Be a jack of all trades

I deeply trust in my intuition. – You’re pregnant. It’s a food baby. – I also practice manifestation and spell casting. – Chris Evans, come to me….. – And it is literal magic. For example, last week.
– I’ve always wanted to work with Calvin Klein, so I figure, why not take some photos, tag them on the ‘gram, let the universe see that I’m here, I’m queer, and I’m down to work with my favorite under…wear.
– [Yess…] – And the next day Calvin Klein reached out. So thank you to Calvin Klein for sponsoring today’s video and to the universe for working your magic, per usual. I’m so excited to say that I speak my truth in my Calvin’s. And in thinking about my truth I realized that one thing cats and I do not have in common. Cats love boxes. …I don’t get it. – One thing that people love to do is to put you in a box. I mean, it’s what the brain does right? Compartmentalize. And though it’s great for like neurons to categorize and differentiate information, it is not so great for our artistic lives And even if you’re not an artist, I encourage you to listen to your gut about the kinds of things you want to explore. – Yeah, you know people joke about underwater basket-weaving, but it’s not a joke to me. It’s never been a joke to me. – I have a reputation for doing a lot: acting, stand-up, music, writing, directing, illustration, poetry, stop-motion… and I was worried that maybe my passion was a little all over the place – She said I was a jack of all trades master of none, and it’s really bothering me. Like I’m just always, kind of like, gone after whatever seemed like really fun, you know? Should I stop doing that? Would I be more successful if I just focused on one thing? – You do know the full quote, right? – What? – Well the full quote is “Jack of all trades, master of none, often times better than master of one.” So if you take the full thing in context, it’s actually better to be a jack of all trades. *scoff* – ooOh – And in stepping back and really thinking about it, I realize that all of my exploration really boils down to one thing. Ultimately, I see myself as someone who turns their pain into art, and different mediums and platforms not only offer a variety of opportunities to do just that but by constantly seeking new and challenging ways to express myself, I feel more like myself. I have a friend named Katie who inspired me so much in my early 20s. Katie was always trying something new. She trained with the circus, then she got her pilot license, then she was doing burlesque dancing. She taught herself how to knit, dabbled in pottery, and the last time I talked to her she was working with charities that helped exotic animals internationally, so she got to pet tigers. And though Katie did so many different weird, awesome things that seemed super random, in the decade that I’ve known her, I have never met anyone who is more authentically themselves, and I think it’s specifically because Katie does not hold back with trying different things, and with every new adventure she has, the more centered she becomes in who she is. So don’t be afraid to explore your creative impulses, to listen to your intuition about what excites you, and to cast a spell every once in a while. – Chris Evans, hear my call. Chris Evans, let me pet your dog. Dodger looks real cute though. – Thank you so much to Calvin Klein for sponsoring today’s video. I speak my truth in my Calvin’s. I am a jack-of-all-trades. I wore a bunch of Calvin Klein in today’s video including Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein underwear. You can check out those and more styles on or by clicking the link in the description below. I’m Anna Akana. See you next Thursday.

100 thoughts on “Be a jack of all trades

  1. She must be getting pretty desperate to want to show her cameltoe in exchange for "sponsorship"

  2. I love how your videos touch on many topics yet manage to be relatable for so many people

  3. crazy how you literally changed my mind about this in a few minutes

  4. I love you. I've recently been questioning this exact idea so thank you for giving me some insight on the subject & I never knew the rest of the quote.

  5. What i've been wondering is where does jack get his money to try all those things? I don't think having multiple passions is a bad thing but it's hard to get really great at one thing when you are constantly pursuing something new so it becomes hard to monetize your talent. I am the same way and I have billion other things i want to try but i am broke and I don't know how people like Kate afford to follow all those passions

  6. You're naturally funny even when giving advice , you make it fun. Like the best teacher in school

  7. I love how nobody's talking about her half naked, but about her message

  8. good vid but bun calvin klein mate. boycott these companies and products to stop israeli apartheid

  9. I don't know whether you read this but you really broke one of my limiting belief. Thank you.

  10. Yes, but what do you do once you've seen none of your passions are going anywhere because you can't focus on just one thing? What do you do when you can't pick up a brush anymore because you hate everything you create? What do you do when you realize you're going nowhere and it's maybe because you just don't have the talent to succeed? What do you do then?


    I know deep down Anna was jealous of Katie. Tiger is a next level of cat🤣

  12. can you make an episode on spell casting!? I think manifestation is so fun and joyful but I haven't heard anything on the spell casting. Or maybe even a resource? Thanks!

  13. I love play many instruments, dance different styles, cook varieties of foods, hike the most challenging hikes in Oahu and dabble in art and often wonder if im ever doing too much. Thank you for this 🙂

  14. Are you KIDDING that's the quote???? UGH THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS. <3 <3 <3

  15. I’m so happy i have so many hobbies! I won’t be bored when I’m old lol

  16. i just realised where i saw u from… stitchers! no wonder u looked so familiar. i love ur content.

  17. Have you been doing some sort of beauty spell? Because you look more and more preetier and vibrant in your videos. You are preety in all your videos but now there is a difference like a glow amd you seem more happier and higher vibration.

  18. hey can u do a vedio on law of u said tht nd it would b helpful if it came from u i completely believe nd love everything u say.❤

  19. Till now I'd not known that "Jack of all trades" was thought to be derogatory. Being in/'of' a trade means you're at least somewhat competent in those trade skills, otherwise you wouldn't be allowed to practice them – at least in actual craft-based trades, from the pre-internet pre-made-overseas days.

  20. 0:18 I bet most marketing-dependent companies have subscriptions to Google/YT AI filters for people over certain popularity, meeting certain physical attractiveness criteria, doing things that align with the company brand. And Calvin Klein is definitely about branding.

  21. I watched this to feel better I feel even more worthless but it's just my depression I guess

  22. Thank you, Anna, you really do keep me floating above water when it becomes hard. I wish all the best! <3

  23. Huh, I had never heard the full quote! Sweet, that makes me feel extra good about my all-over-the-place life as an physicist/actor/model/aerialist/singer/climber/horsewoman/dancer/traveler/and one-time youtuber XD.

  24. It's the curse of being a Leo – we are friggin amazing at EVERYTHING we attempt.

  25. Damn who is this Katie she seems like the next person I'll be jealoused of LOLLLLLL

  26. So you're a multipotentialite. A generalist. Check out Emilie Wapnicks book "how to be everything"

  27. I had a teacher that told me be a jack of all trades master of one .. it's doable

  28. You honestly.. lit… 👏👏👏👏👏🤛

    ”storytime”- I’m like hmm I could use a hand up let’s see what’s on your channel, you got some mad beats (did not know you did music fresh subscriber) then mind blown the moment this clip played I immediately found words of inspiration I had been looking for..

    Thanks for looking after Gotham 😸

  29. With your range of intersts and skill set id more describe you as a POLYMATH. Thats basically saying your the air around the box

  30. Why haven't I seen you in main stream stand up, you seem pretty funny. Watched your past videos and you seem to hit the surprise type jokes. Tho your videos are based on men and women I can see you doing comedy not based on that.

  31. Yeah you actually didn't quote jack of all trades quote right you actually added on to it. If you truly want to be centered and find your calling enlist in the military you will do every single thing this world has to offer in the military that is how you discover who you truly are sacrifice not by going out and living to be selfish

  32. I never knew the full quote and now my life has been forever changed!

  33. But like… I really wanna know Katie's life story now can that be a vid?

  34. Can we talk about how her body is toned af?????? I aspire to be like that and show off my guns jdkskskskks

  35. I think you're totally awesome and I'm really appreciative with all of the things that you do.

  36. I miss the “Stay Awesome Gotham” Anna says at the end of her videos

  37. I really hate how you keep putting out videos that hit exact things that go through my head and tell me exactly what I don’t want to hear, even though it’s exactly what I need to hear. I just… want to be good at something, y’know?

    I dunno, my brain is probably gonna make me reject everything I just heard, but until then, thank you/heck you for telling me such beautiful/I-don’t-want-to-believe-it truths!

  38. My mind is absolutely blown by finally hearing the full quote of Jack of all trades 😂

  39. @3:34 comparing you in your inner wear here and insta, you look freaking fit here!! Do you Photoshop yourself to look normal in your Insta?

  40. First of all, that quote isn't considering the outliers like us with ADHD. We have to NOT be jack of all because that's naturally what we're used to. But we don't finish projects it's a life of 25-89% done. Degrees, laundry, dishes, driving. Whole life. So please, we've tried that. It doesn't work.

  41. Solid videos you have here. I'm impressed with the editing skills… And your acting. You're pretty funny. I respect your grind

  42. I wanna be (I will be… I’m a work in progress) master of the important things in my life like my own art style, the piano, & having healthy relationships with my friends & family, but while also being a jack of all trades in my hobbies and fun things I wanna try for a month or two. 😌😌 cuz there is A LOT I wanna try

  43. That's how I am in the job. Learned everything but not stationed in one particular department. Sometimes it's a burden( ppl in the workforce know what I'm talking about).

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