Commercial Crew: Dawn of a New Space Age

TRIPATHI: Up until now it’s been governments
that have sent people into space, and working with our NASA partners, we are on the doorstep
of being able to open it up to a much greater population. FERGUSON: a hundred years ago, the average
person would say, ‘I will never fly an airplane and I will never be able to buy a ticket—you
mean buy a ticket to go on an airplane? We might really be able to do that someday?’ So you can’t think in ‘today,’ you have
to think about, what’s it going to be like tomorrow? GLOVER: Having multiple ways to get to low
earth orbit and to get home from low earth orbit safely is a huge step forward for all
of human spaceflight. MCGRATH: When we first looked at the business case
it was primarily focused around NASA. and we continue to look at people who are actually
interested in full service missions up to low earth orbit, whether it be to space station
or another destination. MATTHEWS: Commercial industry should be allowed
to thrive in the space marketplace to allow innovation in the space industry to go to
the next level. We are so excited about partnering with NASA
in this innovation and bringing it to the next level together. DAWKINS: The more that you open up those challenges
and those goals to the larger, broader industry, then the better ideas you’re going to get,
and the more creativity that’s going to be spawned from that, and the more opportunities
that I think it creates for our country. GOOD: As I go out and do talks and tell people
about what it was like to fly in space, and talk about how we’re going to go on to the
Moon and Mars, I tell them, ‘Hey, it’s not going to be me.’ As I’m talking to classrooms of kids I say,
‘It’s going to be you guys. MASSA: We really need to inspire the next
generation because they’re going to be the pioneers for the future.

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