Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

(suspenseful music) (woman screaming) – [Governor] The state
of Florida has issued a category five hurricane warning. All residents must evacuate immediately. Grab your families, your loved ones, and get out. – [Haley] Dad! – [Governor] We won’t
be able to come for you. – [Haley] Dad? (creature groaning) (suspenseful music) Dad!? Oh, God. What happened? (woman screaming) – Haley, are you hurt? – I’m fine. Hello, can anybody hear me? I’m trapped with my father in our house in Coral Lake. – Haley! – Please send help! – [Wade] Haley? – Wade, down here! – Pete, do you hear that? – In less than an hour we’ll be under water. I’m banging on the pipes, it blurs their senses. – I can distract them for you. You got this! – You need to go, now! – I’m not leaving you here. (suspenseful music) (gun shots) – We’re in here! (breaking glass) (water surges) (gasping) Come on you son of a bitch. (suspenseful music)

100 thoughts on “Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

  1. This movie was bullshit, big ass gators biting her on her legs and she can run and swim afterwards, even being grabbed by her whole upper torso and deathrolled couldn’t stop her from using her arms to signal the helicopter.

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  3. Lol. Watched Tiger House last night: Boy they love showing this broads feet. Crawl: 10 min they are showing her feet, wtf? Why??
    And, foot in movie poster… Wtf?

  4. 👨‍💻looks good a Hurricane lots water Heeelp! 😳 etc what could get worse ? lets throw in Huge Croc 😳👍🥇

  5. They crawl around the basement in the beginning then soon as the water starts to fill they can all of a sudden stand 😂🤪

  6. If lazarbeam did go to watch the movie he could've just been saying crikey all the time

  7. 45 min in and I was rooting for the gators. Stupidity was the real killer here. Im so sick and tired of Hollywood green lighting these terribly written rags for stage and screen. A stupid movie for stupid folks who are entertained easily. Crawl very quickly in the opposite direction of this bombshell!

  8. so let me get this right, u have a wild animal in ur basement and instead of leaving ur house u go back to get ur phone, lollll i wouldve written a better story

  9. i see the movie sorry but writer is stupid or director of the film . retarded didnt see that coming in 2019 .

  10. If aligator grab your hand or leg and drag you into water and do their twist, you can survive easy, that is logical. xD

  11. Thanks God!!! I didn't see this trailer and this movie was really intense,a bit climaxed than Rogue. You guys can try watching it.

  12. I've watched it for free only the first half an hour….just couldn't go till the end….don't bother

  13. I dont know about the movie but the guy who did the sound editing for this trailer did a good job.

  14. The trailer does this movie justice, it is absolutely the dumbest movie I've seen in a long time, 1to 10 is a negative 3, stupid minds come up with stupid shit, and it just keeps own with the worst case scenarios on every part of the movie, Hollywood has lost there mind🖕🖕🖕🖕

  15. wow.. this trailer showed the best parts of the movie i have also the countdown trailer if u want to check

  16. Apart from the fact the trailer just gave away 90% of the movie and takes away any suspense whatsoever… the movie is garbage anyway. Boring characters who you don't care get eaten or not and can heal faster than wolverine, crappy dialogue… and the slowest bunch of alligators in the animal kingdom… she literally out swam 4 of them all coming for her from multiple angles… then boasted that she is the "apex predator". Give it a miss unless you want a laugh at how ridiculous it gets at the end.

  17. Dumbest movie ever. Crawl to get the phone and dial 911 when gator is right next to her instead to get back to safe spot then call 911. Could of just stayed out the water until the storm died down but keep choosing to get in the gator infested water lol 😂

  18. I just watched this movie. This is one of the best gator movie I've watched, edge of the seat thrill! Highly recommended to watch this movie. SUPERB! 🖒👍

  19. If I was editing this movie… I would have had a great white shark come up from underneath and eat the last gator. Or while she has the flare in her hand a gator grabs her then the screen goes black.

  20. SPOILER ALERT!!! Jerkoffs! Why can't these film studios learn to make TEASER TRAILERS? In 90 seconds they ruined the entire movie! Will these a-holes ever learn? But, the movie does look pretty interesting.

  21. Everybody here they're all just fuzz over about crawl or basement..🤣…
    For me the story is impossible about the girl who was survived after her shoulder was bitten by the alligator then twisted so hard…really??? 🤔

  22. Trailers like this (whether for a movie or a video game) seem to show everything but the ending (the beginning, the more notable action scenes, etc.). Kinda wish they'd make these shorter, or fill more of it with narration or something. Still gonna get this and probably enjoy it though, I love movies like this!

  23. I'm watching this to remove my horror movie trailer myth. p.s I didn't watch the trailer

  24. This movie made me seriously hate crocodiles more than I already do! Dame!!!! one hand is not enough for one crocodiles.

  25. AMAZING movie, Great acting too!! Gotta put this one in my favorite movie of All Time List!! 👍💣🎬🔥🍿🍕🥤🚬💀🎬💥

  26. first of all just want to say she sounds like cindy from scary movies second of all fuck no i aint watching this water and crocodiles in waters n shit na man im good

  27. Watching this movie right now and trying to enjoy it for what it is, but the stupid bitch really used her phone while she was out in the goddamn open! Couldn't even wait to get back to her dad. Idiot character in idiotic situations. How the fuck am I supposed to root for someone so goddamn stupid?

  28. Use tht sharp shovel break through the wood floor, get on the roof and wait for help. Meh. 😎

  29. This things go out of water you know. It's not like hot lava and if you are not touching water you are safe lol.

  30. Hats off to the writers of this movie!..Bravo!, it got me from the beginning to the end!

  31. WTF with this animation quality, n poor scenario n fucked up movie, I am so surprised that paramount made this 😳😳
    Paramount is no longer in the game

  32. A big twist to this film if this was the other way around the Crocs would be running from Steve Irwin and the movie would go by the title of "run"

    And we all know Steve Irwin would have those crocodiles s***** their self

  33. So the crocodile caught that white chick leg and she managed to escaped with two kicks 😴😏 ! This is some serious kicks overhere

  34. Take a female lead make the story believable and everyone enjoys the entertainment yet the fucking dumb morons always complaining to push their own agendas with rubbish actors like daisy and the marvel moron

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