BA (Hons) Visual Merchandising and Branding talk about their window displays

yes, actually it was our first
time to see kind of life scale windows we really enjoyed seeing this group work
because you know when you do group work different people have different thinking
we can help each other when we have some problem we can discuss together have
different ideas can combine different ideas together and can solve problems
together you I enjoy the whole process the excitement
that we feel the passion that we feel in the beginning when we are when we were
brainstorming together when everyone was sharing their ideas because the
excitement that we feel probably coming from that we know for sure that we’re
gonna come up with something amazing in the end and the satisfaction you feel
when you actually complete the window in the end so I would say I really like the
whole process and also the freedom to choose the brand that we want is quite a
big thing because if you work with something what you feel is always way
easier and working with something that you don’t really feel like doing you we had quite a few reasons for why we
chose Lee but one of the main one was to do with the history not many people
really knew about how much Lee did with Denim how much they created it was
always sort of Levi that was well known but Lee had actually done a lot more so
we wanted to sort of bring it out take it out of its shell and just sort of
explore yeah and the brand was kind of going through like reinvention at the
moment whether changing their target customer they’re changing all of their
designs and things like that so we wanted to kind of represent that in
their windows and UK they don’t have a lot of big following so Lee was probably
getting known by our parents more than us they have a big American following
because they are an American brand so we wanted to kind of bring it to the UK more they’ve
only got one store here and they don’t have a window for VM in their UK store so
we wanted to actually design one that they could possibly put into a UK store
if the brand grows here we looked at the brand identity and
they have a very industrial aesthetic which is seen throughout their
shop layouts and things especially some of their flagship stores in mainland
Europe so we take that influence quite heavily yeah we made it sort of quite
abstract as well just to sort of so it wasn’t as obvious and it made sort of a
pattern with the window and the elastics and everything so yeah we were sort of
focusing we focused on one there jean ranges which will do flexibility and
like because they take a contemporary look on denim and like it’s mobility and
things we’ve been using different kind of
material from policy on like car bombs and this and like pepper and this kind
of thing so then we put everything together mostly with glue and we paint
on top and we wanted to give the idea of sustainability because it’s a brand who
one of the core values is sustainable sustainability so we try to use all
materials that could be used for that obviously polystyrene is not recycled
materials but because it was a cheap project we had to use the things that were easier for us but we try for the rest to cover it with paper or not using
plastics you know denim recycled denim there’s creative differences sometimes
but when you finally decide on one thing I think it works out really well time
management I guess because you had I think one month to do this one and a
half month so yet like create everything in that much time and not leave it until
the end

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