100 thoughts on “BROKE? How to Get Started Trading Penny Stocks With Just $100

  1. Yes it's hard to come out of a pay check to paycheck reality for most of america. Look at the statistics. The title is misleading and instead of lifting people up giving knowledge and helping you immediately just put them down and say it cant be done. I am learning, to me stocks are just a gamble. I've never gambled, so I thought I'd throw down a small amount and start until I figured it out a little better, but still want to start. I was hoping to find some actually stock knowledge, not just putting people down who genuinely are trying to be more. No matter there financial status. Bad form.

  2. The better you are a trading, the less money you need to start trading.

    The least ive heard is 400 – 600 to start with. And thats if youre GOOD! I mean tim sykes level good.

    If youre not that good you need 3-5k or more to start.

  3. That was the least motivating video I have ever seen. No, not all broke people are jobless.

  4. Take it easy bro. Damn. Rub on my face ,,,, yeah, I need to get my act together,,,,,Am old already but I will try

  5. Don’t ever ever ever buy penny stocks ever. long term value investing only way to go save save save then find a good value stock

  6. Lmao this made my day like damn bro so harsh but so accurate all you have is time if your broke

  7. But Timothy, you didn't say how to trade with $100. You could have titled this you can't trade big with only $100. Lol

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  9. Tough love, well said. Sad but true.. i have been trading since beginning of this year and in 3 months almost wipe my $5,000 account.. i think my problem was that i thought i knew everything there was to know and in this "dirty" game that is just impossible.. moral of the story is learn trading and investing watch and study the markets

  10. Will fuck for food, females only. Satisfaction guarenteed or double your food back

  11. I watch several of your videos trying to get to the good parts but the good parts never come. You speak a lot but I haven't found the value. This video is just empty content and misleading as well. I heard about you from many people and they speak highly of you. I an a trader myself and just want to know what your about and learn some trading techniques. I dont mean to be rude but I really want to see what all the talk is about.

  12. Just got my trade and I'm looking for work college took its toll 😳 yes I'm broke and trying to figure out things for the future lol

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  14. Put a grand on it….fuck $100. Show motherfuckers you're not playing!!!!!

  15. What if you get everything you offer like videos and and stocks to trade and broke ?

  16. Yeah, OK. I'll be smart and not waste my time watching this trash 😀

  17. From crunchy ramen to sloppy sushi outta super model asshole. Lets get it!

  18. Always INVEST in YOUR PASSION, that's ALL you'll have at the END…

  19. You are an asshole….won't watch you cursing and insulting students.

  20. Ill get rich from this but the emotional impact of this verbal abuse will never heal…

  21. Thanks for the info, but is it just me or is he a completely insensitive dick when it comes to people starting off small. Saying that our lives are fucking shitty because we're starting from nothing? Whaaaat theeeeee fuuuuuck, man if he wants us to listen to him and watch his videos he should be more encouraging to his viewers and watch his fucking mouth in general.

  22. No can make money in Canada because when your trading every time you buy you pay $6.95 to buy and $6.95 to sell. Maybe I'm wrong but I know can't trade on robin hood in Canada. If I'm wrong please tell me, I just started trading in January and have of my money has gone to CIBC my bank and 1/4 to NICI, MATHEW McCall, mottlety, 3 other ones .I have learned the hard way

  23. So a single mom through loss, with disabled child, working my ASS OFF to somehow do everything and be everything my kids need – I'm broke because I don't work or just do what I need?? I AM trying to learn, which is why I am here to begin with. Instead I got insulted repeatedly and maybe somewhere in there was advice?

    Yeah. Douchbag. I wasted my 15min break on this moral crap-dump.

  24. i think my nefew asked me once are you a millionaire yet? he is 14 and he i think is a fan of yours. this was funny.
    i do options and some stocks, after bills i have to pay for someone i think i will start to learn. even if i am a millionaire which i ain't. i could learn so i won't make mistakes.

  25. Dude I have a job I'm useing my internet and I just was looking for stock tips damn

  26. I'm not THAT broke, no where near rich! Even making 100+ thousand a year, I STILL eat "ghetto chips" (dry, uncooked top ramen) lol. I dont care if I had a million in my account, they're good. One of those things I grew up on being poor and never let go of.

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  28. From experience, hitting rock bottom feels horrible. It is painful and humiliating. You hit it when you lose money you cannot a ord to lose. You hit it when you gamble away your savings. You hit it after you tell your friends how smart you are and later have to ask them for a loan. I hit rock bottom severally as a trader before Lukasz Wilhelm's IQD strategy gave me breakthrough. When I say it is the best strategy ever, its because there is not better word that best describes it. Look him up on google for contact info.

  29. Why are there so many trolls? Let's become pro's instead of ignorent foolish trolls.

  30. lol You talking out your ass Tim… but just for you to know i did turn that $100 investment into 6 digit figure it took time but after 8 months well worth it… I'd like to see you face to face and talk to me like you did on this video…

  31. Kinda started off with a false premise, yeah if you only have 100 dollars then the stock market probably isnt for you, a more accurate portrayal is someone on a budget that put together one hundred dollars then next month or the month after that put in another hundred, and in a year you may be up to 1000 or so, but yeah if that 100 dollars is the difference between you eating that day or not you should probably eat and I believe most people already know that

  32. Just another spoiled brat who got some money to start and now reminding you how broke you are Lol

  33. Came for a quick lesson in how to start trading penny stocks. Got educated on how poor people cant trade stocks. MF RELABEL YOUR VID

  34. I like your energy but your sense of humor sucks ppl may not be able to risk a 1000 dollars or more or something that has no guarantees but that doesnt make them a bump yesterday after I saw you on Steve Harvey I decided to what this was all about so I signed up for a new account today then I saw this video to get some insight but here's the thing it didnt make me want to trade stocks it may me want to commit suicide because apparently I dont have enough money to even try this or it made me want to take my buisness else where… but thanks 4 the encouragement

  35. Bold of you to assume I have 100 * cries in college student without any time for a job *

  36. I had to pause the video to laugh and to comment this 😂 that was a great start

  37. I came here expecting to learn, before I knew it I spent 5 in a half minutes getting insulted

  38. I can hear in agree with everything that hes saying. I guess that my point of confusion is that if you can turn $12000 into 1 million why can't you turn $100 into $1000 by trading up? Does this have to do with the fees associated with trading? I mean, there's applications like Robin hood w free trades. So I'm just wondering I guess I just don't get it.

  39. I like this piece crap!!!!! he's a freakin azz hole. my type trainer.100%

  40. 5:12 😂😂😂 Tim, you're a nut!

    Some hard truths, but truth none the less.

  41. I like this entertainment videos… they’re funny to watch…. poor, your shitty life, broke? Are you kidding me hahah xD I like your style of bringing reality.

  42. I'm motivated..I'm a beginner..what would you recommend on how to get started..books video..and your right

  43. His saying the right thing but damn this video's very negative as in the language used. But u understand his point Right?

  44. Watched the video over and over like he said and only definite advice I got was go eat sushi….

  45. Excuse me you rich prick 😉 I'm the working poor. Lol I'm a correctional officer we make shit!

  46. Dude I almost want to listen to this video every morning. you're basically describing what I have been doing for the last 5 months. Broke, Landscaping making lots of money and saving I have busted my butt with following you research research research knowledge is not power, the implementation of knowledge is power!!! Just as I am listening to youI am researching the stock that's about to pop in my opinion from my research, and looking at its growth and volume trading in the last couple of days, and the news about his new technology and contracts had just got, it's an affordable stock for me and I'm going to buy at least 30% of my total value that I have in my account if I said that right. But this video is dead on man! I did what I had to do to get this money. Craigslist odd jobs whatever. Quit drinking and partying.

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