Cardi B Brawls with Nicki Minaj & Elon Musk Gets High with Joe Rogan | The Daily Show

Big news over at CBS,
where one of its longest running shows
just got cancelled. Breaking overnight, one of
the most powerful men in the entertainment industry
is out. Les Moonves stepping down as the chairman and CEO
of CBS. His departure coming just hours
after more women came forward to accuse him
of sexual misconduct. TV REPORTER:
Reporter Ronan Farrow says the incidents took place
between the 1980s and the early 2000s. In a statement, CBS said the
network will donate $20 million to organizations that support
the #MeToo movement, and equality for women
in the workplace. Wow, Les Moonves. Arguably, the most powerful
executive in television is officially out. And when you read through
the latest report, like, you can see why. He’s been accused
of sexually harassing and assaulting women
for 30 years. And it’s everyone,
from his massage therapist, all the way to other executives. Like, his harassment had more
range than CBS’s programming. It’s like,
how about a young version of the same white guy? Yeah. And also, and also, it’s just
not believable to me that no one else at CBS knew he
was doing this for 30 years. Like, really? No one knew? They’ve got so many detectives
working there. You’re telling me Horatio
couldn’t figure this shit out? They can solve a murder in an
hour, but they can’t figure out who’s the guy in the hallway
with his pants down? Like, here’s my pitch,
they need to start a new one: CSI: CBS, that’s where they do
all the cases in the building. Moving on. If you’ve invested your money
with Elon Musk, your stock might be going up
in smoke. Tesla stock took a dive after its chief accounting
officer quit, and CEO Elon Musk appeared
in a video that’s raising some eyebrows. Musk appeared to smoke pot
with comedian Joe Rogan during his popular podcast
late Thursday. Musk asked if it was legal
before he took a puff. The interview took place in
California, where it is legal. What the hell
is Elon Musk doing? I mean, like, first we heard
reports that he was doing meth, and now he’s getting high
on camera? And also, how do you even know
if Elon Musk is high, because even when he’s sober,
he’s like, “You know what we should do,
we should go to Mars.” Like, wouldn’t it be great if
when Elon Musk gets high, his high ideas
are just normal thoughts. Like, he gets high and he’s
like, “You know what? I should wash my dishes
after I eat.” In other news, it’s
New York Fashion Week, the time of year when you try
to figure out who’s homeless, and who’s putting on a show,
yeah. There’s people running around,
like, “Where did you get that? I’ll pay $1,000 for that.” It’s like,
“Oh, I’m homeless.” “Oh, I don’t have any money,
I’m sorry.” Well, anyway, this year’s
Fashion Week might be the most dramatic one yet. Fiery words were exchanged
between rappers Cardi B and Nicki Minaj
over the weekend. TV REPORTER: This scuffle
between rival rappers captured by TMZ, included
hair-pulling and shoe-throwing. It took a large group of
security to separate the two, with Cardi B eventually being
escorted out of the star-studded event
with a large welt -above her eye. Look at that.
-TV REPORTER 2: Ooh. Goddamn, look at that bump. And you know the crazy thing is,
Cardi B is such a trendsetter, now everyone is sporting
head bumps. It’s the new thing
everywhere you go. And can I also say
I’m also proud of how much rap
has evolved, right? Female rappers are trying to
beat each other in the streets, and the men are on stage
hugging each other like, “I love you Meek.”
“I love you Drake. Emotions, emotions.”

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