Auto Sales Master _ Chm. Han Gill Park

I applaud your hard work. Although this is a workshop
for Auto Sales Masters, I think the number in attendance
for this lecture is about 2,700. It wasn’t that easy to become
an Auto Sales Master, was it? I’m sure some of you
got here rather easily, while others took some time
to become an Auto Sales Master. Now the Auto Sales Master is
the very first mastership at Atomy. If we consider becoming a member
of the Royal Leader’s Club and earning around
$50K a month as success, the Auto Sales Masters, who
make around $4K to $5K a month, are only one-tenth of the way
to success in terms of compensation. However, when looking at
the overall business progress, you are essentially
a little over halfway there in reaching the heights
of earning $50K a month. To illustrate, the effort a tennis ball
and bowling ball requires to complete a full rotation
will be the same. Yet, the outcome of
their rotation will be different. While you are on your way
to reach $50K a month, you probably received $70
or $140 here and there. When all these
were added up it might have totaled
$1K to $2K for the month. After some time,
you are now at a point where you are making
$4K to $5K a month. If you have been rolling
like a tennis ball until now, you have now
grown a bit bigger. Thus, when you start rolling,
you will be closer to a bowling ball. Therefore, your roll at $5K
will get you to earn $10K a month. From $10K, you will easily
get to $20K a month. Once you’re at $20K,
it won’t be long for you to receive
$40K to $50K a month. As such, you can think,
I’m already over halfway_x000D_
32_x000D_ Since your final stretch
is just around the corner, I hope that you will
concentrate a little more and continue to put in
that effort and reach your goal. Generally, people who
become Auto Sales Masters eventually become Royal
Leader’s Club member because the chances of falling
down now are highly unlikely. Now those who
started before, they were able to get there first
due to starting earlier. Even though some of you might have
taken a little longer than others, if you were active
with the work, it wouldn’t have felt
like a long time overall, right? I believe that as long as
you continue in this manner, you will be able to become
Royal Masters in no time. When you become a Royal Master
and achieve success, your attitude and behavior
is very important. However, the attitude
you should have then needs to be
the way you act now if you truly wish
to become a Royal Master that
everyone respects. Let’s assume that you
are earning a lot of money but no one in your vicinity
respects you. How would that feel?
Can you call that true success? I think that you can only
call this being half-successful. When you achieve success
by becoming a Royal Master, it is important to have
become a person who receives cheers
and applause with statements like, He deserved it and
I’m so happy for her from the people
who are around you. Therefore, you need
to start doing this business with the mindset of
someone who is successful. If you want to have the mindset
of a successful person, you need to have
a big heart. What does that mean?
Well, you have to be prepared to take on
some losses. There are a lot of people who
believe they won’t suffer any losses because they are
very smart and clever. In truth, however, these people
shouldn’t be considered smart because they would lean
more towards being bad. These people might not
suffer any losses but they also don’t receive
any praise from those around them. In other words, knowing
how to suffer losses is the very foundation
of having a big heart
and a generous mind. If you started with a bad sponsor,
it is a setback, right? What should you do? Should you not suffer
any losses and find a smarter sponsor
who can look after you or should you take on
those troubles and achieve success
despite the setback? Right, you need to succeed
even with the losses because it will make your success
that much more worthwhile. The price you paid for that
decision is never unrewarded because you will be compensated
and shown respect many times over. If you have
an unqualified sponsor who doesn’t
really care about you, it can actually become a chance
for you to become a better leader. Your success can become
that much more brighter. Let’s say you had a capable,
smart, and big-hearted sponsor who helped you and you grew
your business without effort. In a way, you could
say that this sponsor already helped guide you
halfway towards your success. You need to have this kind
of generous and big heart. Lately, you might hear
people say how they have good
downlines and groups. After hearing others
talk like this, you might feel like
your group is not that great. What should you do?
Should you join that good group or make your group
into one that is better? Exactly. All you have to do
is make your group better. That is what a truly
successful person would do. Let’s assume you belong
to a good group and you just went along
with the success. How can you say that
you were truly successful? Genuinely successful
people would change their bad group
into a good one because they saw
the opportunity to do so. While we are on
the topic of good groups, I have heard a lot of
people say things like, You want to be in a good downline
and “You need to be in a good group.” Although I have heard
people say these things, I think those who talk
like this are actually foolish. People who say,
My downline is better or “My group
is more exceptional” tend not to be
very smart. Those who do
not possess a big heart and are not very intelligent
speak in this fashion. If you take a look at Atomy,
we are a ‘Binary System’. You might be wondering
why we didn’t use a ‘Breakaway Plan’
a ‘Unilevel’, or a ‘Matrix System’ instead of this
‘Binary System’. Atomy chose to use
a ‘Binary System’ so that even people
who lack talent or ability can still become successful
with this business. Systems like
the ‘Breakaway Plan’ only allow for extremely
talented people to succeed. Only superstar level people
will achieve success. Now, to explain the ‘Unilevel
Compensation Plan’, I will be using the MLM lingo
since you are all leaders. If you don’t understand it now,
just try to keep up the best you can.In this system, you can add your
partners in to any downline you wish
without any kind
of restriction. MLM systems
where you can expand however you please is known as
a ‘Unilevel Compensation Plan’. In MLM, you also
have a ‘Matrix Plan’, which tend to be either ‘Binary’
or ‘Tertiary Matrices’. These matrices tend to be
2 by 12 and 3 by 9. The matrix with two rows
is called a ‘Binary Matrix’ while the one with three rows
is known as a ‘Tertiary Matrix’. Since the ‘Binary Matrix’
follows a 2 by 12 pattern, you would be filling
12 levels of two. As for the ‘Tertiary Matrix’,
you would be finding 3 people at a time and doing this until
you reach the 9th level. In this system, you would
register your partners in the order that they join
at their specified position. When a person manages
to complete their matrix, the sponsor would then create
and fill another new matrix. Since the ‘Unilevel’ and ‘Matrix’
systems are a bit primitive, not many MLM companies
still use them today. These plans are impossible to work with
as they are basically a numbers game. The next system that MLM companies
used was the ‘Breakaway Plan’. In the ‘Breakaway Plan’,
the sponsors would essentially be
team leaders to the group and they can infinitely
add people into their downline, similar to how the ‘Unilevel
Compensation Plan’ worked. However, unlike the ‘Unilevel’ system,
these groups could be ‘rolled up’ and then ‘break away’,
hence the name, from the group. Normally, these groups
would ‘break away’ when they reached
a certain sales volume. Depending on the number
of groups that broke off, you would be labelled as
a ‘Diamond’, a ‘Executive Diamond’, a ‘Double Diamond’,
a ‘Triple Diamond’, and so forth
as you continue to grow. Therefore, the number of
independent groups you have, whether that is
3, 6, 9, 12, 18, or 24 groups,
will determine your rank. If you had to create
6 or 9 groups that were earning
10 million PVs, would that be
easy or hard? Of course
it’s difficult, right? When you become
a Sales Master, how many PVs
did you need? You needed at least
2.5 million PVs on both sides to barely become
an Auto Sales Master, right? When you accumulated
2.5 million PVs on both sides, how much did you make
for that month? If you maintained it for a month,
you would earn around $2K. That’s the average income.
However, with this system, you are creating groups
that make 10 million PVs each. You do this
every month. Do you think
you can do it? If accumulating
2.5 million PVs on each leg for the ‘Binary Plan’
is already difficult as it is, can you imagine making
24 groups that earn 10 million PVs? If you can do this,
you should probably switch because you can make over
a million dollars a month! You can probably earn tens
of millions of dollars in a year. At Atomy, we already placed
a ceiling on the compensation, right? Thus, Atomy could be harmful
for people with this kind of talent. Raise your hand
if you can. If you can create at least
9 groups or 12 groups that will accumulate
10 million PVs, it might be better for you to be
a superstar in that business. Yet, to compensate
these superstars, many people
had to suffer losses. Why is that? Although these superstars insist,
If I can do it, so can you, not everyone has the same
talents or abilities as this person. These superstars don’t just
write one book about MLM. They actually publish
several books. These people can create
and organize systems like the ‘Success Academy’
or the ‘One-Day Seminars’ of Atomy and then they run
these seminars themselves. Instead of just listening, the superstars
create these systems from the ground up. That’s why people with abilities
do these kinds of MLM businesses. On the other hand, Atomy focused
on the people who can’t do this. That was
my biggest concern. I thought, “What about ordinary
people who aren’t superstars?” since talented people could just
work at these MLM companies. However, the majority of us
aren’t that extraordinary. As such, Atomy decided
to go with two downlines. Even if you could recruit a third person,
we prevented you from doing it. Our computer system blocks it.
Then where should this person go? This partner would be placed
in one of your two downlines. Essentially, we are
promoting unity, right? Is this system about
unity or individuality? This system is only
about yourself. You aren’t working
together in this plan. In actuality, it is almost
impossible to work together because you need
to expand sideways rather than downwards
if you want to grow your business. Thus, this system prevents unity
and promotes individual talent. You have to achieve
success on your own. What about at Atomy? Well,
let’s say this person is skilled and he had two partners
who lacked any abilities. Even if the talented person recruited
someone, he cannot add them over here. Instead, he is forced to place them
here or here or even down here. The system will only allow you
to build on your two downlines. In essence,
the capable person is helping the partners
who are in his downline. Hence, we are telling the superstars,
Help others and work together. That’s how our system works.
Now, where would you like to work? Would you like to work by yourself
or do you want to work with others? The answer is obvious, right?
You need to be here. Now has this person suffered
any losses after doing all this? Did he suffer any losses?
No, he didn’t. Where does everything end up?
It would all go in his downline. The system that not only
tries to prevent your losses but also helps you and your partners
achieve success together is precisely
the ‘Binary Plan’. You hear about how you
can’t make money, right? They say, “You can’t get compensation
at Atomy due to low PVs.” Well, those people are foolish
and don’t know much about MLM. I’ll show you
why that is. In Korea, can companies compensate
more than 35% of their sales? They can’t, right? Atomy currently
reimburses around 34%. So basically,
we are paying back 35%. Unfortunately, this might drop
a little bit in the future because giving back 35% is not possible
with things like rice and water. Thus, on top of the PVs, we also
have something called ‘BV’, right? At Atomy, we made sure
to compensate 35% of this BV. In this case,
if we paid back 35% of the total sales
that we have at Atomy, we are essentially giving back
everything that we can, right? If that is the case,
can other companies say that they pay more or less
than we do? No, they can’t. If they do, you can ask,
How much do they pay? If you receive a lot,_x000D_
what percentage do they give? If they say, “50%,” you can
report the company to the authorities. The maximum payout
is set at 35% in Korea. When you are
only receiving 35%, is it better to receive
that percentage from a small pie
or a much larger pie? The bigger one is better
but to get this pie, do you think the price of
the goods should be high or low? Regardless of the PVs, this pie can
only grow if the price is low. Do you understand
why that is? If we raised both the PVs and
the prices at the same time, would the pie become bigger?
No, it wouldn’t. At Atomy, we have
the Skin Care 6 System. With this product, I could have given you
1 million PVs. However, the price would
have been around $1,100. It’s nice, right? I’m giving you all
the PVs minus the value added tax. All you would need
to do is sell is 5 sets to get the 2.5 million PVs on each leg
to become a Sales Master. It’s nice and easy.
Should we do it this way? If you could sell 5 sets,
or 2.5 sets for each leg, to consumers
that you find and receive $2K as compensation,
it would be really great, right? However, if the price
was set to $1,100, would other people be
buying it or just yourself? You would be using
your credit cards to purchase it and then expect to make
compensation from doing so. People who are unwise
would be doing this. You won’t be able
to sell it at this price. Let’s say we sell
this set for $76.50. It’s very affordable, right? What if we had
raised the price a bit more to, let’s say, something
like $360 instead of the $1,000
that I mentioned earlier. Even if it was sold
at $360 a set, you could still probably
sell some of them, right? Then, would selling
one set for $360 be easier
than trying to sell 5 sets that are priced
at $76.50 each? Let me rephrase
my question. If you sold
a set for $360, do you think people will
automatically make repurchases? Would you be getting
repurchases if you sold a set for $76.50?
Of course you will. Let’s assume you sold
a set at each price. Since you would be getting
repurchases on the $76.50 set, how many would you sell in
a year? It would total 12 sets. For the $360 set, even though you had
to work extremely hard to sell it, will you get repurchases?
You won’t, right? At the end of the year,
you would have only sold one. In terms of sales,
which is bigger? If you sell one set for $360,
the total would be still be $360. Yet if you sell
12 sets at $76.50, through automatic sales, it would
be around $800 to $900 in sales. This is how sales
can be increased. As such, no matter
how low the PVs might be, should we or should we not
lower the price? We need to lowering
the price if we want to create
the Auto Consumers that will allow us to become
Auto Sales Masters. Your partners in your downline
need to become Auto Sales Masters if you want to be promoted to
an Auto Diamond Sales Master. Hence, we do whatever
we can to lower the price. Thus, people who believe
they are smart due to their past experiences
with MLM will say things like, Wow, I can’t make money_x000D_
when the PVs are so low. If you don’t know about the business,
you will think, “They must be right.” The low PVs must have_x000D_
made it difficult for me. You become
so frustrated that you switch to an MLM
company with high PVs. Generally these products
are low-quality goods that are sold for hundreds of dollars,
but offer a lot of PVs. So you begin to charge
the purchases to your credit card. You tell your friends, “Let’s make money.
All you need to do is swipe with your card.” These bad practices
have been around for too long. Atomy has finally
put an end to this. You should essentially
be receiving your PVs for free. With the repurchases occurring due to
the products being great and low-priced, your PVs should just be
something extra like a bonus. You must never accumulate PVs
by spending your own money. Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t
buy products that you need because you are only spending money
that you would have spent at discount stores
and TV home shopping for the same products,
so it’s not spending extra, right? People who use their own money to do
Atomy business are being foolish.That’s not how
you should do this business.너무 길어
Therefore, don’t worry too much
about things like PVs. It is term that’s used
in our computer system. I mentioned
earlier that people have been talking about
good downlines and groups and how only foolish people
speak about these things. You must never say these things
with your own mouth. You might have
a ‘good’ sponsor or a downline that
provides great support. However, words like
‘Good Downline’ or ‘Good Group’
should never leave you mouth or be mentioned
to anyone around you. Let me explain
what that is. Atomy uses a ‘Binary Plan’
for our marketing, right? Let’s assume this downline is
doing great due to a good sponsor. On the other hand,
this sponsor doesn’t do well due to lacking talent
and being ill-natured. You might think, “I’d be
better off going over there.” What do you think will happen
if you make that jump? The sponsor here won’t
make any income, right? This partner here might
seem like everything is going well but between the two
downlines that he has, is it possible that one of them
is doing better than the other? If we see it from
this person’s perspective, it was nice when people
flocked to his downlines. Now when that kind of trend
begins to set the mood, people will think, “Since
you can only succeed with a good downline and sponsor,
I better go there.” Since one downline
will seem to be doing better than the other, the people
will flock there, right? When that happens,
can this person earn money? No. Let’s imagine that the same
thing happens at this level. The people here will jump to
the better downline again. If this happens, it can destroy
the whole organization. Therefore, you must
never mention how one downline or group
is better than another because all of you are planning to become
successful as Royal Masters, right? When you achieve
your goal and succeed, won’t one leg
do extremely well while the other doesn’t
and become your ‘Smaller Leg’? This will inevitably happen
in your downlines. The phenomenon where
people from smaller downlines shift to better performing
and bigger ones can actually occur
in a ‘Binary Plan’. It’s also very difficult for a computer
system to prevent this from happening. Then, what can
prevent this weakness? That’s where these ‘Binary’
and ‘Tertiary Matrices’ were created so that people
could just fill the positions and do the business
in a fair manner. People began with the thought
of succeeding together but in the end, no one
was able to earn any money. These kinds of businesses
only last for a few months. I have yet to see one
that lasted more than 3 months. Currently, the only way
for ordinary people to achieve success
is this ‘Binary Plan’. Furthermore, the stable marketing of Atomy
with our ‘Unit Amount of Commission’ and the lack of ‘Entry’
and ‘Maintenance Fees’, along with following
our ‘Masstige’ strategy has allowed us
to maintain our sales. Thus, Atomy
does not sustain our sales with
our marketing plan. The marketing plan
itself is rather weak in terms of creating
new sales. Instead, we use
our product power, which is what allows us to genuinely
compete with other distributors. As such, will you
look for a good downline or keep your mouth shut
even if there is a better one? You must never speak about
which downlines are better or worse. This is why Atomy is based
on a ‘One Server System’ that isn’t concerned
with all of this. Do people from only the good downlines come
to the ‘Success Academy’ or ‘One-Day Seminars’? No. These seminars
are open to everyone. Therefore, the system
was created so that you can become success as long as
you become a sponsor who continuously invite people to the ‘Success
Academy’ and ‘One-Day Seminars’. It’s not like we’re telling you
to do everyone on your own. There’s not a single
MLM company in the world that is equipped with
such a great ‘Success System’. People who have done
MLM before will agree that they have never seen
a better system out there. There are a few things
that I want to briefly go over. Now when you sponsor
your partners, you need to help at least
2 people on each leg succeed, right? What would happen if you
only focused on two peopleand the one of them
decides to give up or leave?
If this partner is mean-spirited,
he will know that you won’t be able
to get promoted unless you help him
get what he wants and so he will stand
his ground until you do. Although not many
people are like this, you might run into someone
like this if you are unlucky. So how can you
prepare yourself? Well, you can help
a few people in your downline. Do you understand
what I’m saying? On each leg,
you would help let’s say, between 4 to 6
people become Star Masters. In this scenario, if two of these people
on each leg gets promoted, you would also be able
to move up in mastership. If you have someone
who gives you that kind of look, you can tell them
something like, Oh, I’m not too concerned_x000D_
about being promoted. I am more worried_x000D_
about my partners’ success. I truly hope that you can get_x000D_
promoted due to your efforts. You don’t need_x000D_
to be worried about me_x000D_
449_x000D_ This is one way of talking
to these people. However, some narrow-minded
sponsors might say, Oh, I see what_x000D_
you’re trying to do and wear their emotions
on their face. This wouldn’t be something
a great leader would do. Even if you have a partner
who gets on your nerves so much that you just want
to give them a beating or that person
looks at you with expectant eyes
for some kind of support, instead of showing your feelings,
you could say, “I hope you succeed.” I will do my best_x000D_
to help you achieve success. Moreover, I’m not_x000D_
concerned with my promotion. Rather, I am always more worried_x000D_
about my partners’ success. This is what building
character is about, okay? For people who lack
character will just say, What will you do_x000D_
when I get promoted? and start a tug of war
with their partners that never ends
in a good outcome. This occurs when you
lack character.Only when you are
generous and open-minded
will you not be held
back by anything.
Even the Bible says,
Be wise as serpents_x000D_
472_x000D_ This verse isn’t telling you
to be a snake. It’s saying if you want to be
innocent like the dove, you need to have
the wisdom of a snake. Does that make sense? Let’s say you began working
together to achieve success but begin resenting
each other after quarreling. You even complain by saying, “I did this
for her and she does that to me?” Well, these actions might show ‘Innocence’
but it is hardly ever ‘Wise’. Thus, even if any of
these partners tumble, the only way for you
to maintain this ‘Innocence’
that you need, you will need
to have ‘Wisdom’. Now I could go on and speak
more about this topic but… In the future, we will
implement a system that allows everyone
to do the Atomy business in their own way
at the centers. For example, there will
be something suitable for people wish to go to
the center at any time so that they can do this business
full-time without any hassle. Furthermore, for the people
who do this as a part-time can find something that will
accommodate their needs. As such, even if you can’t
make it to the seminars, as long as you
inform them in advance, the people at your center
can become your partners. In return, you can sponsor them
in your spare time. For the people
who are retired and are able
to make ends meet, the system will allow them to earn
extra money at a leisurely pace. The system will even
allow passionate people find something that suits
their urgent needs. Since many of you are
the head of a center, you can introduce the business
or recommend to your partners a model of the business
that matches their needs. If you force others
to follow a strict schedule, people who are retired and think,
I can finally rest after 40 years will have a breakdown when
they hear about it and think, I don’t want to do this_x000D_
if I have to clock in again. Hence, it will be better share a business
model that best matches their needs. As we are in an era
of diversity, we need to become a
customizable business. Regretfully, there are still some people
who want to earn extra with the center fees. These people tend to be foolish
and can’t do math. I have yet to see
any team or anyone do well by leaving one center
and opening a new one just so that they can
receive the center fees. Of course, there are
centers that grow so big where it needs to be
split into two centers. In these situations, both
centers are able to do well. I’ll use an example
to show how they’re different. Let’s say a sponsor opens
a center while doing the business. The center grew while
taking on losses for some time. As before, the sponsor had a ‘Smaller Leg’
that wasn’t doing as well as the other downline. After thinking for some time,
this partner reasons, If the monthly rent_x000D_
for the center is only $2K_x000D_
527_x000D_ Since my sponsor_x000D_
is getting a lot from me,_x000D_
530_x000D_ After coming up
with various reasons, he breaks away
and opens a new center. This causes the original center
to undergo hardship again while the new center begins
to suffer due to the lack of a leader. In the end,
both centers end up in an even
worse situation. Ultimately, the center fee
will never earn you money. I know because
I have set the standard. It is the responsibility
of the center head. If the center is in the red,
it is the center head’s loss. This is how I created
the standard. If the center profits, it should
solely be the center head’s gain. Do you understand?
That is our standard. If some partners think, “It seems
the head of the center is having trouble.” I want to help out by_x000D_
contributing a little bit and do, that would be the most
desirable scenario. Similarly, it would be great
if the center head thought, Since I have some money_x000D_
left over, I should_x000D_
549_x000D_ or “With the remaining money,
I should do my best to donate it
and help those in need.” However, those decisions are
all up to the head of the center. So who is responsible for any loss?
It’s the head of the center. If there is a gain, it is still
their responsibility, okay? This is our standard.
Whether or not you cooperate is a matter of
applying this guideline. While helping,
you can’t think, I heard that the loss is_x000D_
the responsibility_x000D_
559_x000D_ because it’s always best to help
each other and work together, which is essentially
our standard. Please don’t ever think that you can
make money with the center fee because it was never
created for that purpose. The center will go bankrupt if
the center head just keeps it. Most, if not all, of the contractors
know what the center fee is, right? Do you know why
the center goes under if the head of
the center keeps it all? The center members
will think, I guess our center head_x000D_
is only thinking about himself_x000D_
570_x000D_ This begins a chain reaction
to the failure of the center. If the center closes down,
you don’t get a center fee, right? Hence, the center fee isn’t
extra money that you can make. Some even go
as far as getting people to invest in the center
to earn money. They get an investor
who isn’t even a contractor. I have never seen
a center do well by doing this. Let’s say that the center
somehow does well. This same person would leave that
center and open a new one with others. In the end, these centers get into
disputes and nothing gets accomplished. Please remember that
you can only earn money through your commissions
and never with the center fees. So don’t think about
doing something foolish like starting a new center
so that you can get the center fee. Now while you do
your business, you might not
agree with some of the actions
that the company takes. Generally, these issues
tend to occur with the standards
and rules, which were created
for your benefit, are put into place
and enforced. When I actually talk with
the Atomy executives and staff, I tell them, “Our members
are our standard.” Moreover, we have something called
a ‘CS Manual’ at our call centers and it is used for training
our employees who work there. I actually wrote
an introductory statement to the employees on
the first page and it read, You represent our company. As such, this company_x000D_
is obligated to keep_x000D_
600_x000D_ It continued, “As employees
of our call center, you must never argue with
the customer for the company’s benefit.” Instead, you need to protest_x000D_
on their behalf to the company. That’s basically
what I write to them. How does that sound?
Do you like it? There are, of course,
some unpleasant customers who would use what I wrote
when they argue with our staff. Please understand that
this is the mindset we hope to inspire
when we train our staff. When we set these rules
for our members, we do so with
your best interests in mind. Some examples
would be like, Don’t open a shop and “If possible, don’t open
your center on the 1st floor.” So what’s our standard?
Well, if you display and sell our products on the 1st floor
and people who pass by buy it, these people will become consumers
or members to a contractor. For these people, it might
become more troublesome to get in touch with
or call the contractor. Thus they think, “I can
just buy when I pass by because I get quickly get it
without having to wait for delivery.” If this happens, that shop
can do well for a short time and so people will start
opening them, right? Let’s say that those
who didn’t open a shop all somehow went
bankrupt and failed. Now, do you think the consumers
who went to the shops will always buy from that
one shop? No, it’s not guaranteed. Furthermore, fierce competition will
occur when more shops are opened, which means you lose
your investment and go bankrupt. Since we can clearly see
so many people going under, we prohibited the display
of goods for sale. However,
if a certain location didn’t have any space on
the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th floor, the center could be forced to be
opened on the first floor, right? Let’s say that you have no intention
of displaying the products for sale. If you didn’t have that desire
and coincidentally a first floor space that had a much lower
monthly rent opened up, do you think the company should
approve of this center or not? Regardless of
the rules and regulations, even if something meets
all the requirements we ask, we wrote that
the company has the right to approve or disapprove
the opening of a center. We put this clause about centers
in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ due to the possibility
of our example happening. Although it is the 1st floor, if you aren’t
going to sell by display the goods and the rent is really affordable,
what do you think will happen? Do you think the company
will approve? Of course. Thus, for the benefit of the members,
the company holds on to the rights so that we can become
flexible when necessary. We concluded that it was
wiser for use to minimize unnecessary losses that the members
might face due to regulations. Having the right does not mean that
we can seek administrative opportunism. Rather, if it something that is in
the best interest of the members, we use that right to
approve it when necessary. The company needs the ability
to be flexible in certain situations. In essence, when we retain
the right to have the final say, we do so to make
the best decision that allows you to get
the best gain without any losses. Do you understand our reasoning
behind this decision? If we weren’t flexible
and strictly followed the rules, like,
‘No centers on the 1st floor’, there is a possibility that
members could suffer losses. As such, please bear in mind that
the company might make a decision that does not
follow the rules if it is in the best interest
of our members. You might run into members
who argue and complain about the company
not following the rules. Well, if the overall result
of the decision caused members to suffer losses,
then it would be a big problem. However, if that decision
would provide even the smallest
benefit to the members, where it was a close 51 to 49 vote,
the company wouldmake its decision to favor
the side withe 51 votes.
I really hope that you all become
well-acquainted with this topic. Furthermore, since you have done
this business for a while now and you are well on your way
to becoming a big leader, I would like to ask
a favor from you. If you can, please don’t
come up to me and say, This person took my downline
or “Someone stole my partner.” Now in the world
of martial arts, there would be many schools
where martial arts experts gather. If a martial arts trainee
at a school went to a martial arts
master and said, Sir, when I went out_x000D_
685_x000D_ do you think the master
would go there, criticize them
for their actions, and then get revenge
for his student? No. The master
of the martial arts school would severely punish
and yell at his trainee. He would say, “Why did you get
beaten up like a fool?” The master’s reaction
perfectly sums up how I feel! Thus, when someone tells me
about a partner being taken, I think, “Why did you let
that happen like a fool?” Aren’t you even ashamed_x000D_
to tell me what happened? All of you here should become experts
in network marketing! You can’t lose
to anyone! If your partners tell you
they lost someone, you have to make sure
they don’t talk about it by saying, Hey. We can’t just go around_x000D_
talking our losses! Let’s not embarrass ourselves_x000D_
by talking about it, okay? Now, to the person who took the partner
or downline, you should say, Up until now, we were going_x000D_
through so much hardship. We are so grateful that_x000D_
you took him away from us. I am, however, sorry for not being_x000D_
able to send you a better person. Next time, I’ll do my best_x000D_
to send someone great. If you are able to handle the situation
like this, you are essentially a master. Do you understand? All of you are doing the MLM business
as your full-time profession. At such a great and global company
like Atomy, you are already a middle leader and you are on your way to become
high income earning leaders in the future! You can’t afford
to show your weaknesses. You can’t go around sharing
how you lost a partner! You need to know
how embarrassing that is because would they have left
if you took care of them. You need to think,
Oh it was all my fault and then be determined
to improve yourself by thinking, “I need
to become like the master.” You just… You have to think, “I will care
for my partners better so that no one
will want to leave my downline
for another person’s.” I will make it so that_x000D_
people will want_x000D_
725_x000D_ That’s the way
you should be thinking. In truth, it is
actually better to have people leave
the group once in a while because if you lead every
single person with you, you are going to be
concerned about the few troublemakers
who stayed behind. You might think,
Wow, I pleaded for him to stay_x000D_
733_x000D_ Yet once I became successful,_x000D_
he just keeps causing_x000D_
735_x000D_ There are people who cause more harm
than good once you succeed. So if people leave you,
here and there, as you work towards
your success, you should think of it as a ‘blessing from heaven’. You will have plenty
of partners in the future. You will have so many partners
when you are a Royal Master. However, there will always
be a lack of genuinely great people. Thus, when you
sponsor new partners,you must help them
become truly great people.좋은 사람으로 만들라는 얘기가 아니라 ‘좋은 사람’을 키우라는 말
When you are recruiting,
you need to do it with boldness. Don’t invite friends you
don’t like and leave them out. Don’t bring people
who are bad-natured.You can be so much more successful
with people with great character.with가 두번 연속으로 들어가서…
So why do you continue
to trouble yourself by bringing people
with mean personalities? You need to make
gutsy calls like this. This business will help you
achieve great success with ease. Everyone
can become a winner. After becoming successful,
think about always going on a trip with someone who just gets
on your nerves the whole time. Since these are company trips,
you can’t even stop him from coming. Had it been a personal trip,
you would have made sure he didn’t come. There are people like this
who can ruin your entire trip. Bearing this in mind, people leaving
is not be a bad thing. These people left
on their own because they were lacking in judgment
and had terrible personalities. Therefore, it is important
to feel grateful when these people
leave your group. With hopes that
all of you middle leaders will continue to work hard
until you reach Royal Mastership, I will end my lecture
on that note. Thank you for listening.

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