Bryan Wilson, Texas Law Hawk on Ice: Christmas Commercial

(America the Beautiful) (Hawk Screech) Bryan Wilson, the TEXAS LAW HAWK Thanks Santa! Bryan Wilson the TEXAS LAW HAWK YEAH! HO HO HO (Christmas hip hop music) Yeaaaah, her egg nog was GREAT, YEAH! She sipped too much of that! Not on my watch! I’m gonna getcha Santa Clause To all a good night! Put the mistletoe down there Tail lights out. What’s in all the packages Santee Claus? I don’t know I don’t answer questions without my lawyer You don’t mind if I take a look? Might as well! I don’t consent to searches I’m searching em anyway How about no Yes sir, and I’m calling my lawyer Cmon man! (maniacal laughter) (Hawk screech) YEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWW! Uh oh. (carefree whistling) Always remember to remain polite, refuse consent to searches, and ask for your attorney instead of resisting AGHHHHHHH! Happy Holidays!

23 thoughts on “Bryan Wilson, Texas Law Hawk on Ice: Christmas Commercial

  1. Helped me understand more about my rights while getting a good laugh. A great american !!!

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