Chuck Norris and T-Mobile- Netbook (czech commercial) [subtitles]

Are you in there? “Yeah, I can see you.” Watch carefully! Chuck Norris doesn’t spare anyone. T-Mobile gives you a stylish netbook
after buying two services.

35 thoughts on “Chuck Norris and T-Mobile- Netbook (czech commercial) [subtitles]

  1. @TheVoldevie Thanks. Can you upload the last one "Chuck Norris a T-Mobile: Televize" with subtitles?

  2. @VinylCyril Yeah, that's right. In czech "to give something free" means
    1) to be generous
    2) to don't spare someone

  3. @TheVoldevie Zkus to přeložit nějak aby to v angličtině dávalo smysl… co třeba tam dát "¨Chuck Norris doesn't give a shit…"? 🙂

  4. @VinylCyril I'm Polish and our language is similar to Czech one in some extend. While saying “Chuck Norris nikomu nic ne daruje” you can understand it as it means directly: “Chuck Norris doesn't spare anyone” or it can be also understood as “Chuck Norris will never forgive this”. This is kind of equivoque making this punchline funny.

  5. To all of the people even thinking about hitting the dislike button, remember: Chuck Norris is always watching.

  6. @CzechSaint to by ale smysl moc nedavalo, pac to znamena "chucka norrise to nezajima"

  7. @2bblack No, nebo "Chuck Norris se o to nestará". Neni to dokonalý, ale aspoň je tam ta slovní hříčka se slovem give (T-mobile gives you…). Holt překládat neni jednoduchý 🙂

  8. @AvsJoe And also remember that there is no chin under his beard…there is only another fist.

  9. @ShrOOmLady Holka, mně vážně nemusíš vysvětlovat, v čem spočívá vtip.
    You better go and learn english 'cause even god up there knows you fuckin' need it.

  10. When chuck norris pointed his finger at the guy his head exploded!!! Boom headshot!

  11. The guy in the computer must have been thinking "OH SHIT HE'S GONNA KILL ME THROUGH THE SCREEN" *turnoff*

    He was never seen again.

  12. @blackflame100 Good thing he turned off his computer so quickly. Chuck was about to punch him through the internet…

  13. Chuck Norris didn't faint, he decided to take a nap, while the woman does her job in the kitchen.

  14. That dude tried to impress his friend by beating Chuck Norris. Chuck says no do he flips him away!!

  15. slovo netbook už jsem uplně zapomněl, stejně jako ultrabook to leží v propadlišti dějin a nikdo už to nepoužívá 😀

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