Behind the scenes of our Never Stop TV commercial

We just recorded a video of my flume experiment. We’ve had five of our students working on a lift and it’s been a really fascinating process. We’re looking at a lot of the equipment from our lab and we’re going to be showing the inflation and deflation of a lung. Today we’ll see the new version of the prosthetic hand. We are trying to mimic humans and we are trying to make the robots to behave like humans and be efficient as humans. We’ve set up what would look a little bit like a modern excavation. Then the site behind me is a pilot whale vertebra. We can’t stop floods from happening but if we understand them better we can limit the consequences. In dance studies it’s not standing at the
front of the room and telling them the information, it’s pulling the information
out of them. So it’s the only virtual lung that I’m aware of in the world that actually looks like a real lung, breathes like a real lung. My purpose is to make robots as dexterous as human. This is a very new area and it will grow rapidly. In Auckland what we do is strive to be really, I guess, at the forefront of archaeological techniques in the world. [Music] [Music]

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