Celebs Who Asked For More Money And Then Got Fired

An actor’s monetary value is a shadowy concoction
calculated according to who’s doing the appraisal. In other words, it’s complicated, and there
are risks to asking for a raise. For the actors on this list, risking it all
for a larger piece of the pie sent them home hungry. Broken Bond Before making 1967’s You Only Live Twice Sean
Connery was vocal about not only his boredom with the Bond franchise, but his dissatisfaction
with his compensation. Connery signed on to You Only Live Twice for
$750,000, plus a 25 percent share of merchandising. Producers reportedly knew that wouldn’t satisfy
Connery next time, so they set out to find a new star. Enter George Lazenby. “I’ve got you now.” “Well enjoy yourself.” Producers used Lazenby as a bargaining chip
with Connery, but if their goal was to get Connery to settle for less, it didn’t work. When it came time to negotiate for Connery’s
involvement in the next Bond film – 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Connery
reportedly demanded a cool million, plus a percentage of the gross. As a result, Lazenby was hired as the new
James Bond for a $50,000 salary. Lazenby’s tenure only lasted the one film
however. United Artists lured Connery back to the role
for 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever with the promise to back two other films of Connery’s choice. “They told me you were assassinated in Hong
Kong.” “Yes, this is my second life.” Diamonds Are Forever proved to be Connery’s
last Bond Film. In 1973’s Live and Let Die, he was replaced
with Roger Moore. Tank glitched the Matrix The saga of Marcus Chong – son of comedian
Tommy Chong and the actor who played the operator Tank in the first Matrix film– is strange
enough to make you wonder which color pill you took before hearing it. After the success of The Matrix, the film’s
creators set their sights on two sequels. When the Wachowskis reached out to Chong to
reprise his role as operator Tank, they reportedly offered him $250,000, but Chong wanted a million. According to Entertainment Weekly, Chong’s
lawyer delivered an ultimatum to the Wachowskis in a letter, with a truly bizarre negotiation
strategy. He decreased his asking price to $500,000
for appearing in Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, but said that alternatively he
would do the movies for free. Chong wrote, “I will do it for free because I love our
project and want to protect the role and the integrity of the brothers’ vision.” Rather than give him a pay bump or take him
up on his offer to work gratis, the Wachowskis removed Chong from the franchise altogether. “You believe that you are special. That somehow the rules do not apply to you. Obviously, you are mistaken.” In the aftermath Chong was arrested for verbally
threatening the filmmakers, and later unsuccessfully sued the Wachowski’s production company Eon,
Warner Bros., and AOL Time Warner for breach of contract, slander, and fraud. Walking away Lauren Cohan’s character, Maggie, was a staple
on The Walking Dead for almost a decade. “Not Marsha. Not Dear. Not Honey. Maggie. Maggie Rhee.” But when Cohan entered negotiations to return
for the show’s ninth season, things apparently didn’t go very well. Cohan didn’t get into specifics about the
negotiations while talking to Entertainment Weekly in November 2018, instead saying that
she was surprised the negotiations took a bad turn and that she chose to take it as
a message, “I took that, how baffled I was, and thought,
‘Okay, well that’s a sign. This is maybe just not a fit anymore.'” Once Cohan started looking elsewhere she had
no shortage of offers. Ultimately, she signed on for ABC’s Whiskey
Cavalier. Her farewell to The Walking Dead marked a
big departure from the show’s comic book source material. However, just like the living corpses on the
show, Cohan’s character could return in the future. Separate and NOT equal Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park were with Hawaii
Five-0 since the very beginning of the rebooted CBS series in 2010. After seven years on the show, the pair exited
amidst a contract dispute in 2017. So what’s the deal? Well apparently, there was no deal. According to Variety, Kim and Park were searching
for equal pay to stars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan. CBS wouldn’t budge and settled with a final
offer that was reportedly 10 to 15 percent lower than what O’Loughlin and Caan were getting. Ultimately, CBS wrote Kim and Park off the
show in Season 8. Though the network released glowing statements
about the departing stars, Park was not thrilled when showrunner Peter M. Lenkov fired off
a tweet suggesting she left the series to focus on family. Park told Deadline, “I let him know, ‘That wasn’t cool that you
made a statement on my behalf.’ […] I know he did it to be helpful, and
I care about Peter as a person, but I didn’t leave for that reason.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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100 thoughts on “Celebs Who Asked For More Money And Then Got Fired

  1. 10 to 15% less of what you asked for is not bad. Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, both made mistakes. They could still be on a steady gig in Hawaii.

  2. Grace Park…….I could make a meal out of her body……. 😌!

  3. Lauren Cohan didn't get fired. She asked for more money and at first they said no, then they made an offer which she refused….so cohan waited it out until the show had no choice but to say yes otherwise they would have had to explain why her character just disappeared…. but she already had another deal with a new TV show getting the money that she wanted. they were holding out just like insurance companies do. The word is she'll be back but only part-time. completely different from getting fired know your facts before you post

  4. There is nothing called free in movies. Movie actors get paid loyalties for amount if sales. At least the Star Wars actors do. That's why if you are ever in Star Wars movie you are set for life baby.

  5. Maggie is beyond the Walking Dead that is their loss.She is on fire in Hollywood

  6. Wait they fired Maggie ? After all she's been through ? Ungrateful bas…. wait she wanted how much ? "Can somebody get me Oprah on the phone ? I'll show Maggie's ass something " . 😎✌

  7. Grace Pa..dumb move to leave a paying job on a hit show where they offer you a raise. So Foolish. Probably misguided feminist feelings. Not like people stopped watching the show when you left…

  8. Doesn't matter if you're a celebrity or not…. you decide to demand a raise, you best be willing to leave if you don't get it. I worked with a guy who told me ahead of time he was going to the boss and demand a raise or he'd quit. He was in the office for probably 10 minutes. When he came out he said he didn't get the raise. I asked him when his last day was. He said, "I didn't quit." No he didn't and because of that, management knew they had him. He never got another raise and he stayed in the same position forever. If you're going to make a threat, you best be willing to carry it out.

  9. Maggie wasn't a loss since they destroyed the character in season four, when she lacked any concern for finding her sister even after finding out she was still alive. That was the worst screen writing ever. A close second would be in season five or six when Tara was hanging from a fence getting headshots on walkers twenty five to thirty feet away and then didn't want to risk shooting the wolf dude in the following episode who was much closer.

  10. Sean Connery did make another James Bond film 12 years later. It was called "never say never again."

  11. Lauren Cohan asked for too mutch money and now she is no longer in the Walking Dead

  12. I wonder when I will be able to say those millions aren't enough lol

  13. Anyone else noticed how the "katana" bends when it hits the floor at 0:18? Guess they didn't have money for good props

  14. That girl left Walking Dead for that god awful show Whiskey Cavalier??

  15. Maggies future is in porn, The Fucking Dead

    btw didn't watch Whiskey, does she show a bit more in this show? worth it?

  16. The Walking Dead was a stupid show to begin with the first season was okay but after that it was the same thing over and over and over again with just different characters I never understood the fascination with a dumbass show like The Walking Dead. I can only watch these idiots stabbing zombies in the head so many times before it just gets old

  17. I think there is an error I believe "Never Say Never Again" was the final time Sean Connery played James Bond.

  18. 1:14 Sean Connery's last BOND film was Never Say Never Again in 1983 please get your facts straight before you make a video cause you give out a whole lot of FALSE information!!!

  19. Solid (but nothing more) secondary characters thinking they are fuckin gods. So awesome to watch videos like this one.

  20. Sean Connery came back for Never say never again in the 80s…basics, get the facts right.

  21. If TWD can tolerate Rick leaving the show, everyone else is just a place holder.

  22. Lauren Cohan will be back on The Walking Dead!

  23. Instead of asking for a raise i just do half the work im supposed to. that way its like getting paid double. 👌😜

  24. And here i am willing to play a role for 60k lol these people ask wayy to much hahaahah

  25. Melina Kanakaredes who played Stella Bonasera on CSI NY got fired when she wanted more money.

  26. All these actors suck ass tho no need for them to ask for pay bumps 🤷‍♂️

  27. Yeah, the movies without Tank suck. Tank brought a lot to the first Matrix.

  28. Park and Kim of Hawaii O-5 got done dirty. Yes they asked for pay increase but only to match their co-stars which is reasonable as they were equals on the show.

  29. If they don't give me a raise when I ask them to, I just find another job and I make sure they know that now I am getting what I asked for.

  30. "Celebs who asked for more money because they were greedy and got canned ." fixed it.

  31. Matrix 2 and 3 were HORRIBLE – i would say Tank lucked out.

  32. An actors salary is not a shadowy concoction. SAG has guidelines and calculations are made according to screen time plus negotiations for experience. Just like any other job.

  33. Actors seem to negotiate by how big their ego is. Maybe we all should…and see how long we keep our jobs.

  34. Lauren Cohan didn’t get fired. She quit and now she’s coming back.

  35. Greedy actors trying to get money from greedy jewlywood haha.

  36. To Nicki Swift: Sean Connery's very last gig as Bond was in the non-Eon Productions 007 film Never Say Never Again in 1983.

  37. The Walking Dead TV show was good up until season 5 in my honest opinion, after that it became a bore. I'd personally rather play The Walking Dead games since they have a better story and well written characters such as Clementine, Lee & Kenny who are all badass in the story.

  38. I still think that On Her Majesty's Secret Service is one of the most underrated Bond films to date. I personally thought that it was one of the best Bond films. I'd personally say the worst was A View to a Kill since Moore was too old to be Bond. It was very awkward and weird when it came to the romance scenes since the Bond girl was so much younger than Moore.

  39. Play James Bond for $50.000?
    Chong,,, any relation ?
    Cohen,,,she helped ruin TWD
    see ya

  40. Actually, regarding Connery & Lazenby…The real reason Connery did not want to make 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' was because Connery thought that James Bond should NEVER fall in love or get married. He didn't believe in making a Bond love story, so he backed out of the film and was replaced with Lazenby. When it came time for the next Bond film, Connery was back on board, meaning since it was a 'true' Bond movie. It was during this movie ['Diamonds Are Forever'] that the whole salary issue came up. And that's when Connery was out, and replaced with Roger Moore for 'Live And Let Die'.

  41. Whiskey Cavalier is a feminist based man bashing hour long chick massage

  42. I just got so sick of my job…that I came in late at night at the building… loaded up everything…I had about a dozen appointments to see and sell…I was going to earn that money and leave…did it…came in on Friday…set all my equipment down…walked out…never felt better!

  43. Whisky wot lol hopefully she act's like her character and goes back to help the family that made her

  44. 500k or free lol that makes no sense. Who is this dudes manager asking for 1mil. Then 500k or free.

  45. Oh that's right. Lauren Cohen hasn't been in walking dead for a while

  46. In my opinion, celebs pay compensation it's too high being that the majority of them do not possess much of an education, most certainly they will work for much less if it was the only option presented. Actors like Tom Cruise should be compensated $200,000 per movie as the leading actor.

  47. what source you using? Connery came back in (1983) for never say never gain. a remake of on earlier bond film that was his last film

  48. DO YOUR RESEARCH…Diamond Are Forever was NOT his last Bond…..NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN 1983. Diamonds Are Forever was in 1971.

  49. "I know he was looking out for me, but i don't need him speaking for me."
    Typical woman. Guy tries to cover up the fact that you're a nobody who bitched about your pay, but you're ungrateful and throw a fit.

  50. I couldn't have been happier to never see Maggie's face on The Walking Dead anymore. I literally jumped for joy when I heard her character was gone.

  51. No, it wasn't Connery's last Bond film. Never mind. This is basic research stuff.

  52. You know you making a lot of money when you can afford to sue the movie industry

  53. gets paid 250k, not even 10 minutes screen time…demands one million…whatever he's smoking, it must be some expensive shit that he needs one mil to buy more…

  54. I think that they made a big mistake by not paying Lauren Cohen the money that she wanted. She is absolutely one of the best characters on The Walking Dead and they fully regret that. I don’t watch the show anymore because all the people that I personally cared about or on the show anymore. That’s what happens when they don’t invest properly in their actors.

  55. They weren’t even the main characters in Hawaii 5-O tho why would they get paid the same amount as the main characters it makes no sense

  56. funny what fame makes you do…. you start wanting more and more. I love Cohen but she already wants to be the highest paid actress and that is insane

  57. Lauren Cohan was not fired from TWD, she was offered a bad contract and she didn't sign it so she technically left on her own.

  58. “Okay we’ll give you 500k.”

    “For free. Take it or leave it!”

    Worst negotiator ever.

  59. Diamonds are forever was not Connery's last Bond film, that would be never say never again.

  60. Sean Connery's last outing as James Bond was Never say Never Again in 1983 he got paid a big fee to return to the role in that movie as a one off.

  61. Three’s Company and the firing of Suzanne Somers seems like a classic example as well.

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