Bronx Zoo Lion Encounter & Vladimir Putin’s Election Meddling Joke | The Daily Show

Let’s kick it off with the story that has been blowing up
online today. It involves a zoo,
a fence and a woman who’s seen The Lion King
way too many times. From the category
of lucky to be alive, take a look
at this video of a woman who crossed a safety barrier
at the Bronx Zoo here in New York and had
a close encounter with a lion. The animal kept to itself, but the zoo said
the woman’s action was unlawful and could have resulted
in serious injury or death. You got to wonder what
the lion’s thinking here. Oh, I know what
the lion’s thinking. He’s thinking, “What the (bleep)
are you doing, lady? There’s a lion in here.
Can you not see?” Actually feel bad for that lion, ’cause look how confused he is. He’s got that look
like when you’re not sure if you just walked
into the wrong bathroom. “Uh…” Actually, you know what I think
the lion was really thinking? The lion’s looking at her like,
“What are you doing? “You’re black. “You don’t need extra danger
in your life, lady. “What are you doing? “And what you’re doing right now “is technically
cultural appropriation. “This crazy shit
is for white people. “You shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t be here. Get out.” (cheering and applause) All right, moving on
to some international news. Vladimir Putin,
Russian president and man who thinks
The Notebook was a comedy. He has always denied meddling
in America’s 2016 election, but yesterday, he was asked
if he’s going to meddle in 2020, and his answer
was refreshingly honest. Is Russia, as Robert Mueller alleged, attempting to influence the 2020 elections
in the United States? Oh, you got to love that. Classic Russian sense of humor. You know, threats. Yeah, it’s just like,
“We’re sending you to Siberia. “Then after you living 40 years
in Siberia, “we’re like,
‘That was funny, right? Yes, funny.'” Actually, Putin is probably
the funniest guy in Russia, when you think about it,
’cause, I mean, it’s easier to joke around when you’re the only person
in the country not afraid of being killed
by Vladimir Putin. If you go on Russian Netflix, he’s got all the top
stand-up specials. Yeah. And his stand-up is great,
though. He’s just like, “Women die
from poisoning like this.” (grunts) “But men die
from poisoning like this.” (groans) “White people drive car
like this, but black people
do not live in Russia.”

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