China wants to narrow trade talks with US: Report

96 thoughts on “China wants to narrow trade talks with US: Report

  1. Economy and especially material goods are national security.I think its a confusion on what trump wants. its the margin of doffrence in export import with the lack of quilty goods bought by china.
    alm the rest is just reason to justfy and apply pressure on china.
    the espionage isnt going to stop its no way ti negotiate that away.

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  4. President Trump to make the Deal with China to include giving America the People of Hong Kong and America will give China the Democrats, Liberals and ANTIFA TOO!!! President Trump is an AWESOME DEAL MAKER!!!!

  5. Definitely not good enough especially with the trade war at its peak.
    We need China to address intellectual property theft before anything else.

  6. For most of us its been a blessing .Take all the time you like. As soon as they agree american companys that full fill the gap now will lay off reduce production and only a few corps. and wealthy investors will be better off.

  7. You have to address now or be overrun in 10 years. When fixing our military planes our parts will come from china…think about it.. They are the worlds biggest threat..

  8. They use the money we give then to pay people to steal from us and build up military islands.

    Let's TALK ABOUT MONEY, China.

  9. The only way to get China to capitulate is end all trade until there is a comprehensive punishable way to protect intellectual property rights, corporate espionage, hacking, currency manipulation and fair reciprocal trade. Now later on we can deal with human rights abuses, pollution and geopolitical issues

  10. No way!!! “One who gives up a little freedom for a little security deserves neither!”- Ben Franklin

  11. They are trying to be clever… they don’t really know WHO they are dealing with… Trump loves challenges, and generally he wins!

  12. China businesses are actually US Democrats in disguise. Politicians of many other countries use China to park their laundered money.

  13. China can wait until they can be honest brokers, then. No deals with them without that. Take your time, China! You'll never get it back once it's gone…

  14. China could take all the Junk and the G.M. Trash there making there and keep them we survived without them before we can do it again. Remember when the stuff you bought would last for years now it lasts a few days.

  15. We arent in an easy situation because we owe them money!! No matter what we try to kaniver we have to accept that, cant get around it.

  16. You mean Trumpster wants to talk china. Since Trump did tariff. Fox news are fake and propaganda news

  17. Mexico wanted to put Immigration on a separate track too…Not a chance, they are all connected Period!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. I don't think he should make the deal and I highly doubt he will. He will stand his gtound like he has been doing, China is starting to feel it now and now they want a deal, that's why they said let's just put national security A-side they are cracking!

  19. The trade dispute was to be about intellectual Property rights, access to open markets, forced transfer of technology and business ownership? But Pres.Trump just see's the in difference in the dollar amount and loses sight that actual goods are being purchased and supporting the flow of the entire economy.

  20. The main problem is theft, they can’t compete with the West, so they steal.

    The Security Issue is paramount.

    As they become more powerful do you think they’ll play fare or break the rules more and more?!

    Building China up tears us down – bottom line.

  21. Narrowing the talks means US dropping their overall demands on issues like IP thefts, currency manipulations, etc. This will be a no-show event….

  22. China is virtually uneffected by the Tariffs. Its American investors who's feathers are ruffled by the tariffs. They'll complain about China but won't go on record to do anything about it so its our own working class that suffers.

  23. The Postal Union runs the postal service…look what happened when the union was taken over and racial statements were tossed around about eliminating whitey. My nephew was at that union meeting

  24. Everybody knows the Chinese are bad actors. They are communist, the lie, cheat, and steal. It is a way of life for communist. Perfect example look at Hong Kong and Macau.

  25. We want to address trade not the 400 billion we steal yearly from the US. The China government is full of lying rats

  26. Bring back our jobs and our money!

    Tariff to 100% like India does for all imported items viewed as luxury!

  27. China printed trillions. Then went on a buying spree in the United States. Their money is worthless. The purpose was to prop up the top influential liberals who would support Chinese military fascism in return for billions.

  28. Mixing everthing/everyone all together is a childish doing. There is no any effective holistic treatment to solve this illogical combination all together.

  29. USA Trade/Commerce and National Security go together. Because China INVOLVED in fraud trade business ethics and always MANIPULATED of it's currencies, GDP on global market. Also China INVOLVED in STEALING American Proprietary Information, THEFT of Military Intellectual Property which is National Security issue and also a global threat and threat to USA allies. China won't get itself loose easily. It's dragon's decades of immorality and corruption. Huawei is caught, cyber crime's, google work's, Facebook privacy violations,… the blacklisted list goes on.

    USA won't make any deal with China. This is final and don't keep talking about daily serial news. Boring episode's of China deal. China will be put under tariff's for it's life and ban China good's and relocate all USA organization's, IT & Electronics giant's owned by KING President. That's easy.🔫

  30. The IP issue is very serious. It’s systemic. Don’t trust them. Chinese government will pressure your own people to turnover secrets. And the universities there and the government work hand in glove to copy our stuff. It’s insidious. Most Americans don’t believe how they are work in sync . 100% tariff is really needed

  31. The CCP of china is not to be trusted… they will never give up their quest to take over the world as an economic giant. I say no deal

  32. Hoping China doesn't back down given they're the trade capital of the world since the Greek empire and all America is is a child playing at trade in the school yard if you truly want to bring trade production back to the united States then we need to get rid of the unions because there the ones that drove production to cheaper countries because of Union wages in truth we have no one to blame but ourselves for other counties getting the jobs we once had

  33. China rejects trades negotiation deal US delegation backing up on tariffs sanctions.

  34. If China is pushed backwards into a corner too quickly or with too much force it will respond with aggression. This is animal nature. Watch Taiwan… China lusts for this island and will never give up it's claim to it. Also watch Kashmir. China has it's eye on that country too. Lastly watch the Panama Canal. China would love to control this.

  35. Maria please think properly!!
    Just dealing with China but at the cost of US National security??!! It is not feasible!! Cant be!!! And we all have to stand by the President to put China at its place. If we compromise on this important issue, means defeat!!

  36. Did America gave China favorable trade status? If so, why not take it back? It looks like China is dictating the terms now that they are rich at America's expense. And China is now a real bully using its wealth intimidating every nation who question their owning the whole China Sea

  37. The Chinese see no distinction between trade, commerce and security. IT MUST include everything for the world's security: technology, trade, intellectual property theft, etc.

  38. The Chinese see no distinction between trade, commerce and security. IT MUST include everything for the world's security: technology, trade, intellectual property theft, etc.

  39. China wants a deal more badly than the US?? What happened to the part where Don Trump lied about his phone call with president Xi during a press conference at the G8 summit? Lmao

  40. Freedom is priceless
    Trump made that right we need full deal not a partial deal
    Full deal or no deal
    Americans can go either way💪

  41. Lets seperate it, so we can continue to steal your tech. Smooth move china. I really hope we dont fall for this.

  42. The American people have little tolerance for anything that is disruptive. They are chickens that run at the slightest noise or movement and as such can easily be manipulated by the media's negative propaganda about the tariffs. President Trump knows if he moves too fast on China the mainstream media will blow it way out of proportion and this could cost him his reelection in 2020. Be patient, in Trump's second term the gloves will come off and it will be time to go bare knuckles on China.

  43. We must stop trade with China they still evil communist regime.

  44. How do you get a deal with someone whose economy is totally based on stealing from our country????

  45. The American people should be grateful to have a president like Trump in charge of negotiations.
    Like him or not.

  46. Communist China wants to set the 'agenda'
    Forget about the jobs lost
    Forget about the property stolen
    Forget about its military expansionism
    Forget about its military alliance with Russia
    Forget about the currency manipulation
    Forget about its human right abuses

    Yes, forget the fact you're American and you believe in something higher…
    No! I don't think so….do you?

  47. China's going to re-adjust their interest and they're going to pull everything out of the u.s. you watch and see they could give a care less about Trump

  48. We should not give China any money whatsoever, the money we give them they are using to build their country up and stealing our money. So don’t just talk about money we need to know about all.

  49. I'm from Asia and let me tell you what, I'm loving this trade war. The China has been getting away with these injustices for decades & finally pay their due for their evils for what they did to our countries.

  50. Dont trust china and all they are liars.They go back on their word every time. They waiting trump out till joe biden or so they hope.

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