“the ghost child” Hello Guys tonight we are already at night vision because Andrea, who is running right now, you don’t see it but Andrea is there! he took us to this place because he made a report. searching on the internet we found various testimonials including that of a woman who came to visit this place and says he saw a baby several times a child a child who has revealed himself through the fog describing him as a child however, a little low with collected hair and dressed quite well in the meantime we start to hear some noise come from our shoulders so guys, this looks like a very interesting evening now we take the equipment and let’s start the investigation look, the flowers k2 – k2 also mine permit k2 so we came here in total tranquility to try to figure out if anyone is here we have tools in hand that changes color when you get close can you get close? and turn on the instrument? We’re here for you we came here to see if anyone is there to give you voice k2 mine and to see if there really is a child here a child who still wanders among these courtyards a child who wants to come and talk to us, maybe he wants to come and play with us or maybe more than one child girls ok, I would do a tour in the part beyond the structure ok guys we really try to be careful because this place is really dangerous it’s full of holes and I wouldn’t want it to be put at risk our security, so I advise you to open your eyes. k2 looks like. what was that? I didn’t hear it I was walking evp registered “dad” evp registered “dad” evp registered “dad” ok, if you have activated this tool how are you for us it is a sign that there is actually someone here so when you want to respond positively or you want to give us a sign to make us feel you are here you can turn it on if you want to take us to a place of this structure try to enlighten him him in the direction we are going do we come from the right side? then let’s remember that this structure is many years old. already we talk if I’m not mistaken about 1600 yes, because this was an estimate was born as a noble villa where there have been so many counts so many people and go ahead with time he came into the hands of the nobles who then wanted to turn t into a home for children for children with problems or in any case a family home a kind of esteem hence the fact that there could be a child here could be true the fact that a child was seen can also confirm the story I heard whistling! – true? no, but I really heard about it and then even the children were kept inside with cardiopulmonary diseases is there any child who wants to get close to us? turn on the instruments and play with the lights? they change color evp registered “undefined voice” evp registered “undefined voice” do not be afraid we’re just here to talk to you but you see that it is strange because we immediately entered k2 now it’s a little that doesn’t shine anymore and it almost seems as if it makes itself heard and goes away let it be heard and go away so maybe this can give us confirmation we are studying a little it is as if he had arrived at the entrance who checked who was entering and then he left I heard a noise here let’s try to go down like this – I don’t remember what it is or maybe a room you prefer true – it can also be that ok guys k2 is a little that doesn’t shine anymore we are going to another wing of the structure and we’ll see if there will be activity towards this part k2 meanwhile and mine is lighting up you are here? can you get close to me? do you want? who hit it? I heard it too do you want? “noise” do you want? “noise” behind! damn are you there at the end? k2! – it’s only yours! – yes – ok wowowowo – damn it! what a blow! Oh yeah! Can you come here? because now we have practically entered the old wing where it was most used for children ah, it’s true! – this is the old wing – it’s true! we cross this wall, because at the entrance they did a more recent construction which is on the other side though where we come from – Look! Yup! Yup! Yup! – this is the old part! has virtually confirmed to you that has virtually confirmed to you that or he, she … this must be understood if it were only for children or even for girls or both .. What feelings do you feel Andrea? But positive on this yes, very positive! It doesn’t give me a negative feeling. seems to want to interact
with us in peace the testimony that says he saw this child he says he heard, among the manifestations of this child
look at k2 they heard this sentence continue! Go on! “I have already paid!” look when you said it! – ook yours too!
absurd! have heard more than once “I have already paid” so I would like to understand what! because if he has already paid because he is still trapped here We need to understand what has already been paid and why he is still here Ok, here is the embarrassment of the choice we say where to go! But the noise came from here! – Yes! or from here? because here is the corridor Do you want us to come this way? are we coming from the right side? let our instruments light up to confirm have you heard? – yet! or can you even make a noise in the direction where you want us to come from? I feel it here! Don’t miss the next episode on Friday at 2pm

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