CGRundertow POKEMON TRADING CARD GAME for Game Boy Color Video Game Review

Video game versions of collectible card games
have always been an attractive option for casual players who don’t really want to
pony up fat stacks of cash for fat stacks of potentially-worthless cardboard. Back when
Charizards were fetching Suikoden II money, you could just pick up a copy of this Game
Boy Color version and have a slew of ‘em at your fingertips. That is, if you had friends
with the game as well, or were content beating up the AI opponents over and over again. Now,
a decade and change after this version’s release, chances are you’re not going to
find too many people with a copy ready to duel… which is fine, because the game stands
sound enough on its own. Without getting too deep into explaining the
mechanics of the game, the important part to mention is that the user interface puts
within a few menu selections all the data you need to play the game, even despite the
compressed screen of the Game Boy Color. Heck, there’s even room for eye-catching status
and attack animations, though the card art is reduced to monochrome to make palette space
for both active Pokemon. You can easily check your hand and bench, get the full text of
any card in play, retreat your active Pokemon, and utilize any Pokemon Powers on your path
to, all together now, BE THE VERY BEST LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS. With cardboard. There are
eight gyms – erm, clubs – each featuring a spate of popcorn trainers – I mean, card battlers
– as well as a Gym Leader – gah. Club Master – who yields a badge – dammit, medal – when
defeated. Instead of battling cards in the wild (which makes even less sense than the
rest of the game), defeated trainers instead fork over a couple booster packs, allowing
you to either customize your starter deck, or build a new one completely from scratch. You’ve got four slots for decks, which can
either be your own creations or pre-designed decks available from Professor Mason’s lab
(providing you have the cards in your supply). And while only the base set and first two
expansions are available, there’s still plenty of options to choose from. There are
even Game Boy-exclusive cards that often call upon a random element that’d be difficult
to replicate on a physical table. (outside of having a pile of dice on hand). It’s
kind of reminiscent of the original Magic: the Gathering PC game’s Astral cards. On
top of that, you can trade cards quickly using the Game Boy Color’s infrared port… if
you’re not just playing this on a GBA, alone. If you’re a fan of the TCG today… well,
you’re probably going to look at these old cards and cringe at the slowness. (Not of
the video game, but of the state of the card game at that moment in time.) But if you’re
up for a bit of nostalgia, or you long for a time when your opponent didn’t usually
start with a 180HP Darkrai-EX, track down a copy. It’ll help you kill time until the
TCG Online finally gets out of beta.

100 thoughts on “CGRundertow POKEMON TRADING CARD GAME for Game Boy Color Video Game Review

  1. I love this game, this game was the perfect opertunity to play the trading card game since my friends only collected the cards. 😉

  2. The music in this game reminds me of Sundays, trying to make the most of my weekend before school the next day.

  3. i remember playing this game. It was hard as hell for it's time. Although the technological limitations were a horror to deal with. Good times.

  4. this game was awesome for GB Color.i unlocked so many spacial cards & won a bunch of tournaments.then i got this & my Gameboy stolen.

  5. I tried to read the rules of the pokemon card game when I was younger and thought I understood it quite well, I then played this game and realised I was completely wrong lol

  6. You know…when Pokémon became a thing here, I wasn't very thrilled. Mainly because it was kind of my "Hipster phase", before the word "Hipster" was really used. I disliked Pokémon because it was popular. Then I got this game for Christmas, along with the GBC. I wasn't too thrilled, but played it anyway and became so hooked that a few weeks later, I got the Crystal Version, which sparked my interest for RPGs. I kind of owe this game something…shame I lost it…but I still got that old GBC…

  7. Oh fond memories of beating Imakuni? and his most useless card in existence.

  8. The text speed can be raised in the options menu. The tutorial would take so long. But otherwise still have and play this game on occasion.

  9. i remember getting this it came with 3 pokemon cards in every box the game itself is pretty cool i just wish i could find it 🙁

  10. fuck, that song made my ears bleed for hearing it over and over again

  11. they have an online pokemon trading card game for pc. look it up

  12. I'm a little shocked they havent remade this. They could make a LOT of money and improve the graphics. Plus its you could walk around and everything. So much potential.

  13. i remember opening this for my b-day and looking at my friend and was like WTF? but this game was sweet im not going to fake i played the shit out of this game

  14. Not that crazy about it as I once was as well. Pokemon has become a rather stale and lacking franchise to me.

  15. So THIS is why my local radio station played music from this game tonight. There's a show on Sunday night on a local radio station here that plays nothing but 8 bit music and this game's music was featured tonight. I heard it and nostalgia'd all over my car.

  16. omg i had this game for gameboy color, it was soooo DAMN FUN

    and the musics O.O

  17. Seriously, he used the most useless card ever just cuz it had a picture of him. This made him way too easy to beat.

  18. I remember spending hours playing this back in the day good times good times

  19. so they made a game about a card tradeing game that has a differnt series .
    im very confused

  20. Still one of my fsvorite Pokemon games. Got it for Christmas years ago when it first came out.

  21. But, they want to sell cards. They didn't do like Yu-Gi-Oh with the codes on the cards so they can't make you collect then enter them to video games.

  22. I understand what you mean but sometimes those codes wouldnt work at all and if something is really good the fanbase will go out and collect it. Especially if its story driven and made similar to a pokemon game. Most Yugioh games are just Free duel with small bits of dialouge and even when they let you walk around, its not nearly as intresting as the pokemon games. They could even make an anime on it. They have a LOT of card history too. Some cards people have to pay mad money for. Since 1996

  23. Both of my copies wont boot anymore. I've cleaned the hell out of them too. I want to buy another copy but fear it will die the death.

  24. Awesome T.J.! Thanks! I'll be sure to share this with Sarah! We just got back from our Honeymoon and the Pokemon TCG & VGC World Championships! Hopefully we'll see you at the Pokemon Battle Roads in September! I'll have the dates posted soon on my website, with some neat-o raffle prizes from Worlds! Thanks again!

  25. This is the only reason I was the only kid back in the day who knew how to actually play with the pokemon cards haha. we need a remake 🙁

  26. I used to be addicted to this game, but the data would often erase itself when I didn't play it for months…

  27. omg,yes. i hate the fact that i got this for xmas when i was 12 and worked so damn hard at getting all the cards and shit. the game would erase itself every now and then if i didnt play it often. i've since replaced the battery and it still does that shit. to top it off, i used a multimeter on the the original battery and that bitch still had practically a full charge. wtf?!

  28. are pokemon cards even popular still? lol

  29. yes, but why do something senceable when you can make a game on the Pay-to-win model? 🙁

  30. Don't tempt them! xD Card Pack DLC $1 to 5 bucks
    All digital packs included 1 Training card, 3 actual pokemon with a 15% of getting a holographic random card. ….and the rest are ALL energies!
    That would be horrifying lol

  31. aah the memories. I used to play this on car journeys as obviously. I couldn't take my deck with me and battle myself. (yes i was one of the few who knew how to play)

  32. pretty fun game.  I played it not too long ago and had some fun with it, only problem is that a lot of the game can be luck-based which can get pretty frustrating at times, but other than that I enjoyed it.

  33. Fun little game. Taught me how to play in half an hour when reading the rulebook at the time made no sense to me. Seeing all the vintage card art is a blast from the past as well.

  34. A pokemon card game should of been remade for the wiiu greedy nintendo want people to pay to play online

  35. i picked up this game  today and this is my first pokemon game and i really like it 

  36. TGC Online getting out of beta? Its been in beta since like 2010 hasn't it? And they keep saying they'll allow people to pay real money for virtual cards but for now only Canada can for some unknown reason.

    You can always play TGC Online or Tabletop simulator with neither of you using Ex Cards ofc.

  37. Never in my entire life have I ever played a more one-sided game in favor of the computer

  38. It's been 14 years since I got this game. And the battery has not run dry.

  39. I found the "slowness" as you described it to be very refreshing when I played this game. Taking a look back makes you realize what an enormous power creep the trading card game has undergone. Today, cards are dealing out upwards of 300 damage for 5 energies, and 3 energies can deal up to 120 damage. Back then, 3 energies for 50 damage was considered very good. The few amount of cards I also found to be very nice. I considered not getting this at first, in favor of the PTCGO, which must have thousands of cards, but the fewer amount in this gameboy game made it so every card counted, without the infinite deck possibilities. In short, the mere simplicity of this game and the era it came from truly makes it such a good game that stands the test of time.

  40. It's an OK game to get introduced to Pokemon but otherwise just stick with the real Pokemon games

  41. 0:39 Exactly- as Michael McGehee of the Chicago Tribune stated, "[b]ecause all it has is a single-player mode, even the most devoted fans will get bored with it."

  42. Most controversy this game was banned in Saudi Arabia becauce of David star stands for zionism and Israel's national emblem.

  43. The fact Pokemon doesn't allow you to mulligan when your deck consists of 60 cards is absolute bullshit.

  44. Man, I loved that game! Also prefer the way pokémon tcg was at that time, a lot better in my opinion, when the cards weren't so overpowered and crazy.

  45. What gave me a bad first impression was the tutorial duel. You have to do exactly as he says or he tells you everything over again and you start all over. I just got the game to give it another chance and I'll admit: Once you get past that duel the game is actually pretty good.

  46. The music, brings back all the memories

    was this even a review, sounded more of a sarcastic snarky jab at the game

  47. I luv playing this game when I take dumps, especially long ass dumps…..I always have my Gameboy color with this game in it next to the toilet……passing heavy duty turds has never been easier….

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