China vs USA: Trade war

Hi, everyone before US and china hit it off, a quick shoutout about US and russia duking it out Sorry, nuking it out! A new Binkov T-shirt is out! And there a limited times Three week offer to preorder it Check out this link or click in the one in the description below And now for our featured presentation Hello! Welcome to a special binkov video As Clausewitz say ”War is continuation of politic by other mean so a trade war between US and China two biggest economic powers it of utmost importance to possible change in future geopolitical landscape Chinese economy is larger than US In term of pure volume of work being done In purchasing power parity term its GDP is also a bit higher Of course sheer volume does not equal powers on international stage In nominal dollars term US economy is still most powerfull. The Trade War was eniciated due to trade imbalance and Chinese technology appropriation policy. Since the start of the War, US begin taxing various good coming into the country They included other countrie good as well as Chinese tho recently annouced tarrifs, biggest one yet Are aims squarely at China China retaliated to US tarrif and now it is looking like neither side is prepared to blink (?) Additional tarrif are being annouced by both side! As one can see. China does not have much rooms left to keep responding Tic for Tac with most of the imported US good, already being on the list US has so far Prepared list for half of the Chinese product But has also threatened to tax the entire half a trillion worth of good, if needed. What sort of effect, could such a conflict have? one of the possible consequence for US producer is to move some of their production outside of the US similar flight of manucfaturing could be expect for certain companies in China Both side companies may lose earning Impacting both economy Global economic is based in globa supply chain and globalise production location. Because of Tarrif, even non-US and non-Chinese companies will also get hurt. Today multinational companies from part source all over the world! Manucfacturing them in multiple country Good example is Toyota Camri Assemble in Kentucky Despite being made by a Japanese firm it is a car with most US content being made in America it should be hit the least, if a car war happen. With global supply chain impacted Intermediate good such as part and component for final product. Will get pricier. Half the US import for example, are comprised of such intermediate good US and China might get in trouble if their average customer notice serious price high which may happen, if Iphone or certain car get 20% priced

100 thoughts on “China vs USA: Trade war

  1. America adopted England's selfishness. When they put factories in China and used Chinese cheaper labours, they don't appreciate. Afterwards their government leader says: Chinese stole American's jobs! WTF?
    Europe and America don't help develop Africa, when China does it, they accuse Chinese government invade Africa. WTF?
    The world map is shaped by the invasion of Europe. But today when you search for the "invasion of Europe", you only find the Europeans complains about muslims refuges invaded Europe. WTF?
    What is wrong with some of the white people? While some are fighting for the justice for humans, some are extremely selfish, weak and inhuman.

  2. We shall overcome! Yours forecast is piece of shit, maybe you are not went to school when you was a child.

  3. Here is wisdom! Never buy anything from the Chinese! Or sell anything to the bastards! This will get rid of them forever!for sure!

  4. One big world pain in the backside.. TRUMP.. en-peach the fool and let the world trade without this moron with zero business know how to be jailed….

  5. And now Huawei is getting put on the blacklist, do you guys think that this is the beginning of a cold war? A new trade battle?
    Which side will take whose? Are you supporting Google's decision?

  6. I'm American, and your guess is as good as mine as to the true agenda of the trade war…but for decades, it's been common rhetoric in the US, that China undermines our trade (and it does)
    Combined with decades of rhetoric about how the US is losing its manufacturing industry to China (and it is)
    We lose to China when it comes to trading on goods, because they can make it & ship it for cheaper than we can make it.
    But I believe the agenda is, if we tariff them harshly enough – then manufacturing in the US suddenly becomes a competitive endeavor.
    The tarrif are essentially going to tax China for the loss of our manufacturing industry OR make Chinese goods so expensive to import that it re-ignites our ability to be competitive when it comes to manufacturing in the US.

  7. the us didn't start a trade war , us is responding to it after almost beign surpass out of theft. its not honest to say that .

  8. China just threatened rare earth

    China threatens clampdown on rare earth (May 29, 2019)

  9. China's one world policy has left a major gender gap which is starting to cause major problems for China. USA birthrate is worryingly low as well, but not nearly as much.

  10. as of 2019 word spread China, who controls most, can sanction rare earths – a substance used up to 1000 pounds in America's F35 jet.

  11. Ban everything from China and any country or company that should be found to be relabeling should be banned as well or with a company, have their assets confiscated.

    Are we all forgetting who the hell the CCP/PLA are and what they do?

    Ask yourself if saving a few cents or dollars would be worth it if we were dealing with Hitler and his NAZIs…..

    This is a lot more about China stretching its totalitarian reach than simple economics, China must be stopped and only fools believe the Chinese or their Russian co conspirator's propaganda that the Chinese are of no threat.

    Ask yourself just how much of your country and your freedoms are you prepared to give away for cheap crap that is made in China, this is 1938 again and your children will remember that you helped fight or strengthen the 21st century NAZIs…..

  12. The US goal should be to bankrupt the entire world except itself. China's economy is far weaker than it appears. The comparison of GNI not adjusted for PPP shows the US has 5 time China's income with one quarter the population. While tariffs, sanctions and embargoes can be retaliated against with limited effect the United States has a nuclear economic bomb that would crush China in one day and that is to cut it off from the US dollar and Swift, and to cut all trade and commercial ties with it. The US can also accelerate the inevitable bankruptcy of the EU, the other of China's two largest trading partners. European banks like Chinese banks are in a very fragile and precarious state.

  13. China will suffer MUCH more than the US is this trade war and they know it. You can only screw your customers, partners and neighbors for so long. The long term winners will be US, Vietnam, India.

  14. I'll be damned! So Trump actually stumbled upon a (what do you call it) a strategy? Who woulda thunk it, right?

  15. We want our money for our investment into these shithole nations, they all break to power and USA is power

  16. Damb it. i hate how Alaska is all about that Mercator projection. It is so off setting and huge.

  17. 1:11 You are too generous. United States started the trade war because our president is a racist whack job. Except when it comes to his money, which is why he personally interceded for ZTE, a criminal enterprise for its IP practices.

  18. But today ,Although US have some advantages of the trade war,But the USA farmers are anti-trade war, I think the trade war would be over soon

  19. If worse comes to worst: US can always cut off any outside trade to the Americas using its superior Navy. It might even maintain a naval blockade of China (under a threat that any Chinese nuclrar attack on say Taiwan of Japan in order to break the blockade would be answered with total nuclear destruction of China so they won't go that far). BUT: China is in Eurasia – using railroads, its goods can reach most if not all of Asia, Europe and Africa, albeit at a greater cost but still cheaper than US could produce at home. In order to compete, the US would have to utilize cheap labor such as which could be found in Central or South America or India. However, seeing the rise of a dangerous rival such as China as a direct consequence of its previous economic symbiosis with the US, the US might this time opt to utilize not one powerful country beyond direct control like Chona, but a group of small poor countries each of which would be allowed to make components of a single complex product, so that none can make it alone – giving the US a mechanism to control them. Ultimately, the economic war will destroy neither China nor the US, and any big neutrals, might end up being the big winners, but any shift in the relative economic strengths between the two major antagonists will mostly be the consequence of their respective capabilities of maintain and/or expand their sphere of influence (particularly the battle for the markets of EU and the Middle East might prove decisive).

  20. Nothing personal China. All no.1s don't like to be surpassed by a competitor. In the 80s it was Japan bashing, now its China's turn. Sorry.

  21. I just looked around my house and realized everything was made In China… I think we fucked up..

  22. Binkov why your map don't show up the Border between Sudan and South Sudan? Correct maps are cooler – especially for a geopolitical and military show.
    Probably you can fix it in future videos, but anyway your show is cool!

  23. The trade that the US gets from China is basically manufacturing benifiting from low-pay workers. You can get similar benefit with less headache from Vietnam, Indonesia, or Mexico(which is where A LOT of overseas manufacturing is headed) and with advances in tech and low-cost energy many more are just moving back to the US. The US can get by just fine with a small trade network mostly in North America and/or SE Asia bypassing China completely. China desperately needs the US market to maintain it's current economic level, there simply no other market that can absorb their export volume and if they try to piecemeal it over several markets their transport cost skyrocket

  24. 90%+ American citizens, love our counterpart Chinese citizens. Its sad that the governments are at odds with each other. We in the US want open and government free dialogue with our friends in the far east. America got love for China, because the Chinese citizens are going through a similar stalemate with governmental politics.

  25. Until all China neighbours, except Russia, say loudly "screw this!" and form up their own NATO, backed by own nuclear weapons and EU-like common market with som low-key tarrifs and COCOM like restrictions against China…

  26. Ping Ke Fu video in an altered name? Binkhov or "Ping Ke Fu" is a Hong Kong guy lives in a tiny apartment in slum. Ping=comment, Ke Fu=fake russian sound that no one believes.


  28. Support China From TURKEY To fuck christians dirty ass

  29. How ridiculous China refuses to back down- China trade deficit is 4 to 5 times with US – Trump will fix that,
    communism cannot hope to compete with free market capitalism

  30. Update july 2019 the us stock market is SOARING HITTING DECADE LONG HIGHS 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  31. July 17th 2019. China has just recorded its lowest growth rate in 30 years. And the US economy is on FIRE! MAGA!

  32. lol usa is finished, they can only bully some weak countries and make economic sanctions but they Don't have the spirit of war, they will never go to war against russia or china frontally maybe they will use terrorists or proxies

  33. I learn through history don't fuck with those Asian, because America lost the war in Vietnam, Korea America won the war with Japan but American lost a lot a lot a lot of soldiers

    How will the war be with the second superpower 🇨🇳, in China is catching up militarily, and they got ten times more the troops than America

  34. The People's Republic of China dad been, is, and will be the greatest nation on Earth!

  35. Wanna help get Communist influence out of our country and University's? Make that number of Chinese hit "0".

  36. 12:40 Wrong on both counts … China started the trade war
    The reasons & guessing for why President Trump doing the trade war is from watching too much video games … you not include India or pakistan

  37. WRONG WRONG … Only real peace would bring us all togther = globalist fantasy ignoring human nature

  38. beyond tariff == trade sanctions/embargo/ban , licensing/registration of traders/products/services, currency/credit commodities future market access, China selling and decreases US Treasury Bond holding to generate China access to US monies…. tariff cost hits consumers and lower volume of sales from China…Chinese export/import GDP is about 25% to 30% … tariffs may shift global economy … Trump's trade war is a public relations tactic by Trump to make Trump look strong to America…

  39. China has abused trade for decades. Best weapon to destroy Chinese economy is to impose importation of Chinese goods by 30%, and that would just be a good start.

    Strong use of such import controls would be helpful to the USA in 2 major ways.

    1) Return of jobs to the USA from Chinese factories.
    2) Protection of US intellectual property that China has been shamefully STEALING for decades.

    I really hope President Trump hammers China without mercy, it's very long overdue.

  40. 1912 – Current —– Democratic China Of Taiwan – The Original China Before Communism Invasion…..

    1949 – Current —– Communist Red China – The 2nd China in History.

    This is why Democratic China of Taiwan has a huge armament of military defence : they want to remain in existence as Democratic China and not let the Communists take over.

    Both are China – but do the communists know we only live on the earth for c 100 years then die – so no point in fighting our fellow Chinese brother – let each live happily in peace –

    war made by the devil's lies and selfishness puts more people in hell and causes sufferrings and grief amongst people. This is why Jesus Christ, the Son of God died to save us all from hell – He paid the price for our sins so that we can live in heaven after death on earth.

    We only have one life on earth : listen to your conscience – do not kill, do not steal money, dishonestly,………find out the ONLY ONe Who paid the price for your sins before you lose the chance to heaven for ever…. Listen to joseph @t on utube to find out how to get to heaven after this one life safely – do not cheat your own soul by ignoring that Servant of God.

    God loves us and has made a way.

  41. China will lose to USA if they don't start building USA provided compartments… China has Europe but they need to build things only USA can make…

  42. If only the US had a button it could press to simultaneously reduce he Chinese economy and population and prevent future Chinese world domination.

    Oh wait…

  43. Here is the truth. We the USA closed off our mining and drilling because we want to use up the rest of the worlds rescources. Then and only then will we first close off trading, then resume production of our own rescources with reopening of our own factories.. We are not stupid we are just laying in wait to become self sufficient again… we'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American way.
    Besides, earth doesnt matter anymore, we are mining in space now, we have had space weopons since the 70s, and the earths populataion doesnt matter anymore. USA!!!!

  44. I think Donald Trump started this because China is a socialist country which has been doing many bad things and Trump knows that if he weakens their economy then they will maybe not be able to keep their fragile country working and Democracy might be embraced or it might just be Donald trump got diarrhea from a Chinese Donut or something

  45. When the toilet papers ran out in US, then we know who is winning bwahahaha.

  46. China 🇨🇳= Trade, USA 🇺🇸= War  China 🇨🇳+ USA 🇺🇸= Trade War

  47. That's basically it. Though I thought it was more simple. Such as weaken Chinese economy so much that they can't support their current military situation. Thus curbing Chinas ambitions, and ensuring it never rises again.

  48. Idiots blame China for working like slaves to make stuff for Americans to buy so cheap. Instead of going to war, just stop buying stuff made in China. It is your own fault, not chinese

  49. Totally ignores the immense investment by USA companies, banks and billionaires have in Chinese manufacturing infrastructure. There is a cost to the USA economy of writing all that off.

  50. Road 9 segments on the east sea of of china, arbitrarily drawn. no one in the world recognizes.

  51. Global usa corporations will leave the usa and do business with china maybe it will be cheaper fir all of them. Look at Blackstone i think is the name, the ones burning the Amazon, the usa won't get contracts if corporations leave the usa and find a place cheaper to produce their products…

  52. China want to take over, produce all the technology the USA is selling and sell them for their own benefits. All the knowledge usa companies have china have it now, so china can start improving it and start selling it cheaper…

  53. Did miss that the US and allies still want to contain and eventually end neo-marxism/communism. Finally solve that 100 year and 100 million lives lost problem…

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