Bhad Bhabie STIRS UP Controversy with Hairstyle – Is It Cultural Appropriation”?

Our cash me outside outside wrapper bad baby is being accused of cultural appropriation And she doesn’t feel one bad thing about it every TV studios in Hollywood. You’re watching. What’s trending? I’m Shira Lazar Be sure to like this video and subscribe for more social media news daily if you haven’t heard of the infamous phrase Then you might not be watching dr. Phil or even paying attention to the Internet Daniel bergoglio better known as bad baby has been online for quite some time after her viral moment on the show Where she basically told dr. Phil to throw hands with her when they got in a disagreement about her mom on the show She went on the show at the time because her mom couldn’t control her behavior and she kept acting out Well, it seems like nothing has changed Except she’s richer much richer. Well somehow from there she started to go viral and even appeared in youtubers clips collabing with the likes of logan paul and Signing a record deal coming out with her own music as well. But even before this latest kerfuffle, she has not necessarily avoided confrontations or Controversy now she’s facing backlash online after insensitive ly responding to accusations of cultural appropriation For wearing box braids. She actually took to her Instagram story defending her hairstyle choice in the post She called out those attacking her hairstyle Another thing is that she even went as far as calling out black women for wearing straight hair and wigs She wrote yellow hair ain’t meant to be straight. But y’all glue whole wigs onto your heads And so Brazilian Indian Peruvian hair one Instagram user angrily responded to bed baby by calling her a human vulture yikes That baby got famous off beating up her mother and now she wants to beat up the black community’s women She’s very disrespectful to our black culture. She’s the latest version of a human vulture He said I wanted to deeply apologize to everyone whose life has seriously affected by the way I wear my hair and from the bottom of my heart I wanted to tell you to suck my and yes, apparently, I guess I have really affected lives I can’t figure out another reason why Anyone would take time out of their day to write paragraphs and bully someone about hair And by the way, whoever want to come pull him out like they said you got my location I ain’t hiding in the last year bad baby received a gold certification from the Recording Industry Ocean of America for her hit single. Hi Beach recently, she closed a major endorsement deal with beauty retailer copycat beauty her snapchat original series will even release the second season of Her show bringing up baby in 2020 So obviously everyone is wondering what this girl is doing But it seems like she doesn’t care obviously cultural appropriation is the worst thing that you can do. Don’t do it. It’s not cool So let us know what you think in the comments below be sure to subscribe again and follow us on Instagram at which trending

62 thoughts on “Bhad Bhabie STIRS UP Controversy with Hairstyle – Is It Cultural Appropriation”?

  1. hi everyone, black women started wearing their hair straight during segregation b/c black women had to follow the European standard of beauty to be able to work & is still a factor today. Natural hair is still looked upon as “unprofessional”.

  2. Lots of you white girls be having this same hairstyle, only difference is they like black dudes

  3. She is dating a black boy so that gives her the right to do it and I totally agree

  4. Snowflake sjws again. Let people do what they want. Jeez. I don't care about her but if someone wants to do something stupid, let them.

  5. I want to ask “Who cares”, but apparently a lot of people do. I feel liked there’s more pressing matters people could be putting their energy on. Getting angry about they way someone wears their hair. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. Oh what can I do to get my name in the news again? ..oh I know lets piss off everyone!

  7. She's doing it because it's something that she can do with her hair and it may look nice. It's call braids. Straight hair can be braided, folks. This is no more a case of cultural appropriation than a black person with a blond wig can be considered a case of cultural appropriation. Now, if Bhad Bhabie did the Afro thing with the black power fist…a different story.

  8. Jesus Christ if a black guy can't have braids but a Caucasian woman wears braids it's racist. Why can't everyone just wear braids and be done with it. We've seen worse in the fashion department involving hair

  9. I think box braids are beautiful and that it's more racist to tell someone they can't do something because they're not the right race.

  10. Yall are a bunch of cry babies. It’s fucking box braids. It’s a hairstyle. Get over yourself lmfao

  11. Its almost 2020 people are identifying as opposite sex, identifying as animals, and objects. People can be gay, transgender, both genders, or no gender. I think if people want to identify as another race that should be accepted. She is who she is and she should be aloud to wear and look anyway she wants.

  12. If that were the case then black people can't use democracy, English and straight hair ect.. since it culture appropriation. 😂😂

  13. So I cant wear braids bcuz I'm not African American? I'm confused since when?

  14. If you get offended ab this you need to put your energy towards something else cuz that’s sad

  15. Tbh I get why she's mad I'm not a Stan of her cause she's fucking crazy but like she's right you guys are using your precious time worrying about hair like there's people dieing and killing eachother like worry on that :/ almost everyone does this with Mexican culture but you ain't seeing us saying we are gonna drag you like calm down

  16. You know? For real tho why would anyone be so mad about braids. Like CALM DOWN I don’t get mad when someone wears pigtail braids because I’m Native American. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  17. As a black man I agree with everything bhad babbie ,or what ever her name is, has to say.Cultural appropriation my ass!

  18. New rule you can no longer eat tacos if you aren't Mexican its appropriating my culture

  19. I'm Mexican and always wanted to Box braids but was told not to be family I still would like to it looks so pretty but I don't think I should

  20. We never give indians credit smh thats sad that all yall think black people the ONLY ones with that hair style and thats whats wrong 😩😩

  21. How dare she twist her hair in a certain pattern, while other people with a different concentration of melanin in their skin have done it first 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  22. It's braids,how about we focus on the fact that lgbt are still being killed in the middle east or we get to freeing hong kong?

  23. What? Then blacks aren't allowed to color or straighten their hair anymore, or cut it short. What a fucked up world it is we live in. Everybody can choose their gender, but damn you if you try to have braids as a white girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Nothing is wrong with cultural appropriation, as she had said Black women straighten their hair, as buy other women’s hair whom are living in dire poverty.
    The problem is the Circuit Court seemed our hair illegal, but it’s ok and glorified into ‘whiteness’ ( positive value ) when Bo Derek or this impudent kid does it and neglects to speak about how much she loves Black hair and especially Black people whom usually wear hair this way.

  25. It's not a black thing to wear dread locks or braids, Vikings and And other white cultures wore this forever. It's racist to say someone can't do something, like a white man telling a black women she can't ride the front of the bus, you can do anything no matter your race or color.

  26. This cultural appropriation bs is getting out of hand. Someone on Twitter recently got dragged for burning sage in their home…. yes burning sage. Because apparently only Native Americans are allowed to do that in 2019.

    I thought it's only cultural appropriation if it's being done to blatantly mock the culture?!

    It's HAIR people. Surely you can find something more important to focus your energy on.

  27. Dumbest shit ever. Braids have been worn by literally every race throughout history. It's the least African American thing. As a half black man I can tell you that this is BS

  28. Tbh i don't get the whole cultural appropriation thing. Its hair. Is she now allowed to wear her hair like she wants? I was always confused why people would try to link looks and styles to culture, but to say you cant wear something because of your race is downright bullshit to me. If she was making fun or insulting black people by getting the haircut, then by all means y'all can attack and claim cultural appropriation. But that just wasn't the case and frankly that's just not the case for all these cultural appropriation arguments

  29. Ok yes she responded really bad. But she is right. Is just hair. You do it your way. Why people care. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  30. honestly, I think it's rude as FK for someone to say anything about she chooses to wear her hair… deadass

  31. I don’t like this girl but she do got a point about black culture hairstyle about buying straight hair and glueing them on while their own hair is unique they should embrace it. Stop trying to be like white people with long straight hair when they’re already queens ♥️👑♥️

  32. I'm African American and I could give two f* about what anyone does with their hair. We have other things to worry about in the world and hair is the last of it.
    No hairstyle is anyone's to own or keep. Your hair, your choice, who gives a damn.
    Now let's talk about all the plastic in the oceans that's killing our planet…..

  33. Cultural appropriation is not the worst thing you can do. That is a ridiculous comment. What’s the big deal if she likes to wear braids in her hair. I think she looks cute.

  34. When I was a kid in the 90s, people looked at this stuff as “appreciating other cultures”. Today’s woke culture is just stupid. She can wear her hair however she wants. Cultural appropriation is nonsense

  35. It isn’t simply about her hair on a very basic level. It is about the fact that this little girl is ignorant and when challenged about something black women deal with as a daily struggle and get fired for, no one says a damn thing. But this child responds by releasing a racist derogatory statement stereotype we have all heard about black women are bald. Most recent example is Gabriel Union firing from AGT. One of the things mentioned was about her hair. But no one wants to deal with that nor look fully at the comment she made.

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