AT&T – Call Center Sales

♪ Here at AT&T our vision is to connect people with their world everywhere they live and work and do it better than anybody else. Welcome to AT&T. Our representatives receive inbound calls from potential customers. Their job is to make as much of a quality sale as they can by adding features, services, products, accessories. We are actually #10 out of the fortune 500 companies. We build on our reputation by making sure every time that we speak to a customer, we are taking care of them. We want to be the best. We’re the best right now. We’re number one. AT&T. Just to kind of go over some plans, do you mind if I ask you a few questions just to make sure that we get the right package for you? It is a challenge. Realistically, when I clock in, I’m on the phone taking calls. And you get call after call and you have to sell on those calls, because it’s a selling job. See, we got you some savings today. This is Tom with AT&T. Can I help you please? I kind of find it exhilarating. You never know what that next call is going to be. It could be someone that has a customer service issue. Or it could be someone that wants to start a 5-line family talk plan. And I’ll be able to answer any questions that you have. I may also ask you a few questions along the way. There are dollars to make on every call. You’ll go through a training period. The training period is very critical. We’re going to make sure that we’re finding out exactly how they’re going to use this phone or what features are going to work out best for them. The time frame would be split between actually being in a classroom setting and on the floor within a controlled environment. I’m going to give you a little feedback on some of the calls I listened to. Pretty much all of our phone calls are going to be recorded. You do have coaching sessions. I want you to get more in the habit of asking more questions. You have to be a self motivated person. If you are not on break or lunch you are expected to be on the phone. Attendance is very important. You need to be doing nothing but paying attention to the customer. You have your targets. I’d be happy to assist you with that. They’re not unrealistic goals. I’ve hit that from day one and usually exceed that. They do an excellent job of recognizing the people that are going above and beyond. The atmosphere’s great. You do get to know your co-workers. It is fast paced. The best part of what I do is actually talking to the customer. It’s cutting edge, new technology, we get to talk about it first. With performance, with drive, with ambition, there is nothing in this company you can’t do. Being an online representative gives you everything that you would ever want as far as understanding the business as a whole. This is definitely a career. They always have opening doors that you can walk through at any time, especially if you’re that motivated person. It’s good to be a part of such a large, growing team. You feel like you’re family after a while. You work with some great people. Here at AT&T we value our people, we value our customers, and it’s something you can truly believe in. I am extremely proud when I say that I work for AT&T just because of the reputation and the way that they treat our employees. If you are looking for a challenge, a great job, great benefits, great pay, this is the place to be. AT&T.

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