Children Of The Sex Trade (Crime Documentary) – Real Stories

In the Philippines more than 800,000 women and children work in the sex trade. Subic Bay, a four-hour drive from Manila, is a destination for many foreign men. Men who come to buy sex from vulnerable women and children who are desperate to escape poverty. Children like Apple who lives and works on the streets. She’s sixteen, has a two-year-old baby and is pregnant again. One man has fought for the rights of Filipino children for over forty years. Father Shay Cullen, an Irish Catholic missionary. In the modern age people now have huge disposable income. They can travel from Europe and America and Australia. They can travel anywhere they want in the world at a very low cost. So we see more and more international tourists now travelling to Southeast Asia, South America. Where there are many, many poor people and now suddenly hundreds of thousands of men are coming here to buy sex from underage children. Fr. Shay opened the Preda Foundation in 1974 which includes this home for over 70 girls. They may look like regular schoolchildren but they’ve all been rescued from brothels and sex bars or suffered sexual abuse at the hands of foreigners and Filipino men. Some as young as six. The bars are for their own safety. In the past, armed men and pimps have attempted to kidnap them. But this is the phenomenon of Jesus the Revolutionary. Children are number one. They’re the most vulnerable, the weakest, they’re the ones we are challenged to defend to protect and to help. Now three former Australian policemen have come to help Fr. Shay. My name’s Denis Gray and I’ve been retired for 13 years. I’ve never been involved in investigating paedophiles and I’m appalled at what I’ve been exposed to and what I’ve seen. And I’m happy to contribute to your joint effort. My name’s David Tompsett and I’m also a former Federal police officer and an investigator and I’m very happy to be here and it gives me an opportunity to try to improve my very limited Tagalog [speaks Tagalog] Chris Hi, my name’s Chris Payne and I was a policeman a long time ago I’ve been involved in… In the 1990s Chris Payne pioneered Australia’s battle against sex slavery. When his sex trafficking operation was shut down he left the police but continued his anti-trafficking work. Former colleagues Chris, Dave and Denis will work with Fr. Shay to investigate Australian men who come to the Philippines to have sex with children. They’ll also go undercover to try and identify underage girls in the bars in the hope of organising a rescue mission. Within the bars themselves what’s the youngest kid you’ve seen working in a bar? The youngest kid we got out of a bar was 14-years-old. Although we got much younger on the streets. I’m getting the impression that that might be where some of them graduate from the streets into the bars? Yeah, yeah. Well ok, 20% of the children that we rescue from the bars they’ve been sexually abused either in the home or by some paedophile in the community. And they get so shattered and so hopeless nobody will help them. They get so depressed that they’re easily recruited in by the pimps. A child can’t make an informed decision to have sexual relationships with a 40, 50, 60, 70-year-old man. They don’t make that decision as an informed choice. And if you don’t make an informed choice to have sex with someone, that’s rape. That night, Chris, Dave and Denis pose as tourists to go undercover into Subic Bay’s sex bars. We’ve been following two strands in this investigation one is the bar scene. In this area there’s a lot of bars where women work you buy them drinks and you can take them away. It’s called “bar finding” them and you can have sex with them. Some of those bars also employ underage children. Underage here is under 18 to work in a bar but some bars will try and employ girls as young as 13 or 14. They’ll do so with wilful blindness and so do the police. Some of them I’m told are deceptively recruited so that’s internal or domestic trafficking. They think they’re gonna come here and work as the usual nannies, or housekeepers, or waitresses, and find themselves in the girlie bars. But the men find it tough to gather evidence. The girls have all been trained to say they’re 18 and the mamasans and bar owners give nothing away. Michelle was underage when she once worked in Subic Bay’s sex bars. But before that, aged just 14 she lived with a 37-year-old Australian: Marcos Gonzalo. In 2010, Gonzalo was arrested and charged with child sexual abuse. Gonzalo was released on bail and disappeared. Despite a court order stopping him from leaving the country. He may be hiding out in the Philippines or he may have fled illegally. Dave takes a victim statement from Michelle hoping to find out, and to establish a prima facie case against Gonzalo. How did you meet Marc and how did you come to be in a relationship? I want to show you some picture Can you tell me if you know that man? Where is that picture taken? Do you know? Marc used to lock you in the room, is that correct? Did he tell her what would happen if she did get out? I don’t know how anyone can do what they did to someone who’s so frail and she’s two years older now than she was at the time she was a victim. What struck me was when I spoke to her she was a small, small girl and I was quite surprised that she was actually 16 now. How a middle-aged man almost 40 could form that relationship is something you could never really uh, understand. Well the issues were paramount to me coming I’d never really thought about it my career was all drugs and organised crime. But the 10 days that I’ve been here and what I’ve seen and what I’ve been told. It really is appalling. What dirty old men and not-so-old men do to young girls. It really breaks your heart. Michelle’s elder sister Mirasol informed police that Gonzalo was holding Michelle against her will. Gonzalo’s social media page then prompted the investigation that lead to his arrest. Providing graphic evidence of his relationship with her. During our surveillance we ascertained that the room occupied by Marcos Was on the second floor.
-Yes. One of my colleagues forced the door open Michelle and Marc Gonzalo were inside. We asked him what Michelle was doing there and Marc told us that, you know Michelle was his wife. He intend to marry her. We told him that it’s impossible. So what’s the current status of the charge against Marc? So it’s still pending?
-Pending. If he’s still in the Philippines and you find him, you’d arrest him? We’d arrest him. Let’s hope that he’ll come back. Yeah. The trail is two years old and the only contact we’ve had is through Michelle having contact with him via Facebook. Now, what he tells her on Facebook and the truth of the matter could be– I would say are probably wide apart. He’s made reference to being in Vietnam, being on an island with a typhoon nearby, being in Australia. He could be anywhere. Like Michelle, Mirasol has also been exploited by foreign men when she worked in Subic Bay’s sex bars. She left her job as a dancer a few months ago and now works in the Preda laundry. You’re the one to go to the authorities alerting them to Michelle. Is that correct? Yes. Who in your family did Marcos make that promise to? I also believe you withdrew your complaint in the court case involving Mr Marcos? Do you know why your mother asked you to recant? She doesn’t know. How do you know Mr Marc Gonzalo? What’s the name of your former boyfriend? Who is your former boyfriend? Her former boyfriend is Torn. Torn Northway was one of the many foreigners that patronised Boyd’s Bar. Above which Marcos Gonzalo lived. Mirasol alleges that Torn sexually abused her from the ages of 11 till 16. He was a close friend of Marcos Gonzalo’s and introduced him to Michelle, Mirasol’s sister. When Michelle was rescued from Gonzalo she was put into Preda’s care. She now lives back home but is kept an eye on by Marlene a Preda social worker who was herself once rescued as a child by Fr. Shay. Dave and Chris have come to gather more evidence from Michelle. They know her mother knew Gonzalo well but decide not to question her at this time. They start by examining the gifts Gonzalo gave to Michelle. These two are Australian. I can see that. That’s an Australian compliance– Can you confirm that those are the clothes and that this is the bag that he brought for you from Australia? Michelle these are the original letters, the original ones that Marcos wrote to you? Yes. Most incriminating is a collection of explicit love letters Gonzalo sent Michelle from prison before he was bailed and disappeared. If these letters had been written in an Australian prison to a witness in an Australian jurisdiction some form of offence for trying to interfere or intimidate the witness would be liable for that. There’s constant reference to the fact that he’s almost begging her to withdraw her affidavit so that she and he can go free and resume the relationship they had been in. But nothing in those letters to suggest where he would currently be or where he has been in Australia; where he lived, his past life. There’s just nothing of that nature. He doesn’t leave too many clues, does he? As to his background I mean. That’s worrying, because that would indicate to me that he’s not just a middle-aged man that’s just stupidly fallen in love with a young girl. He’s serious. Abuser. Mirasol lead the police to Gonzalo she now wants to help the Australian investigators rescue other young girls. We’re heading to the township of Subic taking Mirasol there, she’s gonna show us some things up there. She used to work- poor young thing -in two bars here: the Miami Bar and the Crow Bar. Apparently both houses of ill-repute and allegedly employ underage girls. Those minors who are working in Miami What was the salary? How much did you– you got paid by, what, drinks? Her salary in Miami is 100 pesos. A day?
[speaking Tagalog] That evening the men head to the Crow Bar. They want to identify the underage girls named by Mirasol in the hope of a later raid and rescue mission. Their strategy is to elicit information about the girls and the bar owner from its mamasan. They soon spot Princess and Jen, who are both aged 15. And discover that the owner is an American called Arthur Benjamin who recently bought the bar and renamed it after his girlfriend, Avila who the mamasan says is only 14. In the Miami bar across the road the men again pose as tourists and find all the girls working there are underage. Some as young as 13. In the Miami we saw two young girls and they were clearly no older than 13, I would say. They were pre-pubescent. A guy turned up who – we were told later – was a Colonel in the Philippine National Police. He walked right past the girls, as a matter of fact and he was there with the owner and a solicitor. No idea what that was about. But these bars are operating openly in a country where it’s illegal for anyone under 18 to work in them and in a country where prostitution is illegal. I spoke to Mirasol and she told us about certain women who are working in the– girls in the Miami Bar, in another bar and then we went to those bars Great.
-Acquired some photographs of those people.
-Oh brilliant. These are the photos of the suspected minors, right?
-Yes. These kids, these are really underage children. Look at that! If there’s no raid on these slobs and these children are not rescued then I’m sorry to tell you that for sure there’s corruption at the highest level. Yeah.
-Ok? We know it. Fr. Shay has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize but his controversial work has angered many including corrupt police and politicians who profit from the sex trade. He’s been threatened by pimps and brothel owners and has survived a shooting whilst protesting for child rights. Undeterred by threats and assassination attempts, and with new evidence of underage girls working in the bars Fr. Shay and Denis head to Manila to meet with the Ministry of Justice and the National Bureau of Investigation hoping to organise a raid. But when they get there, there’s a hitch. They’re told they’ll need an affidavit from Mirasol and Michelle- who also knows some of the minors -before any raid can proceed. Fr. Shay wants to ensure that the raid is a success so he recruits another expert to plan a sting on the two bars. Hello John. Very welcome, welcome.
-Hey Fr. Shay Yeah it’s good to see you been a long, long journey to get here.
-Great Been like, what, five years since I sent you the email saying that– John Curtis, a former Australian Special Forces officer is the founder of Grey Man an organisation that rescues children from the sex trade in Asia. I was just watching my young daughter sleep and this voice just came into my head and said, “There are children her age being abused in Southeast Asia.” And I took that as a sign I decided to go up to Southeast Asia and carry through on a sort of promise I made to myself. Before I left I promised my daughter that I would rescue five children for her. And, uh I think that’s the um– that’s where it all started. Has she ever seen this door open? This door is open only– John works with Mirasol to plan the sting on the two target bars. Whilst John is setting up the sting, the other investigators head to Boyd’s Bar which Gonzalo lived above with Michelle. They want to corroborate Michelle’s victim statement so they can built a case against Gonzalo to present to the Australian Federal Police. Under Australia’s child sex tourism laws, if convicted, Gonzalo could face a maximum 25 year jail sentence. Michelle describes the night of her rescue and Gonzalo’s arrest. Were you sleeping with Marc that night? Yes, she sleep with Marc that night. Ok, can we go inside? Where’s the keys–? Yes, she said. Why did you tell the NBI to come here, to– raid this place? When you got the text did you tell your mother? She said that her mother know everything. But later on she retracted her complaint and her statement to Roland. When you lived here how did you feel? What was Michelle’s parents- or her mother, her father–? What was their attitude when you told them what had happened? They were angry. At who? At us and uh, the elder sister. Mira. Why were they angry with you? Because they told us that we’re meddling with their affairs. Who said that?
-The mother. And then even while, after the NBI, the mother was kept calling Michelle and the elder sister telling them to go home not to pursue the case anymore because Boy– uh, because Marc loves you and he will marry you like that. This is the mother of Michelle Hello, mabuhay. [speaks Tagalog] Dave decides it’s time to interview Michelle’s mother. I understand that the NBI arrested Marcos Gonzalo and put him into the prison because of a complaint made by you? She cannot remember anymore. And the complaint was about Marcos having sexual relations with Michelle. She cannot remember anymore what document she signed but instead Michelle remember her mother signed the documents. There was also, I believe, a second document where uh, she recanted the first document. Can she tell me anything about that? The NBI allegation is that you sold Michelle to Marcos for money. She says that I will– People need to survive in this country the safety nets that exist in Australia just aren’t there. So, when families need food they become desperate. They’re easy pickings for people who have money to sort of entice them, to come into these situations they see foreigners, they think, “they’re rich” and there’s a way of making money from them. Police surveillance established that Gonzalo lived above Boyd’s Bar with Michelle. But when arrested, he denied having sex with her. The bar closed down soon after the raid but when open, it was not a sex bar but a drinking club popular with many foreign men who often brought their young Filipino girlfriends. Its owner, Boyd Smith came to Subic Bay from Australia a few years before. The investigators have discovered Boyd’s current address from the bar’s landlord. They hope Boyd Smith can tell them where Gonzalo is hiding. Is this his house?
-Yes. Now he’s living there. Boyd.
-Hello, how are you doing? Good thanks. My name’s Chris Payne. We’re following up on some of the events that have ocurred in Boyd’s Bar two years ago we’re particularly interested in finding Gonzalo Yeah, I’d love to get him too. Why’s that? He owned me a lot of money too. The young victim was a girl called Michelle “victim” that’s a– loose word. So was Marcos staying there with a girl? Uh no, no. It was a– We were actually– he was up there alone, yeah. The thing is, it’s um– Denis is my name by the way Denis, Boyd. How you doing bud? I’ve got nerves at the moment–
-Whoops! Mate, can we get out of the sun?
-Sure Do you mind if we just– under the shade? I’d offer you a drink but we’ve got nothing– Safe to enter, you’re not gonna bite my leg–? Thank you for that. We’re going upstairs, away from the dogs. All right. So what do you say about the police allegation made against you that you knew what was happening?
-They didn’t care about Marc and what he’d done.
-They did allege that you knew that Michelle [bleep] was underage and that she was staying with Gonzalo. Huh?
-They did allege that you knew that Michelle [bleep] was underage. That she was having a relationship with–
-She was my uh, nanny’s daughter.
-Yeah. And she was at the place all the time. And they also alleged that you knew that she was in a relationship with Gonzalo.
-Nah. No. Who said that?
-That’s what the police alleged. On the morning that the NBI came to Boyd’s Bar it was what, six o’clock in the morning? And they came sort of through the door instead of opening it. That morning I heard something something weird going on. And I heard something ‘bang’, big bang. The big window is the break– they break it so it’s shit– and then Marc, I heard like um screaming. Like he said, “Boyd!” like that.
-And Michelle and Marc were found upstairs?
-Yeah, yeah. In the same room?
-Yup. That’s what I heard, yeah. –Marc drunk.
-In the same room? They not naked.
-They were naked? No.
-They weren’t naked? They were not naked. They were not trying to put their clothes on, eh? No because Marc was really drunk that time. That night. Because we were all drinking that night. Boyd’s wife Jen suddenly provides the investigators with a breakthrough. Jen also gives the investigators a copy of a passport belonging to Marcos Gonzalo. It is now clear, how after skipping bail, he was able to defy the court order put in place to stop him leaving the country. His real name is Michael James Hackett. When the police charged he was charged under the name of Gonzalo did the police ask for passports or anything, did they–? No. They don’t care, they just wanna do– So they just took his word for what his name was? Yeah. They didn’t even– If Gonzalo were arrested in Australia for the same offence simply releasing a foreigner on bail and just taking his say-so as to his identity is– would be unheard of. I can’t understand why that happened here. Detective Bessara is informed about Gonzalo’s true identity. He gives Fr. Shay a computer hard drive seized from an associate of Gonzalo’s who was also arrested. He hopes it will hold clues to Gonzalo’s whereabouts in Australia. Chris examines the drive but finds nothing about Gonzalo – alias Hackett – as it predates his arrival in the Philippines. What he does find are many photos and videos of girls and young women filmed by foreign men and stored by Hackett’s friend on the hard drive. At some stage he’s acquired this very large collection of some pretty serious child pornography. We didn’t actually look at it but we looked at the folder titles and the file titles they were downloads you could tell that by the file name. Names like, you know, “Grandpa [does the job on]… 9-year-old schoolgirl”. Stuff like that. So, that’s a problem for him- possessing that sort of thing– or would be under Australian– I don’t know what the Filipino law is on child pornography. While the search for Hackett continues, John Curtis pushes ahead with the sting operation on the two bars. He wants to make sure that the underage girls are there on the night of the raid so that they can be rescued. He meets the owner of the Crow Bar- Arthur Benjamin -and tells him he’s organising a buck’s party for a friend called Nick who’s actually part of the film crew. Hoping for Arthur’s arrest on the night John invites him to join them and insists the young girls be at the party. Nick’s buck’s night will then move to the Miami Bar across the road. These rooms are short time rooms I was just hired by them to get them used to our presence. Also to get a look at what’s up here and get an idea of the layout of the place for when the operation takes place. The mamasans are hoping to organise this party for us because there’s a fair bit of money involved in it so she’s been quite friendly. Nick is getting married.
-Wow, Nick where’s your girlfriend? Your fiancee?
-She didn’t come here because we’re having a party! Oh yeah, ok.
-She’s back overseas. Ok. Everything’s there, they have a toilet, they have a bar… they have also music. And the girls?
-And the girls also. It’s nice though I like it up here. Same girls from downstairs?
-Yes. And can you choose–
-Young girl. Young girls?
-They’re dancing naked. How young are the young girls? So what do you think, this is nice? When we pressed her on the ages she was very coy about it and wouldn’t commit herself in terms of ages but we’re hoping that there will be a number of underage girls there. And you can dance naked, you can do sex here if you want you can close the door. You can even have a fuck party here! Fuck, fuck here all night. I suppose the only risk is that there’s a tip off we get here and there’s no one here. If you let too many people know what’s going on eventually there’s a leak and then the girls are all gone. The National Police still need affidavits before the raids can go ahead. Michelle writes one confirming the identities of the underage girls she knows are working in the Crow and Miami bars. Hello, JM? But it’s her sister Mirasol’s affidavit that’s critical as she once worked at the two bars alongside the girls she has identified as minors. But Mirasol is now missing. And Marlene, helped by Michelle and Apple, cannot find her. Hello? We really need Mirasol now because if we’re going to bring the statement of Michelle to the NBI it is not enough. It would not suffice. Mirasol is our key person here. And I believe that she felt threatened now especially that she knows that what she is going to do now is to rescue some children and to put all the owners of these bars here in Olangapo and Subic into jail. So that is the fear of Mirasol now. The next day the search continues Michelle takes Marlene to Mirasol’s boyfriend’s house. She’s here. On the street. We love you that’s why we’re looking for you. Mark that exhibit A, ok? When was the last time you went to Manila? Long time. Long time ago?
-Yeah. Well tomorrow, we’re going to present the affidavits for the search warrant. The search warrant will allow us to search everywhere and to rescue the underage girls. You’ve been a big help. You’ve been really good. Thank you. You and Michelle April– Apple? April? May, June, July, August! Now you’re telling jokes! I can tell you that this is the hardest job… …unpaid job in the whole world. The sting for the night of the raid is now in place. But the National Police may still take weeks to examine the affidavits and approve the operation. John now needs to head home. Yeah I’m fatigued after three weeks.
-You’re worn out? Three weeks… oh my God you try it for 30 years! Perhaps it’s a never ending battle. In spite of our efforts, trafficking is increasing in the world. People sometimes say, “What are you doing? How can you help this situation?” If you give a child another chance then they have the potential to become anything. Fr. Shay at Preda, he’s rescued many, many children. All of those children have the potential for a better life now. You can’t tell me that that’s not a good thing. Ok we’re on to the NBI it’s Attorney Pasquale, hopefully we’ll arrange this rescue of the children. Hello Attorney, good morning! Affidavits in hand Denis and Fr. Shay head to the National Bureau of Investigation. Along with Mirasol, Michelle and Apple who all helped formally identify young girls. Fr. Shay has decided to deal with the Manila office- four hours away -as he believes the Subic Bay branch is corrupt and would tip off the bar owners in advance of any raid. We’re developing a case operation plan we also have to coordinate with our regional office. Yeah. Where, in San Fernando? No, no, no I’m sorry. No way, please. That guy used to work for me and he went to the dark side. Every case they got falls through. We want it at this level where there’s total security and we’re not going to end up with a story of failure and corruption. This would be the national spotlight of hope for women and children. This office.
-Of course we want Fr. Shay to do this right Yeah, not one conviction of a foreigner for trafficking in the whole Philippines for last 10-15 years. Give me five Finally, the girls’ affidavits are formally sworn. These girls have just been– They’ve just been robbed of a childhood. You know, they’re not surrounded by pimps, prostitutes and whatever they’re being treated decently and it’s nice to see the transformation. Michelle was only 14 at the time when she was abused she’s a gorgeous kid but she’s got to be given the opportunity to turn her life around. She’s gotta be given an opportunity that perhaps she’s not been given to date. The next day, with the raid now set in place, Denis feels it’s time to present a file on Marcos Gonzalo to the Australian Federal Police. I don’t think we should try and imitate what the AFP do because quite frankly they’re going to pick up any deficiencies straight away. I think we just– we just look at it in a way that makes it comprehensible, tells the story in a succinct way. We’re only briefing them it’s their job to go out and do the investigation. It’s their job to go out and dot the Is and cross the Ts. The Australian Federal Police has offices in 35 locations around the world including Manila. They collect intelligence on trans-national crimes such as terrorism and on Australian child sex offenders overseas. So, we’re in a situation where we do need to see you to pass on this briefing paper for you to forward to Canberra. Given my knowledge of how– No I’m not, I’m telling you how I understand the situation. I’m certainly not suggesting I’m not suggesting what you– what you said; telling you how to do your job. Yep. No, I’ve got no intention of inflicting an injury on your or ambushing you in any way. My intentions are totally honourable and you asked me a question and I gave you an answer. Ok Bye bye. Well that was fucking total waste of time, that! She’s paranoid to blazes, she wants to speak to her people in Canberra before she agrees to anything, and she’s going to be waiting for an email from me outlining what it is that we wanna do and what we’re gonna give her. They don’t answer. I really want to have it on the record that we reported this to the Australian Federal Police and I think they should know about it and give us all the help and cooperation that we need. This is the big issue everywhere and they seem not to be very interested. And that bothers me a lot. I they should be, number one, calling us back within five minutes to– to assure us of their help and support. So, there’s a lot that we have to get doing– they’re not answering I mean it’s ridiculous! You know they should have a hotline. This is an ops order for the raid on that’s going to be conducted tonight at 6:30-7 o’clock. It’s the day of the raid. To make up numbers for the buck’s party Denis has recruited several of the volunteers from Preda. In the unlikely event that things turn nasty, drop to the floor. It’s very rarely that anybody who’s laying prone on the floor gets hurt. Just drop to the floor and take the girls with you. Well hopefully the NBI will arrive in good time. Fr. Shay has organised for the National Police from Manila to come to Preda for a briefing but social workers must also be present for the raid to go ahead. We don’t have any social workers. Without any government social workers you can’t move. We cannot do it. It’s illegal. It’s now 4pm and the police and social workers are already one hour late. So it will be a little miracle if it works out and we do succeed tonight. You can see it’s already one hour– we’re almost one hour late. Yeah I’m supposed to be at the bar in 40 minutes. Yeah, well that’s it you can’t hit the bar yet we have to delay a little. No answer. No, I just can’t get any connection to the– the social workers who are supposed to come here from the government office to rescue the children. We’re not sure if they’re going to show up anyway now but we just have to be patient and let’s hope it’s going to work. Anybody on board, are they all here? Fr. Shay decides that Nick and his guests need to leave for the buck’s party hoping that the social workers will turn up. This is the DSWD the social worker director- yes, hello! Ok. Well the NBI they’re a bit late but they’re on their way here you mean to say your social workers did not proceed to Preda? No, well where are they now please? Oh God. Ok, ok. We’ll wait for them. Thank you Emmeline, God bless. The raid is in trouble as the Crow Bar shuts at 10pm. Finally, four hours late, the police arrive followed by the social workers. Welcome Denis, good to see you. The police bring dentists who will confirm the ages of the girls in the bars. American agents from Homeland Security will also be part of the raid. They’re responsible for investigating crimes against children by American nationals overseas. The owner of the Crow Bar, Arthur Benjamin, is American and if found to be trafficking minors, he may face a life sentence in the United States. The first target, I believe Team One, is going to be involved at the Crow Bar also known as the Avila Bar. So as someone pointed out earlier it’s very important that we hit both bars at the exact same time to make sure these girls and other individuals don’t go running in a lot of different directions. You want to maximise the victims that we rescue. We’ve got to be fluid and fast. The buck’s party arrives an hour later than planned still not knowing if the raid will proceed. Alright, so we are in the bar we are waiting for the crew to come and it is going to get messy! But despite promising to be there Arthur Benjamin, bar owner, is nowhere to be seen. The undercover team at the Miami Bar discovers that none of the underage girls identified earlier are there. They’re told they’ve been moved to a new bar and the girls tonight all seem to be of legal age. At the 11th hour, the team leaves Preda and the raid gets underway. Holy crap I heard my name!
-Haha yeah. Arthur Benjamin finally turns up. He has Avila, his alleged 14-year-old girlfriend with him. Unaware the raid is imminent, the tension builds for the undercover team as the party suddenly gets wild. And the pressure is increasing for them to pay the girls for sex. I can see the sign ‘Crow Bar’ that’s it That’s it. On the left. Get out, go! Nothing? It’s empty. Both bars are raided at the same time. At the Miami, none of the girls in the Preda report are found. But the new girls working there want to file charges against the owner of the bar. They’ve been trafficked from a distant province with the promise of work at a beach resort not prostitution in a bar. One of the girls is found to be a minor and the mamasan is arrested on trafficking charges. I wanna see your hands! Sit down, no talking. We’ll talk to you soon. There are no underage girls here and I have never had sex with an underage girl. About half an hour ago you admitted to me that you have regular sex with an underage girl. You’re now denying that?
-Yep. Dental examinations prove that some of the girls working here are under 18. Including Princess, who was identified earlier. Yeah you could’ve got a free dental check up (!) Well that’s what I was looking at. Huh. Didn’t work, did it? So I’m being arrested for what? [charges] for hiding minors There’s no minors here. We’re not minors here.
-They are minors. Where?
-Let’s go now. Well there are no minors here. The Crow Bar’s mamasan is also arrested. The rescued minors and trafficked women are being taken to a local social welfare centre. Arthur Benjamin will be making the long trip to Manila with the NBI. There’s a hearing tomorrow where charges will be laid in the court or in the prosecutor’s office. These mamasans from the Miami Bar are sending text messages to Mirasol and Michelle about death threats, “we’re going to do something to get you back for what you’ve done”. So we have to extend more protection now, certainly for Mirasol. All set.
-Yeah, yeah. You’re ready for the road, look terrific thank you so much for all your great work… With the raid a success, it’s now time for Chris and Dave to head home. But there’s one thing left for Denis to do. The Australian Federal Police in Manila have finally agreed to meet. He can now file their case against Michael James Hackett, alias Marcos Gonzalo. Well today’s the culmination of three weeks’ work. We’ve prepared a 12-page report for the AFP, that they should be able to use to further any investigations that they conduct. Let’s get it over and done with. Let’s get this show on the road. The case against Gonzalo is strong. It’s strong here because he’s a fugitive. There’s already a case against him. There’s a brief of evidence, there’s a warrant for his arrest, we’ve got a victim who’s giving a statement. And that statement is corroborated wherever it is possible to corroborate it. He has been charged in the Philippines but he could also be charged in Australia. One of the delights of growing old is that you never stop learning. And the last six weeks I’ve learned quite a few things. I’ve seen the difference between good and evil, I’ve seen the difference between competence and incompetence, starkly illustrated, I’ve seen a man on a mission who is enormously frustrated because of the system. Which is supposed to work. Doesn’t. What’s wrong Mirasol? She doesn’t like to say goodbye to you. I’ve been practising for three days, ok? She understands. Look after yourself. I’ve gotta go home now. After Denis left, the threats against Mirasol continued. She has since gone into hiding. The Australian Federal Police has now located Michael Hackett, in Queensland. But will not pursue him for any crimes.

100 thoughts on “Children Of The Sex Trade (Crime Documentary) – Real Stories

  1. God bless you men saving those girls and giving them a chance for the right life

  2. Yan problema ng mga mahihirap sariling anak binibinta para lng sa pera.. Samantalang mga kurakot sa gobyerno nagpapasarap sa kaban ng bayan

  3. The day will come when good people will grow weary of the corruption in our goverments and law enforcement and in their refusal to stop the child trafficking around the world, that the law will be taken into the hands of those willing to put an end to each and every pedophile, pimp and trafficker permanently!!

  4. What kind of mother you are??.Maybe we don't know the michelle mom situation..but i will not sell my daughter

  5. This is why when I grow up or when I'm 28 I'll go there take 5 if them give them a home money and I won't do gross stuff to them I'll try really hard to help cause some people do stuff that's wrong and I'll help cause deep down in my heart❤ I know I can change the world😥😥 and If you wanna help then please do do anything to help these people the world and everyone

  6. Majority of the people here don't seem to understand why this is occurring and instead are attacking religion for this occurrence. The root to this issue lies in wealth or rather the severe lack of it and the direct consequence of this being living in poverty. When this occurs people will use any means necessary whether that's kill another being or sell themselves as we see here. Poverty is deeply entrenched across the world and it's partly or perhaps primarily due to the 1% of wealthiest owning pretty much half of the world's wealth. The West were quickly able to capitalise on this wealth due to colonial expansion and what not and as such, live like I do comfortably. There is no solution to tackle global poverty unless the 1% are willing to circulate a portion of their wealth but if they do so, our lives in the West will then be impacted as the prices of basic necessities will then increase. As the saying goes, "one mans problems is another mans opportunity".

  7. This "exceptional film" is putting both sisters in immense danger as the guy points out in regards to prostitution which can also be related to security and safety which is that, there aren't any institutes to protect these people so enticing these sisters to testify is extremely risky and put them in risk in the near future too.

  8. Hope the foriegner also will cared because thers a lot of girl who put there in danger they only frame up…i know because ive been in angeles walking street..

  9. I never knew what was going on into Philipines. What kind of parents are these mothers?
    There are poor people around the world, but they don't go to prostitution. What kind of life is that? These mothers should protect their daughters forcefully, not to put them into the hands of sick men.
    Shame on Duterte too! I heard he is killing drug dealers, this is worst. It looks like a way of life, totally normal. It shouldn't be like this. There are people in Somalia dying of hunger, but you don't hear a single prostitution. Shame on these mothers! Why have a child and turn them into prostitutes? They should be punished.

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    – ads

    – "they look like pedophiles"

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  11. Thank you to all of you helping this children.. May God Bless you all ❤️👏🙏

  12. I have 3 daughters and if any pervert touches them I will handcuff them cut their balls off put them in his mouth and duct tape his mouth shut. After he bleeds out or chokes to death on his testicles I would then call police to get him. When it comes to my kids I would kill anyone that hurts them. Where are these kids fathers at???

  13. No use to pity them as their own Parents are the real culprits in this and not only this when these girls turn up to be ladies they still want to do the same for easy money so it's no use to comment on this and where Foreigners are concerned they go to these country to do all this type of Crime and they are let to do coz they pay MONEY

  14. …. for help, be wise about these 'ego trippers' all old men and pedos are … …!

  15. Those girls are not protected by their ignorant parents most of the time is the parent who allow them to be on the street to make money in prostitution !!! should be a documentary on parents who pimpins their daughters!!!!

  16. from my knowledge, the primary foreign customers of this trade were US, UK and Korean

  17. for the australian police,, May God bless you for all your effort.. Wishing all of you more rescue

  18. What kind of sick baster would be attracted to a girl who is not even fully developed yet this is disgusting

  19. Sad, horrific, and heartbreaking. This is what you get when corruption, perversion, greed, poverty, and insensitivity mix together. Truly saddening!!! Even the parents are involved, sending their precious daughters to the wolves.

  20. As a man I cry when I see videos like these it break my heart to see what these babies goes through these little girls as social workers we need to do more to protect them let's love our children protect them the are our future allow them to grow and grow properly

  21. I hate to say this, especially because it's so controversial but men like young women, even teens because it is a natural instinct to be attracted to them as they are better, healthier, and more likely to have a child. I know that it's wrong and looked down on but that does not take away the natural attraction

  22. Those girls are very brave to help the authorities. I hope they are doing ok.

  23. Every time I hear a man comment on his fantasy being an Asian woman I think about this. How sick the fantasy is an innocent young girl.

  24. This disgusts me and there are American men that go there to exploit these CHILDREN. If this was in the US, they would be in prison. Men from all around the world go to Thailand for this. It is appaling.

  25. I wont get married and l wont get pregnant because l wont let my child see how cruel this world

  26. imagine watching ur sleeping child and all of the sudden being enthralled to rescue the abused children in south east asialol

  27. Revelation 21:4 

    4 ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

  28. When very few own the most of earth's wealth the rest will suffer. Once upon a time there was an impire built on justice and fairness, where the rich helped the poor. Where there were ethics and consions, everyone was content and happy..

  29. Marcos cant spell 🤣🤣 "to tack you on so meney different advenches" 🤣🤣🤣 15:41

  30. "Four hours late, the police and social workers show up." Well, that's helpful.

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  32. Im sorry but whenever i see an old white dude here in the philippines, i always assume he is a pedophile.


  34. That police man must have made the girls sign a document through his solicitor so they can't tell anyone who he is.

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  37. Wtf 4 hrs late? I’m so ashamed of most of my fellow men. Believe me not everyone here’s like that, but sadly yes, most are always late. 😔

  38. Dirty Filthy Disgusting Scum, , Go get every last one of them including their parents & families…Enabling this Paedophilia is shameful,
    Those poor girls its [email protected] beyond evil,
    Cut their dicks off then leave them to bleed for an hour, Then cut their balls off, Let them bleed,
    That is how it would feel to a child you penetrating them, Ya Filthy HEARTLESS SELFISH [email protected]!!
    Letting these ffilth touch your babies for money ya sick [email protected]!

  39. omg.. nakaka hiya tlga ang pilipinas.. mga foreigner pa nag imbistiga.. pati mga DSWD napaka tgal pa dumting..

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  41. And you really think that somcalled father and retired police aren’t during the very same thing as the perverts

  42. The only solution is depopulation. Those parents don’t deserve to have kids they are pimps . Shame

  43. What REAL MAN wants to sleep with Children ….. it’s a REAL SICKNESS😔😞 Disgraceful behavior!!!!

  44. God please bless these men because He is doing a great job that helping people that who don't want to leave that life. They are living because of there problems please bless them.

  45. One thing they seem to be overlooking is that all those underraged girls working all times of the night in those bars: Their parents HAVE to be in on it too.

  46. I don't mean to be rude or judgmental in any way, but was it only me who got pretty scared when I saw the pic of the guy named Tom at 13:47? 🙁

  47. Could you even imagine as a parent selling your child, some as young as 5 or 6 knowing that grown men are going to sexually assault them? I don't care what country you're from, a parental instinct to protect you child should be something that every parent has. I've seen some where the parents will say they thought the child was going to be a housekeeper for a rich family etc. Bullshit! They know exactly what they're selling their child into.

  48. Easy to judge other when you have 3 meals a day
    A nice house to live in
    A nice care and all the luxury of the world

    These people have close to nothing not even a decent meal a day

    In the western countries we earn at least 5 times more than in most poor countries

    Cost of living is almost the same in the Philippines as in the western countries

    So the extremely poor need to pay not just 2 times more but 5 times more for almost everything we can buy just like that

    If they can buy it at all

    Most of us have absolutely no idea what and how life is in those countries

    Nature is also not nice to the Philippines

    Those who have nothing at all are hit extremely hard by the worst typhoons each year as well

    So no one in the west can ever know how these people are really suffering

    The same happened in the western countries in times of hunger just a few 100 years ago

    When you have no problems you have no idea what is going on in these extremely poor countries

  49. Are we ready to help the extremely poor people's
    Are we ready to look down on them

    Are ready to judge them
    Ask any of the peoples who are judging if they ever help the extreme poor

    90% have not ever helped

  50. I raised four children . Three girls and a boy ,all grown now .The mother of these children is no mother . She was a baby incubator ,nothing more . A mother protects her children with her very life if need be . A mother never turns her children over to molesters for profit . —- For the children ——-Yesterday is gone ,leave behind the bad .Pick up the good and walk on . All we have is today ..Tomorrow possibilities !

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