Carol Bagaric: Diploma of Visual Merchandising

Carol Bagaric: My name is Carol Bagaric and
I’m from AUSVM. We are a visual merchandising company based here in Sydney and operate nationally
across the country. What we do at AUSVM is we provide retail visual
merchandising solutions to retailers of all shapes and sizes across the country. As a visual merchandiser it is my job to organise
product in such a way that it encourages customer interaction and purchase. In 1999 I decided to enrol into TAFE. It was
a Window and Retail Presentation course. It went for one year and this is where it all
began for me. The course was great in the sense that the
teachers were very knowledgeable. So they were coming with 20, 30, 40 years experience
and it was literally one story after another. If I had my time again I’d want to be a student
right now. The course back from ’99 has absolutely grown. There just seems to be across the board
a lot more detail. At AUSVM we take quite a few students on board
for work experience. We have a very close working relationship with Kerry Little, Head
Teacher there at TAFE Ultimo. She educates the students and then sends them off to us
for 6-8 week placements or work experience placement programs, and all these guys have
a great opportunity to just jump in and hands-on and actually do the work. So everything that
they’ve learnt about at TAFE implemented in a real working environment. The end result
is very glamorous and this is where I think people get tripped up a bit. It always looks
great. All the mannequins around a shopping centre at midnight dressing — there’s nothing
glamorous about it. I would absolutely recommend for students
to study at TAFE Ultimo, do the course. If you’re wanting to gain insight and understanding
to what visual merchandising is all about, that really is the first step there.

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  1. Great post. Is it just me or is the music overpowering the voiceover ? I wish the audio levels were designed differently.

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