Binary Options – How to Trade Binary Options Trading Strategy Collection for FREE!

First of all: it doesn’t really matter who
am i SO im not going to introduce to you and tell
you that i’m an online millionare or some kind of forex trading guru because i’m not.
i don’t want your money i don’t want you to purchase anything
you don’t need to fill out any surveys to download anything SO here’s what i do: I collect all kind of Trading Systems, Forex
Trading Strategies,Softwares,Indicators everything related to binary options
now i’ve got a collection of 78 products with the overall value: $13774
you can see the list of the products that i have in the description
if you need some kind of proof that i actually have this just fast forward to the end of
this video … So here’s the deal:
I’m going to give you my collection for completely free.
All i ask for you to do is to try out the systems that i’m going to give for you.
Experiment!Test them out! If something’s not working out for you then move on to the next
one. But here’s the most important thing:
You don’t want to risk your own money especially when you’re a beginner because binary options
can be very dangerous! So here’s what you need to do:
1. Sign up for a Banc De Binary account through one of my links in the description.
2. Make the minimum amount of deposit that’s $250
3. You will be entitled to the demo account with $50,000 for unlimited time
this is a huge amount of money to practice with…
4. You are free to withdraw the initial $250 at a later date without spending a real cent.
5. Send me some kind of proof that you’ve made a Banc De Binary Account and made some
trades it can be a $1 min trade…that means you’re serious about this whole thing
6. Then I’ll give you my whole collection. 7. Test out my entire collection and see what’s
a killing strategy or which one’s crap. So why Banc De Binary?
min deposit $250,$50000 demo account, $1 min trade,100% first deposit bonus, trading signals
from experienced analysts,excellent customer support For those who registered under my link to
Banc De Binary i’m willing to give every Forex product that i’ll have in the future for free. I think this is a fair deal… Now Let me prove you that i actually have
this collection: Thanks for watching!

42 thoughts on “Binary Options – How to Trade Binary Options Trading Strategy Collection for FREE!

  1. I do Binary Options for a living and it was difficult at the beginning but i tried out a bunch of strategies and found some killer ones that actually worth their price…you just need to practice and learn

  2. Hey man, do you still send this products? I want to register under you, but need to know for sure.

  3. i will always send these products, right now it's 88 products with the overall value: $15K+ and it's keep growing every week so once you're on my list you'll be updated with every single new products that i've got.

  4. That's great. Do you use it though? Are these strategies profitable for you? When do you get all these, do u buy it?

  5. Yes there are some highly profitable strategies but i didn't have the time to check out all of these so there might be some less profitable products. Actually you need a lot of time checking out which ones are the best so i can't help you with that. I just collect them. I get around 2-4 products /week.

  6. I sent you an email. I have done everything that you said. So wait for the materials now..

  7. OK everything's fine i'm uploading the thing right now and will send to you within 12h

  8. Sure thing! It's completely international! If you wanna trade the binary options way you should know that forex traders usually hates it and call it gambling…because you can make a much more money with binary options and of course the risk is also greater but that's why you need the demo account to learn and gain experience in trading options!

  9. I especially like the richard d. wyckoff course can you get more of these kind of courses?

  10. Yes i already have some extremely high valuable forex trading courses but they HUGE they're like ~3GB each so i'm uploading…
    just a few of them:
    SuperStructureTrading – value: $10,000
    Todd Krueger – Support Resistance Techniques – value: $997
    ADX Mastery Completed Training – value: $777

    and more…

  11. Wow, that's a good question and altough i was a forex trader one time ago, and i have a great knowledge in forex trading, the question is always the same: "What is the best profitable straegy?" and that's the hard part of trading. Because every system, product's owner /developer will tell you that their system's the best…so you need to invest time&money to check out all of these new and hyped systems.That's why i think my collection can help for beginners a lot to not waste any more money!

  12. Altough you still need to "waste" some time for testing systems especially when you're a beginner. But it's not a waste of time, it's precious learning and without learning you just can't be profitable on the long run in trading.

  13. so basically i can't tell you which one is the best…everybody's like: "i dont want to waste my time just tell me which one is the best strategy" and i just don't know 🙂 the best strategy is learning from a lot of different strategies.

  14. 250$ is enough to start? does it work in Canada? thank you…

  15. 250$ is good for start and for getting your $50,000 demo money. So this way you can learn, test, without risk and when you feel comfortable and you feel like this can be profitable to you, then you can always deposit more money…and trade with real money. If it doesn't work out for you you can withdraw your money. My advice is: don't accept the 100% bonus if you're a beginner, request your demo account, get the systems, learn…YES this works in Canada, this works worldwide except the USA.

  16. Hi I'm really interested in binary options I'm only 19 tho and have never tried anything like this however learnt a little about it at uni could u give me some advice on how to get started. Kind regards

  17. Yes i can give you the information and tools you need, but i can't teach you. The first and most important thing is to find a trusted broker because the ONLY issue with binary options is whether or not the broker is going to screw you. Binary options trading is barely different from options trading or any other trading. You need to learn and test, you need systems and informations, so if you need advice go tou our page, register, there's all the information you need. Broker, strategies, etc…

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