Bill Hader’s Best Celebrity Impressions

100 thoughts on “Bill Hader’s Best Celebrity Impressions

  1. One fucking impression AT THE END OF THE 8 min clip. And yeah nothing for the young generation

  2. I really like that Bill talks about his anxiety cause you wouldn’t know looking at him in SNL or any interview, that’s kinda cool to know I feel like

  3. While searching for Bill Harder content I saw this one but its a Colberts channel I refuse to watch that guy

  4. Get Tommy Wiseau To Play Joker, Nick Cage As Batman, Bill Hader As The Riddler! Let's Make It Happen!

  5. Love it! You never know might have that hitman mentality…if you think of it you become it, as some say. Btw I heard of him like 15 mins ago from some recommended vid, idk why? However he is clever none the less.

  6. 3:58 “And like a dog catcher walks out”

  7. Just do what Steven Colbert does for his anxiety,. Lie his ass off and attack the President….Colbert is a spanker…

  8. What a waste of time, space, bandwidth. I mean people give a crap about any of this? It's meaningless garbage. Drivel at best. 28K likes indicative of the brain dead audience.

  9. Oh this is a heart attack this right here is a heart attack uhhh is a big one uhh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂B99

  10. I cant get my head around how his face totally morphs to the impression he is doing.Freaky as fuck but truly amazing..Deep fakes.

  11. Video name: " Bill Hader's Best Celebrity Impressions" – last 30 seconds are an impression…… riiiiiight

  12. Pact with the evil am telling you
    No one can change their face expressions like that

  13. I think the only good think I can take from being from Tulsa Oklahoma is that bill hader is also from Tulsa Oklahoma

  14. PLEASE, can someone tell me what the song is that's playing when Hader is walking out after Colbert's introduction? PLEASE?!!!

  15. Maybe it's just because I don't know this guy's work or whatever, but I watched the first half of this video and a) didn't see any impressions and b) got too outright bored to continue.

  16. "I don't know where he got the idea" AH, from the Sopranos maybe?Christopher Molisanti killing people and taking acting classes..

  17. Can we just agree that bill hader is like the most relatable and down to earth actor/comedian ever

  18. I just love him, its refreshing to see an actor that is so down to earth like he is.

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