Auto sales will be on the decline in 2019: Ed Kim

36 thoughts on “Auto sales will be on the decline in 2019: Ed Kim

  1. You have to watch this short flick!  Absolutely disgusting.
    Obama’s Government Motors cost America trillions! — a dummy led deal.
     G.M. Bond Holders got screwed and China got the benefit of the bailout plus the U.S. advance technology
    China's CHEVY!!! 
               You really need to watch this
    Look what GM and Obama let happen with
    your $80,000,000,000.00  bail out money
    enough to build a wall around the whole U.S. 
    If this doesn't make "the hair on the back of your neck stand up" nothing will.

  2. Auto sales will be on the decline in 2019 . Bullshit Ed . Also..when it comes to Car Sales ? Tesla isn't even a Blip on the screen .

  3. And the Hits keep coming! What Else can they do with YOUR money!

    The Abuse of VIP Military Travel by Pelosi & Rest of Congress–Using YOUR Tax Dollars –

    Cut the Government by 10% per year for the NEXT 9 Years!

  4. Uber & Lyft are both going IPO this year and will offer a flat monthly subscription for unlimited rides!!

    That’ll negatively impact car sales even more.

  5. IT COULD HAPPEN! Many auto loans SUB-PRIME! High-yield bonds issued by private loan companies to finance sub-prime borrowers. If borrower defaults then loan company bonds could default. All those people financing their retirements from those high-yield bonds are OUT OF LUCK! Retirement ruined…just like 2008 with the real-estate crisis and GFC. IT COULD HAPPEN!

  6. Consumer mindset is another factor. A lot of consumers are changing their mindset due to learning about better financial management and avoiding going into debt for new cars.

  7. 65% of the working people in the usa make less than $20 per hour. No one can pay 35-40k for an auto….the big corporations arent satisfied making millions they must make billions…they might sell more if they would sell them perhaps 25% above cost instead of 100%.

  8. The auto industry is making it impossible to own a car without going way in debt. It’s working the same as housing did due to people buying what they can’t afford.

  9. Income has not kept up with everything else that continues to increase in price, whether it’s food , clothing, cars or anything else. It has to crash sooner or later.

  10. That's because interest rates have gone up in an economy full of people with high amounts of debt and lousy jobs.

  11. We need more freedom (including for businesses) to help the workers:

  12. CDO LIKE LOANS ARE THE REAL PROBLEM….TESLA shouldn’t be in this news feed at all fox at the bs again

  13. Lower your prices and you’ll sell more. CEO’s making bazillions off overpriced vehicles.

  14. And the Jeep Cherokee plant in Belvidere, Illinois is about to shut down soon due to SUV sales slowing down

  15. i never taught i was going to buy a Hyundai.. always bought American brands.. but know they so over priced.. i ended up with $25k korean car😖

  16. New car prices are a total ripoff now. $35K+ to get anything other than a base model with no options. All made with inferior quality materials and cheap, plastic parts. I bought a new Mazda Protege in 2001. That's the first and last time I'll ever buy a new car. Going forward I'll only be buying used. Car companies are building their cars in Mexico where the cost of labor is a fraction of what it costs in Canada or the US but their prices haven't dropped at all to reflect that. Greedy car companies.

  17. Cheap plastic part and obsolescence in cars that fall apart after the warranty expires.

  18. It's as If price rises of these vehicles, have influenced car sales. I'm SHOCKED.

    Couldn't help notice all these car manufacturers are American. Let's ask the Koreans what they think…..

  19. The common thread is that we're in year 11 since the last crash, all economic metrics are close to where they were in 2007/2008. Young adults can't afford a small home, and are in the worst all-time auto debt and college debt. People in their late 20s to early 40s can barely afford to buy a home while having any expendable income, and they, too, are buying cars they can't afford with financing terms that exceed 6 year lengths. This happens every 10 years people. If you don't save up during year 5 through year 9 of the economic booms we get, you need to get some sound advice from people who have lived through these times over and over again. Debt is your mortal enemy. When you go into debt, you guarantee companies money that your job hasn't guaranteed to you. You lose your job, you're in the metaphorical toilet, and it's your own fault for being in debt and not having a plan.

  20. Yes other EVs are on the way, but, Tesla is now the top Advil brand of ibuprofen.

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