and Western
Europe are made up of imperialist, colonialist, resource-exploiting, greedy, grasping, brown-skin-hating
people whose values are not worth defending? If you think this question is absurd and that
no one thinks this way, you would be very much mistaken. Many people do. And what’s even more disturbing, many of
these people were born and live in the West. In other words, they have come to despise
their own culture. This thinking is the product of a doctrine
widely taught in our schools. It’s known as multiculturalism, the belief
that all cultures are equal. Or to put it another way, no culture’s values,
art, music, political system, or literatureare better or worse than any other. But is this really true? Some years ago, Nobel-prize winning novelist
Saul Bellow created a major controversy when he said, “Find me the Tolstoy of the Zulus,
or the Proust of the Papuans, and I would be happy to read him.” For this, Bellow was accused of racism. The charge was nonsense. Bellow wasn’t saying that the Zulus and
Papuans are incapable of producing great novelists. He was saying that, as far as he knew, they
hadn’t. But just by raising the possibility that some
cultures have contributed more than others, he violated the chief tenet of multiculturalism. More recently, President Donald Trump expressed
a similar sentiment in Warsaw, Poland. “We write symphonies. We pursue innovation…We treasure the rule
of law and protect the right to free speech and free expression…We empower women as
pillars of our society and of our success… That is who we are…Those are the priceless ties
that bind us together…as a civilization.” For this, Trump was roundly condemned by the
multiculturalists. How could he say these things, one writer
wrote, “as if these were unique qualities to white-dominated nations, instead of universal
truths of the human race across all cultures.” Here’s the problem: Are values such as innovation,
rule of law, free expression and women’s empowerment equally held across all cultures? If all cultures are equal, how does one account
for the fact that, for the last 500 years, it has been one culture—the culture of the
West, and now of America—that has shaped the world? Multiculturalists explain it in terms of oppression. Western civilization, they say, became so
powerful because it is so evil. The study of Western civilization, they insist,
should focus on colonialism and slavery– the unique mechanisms of Western oppression. But colonialism and slavery are not uniquely
Western at all. They are universal. The British conquered India and ruled it for
300 years. But before the British, the Persians, the
Mongols, the Muslims, and Alexander the Great had done exactly same thing – conquered large
parts of India. Indeed, the British were the sixth or seventh
colonial invader to occupy India. As for slavery, it has existed in every culture. It was prevalent in ancient China, in ancient
India, in Greece and Rome, and in Africa. American Indians practiced slavery long before
Columbus set foot here. What is uniquely Western, in fact, is not
slavery, but the abolition of slavery. And what distinguishes the West from all other
cultures are the institutions of democracy, capitalism, and science. These institutions developed because of a
peculiar dynamism of Athens and Jerusalem– a synthesis of classical reason and Judeo-Christian
morality. And it is these institutions, I believe, that
comprise the source of Western strength and explain the West’s long-standing dominance
in the world. The West’s greatest strength is not merely
its military power, but also the unparalleled power of its ideas and institutions. But what about America? If America is a nation of immigrants —
mostly non-white immigrants — doesn’t that, by definition, make it a multicultural society? No. America is a multi-ethnic society. We don’t want it to be a multicultural society. I’m an immigrant from India. My wife is an immigrant from Venezuela. Despite our differences of ethnic background,
we have both assimilated to the unique values of America — the values embodied in our
Constitution and our laws. The pursuit of happiness. The American Dream. So, no — the United States and Western
Europe are not made up of imperialist, colonialist, resource-exploiting, greedy, grasping, brown-skin-hating
people. Our values are worth defending — not just
because they are ours, but because they are good. I’m Dinesh D’Souza for
Prager University.

100 thoughts on “Are Some Cultures Better than Others?

  1. F*** multiculturalism you should go back home every immigrant she go back home stick to your own people stay in your own land

  2. No one gets in a rubber raft and paddles to a non western non capitalist country! Anymore questions?

  3. Culture is downstream from Race. Change the racial makeup of a nation, and you will change that culture. Once London is all Pakistani and Indian, you will not have a bunch of Pakistanis in bowler hats, carrying umbrellas, drinking tea and eating crumpets. You will have modern day Pakistan.

    Race makes culture. Culture in turn makes a society good or bad. You can only dilute a culture so much before you lose it totally.

  4. Soon as I read the title,Paul Joseph Watson was in my head saying "some cultures are better than others"!🇺🇸

  5. On a serious note…America and American values are better than all. America is for American citizens. It's either we destroy the left or the left will destroy us.🇺🇸

  6. How then, do you account for the fact that greedy Europeans came here and built a civilization upon the ashes of the one that was already here? Ashes which the greedy caused by crushing those that lived here first.

  7. We were blessed by the good Lord and when this man was put on the Earth. And when it molded him into the person that he is today

  8. multiculturalism is not an accident… its a tool. if you can make people feel guilty, deprive them of their history and convince them that their heritage is illegitimate you can rule them. they will willingly hand over their power.. how do you weaken a superior culture?… you dont. you just convince it all its strengths are weaknesses and watch as it destroys itself.. any time you hear people going on about multiculturalsim, diversity, inclusiveness etc.. just know that these people are seeking POWER not equality. specifically power over YOU.. they are wolves in sheeps clothing

  9. Simply put whites are superior; whites have produced the beauty in existence as well as almost all innovation the world enjoys; Asians have contributed greatly, but they are hive creatures and do not cherish the individuality that creates progress; blacks? What?

  10. Women's empowerment = the destruction of the host culture. Fact.

  11. O multiculturalismo estah acabando com a. Europa. Os governantes apenas se preocupam em aplicar leis absurdas nos seus compatriotas. Qualquer um que se manifeste contra é classificado como racista ou islamofobico. Como se não existissem muçulmanos brancos. A Europa chegou a um estágio quase impossível de reverter. Temos como exceções a Polónia, Ucrânia e a República Checa. Se tiver outra exceção, não lembro. Há um caso de uma imigrante da Somália que não aguentou a violência numa cidade de um pais nórdico e voltou para a sua pátria. Vejam o tamanho do absurdo. A Somália é um país violento, como todo mundo sabe. Do jeito que vai, não é difícil um violento contragolpe. Grande parte da população não irá tolerar por muito tempo esta situação. O grande problema é a imposição dos costumes e religião dos emigrantes muçulmanos. Quem vai a qualquer país, terá que se adaptar a este país. Tente viver como vive o ocidental num país muçulmano. Vah celebrar um culto cristão para ver o que acontece. O Islamismo apenas será uma religião quando houver separação entre a religião e o estado. Do jeito que estah, é uma ideologia. Na minha opinião, Maomé não é exemplo pra ninguém. Um indivíduo que se manteve no poder por meio de assassinatos nao é religioso, muito menos profeta. Os muçulmanos deveriam reciclar seus conhecimentos e indicarem um muçulmano de valor moral elevado e culto para ser o seu líder.

  12. Honestly western culture is just a ton of hippies now. It was cool before leftists ruined it.

  13. My family is still very cultural Lebanese Maronite . We however live inAmerica, and all have dual citizenship. We love Lebanon and America the same, but we pledge allegiance to Murica and its values that we didn’t already have (Christian Western Maronite) and my American friends love my Lebanese dessert I bring lol. I love America. Fight for this beautiful culture

  14. Like OMG, this is so fake, OMG, my brown frienss need proteccion, OMG. They are all oppressed, OMG. Hawaiian hula dancer, OMG.

  15. Historical famous text about militant mahommetans from about 500 years ago

  16. Alas, when people have it so good that there is nothing left to do but hate one's own culture! Go live somewhere else and you might just gain an appreciation for what is unique and good about where we are from!

  17. If all cultures are Equal then No one should be an Immigrant. Because NO One would need to leave their country if it's identical to All other Countries.

  18. We have to acept that us sometimes has invated countries not for good reasons

  19. Well yes they are the best culture is the real European culture not the American one whicb they call white… Sorry but thous are just the fakts and btw learn what actually culture means

  20. Not culture as a whole can be superior to other but certainly many or few elements can be. Agreeing any culture as a whole not just of the west to be better is ridiculous.

  21. These short video "Lessons" are intellectual Gold! I learn something new with every one!

  22. Americans write symphonies????? Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin are NOT Americans!!! Did Barber write a symphony????

  23. The slavery narrative was a deflection Dinesh D'Souza, but we know PragerU is paying you to talk non-sense. Maybe if the British never conquered India ruling it and oppressing Indian people 300 years.. In addition to the Persians, the Mongols, the Muslims, and Alexander the Great, you would not have to move to America to enjoy an American dream. Your people could have created your own dreams in India. In our culture, we would call you an Uncle Tom… you've failed your people with this video and I hope you shared more insight that will empower your people in your books. Being an American should not mean that you must negate the truth.

  24. "some culture is better than others" – Paul Joseph Watson

  25. The claim that all cultures are the same but the western isn’t, must be a product of progressivism.

  26. The Browns fought bravely for their British masters in WWII. I remember how they begged with their lives for continued imperial rule against Erwin Rommel. I remember that over two million browns put their lives at stake to defeat their freedom to mine salt. And for that, I thank them sincerely. Rudyard Kipling thanks them. George Orwell thanks them. And I thank Desouza most of all. For he is my true brother.

  27. Damn right!!! my culture welcomes yours even though your culture HATES me and mine. America IS THE MELTING POT WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT HERE GET OVER IT INVADER!!!!!!

  28. In the words of Winston Churchill, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

  29. So thinking in this way the best culture is not the western one, but the Italic-Greek one. So Americans are culturally inferior? Get me an American Dante and I'll be happy to read his works, find me an American Machiavelli.

  30. Anglo-Saxon Protestant Common Law culture is the single best culture in the world. SINGLE BEST, except for the food.

  31. Are some cultures better? Well…it depend on the criteria. If the criteria is;
    1. Survivability; then its the jews.
    2. Longetivity; then its the chinese
    3. Freedom of speech; then its the West…
    4. Suppressing other culture; then its islam
    5. Adopting other culture/adaptability; then its catholic

    And some other criterias. Again, it depend on what criterias are deemed as the best.

  32. This title question depends on what parameters you use.
    quality people,human rights,decent standards.
    Acceptance of religious nutters
    as a suitable standard .

  33. Necessity is the mother of invention. Environments with less biodiversity force innovation. Whereas warm climates with high biodiversity give people an abundance of natural resources therefore giving no reason to innovate(paraphrasing the book -guns, germs, and steel)

    We can appreciate this and still say that capitalism and democracy is the best!!

  34. I have a friend from Kongo who was adopted by an American family in the US. She's so happy to be here, and gets to enjoy many great opportunities. She doesn't miss her original country, because of its violence and corruption caused by evil people.

    Many Americans bash on their own culture, because they don't actually travel to less fortunate ones, and see for themselves.

  35. What's so wonderful about Capitalism, is that people who hate it, are actually enjoying it, they just don't know it.

  36. If that were true I vote we all go back to the ways of the human sacrifices. Oh wait we alredy have and we just call it abortion.
    #Thanose was right all along

  37. Ever since Mohammad, Islam has enslaved over 25 million people over the past 1400 years and is still engages in the practice today.

  38. Every culture is unique and best for “its” people. If it had been the case otherwise, the said culture would have perished a long time ago like many others.

  39. If you believe that all cultures are equal, I'd invite you to move to the country of your choice on the entire continent of Africa. If a time machine were available, I'd send you to Germany or Russia in 1938 to see if your opinion changed.

  40. If outcome doesn't matter, why do we see those giant #1 hands at sporting events?

  41. Largely true but fatally flawed. We are debt slaves in the USA by the Federal Reserve. This indefensible Institution is self-appointed to produce and author fake money and it makes everybody else in debt to them. They have nothing at risk. Only a fool would defend them or unless you're part of them. Until we get to the bottom of who is really wreaking havoc and the US we will never really have a grasp on how to fix our economy and culture.

  42. No, what's happening here is that the BACKWARD THINKING ppl of the EASTERN CIVILIZATIONS are just ENVIOUS and LAZY. PERIOD!!!

  43. This man has immigrated from India and used the term "our values" because he is an American at heart. He is probably a greater American than most of us.

  44. In the 1920s and 1930s, the Marxists realized that they could not bring about world Marxism without first destroying Western Civilization. This realization gave birth to "Cultural Marxism." They set about to destroy our civilization by taking over the schools, the press, and the entertainment industry. This is where the hogwash about how evil the West is got its start.

  45. if we're going to talk about culture, you first have to recognize the truth from the imposters. blacks are imposters. black slaves were an army of our enemy. that black slave army was defeated and hasn't admitted it yet. the Confederates were made up of three different anti-Christian/anti-protestant or anti-colonist countries who stole indian land and bred their black slave armies on them. while the black slaves themselves were sold from Africa and mostly conditioned on plantations that were run mostly by blacks who had been freed, the Catholic english, the catholic french and the catholic spanish were the three sides that made up the Confederate south who used those slaves as an army against us. blacks can't become citizens nor victims when the truth of their willful participation in acts of war against our United States of America will never be forgiven nor forgotten especially when being all white if we want to be is part of OUR independence and is Constitutionally protected by OUR LAW and since it was white men who won the right to make that law, no black gets to change it or remove it or judge it or get their own while in this continent. only one culture is continually ignored and that is our "supremely" white culture. don't be spreading lies that our side ever had slaves because only thieves would accuse us of having slaves. even blacks don't get to use accusations to rule over us or exploit us for anything. only our culture is true freedom.

  46. no other culture in history ever made people stop their bickering and arguing and sit together at a table (like at thanksgiving for example) trying to bring enemies together as common people enjoying a passtime that was SUPPOSED TO NEVER BE USED AGAINST US! why are blacks always complaining about being slaves but they want inclusion. THATS COUNTERPRODUCTIVE! if blacks want to be included they have to back off first AND WAIT to be invited otherwise blacks are just bullying us around which nullifies their claims of being victims and turns them into the Jezebel or "boy who cried wolf". blacks are crybabies crying about being slaves and being held back but blacks are the ones holding everyone else back by never leaving anyone else alone or staying out of our business or the way we run our NON-mixed countries. you contradict yourselves by giving blacks credit for our achievements. blacks would never have had a steping up if we weren't there for them to step on. we ought to give them a rusty nail up their foot and a good strong dose of tetnus to go with it!

  47. don't act like job weighing the pro's and the con's of either side or you prove that you are lukewarm and God HATES the lukewarm indecissive wishy washy counterproductive self inflicting fence straddlers. YOU ARE NOT JOB. it is NOT your job the do the judging so quit being wishy washy. stop following the lie that seperation by color is bad or that race is defined by skin color. only idiots confuse race with skin color or with country origins. only idiots promote "interracial" dating instead of calling it by its rightful name: INTERNATIONAL dating NOT INTERRACIAL. if it seems like I am punishing or mad at conservatives, boy you don't miss a thing but no one is my equal so you don't get to shut me up because I am the "morals" or "conscious" on your right shoulder, that little white skinned red headed angel virgin sitting on your right shoulder warning you when you are in danger of hurting yourself or falling or dying. it might be that I am still clearing out the brainwashing in your mind from all the thousands of years of lies and hypnosis you've fallen for or were fed. its harder to undo those kinds of brainwashing done more recently due to all the scars left behind from all the previous brainwashing such as the entire hippie generation. just be patient with me. if indians want justice they'd better get back in line and wait until they are called by God to stand before him answering for their sins or if Jesus is their lawyer they would know it because Jesus would have told them to never make any slanderous accusations. but God did give me a specific unshirkable job which is to mark you as either being for him or not. if Jesus is in your life, believe me, I would know it. I can recognize a forgiven man or woman regardless of their skin color but by the mob or crowd, there is no forgiven. no innocence can ever be found in a gathered anti-moral anti-Christ mob.

  48. if you are on their side against Morals or against God you then are declaring to the entire world that you are also : Anti-United States, anti-law, anti-rules, hypocrites, liars, losers, devils or the devil's children, untrustworthy, unfaithful, unforgiveable, unforgiven, hopeless, helpless, hurting, forgotten, abandoned, a prostitute, a whore or a whore's offspring, unwanted and basically garbage, trash, junk. if you continue helping or following or even entangling yourselves with these rejected sinners, for example, by continuing to try to reach out to them or teach them, than you will help kill your identity, your citizenship, your country and your entire world. only one gets to possess anything and since God made this universe and everything in it, if you continue helping those who are trying to kill Christianity, God will destroy you as well as everything here to go "back to the drawing board" so to speak and start a new without you. no one regardless of skin color will survive. they never stop mixing the colors, and God hates it when HE isn't the one mixing them. God prefers organization. organization requires clear defined lines, barriers, borders, rules, morals, laws, call them whatever you will but God knows what it is still. go to bed imgaining God rejecting you and sending you to hell to die for helping to kill his son by rejecting him like you have, (if you have, if you accepted Christ than just keep your mouth shut for now) the time for offering salvation is over. salvation, like citizenship is a pearl, leftists are pigs (swine), don't throw your pearl to a swine. they will eat it without choking on it.

  49. citizenship is likened to salvation, they are both compared to a pearl. a semi-precious jewel. the liberals/leftists/democrats/anti-Christs are swine (pigs). the time for offering salvation or salvation through education or any form of education, is long since been over. stop offering your "pearl" or "pearls of wisdom" to the swine. pigs eat anything put infront of them but they can't expel the poisons from their skin. pigs can't sweat. don't waste good wisdom on dumb animals. don't throw your "pearls in front of pigs". you'll never get them returned to you.

  50. Ethnic and racial diversity is a good thing but cultural diversity not so much because some cultures are better than others. Immigrants have to assimilate but they dont have to adopt christianity but the de have to adopt western cultural values.

  51. I hope Trump just moves arround the world running more and more country's xD

  52. Well the western cultures are superior than the other cultures and the most Supreme western civilization is the Greek because we invented democracy and the foundations of western civilization

  53. It would be best for all these bleeding-heart liberals and Democrats to move to these wonderful Middle Eastern Nations go to Africa or go to China and you will have a wonderful life after all these cultures are the best ones there is on Earth. You should leave the United States or in the western world because it is not good ..there is plenty of other places you can live in. I am certain that the Muslims will open their arms to women and they will treat them very fairly hahaha

  54. If one culture is building Space Shuttles while another is beating things with sticks, then no, they are clearly not the same.

  55. Trump can wax poetic about American exceptionalism all he wants, but that won't paper over the fact that behind his "good" patriotism is a xenophobia that causes him to see "s***hole countries" on other continents. It's hard to believe that only about 15 years ago we Americans were (rightly) condemning a French politician for calling Israel "that s****y little country."

  56. Unfortunately he's telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what's been put into the people's brains by those people wishing to undermine your freedoms your liberty and your country

  57. Absolutely, there are some cultures better than either others!! Contemporary Western Culture proved itself to be far more superior & durable than did Nazi & Soviet Cultures, for instance!! Who could seriously argue with that except perhaps either some fanatical, diehard Gauleiters or Commissars, who in the first case should have been strung-up at Nuremberg or secondly, permanently interred under the debris of the demolished ‘Berlin Wall!!’ These cultures being thus both consigned to the scrap-heap of history, as will be one day hence, the fate of Communist China’s Culture too, by one means or cause, or else by another!! As have all dysfunctional or ignored cultures & belief-systems throughout mankind’s recorded history! It’s basically survival of the fittest & most-adaptable that really do survive!! Mark these words!!

  58. Western culture isn't the only culture that thinks that it is superior. China called itself the Middle Kingdom, Islam calls non-muslims infidels, and more. All cultures think that they are superior to other cultures, and the only reason racism wasn't as much of an issue back then is because most societies were homogeneous, and people only interacted with other cultures through trade and war, while now days, with multicultural countries, many clashing cultures are forced to interact with each other, and hence, racism is now a problem. However multiculturalism can be good, as it is what made the US so successful, and it allows us to experience different cultures and cuisines.

  59. If you honestly believe that PragerU is qualified to explain liberal political views, then you should also believe that Antifa is qualified to explain conservative political views #smh

  60. First, ancient India never practiced Slavery. People all over the world ran from war and slavery and took refuge in India. This is why India's culture is so diverse and rich. Until the Muslims, there was no slavery. Second, Alexander never conquered India. He could not even conquer Afghanistan. He lost and died by a tiny lord name Porush under King Dhanananda.

  61. Alexander the great didnt conquer india…he fought a battle against the then king of punjab Paurava(Prous) and then we won against them..but admired by the courage of the king..granted his kingdom back to him and made him a friendly ally.After this conquest Alexander the great died on his way back to his core kingdom.Hence he didn't conquerer any part of modern day India.

  62. Western culture is the best culture right at this moment – it is a fact. But, the way the white supremacists describe their version of history or their pseudo-history is completely wrong. The current liberalism or individual freedom is relatively very new; just 30-40 years old. Before that, Western countries were shithole. Nazism and communism were born from Western Culture. In fact, almost all the ancient liberal cultures were destroyed by the Europeans. For example, the two main gods of Hinduism are Shiva and Vishnu. Shiva is a transgender and Krishna is a bisexual. Today half of India worship these two gods but they hate homosexuals and transgenders. Why? Because they were brainwashed by the British for eight generations. The British called us savage because our women ruled nations and led men to war. After 200 years under their tyranny, the same British call us savage due to the gender discrimination but refuse to take zero responsibility!! It only proves that western nationalists and supremacists are coward.

    Columbus and later the European colonists committed despicable crimes against the native Americans. The people of Haiti or the Tino people welcomed Columbus and his crews. In return, he massacred a quarter million people. Columbus died thinking that he discovered a marine route to India. There is no way to justify these crimes. But we can never blame the children for their fathers' crime. The current white people owe the native Americans absolutely nothing. But, the white Americans who idealize their evil ancestors are bad and bigoted people. There is no way to disagree that the mighty United States was built by White Americans. White Americans have more rights to be in America than the so-called natives.

    What I said is going to offend both left and right. But, this is the nature of the truth; it does not take anybody's side.

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