Best FX Trading Strategies (THE Top Strategy for 2019)

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  1. Welp… I'm completely new to forex…. glad this was the first video i stumbled upon, thank you

  2. Oh please can you be my mentor you are amazzinnnngggg I have learnt so much from you already
    Thank you

  3. Why do you think that it was the big banks that persuaded the SNB to drop the cap suddenly? I don't believe that the Swiss would intentionally hurt their economy just for the sake of a few banks. Also, the SNB had a big chunk of its money in foreign currencies, the value of these felt in franc terms. So it wasn't that good for them either. It's more likely that the EU's quantitative easing program would have made it very difficult to maintain the cap. But of course, there are other explanations, I see your version as more like a conspiracy theory, but I might be wrong.

  4. Thank you VP, I enjoyed this one a lot, from day one I believe of conspiracy theory is behind FX market, how do you think we could use IG client sentimental report in our favor versus big banks?

  5. thank you for the explaination… i've been wondering who tf is really making the markets move except sell and demand effect.

  6. But if you u know how to attack on news… 200%-500% within a minute.. Make sure to use a specific account for news.. don't risk ur main account

  7. I'm in search of a proper forex account manager. Hit me up if you're interested

  8. "Well I'm sorry instant gratification guy". That should be written on stone today! lol

  9. Drunk rant.. trading… I had a lot of subjective good shit to say…. but.. I realized it was for me.. more than for you.. The reality is. Forex can work. I am seeing the results form a Friend who trades and listening to VP. Thanks VP. My prior channels were banned for listening to INFOWARS and posting some content on YouTube.. I could not post without making this account again. But still following you man. Thanks for the advice VP.

  10. This make a lot of sense I saw the way they change up the trade thanks for this

  11. This made a big bell ring in my head, From"The forex market is considered an Over-the-Counter (OTC), or “Interbank” market due to the fact that the entire market is run electronically, within a network of banks, continuously over a 24-hour period."…WITHIN A NETWORK OF BANKS!….If the market is run within a network of banks then who do you reckon OWNS THE MARKET?.

  12. For every buyer there is a seller, for every seller there is a buyer. This is what the IG Client Sentiment is showing.

    There are other players in the market besides "Big Banks" and small specs. Periodically Central Banks (who may or may not control "Big Banks") intervene to defend the currency they control, and periodically government fiscal policy floods the market with money. This sentiment report, although very useful, does not reflect the conditions present in the entire market. In fact, I doubt it reflects more than 10% of the market…its a sentiment survey of IG clients. The times it is not useful are when CB's and other authorities intervene…this is when a bias based on sound fundamental analysis becomes useful in saving your account from extinction.

    I disagree with your characterization of fundamental analysis; your video on the subject is a straw-man argument. I think your lack of financial training has led you to the idea that it involves watching certain indicators as they appear in the news. This is wrong. If you want to find out more, research Global Macro Economics, or Global Macro Trading. I agree that it's not entirely necessary unless you're shooting for hundreds of pips, but to distort what it is and dismiss it based on that distortion is either lazy thinking or dishonesty.

  13. LOOOOOOVE your channel so far. This video alone is pure GOLD. A question about news – I don't trade it specifically, but what if a news event drives the price through your wheelhouse? What if it triggers your GO algorithm and all the lights in your strategy are green? Seems you "can" take it – but price usually returns to it's pre-news event level, correct? So best to stay out even if the price drives through your setup?

  14. Reading from the 4th paragraph onward in this article, confirms what VP mentioned in this video

  15. Thanks for the video upload , i want to add here that Trading is more physoclogical rather than this channel ,indicators etc ..everything looks fascinating 🥳 , once move is done and one can easily do post merturm afterwords .concentrate on demand and supply .always ask why should i buy and sell at particular levels

  16. I am sorry but this is not true what you are saying. Trading on a 15 min chart? Who the idiot does that? For me, trading is very simple. Buy above 20 DMA when it curves upwards and takes good distance from the price. Place stop behind 20 DMA. And….wait. Just leave the trade alone for a good two weeks. Come back and tadaaa…PROFITS. Go back test this with every pair that exists in the world. Go back to the beginning of time. Thia never fails.

  17. Most megértem, hogy a Forex miként tesz gazdagá. egy zseni és egy go getter. Soha nem találkoztunk jobb mentorral és jótékonysági szakemberrel.

  18. This kinda crushed my dreams in forex tbh. Im still learning. Havent started to trade yet but I didn't know about price manipulation.

  19. This is a great resource to use. However, there isn't a need to use indicators to trade forex (unless it's something like tick volume). The clues to trading lies in the price itself. Price represents transactions made by the larger players. Following their transactions, gives you an idea of where they're heading with their "purchases" and allows you to take advantage of the ebbs and flows of the market. The key to trading is not to overthink. Just be simple and patient 🙂

  20. such waste of time,whats the strategy you suggested??? if you know them,then just use them yourself and get rich!!

  21. Honestly watching you is like the more up to day and easier version of ict. Shorter videos. Don’t ramble as much. And informative! Thanks vp, valuable information here.

  22. i made an in depth video on how this actually works. no indicators, no patterns, straight price action.

  23. If you wish to become a trader and achieve regular success from your trades, it is always advised to demo trade first. This gives you the opportunity to develop your trading strategy, practice it relentlessly, and increase your trading confidence.

  24. Thank you so much for the effort that you put into this. I am fairly new to trading and enjoy learning from your experience.

  25. How have they changed things with the IG client sentiment since you’ve made this video? What’s different?

  26. This is gold and it summaries the FOREX pretty well. thank you very much for sharing the knowledge !!!!!

  27. Great video. I agree in forex for 100% of time. My question is since bank knows forex why don't they do same in stocks as they can easily manipulate stocks like apple microsoft which has low liquidity as compared to forex pairs. I mean stocks most of people always goes long…

  28. The information provided in this video is simply not accurate. The person delivering the context is not well informed. Do not buy any course or formation from this person. In order to inform correctly all the readers, keep reading the information. Institutions are not taking money from retail trader. Institutional traders are most of the time financial engineers with advanced degrees in mathematics, finance or economics. They build complex quantitative models and algorithms based on economic data not on retail traders actions and behaviors. Institutional traders are working in close collaboration with the economist and analyst in their firms. These researchers make predictions about the future path of nominal and real interest rate, inflation and other factors affecting the supply and demand of a currency. They also assess political risks and the global macro context. When institutional traders intervened in the FX market it is most of the time in order to hedge the currency risk the institution for which they work face not to take the money from retail traders. These institutions are exposed to currency risk because of the investments they have abroad: real estate, infrastructure etc. They also intervene in the market for their clients who receive funds denominated in a different currency than the one they use for budgetary purpose. When institutional traders intervene in the FX market, they do it by exchanging financial products named derivatives such as options and futures. Institutions exchange these products on the OTC market between themselves. The prices of these financial products are based on mathematical models like Black-Scholes not on retail traders actions or behaviors. When institutional traders don’t intervene directly in the market, software and algorithms based on these models are doing the operation automatically. All this information is public, and you can find it in books such as “Economics” from the CFA institute. To the creator of this video, may you please for the benefit of all your readers provide the sources of what you are affirming?

  29. God Bless you and your family, keep your chin up and keep moving forward as you have inspired myself with your thoughts and mentoring, i hope i am able to inspire you to be comfortable that my thoughts and prayers are with your family and your community. I trust you will be safe and sound through this patch of uncertainty.

  30. So pretty much look at the news and head towards the opposite directions.. mhmm off course analyze your chart before entering.

  31. Great vid, thanks. Can't understand the haters, what you say is easy to observe and I think anyone who disagrees is obviously brainwashed😅.
    Thanks for sharing your knolodge

  32. Hii,am seeking to know because i subscribed for your EMAIL LIST but am not getting your emails.Am in Uganda.thx 4 yo output it's changed my move.

  33. Can you see or is there a way to see the IG Client Sentiment real time during day trading hours?
    I would like to see real-time while I’m trading what % of traders are short and what % are long. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am fairly new to ForEx

  34. Hi there, I want to ask. Why do traders who made profit share their knowledge on youtube? Doesn't that will make everyone follow your strategy and ended up doing the same thing?

  35. Been into FOREX a couple years now, the market is designed to take from the losing traders to pay the few winning traders. If you must trade, be sure to seek expert guidance. I work with a team of experts for the best returns on my trading.

  36. i think if u realy do your job ull realise this guy is one of the most important ppl who helps those who want to make it n i quote "its not a hack" and "99%"thank you very much & much luck in addition frm me 😃😃😃….

  37. is there a source i can get information about the pegg limits of higest and lowest for currencies?

  38. please help for scam or not,

    want to ask about video,

    is the web a scam or not? I looked on his profile turned out to be private all 🙁

    Please answer if you know

    thank you

  39. man, DailyFX just completely changed that Sentiment site. No more lovely pictures to look at. EDIT: the charts are still there (like the comment says below – found them before I read your reply), they're just buried – need to click on "read full article" for each pair. DOUBLE EDIT: and there aren't as many charts, only a couple pairs have them

  40. Why stop lose? If ur long and prices mives agianst you put on another trade the other way. Have enough money in your account for 5-6 moves

  41. I have been trying to figure forex out for years. It just didn't make sense how I could invariably get in the wrong way at a pivot point. I'd have to wait days, weeks and even a month to recover. This makes more sense now. Thanks.

  42. I think this video proves I'll never understand forex ha ha this is such a nightmare and you can't get these charts anymore !

  43. Congratulations on getting 1 million views, you are number one Forex Whisperer. Keep on keeping on, V.IP. thanks.

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