Charles Brennan – Author: Sales Questions that Close the Sale

what those once again good morning as
Mike said my name is Charlie Brennan and it is great to be here to share with you
with leading publications across the country if I actually called a
breakthrough approach in gaining commitment but more importantly i’m
about to share with you a skill that’s enabled a number of your reps to achieve
a success rate of anywhere from sixty five to eighty percent every time they
try to go and close so this stuff’s working but let me share with you the
perspective what we’re going to try to do this morning with the show of hands
how many of us here folks have representatives that have relationships
with doctors that they would consider an advocate meaning your products are their
drug of choice how many’s have those relationships those reps so pretty much
all of us so what that indicates managers is not only does that rep know
how to sell but within that specific practice they’re selling very well let
me ask you this question how many of you manage representatives that Colin
doctors were those relationships aren’t where you need them to be pretty much
everybody that’s what this session is about it’s giving you a set of skills to
enable the rep to take the light user to the moderate the moderate to the
advocate it’s enabling you to coach your representatives to get more business
from the friend the doc who splits or spreads the business how do you get more
business from the doctor that says I write the product all the time there
isn’t anything I don’t know about it in reality is they don’t so we’re going to
give you a set of skills to enable you to have more success for your
representatives now as we do this we’re going to provide in a sense a roadmap
for success matter of fact we’re going to share with you something pretty
interesting we have a little bit of a special announcement mike has given me
the opportunity to share this with you to enable you to drive success to enable
you to have that roadmap for success at the end of this session ladies and
gentlemen we’re going to provide to you a very special gift Mike will announces
the end of my talk but each one of you will be able to take delivery of a
brand-new mercedes s600 automobile at the end of the session it is spectacular
car very nice great opportunity from training development now
there’s a little glitch and michael explained the details with you these
cars need to be in the home office once you drive them to the home office you
will get title and then you will be able to drive them home now some of your
going to have some longer drives and others but heck it’s a Mercedes 600 who
cares now there is a little bit of a glitch to this not a big glitch just a
little glitch because we’re buying so many cars i think the company had to
pair back on some options this automobile does not come with a GPS or
navigation system matter of fact the only direction we’re going to give you
to get to home office the only resource we’re going to give you is a compass so
chances are when you take delivery of this automobile I’m guessing a majority
of you will start driving east some of you will end up in Green Bay Chicago
some of you may end up down in Dallas maybe Pittsburgh Cleveland Philadelphia
maybe some of you may drop down a little south into atlanta and some of you may
actually get to Bridgewater and the reason why I open up this way folks this
is kind of like your representatives some of your representatives have driven
the docks the entire way to an advocate level but some of your reps have lost
docks along the way so what we’re going to do is build you map how do you take a
non-user to light light to moderate moderate to advocate to enable you to
know and help that representative exactly where they are in the
relationship where they need to go and if there’s a problem how to get around

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