Banned Commercials You Won’t Be Seeing Anytime Soon

The best, most effective commercials leave
a lasting impression on the consumer — but sometimes, brands take things too far … which
brings even more attention to the commercial, and thus the brand, encouraging envelope-pushing
in the industry. Here are a few examples of banned commercial
spots from across the globe. Bar gets barred Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli has starred
in two commercials deemed too steamy for prime time in her home country. One for clothing company Hoodies in 2016 is
basically a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue spread come-to-life. But the original cut lingered too long on
Bar’s behind and implied she was bottomless at one point, so it was censored by Israel’s
version of the FCC. But even the censored version was too much:
the tamer spot still couldn’t air until after 10 p.m. This wasn’t the first time a Bar-starring
spot got barred from prime time: In 2014, she co-starred in another Hoodies commercial
with a mustachioed Muppet … and two other versions of herself … which was said to
have “too many sexual insinuations” … “You just can’t enough of me, huh?” Giving up the gun In 2005, Microsoft cooked up a commercial
they knew would cause a commotion, so they effectively “pre-banned” it in the US, allowing
only a limited audience of “hardcore” gamers to see it. The playful Xbox 360 spot featuring strangers
engaging in a sprawling finger-gun shoot-out in the middle of a busy terminal never aired
on television and was only shown at promotional events. “Boom! Boom!” “Ah!” Once the ad leaked, the Internet speculated
wildly about why the spot wasn’t given a wider release, leading to rumors about network or
FCC bans over its violent content … but it was simply Microsoft thinking outside the
Xbox. No apologies In a weird twist in 2014, a SodaStream Super
Bowl spot featuring Scarlett Johansson about what it takes for a video to go viral ended
up going viral … but for an entirely different reason than the one depicted in the video. The spot showcases how easy it is to use the
device to create a soda that’s better for the consumer and the environment … but then
ScarJo decides that stripping down to a slinky dress and sipping on her soda seductively
is what’s needed to achieve viral stardom “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi.” “Oh yeah, she done it. SodaStream!” Ironically, the ploy wasn’t even given a chance
to work, since FOX rejected the spot over the mocking apology to SodaStream’s competitors. But the controversy drew millions of eyeballs
to the “uncensored” spot with the offending line … as well as the otherwise identical
“censored” spot during the big game. Sorry, Coke and Pepsi. Dead to rights This 2001 Dutch commercial for the Hyundai
Veloster featured the personification of Death itself coming to claim a soul … and the
shockingly brutal way Death gets it done … Ouch. It’s a good thing the Veloster only has three
doors, a Death-defying safety feature meant to cut down on such accidents. Interestingly, the spooky spot was actually
shot down by Hyundai itself before airing for being “too shocking” for their brand. But like a lot of these banned ads, it lives
on in infamy. Trap house Speaking of disturbingly violent images, how
about this shocking 2006 commercial from New Zealand for the Toyota RAV4? The car is so amazing, apparently, that it
turns husband and wife against each other in their shared quest to drive it. They set cartoonish, Home Alone-style traps
to try to slow the other down while they go through their morning routine. Viewers complained it “sent an inappropriate
message to children,” was “not socially responsible,” and it “would encourage similar behavior”
… so the popular ad was yanked from the airwaves. For heaven’s sake This slick 2011 Axe Excite spot features skimpily-dressed
angels falling from heaven and giving up their immortality to hook up with a dude that wears
a spray-on deodorant. “Mama mia.” The supposedly sacrilegious TV spot was banned
by South Africa’s Advertising Standards Authority for “offending members of the Christian faith”
… a move that surely increased the number of curious Christians watching the spot online
— a devil of a predicament for censors. Indecent exposure In 2007, Bud Light created a cheeky commercial
featuring a carefree couple tossing off their clothes and going skinny-dipping, assuming
they’re alone … “Bartender! Bud Light!” Oops. The spot was supposed to air during the Super
Bowl that year, but was rejected by CBS. The ban, however, led to even more exposure
for Budweiser, since it made headlines, generating tens of millions of views online, and giving
it a much longer shelf life — like being featured in videos like this one, ten years
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100 thoughts on “Banned Commercials You Won’t Be Seeing Anytime Soon

  1. There are so many of these banned commercials I wonder if it is purposely done,I mean if companies did not want these to be seen even the internet would not have them.Perhaps they know the banned commercials will be shone on the internet they made two versions purposely.I know more viewers will see the "clean" versions but if they can get free advertisement by allowing the banned versions to be shone why not.

  2. nation of cucks afraid of commercials.
    But they give us the Saw franchise and unlimited easily accessible porn for children.
    nice one white people, nice one…

  3. >skimpy dresses
    >dresses which expose the arms

    What is this, the 1800s?

  4. Well tbh I think if scarlett Johansson looked at me disappointedly it'd be sexy

  5. along as the advert gets the point across who gives a total damn who it offends. if its that bad just switch the damn channel over so you don't have to see it.
    most of these banned adverts are much better than the current shitty ones floating about now that struggle to even give a sense of what its advertising until right at the very end

  6. im a catholic and even i laughed at that "sacrilegious" commercial

  7. The hyundai Veloster's 3 doors is nothing new. The 1998 Ford F-150 had 3 doors as well.

  8. Over sensitive people should be euthanized, and censorship should be banned and made illegal.

  9. We had that axe commercial everywhere here in Switzerland

  10. haha that 2nd commercial was Hillarious. I'd have laughed the shit out of that .

  11. The muppet they showed with Bar Refaeli is Red, lead singer from an Israeli muppet rock band named "Red Band" they do some pretty kick ass covers of classic rock songs

    Personal favorites of mine are There take on The Animals "House of the Rising Sun" and "Don't Let Me be Misunderstood" The Moody Blues "Nights in White Satin" The Rolling Stones "Paint it Black" and Little Richard's "Keep On Knocking"

  12. 📽🔬📹🎥💎🔥☀🌟⭐⚖🐟😹😂🎭🐝💸💸💸💸🐝🐝🐝

  13. i've tried pop from the soda stream, it's down right disgusting. it's just sugared water.

  14. to many people in the world have sticks up there asses, these are funny commercials!

  15. No wanker reference?

    The finger gun should have been banned for being just stupid.

  16. Surely the "finger gun" shoot out is stolen from Spaced, a late 1990s/early 2000s UK TV series which used it as a climatic gag on one their episodes

  17. I miss the time when people weren't a bunch of insecure pussies.

  18. what a lot of rubbish, they would be better to clean up their movies, as they show much more degenerate scenes

  19. u should look up the road safety adds in Northern Ireland, worse than the death one.

  20. the finger gun commercial is a lie i used to see it all the time in canada

  21. Are you sure that last one was aired in 2007? Because I remember seeing that when I was like in 5th or 6th grade which was 2002-03

  22. Go check out Nando's adverts – they pretty much all get banned!

  23. I remember seeing the one with the booby traps and the one with the falling angels on TV for a short time before they were banned.

  24. Hey publicists , you should make more banned commercial , you get more views . People look the hole pub , not only the 4 first seconds .

  25. It seems the Veloster is not only a fuel efficient car but a time machine. Released in 2011 but making commercials in 2001.

  26. Banned commercials i won't be seeing anything soon… except i'm seeing them all right now. Great title! Much sense.

  27. There was a commercial for "JOKK beverage" that was banned on Swedish TV a few years ago where a berry picker was mutilated by a bear

  28. There was an hysterical commercial some years back that was pulled from their air. It was a childrens' birthday party where they couldn't get the "dinosaur" they wanted but instead got this Godzilla sort of thing that came in roaring. Scared the heck out of the kids.

  29. Free afford relief conservative climate urge divide mix detailed.

  30. there are no female angels in the bible – the only ones with wings are by gods throne room. no winged women angels.

  31. the finger gun one aired on tv in the usa i saw it all the time.

  32. Ford must be pissed as the 1st car is a focus, then replaced by the hyundai ..

  33. Honestly that Axe commercial was banned just for being stupidly bad.

  34. Microsoft just had to give the characters in their ads "real" guns, instantly shielding it from any criticism through patriotism.

    That said, I don't see why showing people engaging in fake killing of combatants and apparently enjoying themselves, standard children's behavior, has to be censored.

  35. People are stupid liberals why can't they go back where they came from …..HELL

    you know what now that I think about it i don't think the devil what them too

  36. there is only one word to describe them and I'm going to SPELL IT OUT FOR YA S A W F T SAAWFT

  37. You seem to have confused an ad not being aired with it being banned.

  38. Hmmm, did I hear that girl in the Grim Reaper commercial speak Dutch?
    “Oké, tot snel” (since Dutch is my mother’s tongue, I can confirm “tot snel” does indeed mean “see you soon”. I don’t think you need a translation for “oké”, do you?)

    Ok yeah, a banned ad I missed was the “Adam turns out to be gay” commercial from an insurance company. Since it’s about Adam and Eve, I guess you already know it’s because of relgious reasons that commercial got banned.

  39. Reminded me of the finger gun scene in Tales of the Borderlands!

  40. Microsoft ripped that off from Spaced.  Tim and Daisy did it much better

  41. gray achieve other distinct honor suit horizon naturally taste admit.

  42. Looks like the Xbox commercial was inspired by an episode of the show "Spaced" back in 2000 with Simon Pegg.

  43. Yall are a little off. I dont know if the Microsoft finger gun ad got banned, but I'm pretty sure it was a Superbowl commercial

  44. Check your facts somewhere other than social media. Nearly all of these aired in America, and not airing during the super bowl is not the same as being banned. You're a failure.

  45. Censors must be the dumbest people on earth. Well okay second dumbest right after the people who were offended by those ads

  46. This list basically told me that People who run TV are fucking pussies.

  47. M$ being stupid again. Of course you can't air this shit. Guess what will happen?
    Idiots all around the globe will pull randomly finger guns at people, police men, street drivers, children etc. etc. The main issue here is, when they do it. It will mostly be at the most inappropriate times possible.
    And it encourages disrespect towards other people. Pulling a fake gun at a gun rob victim what so ever is absolute unacceptable!
    This crap can not be allowed to happen even once, because of a dumb ass trailer!

  48. That's Just Regular, Reality Sucks, TV Don't want none of That!

  49. Pro-tip: If you want more exposure for your product, make a basic advertisement then ban it.

  50. Soda Stream too expensive. You need more than water and flavoring, the cost is in the canisters that make it soda, bubbles!

  51. All commercials (funny, banned or just lame) are made to get us stupid sheeps, consume even more. It is all lies and fucked up grazy.

  52. These were banned because political correctness has overridden common sense, and people today will get buttsore over anything.

  53. Why did they make that death car commercial play out like that? Wouldn't you have Death being upset that the car's safety features keeps people alive? That would be far more funny and interesting to show Death being jealous.

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