Conservatives Crying Over Cookie Commercial

>>Chips Ahoy came out with an interesting
Mother’s Day campaign. In fact they featured one of the contestants
from RuPaul’s Drag Race, she’s one of the stars actually, and her name is Vanessa Vanjie,
and this upset some people. Now, I’m gonna show you the video and then
I’m going to give you some of the conservative tiers of Twitter over this harmless ad.>>Yes, but my favorite part of the story
is Chips Ahoy reaction to the right wingers, cuz it’s super telling and really important
and fun. Let’s watch first the ad that they put out.>>Did you all know what we celebrating today? Mother’s Day, and I am so thankful to have
a mother like mine who supports me through all my craziness an loves on me and buys me
Chips Ahoy cookies. Chewy, the original, everything under the
sun, my mom knows I love my cookies. So get those cookies and what’s the sweet
gesture for you to do to your mama, your real mama, your drag mama, whichever mama. Somebody, whoever they can you, whoever you
feel or consider your mama is their day to day. Get them a cookie or two, a pack buy them
all the Chips Ahoy in the world. I don’t know, or get some milk, get us some
milk, you can’t buy the cookies without the milk honey, get those cookies, it’s Mother’s
Day, it’s time to celebrate love on a cookie, get them. And if you’re down, how you going to celebrate
Mothers Day? It’s the new chocolates, meow.>>You know what? She has a point.>>I mean, who-
>>She has a point.>>You want cookies on Mother’s day.>>Of course.>>I had cookies on Mothers Day. I’m not even a mother.>>But I celebrated with my mother with cookies,
so she gets it.>>Okay.>>Now, of course, Conservatives who would
accuse the left of being snowflakes started whining and crying about this ad. Here’s the thing, before I get to the Conservative
tears, I just feel like people aren’t busy enough, right?>>Yeah, yeah.>>Because I feel like I’m constantly overwhelmed
with work and I don’t have time to be upset about an ad, right? I just don’t care, I don’t care, I wanna move
on with my life, I have other things to do. Conservatives though, they love spending time
sharing how upset they are about the ad for Chips Ahoy cookies. Now, here is a contributor for the Federalist
his name is David Rayboy. And he posted a picture of himself holding
Chips Ahoy cookies and he said say no to woke-ass hyper-politiczed ad campaigns. Well, no, I’m gonna say yes. And cookies are delicious, so-
>>Okay, so let’s note for the record that’s a grown ass man. Okay, let’s also note that there was actually
nothing political in the ad. She didn’t say vote Democrat, she didn’t say
I’m a Progressive, she didn’t say any of those things, no.>>She just exists.>>Exactly.>>Yeah.>>And so the right winger politicized it
themselves by saying, well, since that’s a trans person, well, it->>No, it’s just a drag queen.>>No, I’m sorry.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, it’s just a drag race, or it’s a
drag queen. So by definition, I’m going to say that that’s
political. Look, she didn’t do it as a political statement. She doesn’t exist as a political statement. She just exists, that’s who she is. And so then you turn around and make your
political bite hating her, that’s the political part. You see, identity politics isn’t her being
who she is. The identity politics is when you hate her
for who she is.>>Exactly, so a bunch of people started mocking
him for how upset he was over this ad. And what I love is how Chips Ahoy also joined
in on the mocking. So let’s take a look at Graphic 33. And you can see one person put up a photo
that said people really bothered by a drag queen being in a commercial imagine being
so fragile.>>And Chips Ahoy responded, convinced they
didn’t even watch the video LOL. I like any company that’s saying LOL, in a
tweet. And then let’s show you the rest. Caprice Classic says why are you vomit? This is odd. And Chips Ahoy answers, they should get that
checked out. Yeah, I love the sass on Chips Ahoy.>>Yeah.>>Okay.>>I just love that they’re not getting bullied
by conservatives who lose it over this kind of stuff, right? Cuz oftentimes, I think that these types of
ad campaigns, at least in the past will make them a little nervous, is this too political? But this is a good sign because A, they’re
coming out with these types of ads and I think it’s great. And B, they’re standing by their decision
to do so, they’re not allowing anyone to scare them off from doing this. And is it because Chips Ahoy is run by great
people who are moral and they wanna make a stand in support of drag queens? No, I think it’s about the money, right? And that’s a good thing, that means that the
majority of the country is on their side. The majority of the country is on the left
when it comes to a lot of these social issues and they’re gonna do what’s good for business.>>Yeah, now, look I’m sure the folks running
Chips Ahoy are also good people.>>I’m sure, yeah.>>By the way, if you do care about these
issues call us. Okay, but no, look I love their sass. On another response they’re like, they’re
big mad, and they did a crying emoji. But that’s a company doing that, that’s amazing.>>Yeah.>>So look, Ana is right, though, we’re all
about the phenomenon here. So Republicans getting triggered, that’s Tuesday. Okay, looking for a safe space from a cookie,
that’s Tuesday. Okay, so everything they’ve ever accused liberals
of, they actually do themselves. But what’s important is now Nike, Gillette,
Chips Ahoy, all these companies say, yeah, we picked a side, the good guys. We’re for inclusion, we’re for everyone, we’re
not going to pick the side that is exclusionary. And so certain people should not receive love,
should not be celebrated on Mothers Day, and should be treated in some way differently. Now, it’s a logical conclusion for two reasons. One, they’d like some cookies to everybody. And so that’s why they want to be inclusive. That’s capitalism, right wingers you should
look into it. Secondly, they did their research on young
consumers. And young consumers are massively progressive. And for them, the idea whether you should
celebrate drag queens as human beings or you should hate them and hate everything they’re
involved with is not a closed issue. That’s not, I haven’t quite made up my mind
about it yet. I’ll get back to you when I do. No, young people in this country made up their
mind. And they are actually wonderful and decent. And if the right wing is triggered by that,
I guess that’s a sad day for them.

100 thoughts on “Conservatives Crying Over Cookie Commercial

  1. The drag queen in this video is one of the lowest class, ignorant ghetto "skank" I've heard in quite a while…This is the left's "gotcha" to "right wingers?" LOL
    If that's the best TYT can do, we have nothing about which to worry. EVER.

  2. Wait! That was the commercial? Oh, didn't see anything wrong with the commercial. I mean all that person said was buy cookies for your momma!!

  3. what i wanna know is: how is there anything political about vanjie's existence? ugh.

  4. Y’all know vanjie and politics don’t mix at all, why people getting mad over a ad

  5. Looks like gordo turk has had a few too many cookies over the years

    Whole video is a sad attempt at strawman, btw. Guess the young turks will be crying about trump forever.

  6. We are talking about people who bought Nike shoes so they could burn them in protest of Nike…

  7. 2:57 i love this woman she was checking these men left and right she was like GET YOUR GENDERS RIGHT BABY "no its just a drag queen" she checked him real fast

  8. Lol Republicunts can't cry over spilt milk but they can cry over cookies while that's the why the cookie crumbles.

  9. Anna doesn’t have time to hate on ads, but she does have time to be better than you.

  10. It’s because she’s a drag queen. Conservative backlash is from their deep homophobia.

  11. I'm a woman and I do drag. Conservatives does that make me any less of a woman? No. Vanjie is drag queen. Does that make him less than a man? No. Does Chips Ahoy's cookies taste disgusting because you saw something that didn't fit in your heteronormative life? No. Y'all need to remember that it's just a cookie. In the words of Latrice Royale, "EAT IT!"

  12. What an awesome video!!! Thank you for making it! It definitely made me laugh!

    Well, and cry, a little. They're so unwoke they already to not even have much of a pulse left. Rest in Peace Republican party. Rest in peace.

  13. Chips Ahoy 4 life , Dogg . I personally believe in dunking them soooo Tasty but a fine line between smooth cruch & kerplunk cookie to the bottom…Bummer

  14. id like to volunteer my services to make Anna a mother. >: D

  15. Honestly, I'm a conservative. And I absolutely LOVE Rupaul"s Drag race, and Ms Vanjie. My whole family is conservative and they didn't have a problem with the commercial (some didn't care for it, but they said that there was no reason to hate on it) Maybe someday more conservatives will come around.

  16. All of this sexual freedom is contra nature and if you do not follow nature's purpose you shall be aborted by nature.

  17. WTF ? I like fritters , no cookies 🍪 from now on ! 💯🤔🤷🏾‍♂️👌🏾

  18. Sure Chips Ahoy! picked the right side on this one, but let's not forget Nabisco makes this product, which is a brutally run corporation wanting to control the world's food supplies like Con Agra, Nestle, & Kraft/Heinz. So just like the Nike ad with Kaepernick, they know the ad response will be mostly positive. But just like Nike, Nabisco has many skeletons in its closet as they've tried to dominate global markets.

  19. Part of their ignorance is that they don't even know the difference between a Drag Queen and a Transgendered person. They have no idea that a Drag queen is an entertainer. If Robin Williams had done the commercial as Mrs. Doubtfire they would have laughed and bought some Chips Ahoy. They have no idea that Vanjie is the breakout star of Drag Race this past year and that she shot to fame after being the first queen sent home all because of her iconic exit on the main stage. They don't care to learn. They want to be mad and stay mad, that's what Fox news has taught them.

  20. What are we going to have? A nun selling us cookies! No wait, that would offend the atheists!

  21. Ms Vanjie isn't just exist and she isn't just any other drag queen, she is the breakout star from RUDR Season 11! At least make a research first, urgh.

  22. Nothing wro g here. Just a son wishing his mom a happy mother's day.

  23. I'd feel better about this if TYT had ANY gay men on their show.

  24. I'm very liberal and I agree 100% This is first video I've watched on this channel and I'm interested in watching more. Only thing I'm not quite grooving with is the slight gloating over making fun of conservatives. I know its so tempting and easy especially with how aggravating they can get, but gloating reminds me of conservative tactics lol. Like, they love to brag when they think they're right. I'm more of a fan of pointing out the ridiculousness of how they sound, but also handing out constructive criticism in the process instead of saying "yeah, we're the ones that are better, not you". I think gloating makes people less likely to listen to your side. That's certainly why I'm hesitant to listen to a conservative talk.
    Also one of Vanjie's catchphrases is "get these cookies" so it was a super smart move to get her to do the add.

  25. – _ – … That's it?!… THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE MAD ABOUT? Not surprised, probably some of the same folks screaming,

    "Build that wall!"
    "You speak English while you are here or go back to where ever you came from."

    Then go dine out AT A MEXICAN RESTAURANT and start crying about the menu having a SPANISH menu and the fact THE MEXICANS working there speak IN SPANISH to communicate.

    ATTENTION!!!: YOU CAN'T SAVE EVERYONE! YOU JUST HAVE TO LET THOSE INDIVIDUALS GO THE WAY OF THE DODO. Poor Dodos, how we rather have you here than racist, bigots and Darwin award nominees.

  26. This bullshit doesn’t erased the fact that Nina Bo Nina Brown should have been Blac China
    Period .

  27. What if Cookie Monster was a conservative?


  28. This is Jose Cancel's job. He was paid to appear as his drag persona as Vanjie because cookies are one of her catchphrases on Drag Race. Drag is her career. She is an entertainer.

  29. You guys are so smug this is hard to watch even though I agree with you.

  30. And you know none of that was scripted, the was a classic Vanjie freestyle! 💖🤘🏻

  31. The only time I cry over Vanjie is when she gets eliminated

  32. TBH… I kinda found that drag queen ad kinda hilarious! I guess they really want to piss-off the right-wingers; right?

  33. come on.. lets be honest.. everything is one way or another "political" – this ad a little more than most.. just that this has a political message that runs counter to american "conservative" agenda..

  34. I personally don't care for dragqueens and I'm not gay but I think the commercial was funny like the person on it😂😂😂😂😂.

  35. Omg this is soo RIDICULOUS 😂😂 .. the straight people are PRESSED!! 😂 GET DEM COOKIES! 🍪

  36. "People aren't busy enough…I'm constantly overwhelmed with work"….looking for that ONE tweet, so we can spend 7 minutes bitching about it, and acting like it's every "conservative" feeling that way.
    You seem to have plenty of time to care about a single tweet.
    I'm overwhelmed by the hypocrisy you display.

  37. What Americans need to understand is that Hatred, Fear and Racism is the glue that holds the Republikkklan party together.

  38. Its 'Pink face' to mock women. I would think lefties would be triggered by men dressing up to display an over exaggerated portrayal of the patriarchies view of women.

  39. I have worked on a companies Social Media team and trust me this is only the a portion of replies that would have been discussed before replying. It would have been major fun to be with that team on that day

  40. You have to understand something, conservatives are not pissed, they are entertained at how stupid and cringy you woke people have become. I generally enjoy sitting down every night and watching them make fun of and humiliate you morons. Lmao

  41. As everybody else in their rights (as in free speech), that person twitted his personal opinion on something which you, and many others, may don't agree with, that's how society works. But both of you quickly and publicly went to make this entire video just on him, to attack and accuse him with the buzzwords "right wing conservative" and also everybody else with the same opinion as his.

    I mean, a single tweet from that guy and maybe a few from others? Really? And Ana Kasparian says she doesn't have time for this stuff then spends the whole video criticizing? What kind of dishonesty and hypocrisy is this? This is how society slowly becomes more divided and exclusion increases even more, because both of you help with videos like this, who returns nothing positive, only divisive, all in the name of profit and politics.

    "We're for inclusion, we're for everyone. We're not gonna pick the side that is exclusionary." You just did… double standards? Don't forget the word "tolerant"…

  42. damn people out here really not getting vanjies catchphrase is literally: GET THESE COOKIES GET THESE COOKIES

  43. Hmmm…OK, if conservatives want a conservative cookie what would it be? Fig Newtons? (Naaa…too much genital imagery. Drives the evangelicals nuts! ) Oreos? (History of race-baiting imagery.) Samoas? (Why don't they ever name cookies after white people!!) Nutter Butters? (Sorta looks like a penis.) Vienna Fingers? (The evangelicals again. Putting someone else's fingers into your mouth rubs them the wrong way.) Grasshoppers? (Too treehugger-like.) Well…you can see the problem here. Maybe they should stick with Lorna Doone shortbread. Dull and bland. Very WASPy. Square, pale, mostly tasteless, and uninteresting.

  44. The Drag queen wasn’t talking about the cookies, he was talking eating his dick with some milk…. “come get these ‘cookie”

  45. I couldn’t care less about an adult in drag , be who you are. They should have just filmed “Desmond the amazing” (ten yr old drag kid) on stage at a gay bar dancing for grown men as they toss cookies at him.
    I can’t see why not, no one seems to give a shit anyways.
    Bet they would have if it was a ten yr old girl at a straight strip club. Not everything left is okay.

  46. From what I can see though, Liberals do plenty of bitching and complaining on social media too. They’re even calling their own girl out, Ellen Degeneres, for hangin out with George Bush. So it seems they have plenty of time on their hands as well. This is why I think both sides are batshit crazy. The only people with the most common sense are the people in the middle, who don’t label themselves as Liberal or Conservative.

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