Chatting with Another 23-year-old Stock Trading Millionaire

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  1. I lost count on how many times this guy contradict himself. Said hate people selling course but then proceed himself to sell course. Then said selling course for it to be accessible. If you put a price on it, it would not be that accessible.

  2. whats the point of money if we die
    how about we put the time and effort into God instead, just in case its true.

  3. Oh my god….this interview is KILLING me. You are right on point andrew if ppl just mimic his trades. That would really prove if he's a good day trader. It makes just sense. Listen….for any day traders out there….if you want to help ppl but at the same time provide data proof, join platforms like etoro or zulu trade. You can't b.s. on those platforms, because all the profits and losses of trades are clearly reported. And normal non-traders can come in and "copy" their trades. One can see each daytraders' performance. Omg fml.

  4. He said that he trades with a 30k acc, and every time it gets OVER 40k he withdraws it, that means that he makes more than 1% daily every single day, if he wouldn't withdraw it, in 10 years he would become the richest man on earth (that's if he only starts with a 30k acc) if he would put 1 million dollars and earn 1% every single day, thanks to compound interest in 50 years he would have more money than every single person combined. stop inviting scammers to your show

  5. The guy who is doing the interview seems freaking dead lmfao worst interviewer

  6. Lol he could’ve just said to make more money millionaires don’t stop after making 1 mill

  7. Ricky seems cool. Not sure if he’s an actual fraud or not but one things for sure, interviewer is 👎. Doesn’t believe it’s possible to make money apparently “I would want to keep my secrets to myself” greedy and wants to be spoon fed.

  8. Knew ricky when he had 1k subs and called him out. He was not happy 🙂

  9. Basically, the reason anyone sells a course is partially money. That is a fact. However, people need to understand that their time has value because of the knowledge they have. So, basically, you are buying someone else's knowledge and mentorship. It is not hard. If there is a demand, then it is wise to supply. I don't see why there is a problem with having a course. Whether it is a scam or not, it is up to the person who invested in that course to decide.

  10. This Rickey guy said his biggest day was 3k but I could’ve sworn in another video they said he made 17k in one vrs a guy who made 60

  11. This comment section must be the largest collection of losers and trolls with no life, and no perspective.

  12. Chatting with a twenty three year old who refused to answer why he charges for a course in he's already a millionaire

  13. omg he could have wrapped up the whole first 9 mins with a couple sentences. He was so overly defensive about why he is selling the courses it made him look guilty as shit. Even though, I think he is just ignorant and young and doesn't realize he sounds like a new age geeseball salesman.

  14. For f666cks SAKE! INFOMERCIAL! Who cares how good this guy is at day trading. There are other people making as much as this guy in YouTube and aren’t a salesman and trust their own knowledge will sell videos. Anybody who falls for this kinda stuff is naive and can’t make good enough decisions to invest in the stock market anyways.

  15. Unless you are selling something for almost no profit, the REAL answer to why you are selling anything, is first and foremost, to make money. People should just be honest. If it was for any of the noble reasons people use as a lie, they wouldn't charge people.

  16. This Ricky character has 600k subs, even after people see this video they buy his course, unbelievable. Why isn’t his course free ???! He said he just likes to teach, then teach for free!

  17. I am starting to think these traders only sell courses to influence the margin and how they trade so they can benefit from that. They call them students.. register. trade like this. thanks!

  18. The abrupt silence after the question gives it all away. He charges for the course to make profit. Simple as that. Never ever pay for these courses.  ALWAYS EXHAUST FREE RESOURCES BEFORE SPENDING A SINGLE PENNY.

  19. i don't care if he selling a course if he good but just be honest and say it will be easier to make money off of people than market 🤣

  20. 30,000 X $300 = $9,000,000 Why NOT make money doing what you love. Just a bunch of haters and dare I say losers in this comment section..

  21. Why did you make a course to sell? Ummm, to make heaps of money from people that don't know what trading is about and will pay a noob money for anything

  22. Dumb individuals use very stilted language to describe extremely simple things. People confuse mentally ill people with market gurus this days.

  23. Dumb individuals use very stilted language to describe extremely simple things. People confuse mentally ill people with market gurus this days.

  24. Those empty lifeless eyes with poor people's teeth and skin. Mhhhh… pretty convincing babble. I'm going to waste my money in this dumb kid.

  25. Those empty lifeless eyes with poor people's teeth and skin. Mhhhh… pretty convincing babble. I'm going to waste my money in this dumb kid.

  26. He says a lot about constancy I'm 14 and know you cant be so consistent he was down 3000 and went to 1200 how, fraud mate.

  27. if you haven't heard about Mr Maayan Ahmed i guess your comfortable recording losses, i used to be one of you until i finally was introduced to him and made so much profits from trading with him, his strategy is the most accurate i have ever seen or heard of, for all beginner who can't trade for themselves or who are losing so much you can reach him on Email; [email protected] com

  28. He doesnt keep tellin people to buy his course or anything dude just cause you ddnt get an answer like oh im greedy or something you just keep asking. Hes giving you the answer hes doing it because he wants to share what he learnt and you dont need his course he puts up everything for free online and he says everything is free online his course is just for people who want a more direct line to him. Sayig just cause youre a millionare dude im sure you have enough money to survive but you still grind to make more thats what its like for everyone you dont see billionaires just be like oh i got a billion let me just stop asking for money for everything now you dumb

  29. The host has no clues about trading and Ricky is a very well known trader.

  30. I am really trying to learn something from these two – but honestly, they both talk like they drank a slurpee too fast and their tongues are frozen.

  31. All the people in the comments hating on this kid, he's wise beyond his years. He trades 100k live every morning and profits consistently while doing so. Heres to your success Ricky.

  32. My best week ever was this week earned 920$ on the gold and Oil market

  33. LMAO….. I now know i have a 12/1 chance of beating any of you at the stock market.

  34. Dude asks why sell a course so many fucking times. He GAVE you answers with plenty of detail. This interviewer dude obviously doesn't listen good at all. Pay attention! The facial gestures and body posture show lack of attention. Smh.

  35. …why can't he just say "to make more money"? Is that so wrong? I mean, does anyone think Warren Buffet is doing what he does out of charity? The constant OVER explaining of why he's doing a course instead of just saying "for the money, Lebowski" actually convinces me its a scam more than anything else.

  36. YouTube channels and continuously uploading videos is a great promotional strategy for many gurus, not necessarily Ricky alone. Tim Sykes' videos are no more than infomercials to sell his course.

  37. Most trading teachers are propagating idealistic scenarios. The 3 to 1 profit ratio is completely misleading. Trading simply can't be done like this.

  38. Ricky doesn't need to explain. We understand from the by-lines that courses and YouTube videos are great sources of supplemental income for some and full-time money making operations for others.

  39. He’s adding value while creating another stream of income it’s business and something he’s passionate about. Not to mention the amount of gratitude he receives from all the people he’s helped. I understand one can be distrustful of these guys but his level of hustle and leadership is something to at least take note of!

  40. Interviewer: why sell a course
    A reasonable answer: If your are good at something, never do it for free. My customers would pay for accessibility to me during the live chats vs me pumping out videos on YouTube. This provides real time coaching and I get to answer their questions as well.
    Also, from a psychological and marketing standpoint, people who look for professional help never go to strangers who give advice for free. There is some validation for a customer to trust a professional if they were paying for a service. In which they are.

  41. Offer to go watch Ricky over a full week looking over his shoulders. He is FAKE and wont allow it. If he wasn't fake, he would show statements. NOBODY witnesses watching his full trade — they see him take profits from a buy that occurred before live with his team, or hear via message later about his profit with a screen shot LOL.

    Such a young con artist!!

  42. The major key to having a standard trading Bitcoin account is getting an expert manager trade and monitor charts on your behalf, Mr Allen Brookes is the perfect manager I trade with.

  43. I like this mothafucker talks real shit thank you I learned and enjoyed watching your video if I ever do get a corse. it will be from him forsure

  44. “If you’re a millionaire, why sell a course?” He paused so long I thought my phone froze…and prefacing it with “in 3 sentences or less SENT ME”

  45. Ricky Gutierrez knows his shit… quit hating on the kid because he doesn't admit he wants to make some e commerce money… doesn't mean he isn't a profitable trader.

  46. Speak up bro, lazy tone.. you sound and seem very UnInterested in every Interview you do

  47. I can’t take you seriously since I first watched your prank videos. Could imagine you clapping/slapping your own tummy during the talk 😂😂😂

  48. Dude has 616k subs, even if 10% of the audience buys his bullshit course, at 299$ a pop it's 18,418,400.
    There's no way stock trading is his primary source of income. Well-established investors have all said Ricky's style of trading (day-trading) doesn't work. Dude's clearly a charlatan who uses his stock trader persona as a facade to facilitate his main source of income, which is scamming people.

  49. Obviously , he is selling a course bcuz he is a good trader who has valuable informations and wants to share it but with price which I see it's not too much 300 dollars for life (course + daily stream ), I think he doesn't to look greedy but he is and we all are …

  50. He really does make money day trading, in fact, he is very gifted at it. Most people can’t day trade, it really is a unique skill set. Ricky simply should had said the course is a way to make even more money, case settled. The interviewer is obviously skeptical. It’s ok, who wouldn’t be…

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