Bpm’online bank sales demo video: CRM for banks and financial institutions

Bpm’online bank sales enables you to automate
the best practices for building sales in the banking sector. These processes take into
account the specifics and nuances of working with small, medium and large clients.
Bpm’online handles routine assignments that would otherwise take your staff hundreds of
hours. The system is capable of automating repeatable processes. This frees up your employees
to spend more time on your customers and improve your company’s communication with them.
You can easily work with bpm’online bank sales on a computer, tablet or smartphone.
Manage your leads, opportunities and contracts using best practice business processes. Analyze
every stage of your journey with the customer; from discovering the need to closing the deal.
Work with product catalogs, track financial indicators, receive information regarding
legal entities and individuals, and communicate with your colleagues with bpm’online bank
sales. Create a unified database of potential and
existing customers of your bank. Segment your customer database using the given
set of parameters to help your company operate efficiently.
In bpm’online bank sales, you can manage a full profile of a legal entity. Store contact
data and see the entire history of interactions with each customer. You can view the transactions
that have been made with the client, including active contracts, bank accounts and cards,
as well as opportunities and financial indicators. To view the information on all contracts or
financial indicators of all of your customers, go to the corresponding sections of the system.
Bpm’online bank sales has all the right tools for capturing and tracking leads.
Create leads manually or import lists of potential customers through a broad range of sources.
Let bpm’online bank sales automatically verify the data, create a new individual and
guide you through the process of lead management. Use lead pipelines and built-in section dashboards
to analyze statistics. Manage all opportunities in bpm’online bank
sales leveraging a single information environment. Continue working with opportunities by the
out-of-the-box best practice processes for corporate sales. At each stage, the system
prompts for the necessary steps that allow you to organize and simplify daily routine
operations. The closed deals are saved in the system as
signed contracts, which can be imported from your ABS.
Leverage the sales pipeline to analyze the bank’s performance at each stage. Assess
conversion between the stages, evaluate pipeline integrity and compare the pipelines of individual
representatives or departments. Automate key business processes using a powerful
yet simple visual process designer. Model processes in BPMN using preconfigured elements
for creating activities, working with pages, processing data, and invoking external services.
Regardless of the complexity and size of your bank’s product and service portfolio, be
certain you can store them all in bpm’online bank sales. Each product can match an unlimited
number of parameters: interest rates, terms, repayment schedules and many others.
Make sure your goals are achieved by easily planning sales volumes by account managers,
bank products or services. Get relevant statistics or selected indicators (for example, the number
of customers in a region or industry) displayed as charts and create list of the most important
information. Take advantage of the extended capabilities
for user interface customization. Go to the System Designer section, if you
need to setup workplaces, show or hide system sections for different user roles, or personalize
the application by adding your company logo or changing the color according to your corporate
style. Create documents based on section records
with predefined templates or add your own templates.
The Enterprise Social Network (ESN) enables employees to better engage, collaborate, and
share information. Make calls, manage email, approve contracts
and collaborate across the enterprise social network using the communication panel. All
notifications appear there as well, so you will not miss any important tasks or events.
Store articles, scripts, guidelines for new employees, document templates, presentations,
answers to frequently asked questions, and any other useful materials in the knowledge
base. Visit our Academy website to watch customization
tutorials and learn more about bpm’online bank sales.

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