Black Eye on America – What Is Black Twitter?: The Daily Show

One prominent feature of
Twitter that’s still there is one that you may not even
have heard of. Fortunately, Roy Wood Jr.
has the lowdown. ♪ ♪ WOOD:You may or may not have
heard of Black Twitter,
-but it’s huge.
-(glass breaking)And if you want to understand
it, imagine a barbershop.
I know what you’re thinking. It’s a barbershop,
I’m a black dude, we’re about to do
all the usual stuff. LeBron James
dunked on five crippled kids. Man, shut your ass up. Bootleg man, bootleg man. -♪ ♪
-(whooping) The boy’s ain’t got
no daddy, Marquis! You got a daddy that love you! Look, for decades,
the black barbershop has been the epicenter
of black cultural discussion,but the Internet
has changed things.
Let me introduce you
to Black Twitter. -Black Twitter is an entire…
-WOOD:(stutters)Nah, I think we need
somebody more qualified.Let’s go with Jamilah Lemieux.
Executive, writer,
and, most importantly,
black person.
Jamilah, what is Black Twitter?It’s just really an extension
of how we communicate in our neighborhoods,
in our barbershops, in our churches, in our schools.
It is our village. Think of Black Twitter
as Harlem.Black folks made it cooland now white people
are trying to move in.
What we do on social media
and, of course, we over-index and use it more than anybody
else and we use it on mobile, which means
we have it, you know, by our side 24 hours a day. WOOD:That’s right–
while we make up just 12%
of the U.S. population,25% of American Twitter users
are black.
And they’re three times more
likely to post daily on Twitter
than white people.
But that’s not the only reason
Black Twitter’s important.And if anybody can back it upit’s a brother wearing a hoodie
and a Kangol, Elon James White.
One of the major parts
of-of “Black Twitter” is the ability
to force a conversation that un…
otherwise would be ignored. #OscarsSoWhite
made the Oscars more black. You got Ferguson,
Black Lives Matter, Bring Back Our Girls… Ferguson,
when it first happened– Mike Brown getting shot–
I knew about that before it hit the news
because I was seeing tweets from St., uh, St. Louis
and Ferguson that his body
hadn’t been picked up yet. Movements that once
took weeks to mobilize can come together in mere hours. George Zimmerman, I believe, would not have been arrested
or-or tried at all were it not for Black Twitter. People love to say,
“Oh, if Dr. King had Twitter he would’ve
got more accomplished.” Would he? How do you know
he wouldn’t have just been up all night
arguing with trolls? (imitating woman’s voice):
Martin, come to bed.
Coretta, I can’t. Malcolm X
still poppin’ off at the mouth. I’ll snatch the bow tie
off his ass. Black Twitter is just as
complicated and nuanced as the black community itself.
Like, within Black Twitter you still have an
intellectual Twitter, you have academics and then
you have Hotep Twitter. Whoa! Everybody don’t like
to called a Hotep.According to The Root,
a Hotep is “a clueless parody
“of Afrocentricity, someone
who’s loudly, conspicuously
and obnoxiously pro-black,” but
I think that’s a little harsh.
I prefer to call these brothers
black enthusiasts. That’s why we got to be black, do black, shop black, buy black, date black, smoke blacks. And, of course,
you’ve got the Beyhive. -One of them twins ain’t even
Jay Z’s. -(door opens) Who’s talking about Beyoncé? LEMIEUX:
No Beyoncé slander
shall survive.She represents joyfor so many people,
particularly black women.
She’s on the wall withMartin, Malcolm, Barack,Beyoncé.WOOD:Black Twitter’s
also the place to keep up
with the latest fashion,
music and racial slurs.
Oof! I have been called every type of (bleep)
on the planet. “ER?” -“ER.”
“A?” -“A.”
-“AH?” -“AH.”
-“IGZ?” It’s types of (bleep)
I didn’t know existed until I got called them
on Twitter. Anybody can get it on
Black Twitter, even if you’re in the NFL Hall of Fame.
just ask Jerry Rice,who thought it was all good
to wear a fried chicken helmet
-in a Popeye’s commercial.
-LEMIEUX:I don’t thinkthere’s ever an excuse
for a chicken helmet.
You decide to put on
a chicken helmet, that’s between you and your god. Sometimes people
need to be shamed.Black Twitter has no qualmsabout calling anybody out.This is live footage
of Jerry Rice getting drug on Black Twitter. -(clamoring)
-Shame. (bell rings) Shame. And it’s not just people. Corporations try to be too cool
and they get on the wrong side
of Black Twitter all the timeby doing things like using
black slang to sell pancakes.
IHOP is one of those brands
that’s just done weird, like, “pancakes on fleek.” Pancake man! Pancakes on fleek! It’s like, you-you just
don’t throw “on fleek” behind something
and call that, you know, engaging with the culture. Here’s a general rule of thumb
to all corporations: if you wouldn’t say it
to a black person’s face, don’t tweet it. Boy, bye! Yass. Retweet to win. You wouldn’t say it,
don’t say it. Just shut up. Sh-Shut the f… WHITE:Black Twitter
challenges spaces of power
in a way that
we haven’t seen before. The black experience
in America is diverse. But, more importantly,
it’s vocal.So if you’re wondering
how to find Black Twitter,
it’s probably not for you.They should just give us
Twitter.We have appropriated Twitter.This is the first thing
that black people
have effectively appropriated
and made our own.
As long
as Black Twitter’s there, the fight for justice
just got a bit easier. -Appreciate it.
-Where’s my money? I gotcha. I know where you work, okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪ ♪

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  18. Please help me to understand how it is that not only reporting on but supporting and advertising for a specifically black only social media platform is not racist. If there were a white Twitter, which is not Twitter as we know it, as (I hope) you are aware, I and many other people would be outraged, and rightfully so.Hopefully I am not overestimating your followers' openness to possibly disperate opinions but I feel like this needs to be said and I can guarantee I am not the only one in this position. I have been a typically liberal centrist for my entire life and have been against Trump and everything about him since he first discussed running for president over a decade ago. I have been repeatedly proven correct in this prognosis. I live in the south and my proclivity to vocalize my opinions has not made me popular. I never thought I would say this, but unless someone is running who is not entirely dedicated to this belief that all white people are racist (regardless as to whether or not they are aware or pass any judgment based upon race) or privileged (regardless as to whether or not they are actually privileged with anything) and all of the crazy beliefs that go along, I honestly feel I have no choice but to either vote Trump or not vote at all for the first time. I just feel like people should be chosen for positions based upon merit, with all types of identity (racial, sexual, etc) being entirely irrelevant to almost every conversation. I am not racist I do not think I am better than anyone else or that skin color matters at all. I have been taught and I believe that everyone should "not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character" in the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and I believe this is a truly virtuous aspiration that we really need to look back upon. How did liberals go from attempting to abolish racism to actively proudly promoting it but believing it's perfectly acceptable because it's new target is supposedly those who once were the perpetrators (descendants). I want nothing more than to get Trump out of OUR white house but am terrified that by demonizing a large percentage of the population far left Democrats are giving many voters no choice by making them (the largest group of voters) either vote for the worst president in history or those who openly abhor them and blame them (entirely incorrectly) for all the world's problems… if this doesn't seem familiar from history classes we have failed entirely in learning from past mistakes. Like I said I really feel like this conversation needs to happen before campaigning gets into full swing and I really hope we can have it without personal attacks. I want nothing more than to have an honest and potentially extremely productive conversation.

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