Best Laptop for Trading

hey guys welcome to Montreal trading
group and today I’m going to be talking about what’s the best laptop for trading
now in my opinion the best laptop for trading is going to be a laptop that you
can use to trade when you’re not at home and that you can use to create when
you’re at home as a desktop computer and this is why I’m going to be saying that
the best laptop is going to be one of these Dell XPS s and I’ll actually this
is a 13-inch I’ll recommend getting the 15-inch so the exact model is going to
be XTS 9560 that’s the exact model number I got one that was 13 inches and
I feel it was a bit too small when I was taking it outside to trade you want to
get something bigger so 15 inch even if it’s a little bit bigger it’ll save you
it’ll give you a little bit more screen real estate which is super important for
trading now the good thing about these Dells is that they’re actually one of
they’re not that big so this certain inch is actually fit it fits in a 16 in
a 11.6 inch diameter so it’s actually pretty 10 because it doesn’t really have
any border so I think it’s like the world’s smallest 13 inch so even so for
the 15 inch it’s not going to be as big as you think it’s not going to be as big
as a regular 15 inch laptop now why am i recommending this one other than the
fact that it has amazing specs so it has an i7 Intel processor it has 16 gigs
of ram 512 ssd so superfast boot it also has that NVIDIA GTX 1050 so super
good video card on top of all of that ok because you have a lot of laptops with
good-good specs the really good thing about this one is it has this little
thing I don’t know if you can see it here it’s called a thunderbolt ok this
thunderbolt is basically like a USB type-c port that you can use to connect
it to other external peripherals and so you can actually take this laptop and
when you’re outside you can use it to trade
you would a regular laptop then when you get home you can actually connect it to
an external docking station like this one and I’ll make another video talking
about docking station but you can connect it to this docking station and
big docking station you can connect it to three extra computer screens you can
connect it to your keyboard your mouse you can connect it to your landline
internet and it’s like you can revert your laptop to a desktop so instead of
buying a laptop and a desktop you can just buy one laptop when you’re out you
use it to trade and when you’re in you plug it into your docking station and
then just use your regular setup and trade with it as if you were trading
with a regular computer it’s as powerful it’s as performant as a regular desktop
against 16 gigs of ram i7 everything you’d need honestly for a trading
computer it’s very performant so if you’re doing any type of back testing
with MATLAB if you’re if you have some software’s that are running on multiple
cores simultaneously it’s good enough for that so you really no matter what
you’re doing you don’t need more than that it’s very expensive
so I’m going to put links down below for where you can get it on Amazon so I
think on the US Amazon it’s like it goes for 1,700 us on the Canadian one it goes
for about 3,000 so I bought this one when I bought it it was about three
thousand dollars which is expensive but again it does replace your your your
home computer so you just need to buy this and then you’re set and it’s also
very performant so it is very high quality I’ll make another video talking
about the docking station I also make another video talking about what’s the
best desktop computers and other things that we used in the office so I’ll put
links for that somewhere below but yet for so best laptop Dell XPS 9 5 6 0 take
care guys

42 thoughts on “Best Laptop for Trading

  1. But it from dell directly, you'll get a better price for sure. Mine cost 2080CAD$ taxes included in Quebec. Same specs, I just didn't get the touch screen.

  2. In my opinion dell precision 5520 could be bester. Its good for trader and also for video editing, phototoshop, etc.

  3. MTG i have that dell! in the 15. I turning into a lazy trader and this makes that much easier. I record a ton of trades and literally have 90% of my space left. Helps having youtube also so you can just keep the finished files and delete the originals. All in on DELL.

  4. Hey im thinking about getting the Dell xps 15 inch. I'm not sure if I should get the 4k touchscreen version or the normal fullhd version which has 2-3 more battery life. Which one would you recommend?

  5. which would recommend for desktop PC that setup for use of metatrader 4
    which processor, memory, motherboard etc thanks for your help

  6. Hi there, I live in Vancouver and just bought the laptop by clicking on the link you provided above (CANADA LINK), so would you please confirm that computer is HD version and not touch screen version? I will be using it for stock trading only and you said that HD version is the one recommended for trading, so I hope the link you have here is for the HD version. Please respond at your earliest convenience…otherwise I have to cancel the order and re-order the right laptop.
    Thank you.

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  9. What formula is the man on the left using to make sense of the zig zag line on his screens. regards Hayden

  10. Can you tell more about that docking station I am very interested in one of those, thanks a lot

  11. Hi guys , do u think desktop is better bc. won't get overheat like laptop ?

  12. should I buy a laptop 13"3 inch( faster- SSD) or 15.6 inch( cheaper- HDD) for trading ?

  13. Hi which brand and models i can bought about 400 us daller for doing engineering and desiging program??

  14. No need to drop 2 – 3 K on a laptop simply pick a refurb up of ebay for $350 USD and keep your seed capital to build up your float. Unfortunately over 95% of retail traders are not profitable – to many times i hear shit traders who have finally got the stand up desk or the three screens or what ever gimmicks… I'm profitable but only parting with coin for a new machine as the bastard of a thing burns my legs when trading from the couch and going to South America for 2 months and want something light weight for travel. IF your float is under 30 K USD keep the coin, make do or buy refurb and stop buying BS you don't need as thats what poor people are good at :)…. best of luck to you all!

  15. can you recommend us an apple laptop which is about the same price range with that kinda powerful or even better? please thanks

  16. Je travail dans l'informatique et je trade aussi, et ce laptop c'est vraiment de la merde au niveau qualité/prix, n'acheter surtout pas ca. pour 1200$ vous avez mieux pour moins chere.

  17. Hello I wanna start forex very soon before I want to prepare so isthis laptop fit to mywork

  18. Why investing to an expensive laptop if all you need is an internet capable and spreadsheets todo trades?

  19. Mo knows his stuff! I am working my way through his Complete Crypto class. I am new but seems to be pretty thorough. Highly recommended!

  20. Thanks for this one Mo, since your advise is dating from June 2017, can imagine by now you use a different laptop ? If so, cud u let us know which one ? Many thanks !

  21. My friends dad has a normal 300$ dell with trading account worth 1,400,000 and you telling me to buy this! Unlike

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