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Max: *exhales* I love Saturdays. No scheduled activities. No annoying campers. And best of all, no David or Gwen telling us what to do. Nikki: Yeah, I hate it when they do that. If I hear them say “Nikki, get down from there” or “Nikki don’t eat that bug” or “Nikki that’s an endangered-species” ONE MORE TIME. Neil: It’s just nice to have a break from all the weird hijinks and wacky adventures. I>almost

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  1. Anyone else notice that Neil and Neil were paired together. Just a thought.

  2. I know this came before stranger things lmao but i can't get over the fact that evil russians is a thing

  3. This is the show telling us what kid of paired parents everyone is going to be.
    Neil and SpaceKid: Over protective yet Sk is that parent trying to fix that.
    Preston and Nerf: Abusive to each other.
    Dolph and Erid: Cool yet irresponsible parents.
    Harrison and Nerris: Soon to be divorced.
    Max and Nikki: Unsure on what is best yet the best out of all.
    I am sorry for all the spelling errors on names!

  4. Dude Nerf and Preston is a perfect example of a abusive relationship wtf 💀

  5. Will someone tell my how the platypus got pregnant or did the father up and leave

  6. The more I see Nerris, the more I can psychologically relate to her. I IDENTITY AS ELFKIN!!!!!

  7. So were just gonna ignore the fact that the two magic kids are paired up 3:40

  8. Wait are the pairs supposed to reflect their parents and how parents affect parenting styles?
    Like okay, more obviously is Max and Nikki, who's parents are shown to be at least slightly negligent. Max parents like his own parents, and Nikki doesn't want to be like her parents so she shows the egg lots of affection.
    Moving on to Preston and Nurf, Preston might represent the kids that grow in abusive households that grow to be passive and anxious, and Nurf the kids that contiue the cycle of domestic abuse.
    So here is when the theory kinda falls apart but
    It's kind of obvious that Niel and space kid are supposed to be helicopter parents, but I think this one is more than their parents. Space kid dropped the egg when he first got it, a metaphor for losing the child, and it affects Neil so much that he feels the need to protect the child at all costs.
    So Arid (I have no idea how to spell it and I'm to lazy to look it up I'm sorry) and dolf represent the cool parents, and how that parenting style can backfire by giving your child to much freedom. They might be this way because, and this isn't really represented in the show, their own parents were slightly protective, and they, like Nikki want a different upbringing for their egg.
    Nerris and Harrison have different ideas on what their egg wants and that pressure makes it break but I'mma be real for a second idk anything about that last one, I'm no psychologist this is all just a theory.
    So, is this about parenting types and how parents affect those types? To be honest I don't think we have enough information on their homelives to come to a definitive conclusion. So the answer is I think so? There's either a possibility that it is or I'm reading to much into it.

  9. Max: How do you think we turned out so Fn©l<ed up?!
    Me: that is a very good question.

  10. 10:53, I'm with Max here, the egg F**KING RAN OFF?!
    Also, this is basically a Max x Nikki shipisode 😛

  11. Am I the only one who ships nickie and max I just think there cute together lol

  12. I feel like max is a self aware character that read everyone’s script before hand and is uninspired

  13. Max says “huh?” Not bc he’s confused because he is abused and neglected and he doesn’t know what love is 😕

    Also lowkey Bill Cipher is gonna hatch out of Harrison's Egg, the one that broke was a fake and he ended up in gravity falls

  14. When Cameron Campbell questioned Nerris's gender that's the majority of the fandom

  15. If you were wondering what I was doing during all this, I was practicing my smiling and getting ready for the next camp activity!

  16. “The Russians are offering to help out, but you never want to owe a debt to those guys”
    Vera 0_o

  17. 11:17–11:20
    "Oh. our boy. Our beautiful boy."

    I laughed so hard at this, i'm a horrible human being😃

  18. Спасибо за субтитры
    "До свидания"

  19. Did anybody hear " we could just droopp it off at a summer camp for 3 months. and let strangers care for it." -max
    " Don't be silly max! That's an awful idea." – nikki
    is it just me or? is max openly telling people his problems but nobody is taking him seriously.

  20. I used to wonder. What is max? But I'm pretty sure hes Mexican or Indian

  21. Max: We could just send it to a summer camp and have strangers take care of it for three months

  22. They’re different types of parents.
    Nikki and Max: First time parents
    Neil and Space Kid: Overprotective Parents
    Ered and Dolph: The Cool Parents
    Nerf and Preston: Domestic Abusive Relationship
    Nerris and Harrison: Divorced parents fighting for custody

  23. "We could just send it to a summer camp and have strangers take care of it for three months."
    Me: Whoa there Max, that's some great salt

  24. Was I the only one to notice at 06:45 that Max was about half a-feet to Nikki. Literally as close as possible then at 06:48. He all the sudden slid away a little bit further?

  25. I kinda like how they act like parents and have 2 pairs of boys 🏳️‍🌈👁👄👁

  26. Can everyone stop for a moment and think about this, at around 4:36 Max was genuinely confused. He probably thinks that neglect is normal because his parents neglected him. The only spark of love he felt of them is when he has Mr. Honeynuts.

  27. I love how each pair of students represents a different type of abusive parents-

    This show is just as funny as it is depressing and I dont know how to feel about that part

  28. Neal-max is right nickie, just leave it alone.
    Max- god damnit….

  29. “We could just send it to a summer camp and have strangers take care of it for three months”


  30. looks at bank account

    Huh that’s strange I suddenly feel LesS RiCh

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