China adviser: Trump reportedly ready to escalate trade war if no deal soon

100 thoughts on “China adviser: Trump reportedly ready to escalate trade war if no deal soon

  1. What anxiety? I think the average trader wants Trump to get his way, as does the average consumer that is tired of seeing China's products flooding the markets in the U.S.A. Time to bring manufacturing home and incentivise small locally owned businesses to expand. They can't say they are manufacturing everything in China to keep pricing low- prices have increased dramatically over the last twenty years in spite of the cheap China manufacturing & labor.


  3. I think the solution to a trade deal, may be in old episodes. How did the Federation reach a trade deal with the Ferengis? Has anyone thought of that?

  4. The CCP would rather save face than sign a US trade deal. Thus, the US should stand firm, and show the CCP who really runs the show.

  5. And to Think that the Democrats are Hoping for a "recession" A Vote for the Democrats… IS… in fact a Vote for a Recession…

  6. Manipulated market, due to manipulated numbers. Nothing is ever wrong up to the second that everything is wrong.

  7. Makes you wonder what Trump is trying so very hard to hide. It's funny that the republicants investigated Hillary for four years and changed her with nothing. Obama had zero indictments in his administration and yet republicans still scream they are guilty. Yet Trump investigated for a year and a have, 23 indictments, 5 guilty pleas and named as a co conspirator in a financial campaign violation. Yet they scream Trump is innocent! LOL I think they driven to madness because Hillary Bill and the Obamas did the one they they fail at and Trump has failed at 3 times. Keeping a marriage together.

  8. $75 billion bailout injection of instantly printed money and the market doesn't blink. It is a zombie.

  9. America, if you feel cheated, GO HOME. LOCK YOUR CHASITY BELT SO YOU DON'T GET F***! China doesn't care who potus is.

  10. It’s about time we have a president who is standing up to the CCP! No more apologies world tour!

  11. Trump is about one thing, intimidation. He feeds on fear, once you take that away he is not a lion, he is a rabbit.

  12. Let’s taxChina to aBolivian let’s not export or import all of the things bought oversee will now manufactured here forget them we don’t need those slantyass crooked bastards

  13. Blame the USA CEOs and corrupt politicians that sold you out. Go burn their yachts and mansions. They live large… when they fu over. China didn't come to USA and force these CEOs to ship your job to Mexico, China, Latin America, Europe. They begged these countries to open their doors for cheap labor and huge consumer market.

  14. The Fed intervenes again in the markets. Oversubscribed $75 billion is the max. $83 billion was submitted.  English translation: The markets are becoming illiquid. The Fed needs to do a backdoor QE to keep it going.

    The latest overnight repurchase agreement, or repo, came a day after the policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee cut its benchmark interest rate to a target range of 1.75% to 2%. In two separate market operations on Tuesday and Wednesday, the central bank offered a total of $128 billion through repos – Its third straight daily injection.

  15. A fair trade deal with China is not possible, they will not change how they do business. They cant for fear of the CCP losing some face, just get over it and shift the supply chains.

  16. Good. They are acting just like Japan pre-WWII. Worse even. The money they make from us is being used to entrap many poor nations in loans they can’t repay and to build ballistic missile platforms designed to overwhelm our navy and pacific bases.

  17. Here's hoping China keeps up the pressure and increase it they need to hold a firm ground on this tariffs that way we can keep good products coming in instead of local unionized American Garbage

  18. China is in a world of hurt right now and it's not just because of the trade war but is just another problem that can lead to a much bigger problem . So they will have to address it sooner than later.

  19. The perfect storm is coming, budget fights in Congress, debt exploding, trade concerns and the coming Black Swan.

  20. The China trade deal will come sometime after the summer next year , just in time for the election. President Trump is delaying the all thing because of the election and if we get into a recession, that trade deal will soften the blow. .

  21. good work china, make more trading partners with other countries and ignore america. ignore america even when they beg for cheap toxic goods after hurricanes and wildfire every year destroys everything they need to replace. rofl lmao

  22. That's my man trump! Hit them the maximum please! 💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 enough is enough ! U.S had been ripped off by china for decades plus we are being bullied out of asia

  23. I would honestly be okay with the short term pain if we just pulled all US businesses out of China permanently.

  24. Can we keep Jackie Chan though? I would also request Wu Tang Clan to stay in the US😎😂


  26. If I was President and China asked me not to add a 5%increase in tariffs on the 75th anniversary on the CCP I would say "Alright, I won't increase them 5%. I will make it 25%."

  27. Why haven't we had our NATO allies put tariffs on the Chinese as well? They would be in allot more world of hurt, if it just wasn't us on the board here…

  28. Not sure about anyone else, but I been making more and doing better, I've began changing habits. 1 buying American, 2 stop using Amazon, 3 stop using Walmart. 4 when buying I'm keeping it local to my state/area if possible…job sustainability for myself and the community is important, online can't save us if you can't find local jobs.

    I get it, money is difficult for some, and myself not too long ago… But I'm just tired of everything being foreign, it doesn't last. We must change it, if we don't want the people at the top getting richer, we must stop supporting them with our actions.

  29. Don't they own half the real estate in CA…Hey Trump I have a suggestion for the homeless situation…..

  30. If China needs us more than we need them, then why is Fux News keep talking about China.

  31. Tariffs are nothing more than additional sales tax dumped upon the American consumer …and blaming the Chinese for our own internal tax.
    Where is all the generated revenue from tariffs going? Is it to be utilized to alleviate the tax payers' already excessive burden?

  32. Great less from importing ,more demand for american business's to full fill = more jobs and more competetive pay to get the better workers. good for american majority.

  33. Make China pay…make them pay. Unemployment in China would be a good thing for America. Let's make all this crap in America.

  34. LoL. No, he won't. A tanking economy will guarantee 1000% that he loses the election, and he really needs the job to stay out of prison.

  35. The trade war benefit Vietnam. But Vietnam has a new change in political structure. The new top man is pro-China. This may end up working towards China's advantages…..

  36. who is this donald duck trying to scare? the Chinese know their own strength and their opponent strength. China isn't the one who threw tariffs around only to backtrack when the pain is coming

  37. China cannot afford to continue this tariff battle. $8 lost in China for every $1 we lose in the U.S. They will fold or implode like the former Soviet Union.

  38. Communist china destroyed the world trade balance,put a lot of countries on debt trap and control the WTO thru bribery.

  39. Yes, keep escalating I am a Chinese and I agree time to kick America out from Asian market and China should not allow america enter asia market.

  40. Why would China explode or implode , when exports only make up 1% of the total value of their production of goods and services? Of course, a large part of that 1 % is exports to the US, but the domestic Chinese market has grown so big, so you Americans should not hope for china to collapse as the Soviet Union did! Their economy was totally useless, they did hardly produce any fridges or toasters or any other kitchen commodities, just tractors and tanks. People had to wait in lines for bread, almost no goods at all could be found in the stores. Comparing China of today to the Soviet Union is false!! Chinas economy grew 6.2 % in the last 12 months, that is the same as one whole Australian economy !

  41. China doesn't give a sh1t.. They are ready to stop trading with the US entirely.

  42. US wants made in US so bad, wow, China is laughing as US wants to be slavery factory that China is getting rid of.

  43. Always have to find that elusive potential "problem" with any good news. The market goes up (inflating share prices), and the market goes down (profit taking after inflating share prices). It's been that way since day one.

  44. Trumps policies are working..So why are the dims trying to make America Worst.Because the dims hate America and Americans.

  45. Maybe the dims in congress played the Stock Market and lost lots of money betting against President Trump..So now they're trying to punish Trump for their failures.

  46. No deal is best deal . Can you honestly trust an entity with no transparency, an entity with no independent judicial systems ?


  48. If nature tends to favor the fittest to survive, nature of capitalism tends to favor those with the most money to survive, and nature of American democratic capitalism tends to favor those most capable to buy vote to survive, then the ultimate outcome of this trade war has already been predetermined.

  49. I wonder if the Democrats were as bad at growing cotton as they are at everything else?
    The Democrats have dug the US economy into a huge hole and Trump is trying to dig us out by growing the US economy
    out of the monster deficit the first Black president has created. Fox News hires a bunch of idiots to ask them, "What's happening?"
    Of course, the idiots don't have a clue. What a joke.

  50. Old crackhead can’t foresee the climb.
    Tariffs will push crypto through the roof along with precious metals/mining sector.

  51. The FED lowered interest rates and wasted a bullet just so Trump can resume his war with China.

  52. Seems like everyone here wants to fight with each other, are there any solid trading policies we should have? Should there be no tariffs on both sides? Patents are 20 yrs. in the US, tech gets around this by adding unwanted, worthless, modifications and try to entrap people with lengthy user agreements that ask US citizens to give up the protections they have under the law, its funny that they would complain given where their heart is. I like Chinese people, almost all of them that I have met are respectable people. Any ideas anyone?

  53. I hate this trade war it's bad for my brazil and for the world.
    Trump, stop making Americans pay higher for products.
    America have always imported a lot of stuff from China and now with those new tarrifs the costs are skyrocketing .
    Stop the tarrifs

  54. China should be pushed till the point where USA has a $500 Billion USD annual trade surplus with them for minimum 20 years straight.

  55. Americans think we're weak? Christmas is coming, I hope the Yankees can laugh. Want to force China to yield, you Yankees still can't do ah!

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