Commercial Crew: Astronaut Flight Prep

WILLIAMS: We’ve had the opportunity to try
on the suits, to sit in the seats, to interact with the displays, the emergency egress systems
for any type of emergency egress from the pad. It’s been pretty fun, actually, checking
out all the hardware. HURLEY: NASA has not done a flight test program
for a spaceship since the space shuttle, so you’re talking late 70s, early 80s the last
time we kind of did this as an agency, so some of it is kind of re-learning those techniques
and those things that you need to make sure you’re watching out for. CASSADA: We’ll be brushing up on all of
the long-duration spaceflight tasks that we’ve trained for over the years, including spacewalking,
robotics, and all the space station systems. MANN: And then we’re going to learn all
about the new vehicle, all about our suits, how we’re going to operate in that vehicle,
emergency procedures. HOPKINS: You’re going to have kind of this
hybrid, if you will, for these first flights where you’re helping develop things, and
at the same time you’re getting training. FERGUSON: We’re going to be building what
it is the crew member needs to know. BOE: The things that are really neat to me
that are new is putting on the new spacesuit, you know, putting your arms into it and actually
getting to touch the screens just like you did as an operator when you were going into
space. GLOVER: Those skills that we honed in test
pilot school and then later on as test pilots, I think they’re going to be put to use in
flying these vehicles. It’s a new set of hardware, and it’s a
new set of software. BEHNKEN: For all the folks that are following
along throughout the world, I really would like them to recognize that there’s a huge
team that makes this possible. That when I get the opportunity to board one
of these spacecraft and fly into space, that I will have been propped up by a team of engineers,
that made this happen.

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