Ashley Zarro | Fashion Merchandising and Management

My name is Ashley Zarro, and I went to
Berkeley College, the New York City campus. And I have a degree in Fashion
Merchandising and Management. In my opinion, Berkeley College definitely does
a great job preparing the interns — you
know — for their internship as well as for the
real-world work experience. When I got my internship, I got it through the
website — you know — through Berkeley College. The Career Seminar class was what I was
enrolled in, and the teacher was very helpful in — you know — explaining to us how it works and how to secure an internship. I wound up interning an Agent RED
International. It’s a wholesale showroom in the fashion field right in the
garment district, and it was a really great experience for me. I actually am fully employed now, full-time, at Agent RED International which is where I was
interning. And I was there for the three months that I had to do the internship.
And come the end of it, they had an open position because someone else had just
left, so the timing was kind of perfect. And — you know — they said that they really felt that I was strong candidate because I had — you know– very good knowledge of the industry which was from, obviously, all the fashion classes that I had taken
here. That was a huge help, and then they — you know — said that they were going to
try it out for like a month or two. So we did that, and then I wound up being
brought on full-time. The retail math class that I actually took at
Berkeley was probably the most beneficial class that I’ve taken. It
directly helped me with what I’m doing now at work in regards to — you know — markups and markdowns with selling and sales and things in that nature. So a class that I really thought that would not be so important was actually the strongest —
you know — skill that I needed to use. So they definitely — that class definitely
prepared me well for what I’m doing. I would recommend Berkeley College to any high school graduate who was looking — you know — to start their college career for
all of the reasons that I had mentioned — you know — earlier, for the great small
community-like feel, for the very experienced professors who — you know — have worked in the field that they’re now teaching, so they’re very helpful. I would
say that the staff as far as the job placement was
extremely, extremely helpful and that was a huge benefit for me graduating. And I
think that — you know — this would be a good fit for a lot of for a lot of students.

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