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  1. The parents should have slapped a For Sale sign on the car to show that ungrateful kid a lesson.

  2. You're all so pissed because the kid is ungrateful… but you do realise it's a commercial right??? Lmfao

  3. I love his parents' response lmao smartasses. Seriously tho, should be grateful. Free car!

  4. That's a hotel room on wheels for a 16yr old!!
    I would love to have that wagon at that age!!
    Those commercials are teaching our kids how to be a spoiled brat punk!

  5. If you Have State Farm, I highly suggest looking elsewhere! They are currently trying to scam me $1800 USD and tell me that since my new truck (2015 bought new in 2017, full warranty and everything) isn't current year model they won't put OEM parts back even though my vehicle is only 10 months old(there typical procedure is to replace with OEM up to a year.) DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER USE these incompetent jack wagons to insure your property!

  6. Anyone know who plays the little brother? I've been trying to find it out for like five minutes lol

  7. Finally, an insurance commercial that makes (some) sense. The parents gave a young man a working car, complete with 2 cup holders. The same generation, which likely watches "That 70's Show" and worships the VISTA CRUISER, now doesn't want a similar vehicle? Honestly, I did some of my "best (sinful) work" in places less austere than the back of a station wagon. Personally? Had I produced the commercial? Had I been directing the Dad? I'd have filmed the scene whereby I TAKE BACK THE KEYS and make the boy cry for them.

  8. I drive a Buick Roadmaster wagon and it’s the coolest car on the road. That kid should be proud!

  9. When I was a last year university (not trade school) student my parents sold me a 1971 Dodge Dart in 1973/74 (no AC nor radio) for $1000 savings from my summer word and agreed to pay my tuition for the last semester (~$500). I was overjoyed and pleased as a pig in shit. You ad is fantastic showing these modern young PUNKS and how these little pieces of shit demand instant gratification. I say bring back the Greek God Kronos, you know the one who ate his own children for basically the same reason.

  10. Isn't there a 2nd version of this ad? I swear I seen a different version on HULU…🤔

  11. I came here to find out the name of the actor and all I see is people bitching about how bratty and ungrateful the actor is 😭

  12. Look on the bright side dude, you have a car with a big back seat, you can fit three chicks back there !

  13. The spanish one is way different then this one…it shows how grateful they are…but this one this show how ungrateful they are,they spoiled…he should get a job..

  14. WTF State farm?? I would've been ecstatic for my parents to just give me a car, let alone a roadmaster! That thing is worth more than most of the shitboxes you see high schoolers drive.

  15. If they don't like it then give it to me please. That old hand me down will smoke a shitty crossover anyday.

  16. I would drive Beige Betty, all cars are the same to me they all take you place


  18. Can we PLEASE have commercials with "shit car vs good car" setups be handled by ACTUAL car enthusiasts? People LOVE the Roadmaster, the only JEEP anyone has any enthusiasm for is the Wrangler and MAYBE the Renegade, not some nothing suv with no way to identify it's an anything outside of the 7 slits on the grill.

  19. This is so funny to me. Realistically, most teenagers today would have this response.

  20. The dad has no eyebrows wtf. Which make up artist was in charge cuz that man has no fucking eyebrows

  21. How funny I was just watching the new Valleyfolk video when this popped up on my TV. Weird.

  22. The girl on the right reminds me so much of one of my childhood Friends. Jess if you’re watching this, hi 😂😂😂

  23. Ok folks it's just a funny commercial. People are commenting like it's a real thing. Why not go find the kid playing in the commercial and call him ungrateful. Geez.

  24. Is there an extended version of this where the parents say they"had several dates in it"?

  25. If I talked to my parents like that when I was 16, Ida had my ass beat so bad I wouldn’t be able to drive the car at call cause I couldn’t sit down. You didn’t pay for shit, you’re not entitled to shit…. appreciate it and get to class punk

  26. Kids these days don't know what a quality made car is. The road master is a classy design with a corvette motor

  27. Perfect depiction of how spoiled, rotten, and ungrateful American teens and young adults are. There are some families IN America who would fight for Beige Betty just so they won't have to catch the bus in the cold or leave their children at a bus stop in the rain.

  28. What an ungrateful little twerp. Most kids I know had to buy their own car.

  29. I’m trying to figure out if the agent and the sister are the same person

  30. The young man sounds just like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future!

  31. This teenage boy needs to stop being picky and accept the car that his parents got for his birthday, STOP BEING UNGRATEFUL YOU STUPID BRAT!!!!!!!

  32. The kicker is her Jeep probably has a interference engine while the GM LT1 V8 has no issues of that sort.

  33. I dated the woman in ted jacket. Shes Canadian… complaints!👍👍👍👍👍

  34. I love this commercial I bought my 93 buick estate and the first commercial I see is this

  35. One answer i would give to the little spoiled ungrateful brat: "Go out and get a job and buy your own car, you lil douchebag!!!!"

  36. The daughter is adopted right? Or is she intentionally supposed to look nothing like them?

  37. Be grateful you're being handed a car you diddnt do shit to earn you suburban ungrateful piece of shit.

  38. Don't complain about Beige Betty or she will take your eyebrows like she took your dad's.

  39. I wish I had a Roadmaster. LS with a manual swap, and you've got the ultimate wagon.

  40. That ungrateful little shit doesn't know the first thing about cars, and even if the roadmaster was a piece of shit, he should be grateful that his parents got him a car at all.

  41. Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahha
    Beige betty hahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  42. Gheeze why are these commercials are so outta of touch? I would've been crying tears of enjoy if my parents had gave me their Buick Roadmaster!

  43. Came here because i saw this commercial and had say something about how much it bugs me that the "dad" actor has no eyebrows..

  44. The way he says “not beige Betty” gets me every time man😂😂😂

  45. I would've loved to have had a Roadmaster given to me at 16. Thing's basically a driftable living room with a Corvette LT1 motor under the hood.

  46. This commercial REALLY pisses me off!!!!!! If it's too big for him, that's one thing. My sister used to have a beige '98 Camry that SHE hated because she thought it was too big for her, but I can see that THIS kid is more worried about his "image" & being made fun of for driving that BEAUTIFUL Roadmaster than it being too big for him to handle!!!!!!

  47. The sister didn't call "Beige Betty" a rite of passage for nothing.

  48. The way I see this is, some people underestimating the durability and reliability of station wagons, though SUVs have higher ground clearance.

  49. I made a parody of this commercial on my channel! Check it out! ❤ Buick Roadmasters

  50. So I see that check mark, but I don't care. That agent is down right ball drainingly hot.

  51. Just watched Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark and couldn't for the life of me remember where I knew Chuck from. Found it 👍

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