22 thoughts on “Best SMALL ACCOUNT Options Trading Strategies (Beginner Tutorial)

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  2. Selling naked, you haven't had your ass handed to you yet, but you will. Good vid though.

  3. "Just ignore all the bullshit". Yeah and when you start out you have any reference to determine what is helpful and what is bullshit. I will have a look at your training material.

  4. But when I sell put, the broker requires me to have enough money to buy 100 shares of the underlying asset in my account, which I don’t have….because it is a small account

  5. i trade (without success) commodities options. please, how, just for example, lockheed martin options better than crude oil options? thank you.

  6. You mentioned FB trading between 180 and 170… What is your time frame for determining range? Are you saying it's traded at this range for the last week, month, or year?

    What is the guidelines you follow to determine range I guess is my question. Thanks sir!

  7. When you want to sell options and not do vertical credit spreads, I am a bit skeptical about it. Because when you sell an option, then if the price goes in the direction that the price of the option increases, then it will be big amount in the down for you. But if you are in a vertical, then the long call actually compensates with price increase for the increase in price of the short.

    Was doing paper trades and found that the vertical actually profit since long call increased more than the short call increased. So it was actually in profit. Where as the straddle and open short positions that I did were actually down in a percentage higher than it would have been if it were a vertical

    So, why not do a vertical then in the trades ?

  8. Reading the comments can be comical. Naked and spreads could sound sexual if not familiar with options. NA trading – Naked and Afraid tradings. 😅

  9. selling (1) one, mcd may 19 170 put results in a possible loss of almost 17k and ties up the same in capital until closed or expired. How do you justify a credit of $240 dollars for that amount of risk.

  10. Who is going to let you write naked calls or puts (not cash covered, I'm assuming) with a small volume account? I haven't found a broker that allows that yet. Can you recommend one?

  11. Just signed up for the free content to educate myself on options trading. Is it possible to start trading options with a 1k acct and follow your strategy? These are very new concepts for me but find trading stocks a viable way for additional income if certain rules are followed. Thanks!

  12. Great info packed in to 20 min. Watch more than once. Each time you will pick up something new that previously was missed.

  13. Been trying to catchup on your vids. Excellent FB trade management! Continue to direct traders towards these high probability strategies. 👍🏽

  14. What do you know about Andy Crowder at Wyatt Investment Research? He seems to use high probability credit spreads that give small but steady returns. Describes it as hitting base hits as opposed to home runs.

  15. "i know that you need $2000 to get an account with margins but at that point if i want to be able to buy those stocks if it falls below that put do i need the money in the account to cover it? Even when i have a small account should i still focus on the the expensive market leaders mentioned in the previews video? like Facebook its at $189 if i sell a put and it falls below the strike price lets say 170 i have to buy those stocks at that price. so wont i need $17000 in the account? i believe the broker marks it as a loss so is it better to forces on the company that i can afford to buy 100 shares worth? or should i still sell the recommended one because theirs only a 5-10% chance of it hitting the strike price?

  16. Hi David would you be able to explain how you identify a trading range of a stock? Secondly, can't the trading range be identified by a graph of it's history? Also, how long of a period of time does it take for it to constitute a healthy range?
    Thank you for all your time and help. I appreciate all your valuable advice and guidance.

  17. Even though I watched a lot of Option Alpha and tastytrade, I naturally used the strategies you explained in this video 😮 I just found your channel, awesome stuff

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