100 thoughts on “CANON’s SALES ARE WAY DOWN… WHY?

  1. No hate here lets just have an orderly discussion about why this could be? Do you think smartphones are really taking over completely?

  2. They should've been more proactive. I love Canon color science and would switch back if they could compete but nothing matches the Sony lineup for combo photo/video shooting. Canon can't touch the A7III, and I don't even use that! As far as I'm concerned, the best bang for my (considerably thrifty) buck is the a6500 right now.

  3. While Panasonic, Sony and Fuji were advancing, Canon remained stagnant and took waaay to much time to even jump in there with the competition.

  4. No camera manufacturer will put all features in one camera. Sony a7iii has shitty evf and low end screen, compared to a9 and a7Riii. Fuji xt3 doesn't have ibis. Gh5s doesn't have ibis.
    Every camera manufacturer is crippling their line up, but canon is the villain here because they are the biggest brand.

  5. And this came to my phone this morning

  6. Their claim about smart phones sounds like such bs. I just bought my first panasonic camera because my smart phone was taking amazing pictures, but made me want to push it further because I realized it's limitations. How many people realized through their smart phone that they want to get into photography who otherwise would have never gotten into it? I've never heard of a photographer saying "I switched from my Canon to my galaxy". Usually it's "I switched from my galaxy to my first panasonic /Sony camera".

  7. I haven't seen much of Canon in other products besides cameras and printers/scanners, so it may not just be cameras they're down on, personally I see a lot more Nikon and Leica glass in microscopes etc.

  8. I also switched to Sony. Hurt up front due to the Canon lens investment but at the end Im glad I did.

  9. Canon and Nikon sales are down because many people jumped to Sony and other makers.

  10. Peak stuff, millions of cheap DSLR's and MILC's in the used market. The companies have screwed themselves with their mass market strategies.

  11. canon is crap , I bought the M50 and the quality of my a6000 xavcs raw was better than the m50 4k .

  12. for music videos I use a evo gimbal gen 2 and my a6500 the quality could rival a red lol my videos are better than the people in my city that rent reds . the artist always choose me over them

  13. First – I am a Canon fan. My first cameras were Canon. But as for their video lineup… eh it needs work. Their form factor on the C200/C300 cameras are awful compared to cameras like the FS7 that are easy to rig for shooting without an insane amount of expensive accessories. I also have a big issue with the C200 (have one at work) in their refusal to include a different codec – Cinema RAW Lite is terrible compared to the likes of what other companies offer for in-camera recording. Heck – my GH5 can do V-Log All-I 10-bit! Their excuse that they don't want to take away from the C300 MKII market is nonsense – that camera should be 6K or higher by now and the MKI should have already been 4K. Canon is just behind everyone else and loosing market share.

  14. It feels like to me Cannon has no set direction with their camera line up, the have so many different cameras and all of them are missing something. They could have really knocked it out fo the park with the EOS-R if they just would have included full frame 4k and IS, but they didn't. They seem to keep leaving just enough out to make people jump ship so Sony. I have an 80D and really wanted to upgrade, but they really just dropped the ball with the potential for the EOS-R. I think they should make less camera bodies and make each one the absolute best for its category. They've got to stop holding back the features that people actually want.

  15. Canon is too stubborn to counter the A7M3 and everyone knows the Sony is the perfect 5Dm2 successor. The A7M3 is just perfect – or at least perfect enough to please everyone.

    And this is BS! The camera market may be declining, but not for the A7M3. It’s the best selling camera there is.

  16. Those waiting for a pro mirrorless camera were disappointed in the EOS R and either still waiting or went to Sony. Canon are selling the M50 really well.

  17. That looked a lot like the red hill valley trail in Hamilton. 🤙

  18. Photography? everyone is trying to make money with ADS on Youtube…..just look at yourself?

  19. I think you are spot on about it not being so much smartphones, but more people doing real video than ever before. I have been a Canon shooter for most my life and even I ended up switching to the Nikon Z6 simply because of the video features for the money. I still love the product line, Its just that Canon is way too far behind everyone else in feature rich video at the moment.

  20. I was with Canon for 40 years, but for two years I struggled with my favourite lens, the 17-55, razor sharp, an L lens by any other name. It was perfect on the 40 and 60D but once the 70 and 80D came out, unless used in liveview it was hit and miss. Live view was perfect. Canon even told me the 70D was meant really to be used in live view only….yeah right? Insulting to say the least. I heard people were going over to Sony, didn't pay much attention to that, then one day someone I looked up to did, so then I started to think. Result. I have a song 7iii with a 24-70 and it's fantastic. I still use a canon 7dII with a 10-22 and 70-200, but once that wears out, it will be switched over to sony. Canon felt they could force you to buy upgrades by holding back on stuff, and didn't want to admit that the 70 and 80 were not always backwards compatible with the 17-55. So that was it, they lost me. Do they care, well now it's hitting them in the pocket they might, but few will switch back.

  21. Nailed it. They stopped innovating and started coasting and resting on their laurels.

  22. In general, the entire point and shoot camera market is shrinking. Smartphone took this market. Canon is hurting so are others. In a few years, there will be two less camera companies. Nikon is a target. Remember when Sony bought Minolta?

  23. Canon being one of the big two (Sony is the other) that make camera sensors for the industry are by no means oblivious to the trends in the industry. As a matter of fact ALL of the opinions by all of us were formed with limited knowledge of trends,sales,failures etc. Canon on the other hand has super in-depth knowledge, statistics, and sales information not just for one store but worldwide and you can be sure that a corporation as big as them have and will always make decisions that are in their best financial interests. (Tin foil hat on now) I believe that these huge companies cooperate so that they maintain a controlled balance and the consumer has no choice in the matter. My prediction is that canon will continue to be one of the two largest prosumer manufacturers and their permanent place in the industry is well protected. If you don’t believe me remember that Sony makes sensors for Nikon,Panasonic Hasselblad. As Hasselblad mentioned everybody uses Sony sensors because you have to!

  24. I can't believe that 6 minutes in you haven't mentioned Fujifilm at all. Mind the gap though 🙄

  25. A little dip is not the end of the world. Canon is still the highest selling camera brand by far

  26. bubble tea is my jam. But those tapioca balls are like pure carbs. I usually get with aloe

  27. I wonder if someone, somewhere, might have a video of the Canon Boardroom discussion about what features they should NOT employ in their new cameras? Anybody come across something like this???


  28. Canon's big failure, three lens mounts. If we (canon users) have to buy new glass, it gives us an opportunity to change systems….. like to Sony. And by the way… lens adapters such.

  29. don't even have to watch the video but being in sales and marketing I can tell you why: Slow to innovate, prices too high for the small improvements made to new camera bodies. Canon fucked themselves with their own arrogance..

  30. Honestly it's a perfect storm of a contracting market, the move from DSLR to mirrorless on the pro end being seen as the future but not the right now for everyone, and canon just not bein competative on nearly every camera they sell.

    Ultimately less people need a dedicated camera, many that do are in a hold and wait place with new form factors and mounts, and those that are looking to buy dot have a lot of reason to choose cannon.

    THe video thing is big, but a lot is just youtube bias. Cannon can double down on photography… trouble is they're not even doing that to any noteworthy level right now.

  31. Please, think about the influence you have.
    Recycle or better, stop using those single use plastic things

  32. Didn’t even consider canon when looking to buy my professional photography gear. Went with Fuji and couldn’t be happier. Canon couldn’t even put dual card slots on the eos r?

  33. I believe Canon's downfall was being to comfortable and falling behind in marketing when their competitors were ramping it up. I myself will stay faithful to Canon, and in turn, myself.

  34. ERROR 99……..ERR 99…… Look up on YouTube….. CANON ERR 99……. THAT'S WHY THERE SALES ARE DOWN
    they are not dependable……..

  35. Not surprised at all.. they have become the "apple" of cameras.. cropped 4k .. no full hd 120 fps.. no ibis in eos r.. compare it with a7iii.. it has much more to offer for lesser price.. even the autofocus is better in sony.. the one thing canon was known for.. a7iii has become the best camera of 2018.. it could have easily been canon.. only if someone has already invested in canon wld he buy canon cameras again.. otherwise people are moving to sony and fuji.

  36. The fact that it is getting harder to make money out of photography is a factor as well.

  37. Canon could reclaim their former glory by sticking a built in variable ND filter in a sub-$2k mirrorless. No one else has done that yet.

  38. Matti. I want to be serious for a second. Can you wear some g'damn sunglasses or something? You squint so hard I feel bad for you. Squinty squintersons.

  39. You could wait til Canon does something, or you could just use the Z6 you raved about. 🙂

  40. Sony is getting ripped by blackmagic and fuji..
    Canon is in 2015..!!
    We want 4k60p no crop. Goof AF,
    10bit 422, ibis, flipscreen, hlg.

    There is no secret.. We want it for 1500$ not for 5000$

  41. It's simple, Canon are trying too hard to protect their Cinema EOS line by holding off video features ob their DSLR cameras but they fail to understand that it's two very diffrent consumers that would need and/or buy each camera. In my opinion better eat your own market share by overpowering your cameras with features than letting other companies do it.

  42. I had a friend who works at Canon and told me that the engineers stopped working on cool video features for a lot of cameras because Magic Lantern already do it for free – apparently that's the strategy… some dumb exec though that by some magic, not doing anything and letting another company hack their camera was gonna make them sell cameras without having to implement the video functions directly into their own firmware.
    It's absurd. They went from the 5D mark II and the 1DC (first 4K DSLR, best image from any DSLR period, IMHO, SO filmic) sabotaging their own products. It's SO fucking LAZY!!! :O Why didn't they HIRED people from Magic Lantern?!!! I just want to find who took this decision and smack them in the face real hard. Gosh. WHY

  43. I have been trying to buy a 80D……it was like $1600 not so long ago. Now I have fund it for $695, but I'm not sure if I still want it though.

  44. I'll still shoot my 5Diii professionally.. but recently was looking into buying an aps-c .. I looked at Canon first because of the glass I already have.. but $1,000 for an 80D ??? or used 7Dii??? I couldn't do it.. what Fuji is offering at the same price or less is much more exciting and makes the Canons seem like dinosaurs .. I don't know how many Canons I've bought over the years.. more than 20.. but this time I went for the Fuji X-T1 (hasn't arrived yet)

  45. Because my 1Ds Mk3 is still a fantastic camera and still delighting my clients LOL

  46. Is "it looks to be that Canon sales are falling" a factual statement or are facts not important on youtube?

  47. Canon blames the slow down of the economy, hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay in this dream, stupid Canon!

  48. Honestly it's sad to hear that they publicly announced the reason for their decline in sales is for "poor economy", "the euro losing value", etc. That is them making excuses and not realizing that they are in fact the sole reason why their sales are going down. If they don't realize it and own that they have been slacking now, that only means it will only be a longer delay until Canon does something innovative again. And we all need that competition as consumers.

  49. 5d used to be my dream camera but after seeing Sony's mirror less full frames who wants that bulky ass DSLR.. no thx.

  50. Love the inside car shot man
    It’s no surprise about canon if only they read the comments over the last few years

  51. Without watching your video yet… because everybody has already a camera. I for example will not buy any camera in the next 5y and the 5d2 i kept for more than 5y.

  52. And as Tony Northrop said camera makes also need to make sharing the photos easier. I have to download my pics to my pc then upload them to Facebook etc.
    It should be easy just like a mobile phone

  53. I'll never buy Canon again!

    I bought a new Canon 1100D In England. Afterwards I bought a new Professional 70-300mm lens from China. Within about one month I was looking throught the view finder and I saw a cloud of dust just appear and land on the focus plate. I took the camera back who sent it to Canon UK to be cleaned. But dust went on the new focus plate within a few minutes of opening the box and trying it. Canon cleaned it again. Dust was already on the focus plate before I even opened the packaging. Canon cleaned the camera quite a few times. But no matter how careful I was and how clean everything was, the focus plate was always full of dust. Once Canon UK even bent the hot shoe. They also cleaned a spec out of the new pro 70-300mm lens. I sent them the camera and the lens to be cleaned. I got the camera which was only clean for a few days. But they sent the lens back with a damaged iris.

    Because of this the camera kept trying to focus. But Canon UK would NOT repair, replace or refund the lens they damaged. They said I have to send it back to China. So I sent the lens back to T-Dimension in China who said there's nothing wrong with it. Their proof was to send a video of someone repeatedly pressing the shutter button to hide the fault.

    It took T-Dimension over 1 year and 8 months to give me my money back with confirmation from Canon UK that the lens was damaged, after going on Facebook.

  54. I lost a few clients because one of their requests was someone who could do both photography and videography. 
    My precious portfolio wasn't enough! So now I moved to the Sony system from Nikon.

  55. Personally I wish I could get a digital camera that doesn't have video capabilities. I have zero interest in video.

  56. It's because they done gotten too slick for their own good. Come out with a new camera with this philosophy, "Give em 7 new features and then strip out another 4 features." That way they can come out with a line of 4-6 different useless models.

  57. Pretty much just lost their market share to Sony. Smartphones are cannibalizing some camera sales, but in the end, Canon isn’t able to keep their market share within the market that’s still left.

  58. Because they've failed to innovate and have released the same rewashed versions of their DSLRs for years and their consumer base has finally realized it 🤷‍♂️

  59. planning for 1dx mark 2 .. still worth that amount of money ???

  60. In some way, Canon is in the same position as Apple. Both used to innovate and both stopped it to just collect money. Now both are faced with how to deal with innovations created by other companies. I do not believe that Canon believes that their future is in cameras.

  61. ATG was correct all along, "You can not survive by making it for the few. Make for beginners and amateurs are the right directions on cell phones, tablets and Sony A7r III like.

  62. They remind me a little of how Nokia handled the new smartphone market. Milking their products for too long and then letting others beat them and still never moving on what the market wanted. It looks to me like Canon forgets to make cameras that fit the market. I recently bought a Canon 5D Mark IV and honestly, after trying a friend's latest Sony camera, I am pretty close to switching. Just the fact that most Canon bodies don't even have IS is surprising.

    It is too easy and absent-minded to just brush it off as due to smartphones etc. Sounds like the team doesn't want to take responsibility for actually not being able to read the market and make products that fit the 2019 market. But I guess this is also the typical textbook business element where old companies with no outlook "suddenly" gets overtaken by the new kids on the block that understands the new market needs. Circle of business life 🙂

    I hope they get back in the game as I still prefer the feel of Canon over the other brands but if the technical use of it keeps being this much behind and more expensive then I think it ends up as a new NOKIA Story.

    Best of luck to you at @Canon – show us that you are up for the challenge! 🙂

  63. Cannon CEO must not complain why sales are down. Build a better product and do not build crap that is very expensive and breaks so easily.
    Do NOT complain.

  64. Am I the only one that stopped the video when matti said “I love boba”! 😂 jk

  65. Canon should reduce their mid range camera price. Agreed with your review.

  66. To be honest, other than professionals, how many want to lug 1dx2+70-200f2.8? That’s like weight lifting.

  67. 🤔 Canon… "canon-balizing" to their own death??

    Cant tell you how many powershot digital cameras I started out with..switched to a Nikon dslr then switched to Sony 6500 2 yrs ago. Still in love w/mirrorless ♡ prbly will graduate to a FF but not anytime soon 😊

  68. totally agrees with you. canon blames smartphone but the truth is lack of innovation, refusal on mirror-less camera in the early days and the famous canon way of cutting lower end product features all lead to the growth of sony and panasonic to becomes monster and giant in the camera market…… nikon has this to blame also ……

  69. Keep using Canon cameras. Yourself contribute to their down fall in some ways

  70. Because they are not giving their customers any value. The lower end Sony and Lumix cameras are loaded with features. You have to spend $6000 to get the equivalent with Canon…

  71. It took you 2min 19 sec just to get to the subject, you may want to rethink this or not

  72. Dear CANON: Here’s your answer….. BUILD A VLOGGING CAMERA for a reasonable price! Talk to people like Matti and Pete McKinnon, but what will kill the competitors is good un-cropped 4K, high res video with High Frame Rates (we want 120fps), built in ND filters and IBIS so we can use our non IS prime lenses without needing gimbals or software correction. BOOOM!!! EOS R mk II 👍

  73. I am sick of canon. I love their equipment but.. they lock half the features out so you have to buy half of their products to get features of sony or panosonic. I personally am fed up. I will be switching in near future.

  74. Matti can I Pleeeeaaassee hang out with you for a day?
    To learn from you would be so Fanatically Awesome!

  75. Awesome video! I absolutly enjoy it. Continue like this and have a glance at mine if you feel like it. =)

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