Cultural Appropriation

So I know you’re thinking ‘oh god the last thing wanna watch is another video about cultural appropriation’, especially by some sissy cracker ‘I can’t stand it anymore!’. Well I can’t stand it anymore either! But I think I’ve got some fresh takes so just…just…just give me a chance. I think this is a really complicated topic so I’d like to start by saying unequivocally that cultural appropriation is always wrong, and immoral. (singing in spanish) Halloween costumes are represented as one of the main examples of cultural appropriation. Specifically whites who think its okay to go to parties dressed as a chinaman an indian SEÑORITAS PICANTES a jew or a black. But to me this isn’t even cultural appropriation – it’s caricature and racial stereotyping. To appropriate a culture they at least need to have some basic understanding or appreciation of that culture. Gringo motherfuckers dressing up as HOMBRES CON BURROS aren’t appropriating mexican culture, they’re making a mockery of it. We should be able to agree that shit is racist before even having the conversation about cultural appropriation. And the same goes for Native American mascots and sports teams. It’s not appropriation, it’s the reduction of an already mostly exterminated culture to a racist cartoon caricature. I mean, the Washington R*******, the name of the team is a racial slur it has nothing to do with appropriation, it’s just good old fashioned racism. And if you’re thinking (whiny voice) ‘but why aren’t you upset about the sports teams that stereotype white people. SJW hypocrisy exposed.’ I respond that: when Native American repopulate North America, wipe out most of the white people, impose their own social, political and religious institutions and confine the remaining whites to ghettos and *then* call their sports team the Chattanooga Honkies – well, then I’ll join your white lives matter protest rally. But until then if you’re offended by the Minnesota Vikings here’s what you do: You learn the Elder Futhark alphabet, you use it to write a letter of complaint on a scroll, you take it via longboat to Iceland and then you set yourself on fire and throw yourself in the fjord and die, because no on gives a shit about you or your hypothetical problems. I guess the distinction I’m making between mockery and appropriation can be summed up this way: A white guy wearing a rasta hat with fake dreads for halloween is caricature, while a white hippy with actual dreads is appropriation. Or is it? L…l..l…let’s talk about white people with dreads. I guess I should take this opportunity to disclose a secret …a dark secret… ….a bad, bad secret… I used to be a white person with dreadlocks. In fact I think I still have them…they’re in a box somewhere. Don’t ask what’s in these jars. What’s in the boxxxx? So first of all I’ll say that for the two years that I had dreads I got nothing but compliments from black people. It was the white people who couldn’t fucking stand them. Now I acknowledge that could be sampling error, maybe the black people who were offended were just too polite to say anything, they didn’t wanna accost me in the street so they just kept it to themselves. Black person: do you know what locks mean? White person: Do you know that it was in Egyptian culture, are you Egyptian? Nah bruh you’re not. Black person: Are you Egyptian?
White person: Nah… So one of the arguments against white people wearing dreadlocks goes that white people take locks out of their original context and erase their meaning. But is that true? What is the meaning of dreadlocks anyway? According to a Guardian thinkpiece dreadlocks are historically worn by hindu mystics Ancient Egyptians and Jamaican rastafarians. But that’s three completely separate ethnic groups thousands of years apart, and, I mean, suppose it were discovered that Vikings traditionally wore dreadlocks Would that really change anything? When I had dreadlocks I thought I was being super spiritual you guys. And then I realised that spirituality is a bunch of shit, and religion is a lie. Even religions made by brown people. I dunno it seems to me that dreadlocks have a completely different cultural meaning for white people. It’s like a hippy thing, not a rasta thing. And hold on, is it even mainly a rasta thing for black people? Like, how well versed is Lil Wayne in the teachings of Haile Selassie? Interviewer: What do you say to people who call your music vulgar, misogynistic, offensive, degrading? Lil Wayne: So be it, all those things made me who I am and I am a veeery successful man. Interview: Whats your thought on black lives matter?
Lil Wayne: What is it, what do you mean? I guess he does a Jamaican accent sometimes. Is it appropriation when black Americans do Caribbean accents? I honestly have no idea. (whispering) I’m gunna wait for black people to figure it out. Wagwan YouTube? Another objection to white dreadlocks has it that black people often face workplace discrimination for wearing locks while white people like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are celebrated for them. But it’s really only famous white people that are celebrated, and by celebrated I mean they face widespread mockery and shaming. When I had locks people would always tell me to get a job at Tower Records because that’s the only job you could get if you were a white guy with dreads. Also it was 2006 so Tower Records was a thing. (Tower Records theme tune playing) Presenter: Chris how long have you been working for tower?
Chris: Oh on and off 18 years. Uhh about four years? Um a month and a half. Six years next month. Contrapoints: Don’t you understand that your hairstyle originates with hindu mystics you white bitch? (repeating) It’s all in your head. It’s all in my head man, it’s all in my head. What the fuck? It seems like the real problem here is racist employers forbidding black employees to wear natural hairstyles. And you know who I bet would be natural allies against that kind of employer? White people with dreadlocks. Let’s take to twitter and start a firestorm of public shame. White people with dreads are great at that. Let’s tear these fuckers down. (Woman screaming) Seriously though I guess I just think that getting angry at random white people is directing justified frustration at the wrong targets. Now I wanna talk about some examples of cultural appropriation that I think actually are (echoing metallic voice) problematic. In the mid 1960’s there was a cultural event known as a British invasion, in which four plucky chaps from Liverpool attempted to overthrow the communist government of Cuba by launching an invasion that was defeated in three days by Castro’s revolutionary armed forces. In the aftermath of these events an English band called Led Zeplin made a fortune selling covers of black blues songs to white Americans. Now this is kind of a subtle point so I want you to stop (bleep) for five seconds and pay attention. I have no problem with the fact that Led Zeplin played blues songs. Blues is a genre where traditionally there is no such thing as plagiarism. Everyone played everyone else’s songs and there wasn’t really a robust notion of authorship. The problem with Zeplin is that they gave *themselves* song writing credit on the albums for songs written by black blues musicians. Now many of these songs were public domain so it wasn’t an issue of copyright infringement. The issue instead is appropriation, exacerbated from the fact that the source material originated from an underprivileged demographic that for the most part never got anywhere near the remuneration for their work as the white appropriators. The fact that Zeplin profited off recording these songs without even having the decency to give credit is pretty shitty. But to be clear, my problem with it is that they profited from the songs without giving appropriate credit, not that they performed the songs in the first place. Other white blues musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan have been a lot better about this and I got no beef with Stevie. In fact, I like to get filled up inside with his Texas flood if you know what I’m saying. (guitar music) Contrapoints: Ah yeah. Give it to me! I disagree with the view, held by some SJWs that white people shouldn’t borrow things from other races. For one thing, the view depends on the Wagnerian-cum-Hitlarian ideas tethering culture to race. In reality, there’s no clear boundary diving ‘white music’ and ‘black music’. Led Zeplin appropriated the traditional blues song Gallows Pole, but that song itself turns out to have centuries old origins in Scandinavian folk music. Cultures are perpetually in flux and there’s constant interchange between them. Miscegenation is the norm, and I’m glad it’s the norm, I like it when different races exchange fluids. Oh God did I say fluids? I meant cultures. How embarrassing. Beta cuck exposed. I mean do you wanna live in a world where Eminem Zeplin and Stevie Ray Vaughan only sing Wagner? (Opera music, woman singing long high note) I mean, I guess that would be pretty bad ass, but it’s different from the way things are and I hate it. I should acknowledge that cultural exchange often isn’t as innocent as I’m making it sound. History for the most part isn’t a story of cultures peacefully trading ideas. It’s a story of people fucking killing and enslaving each other. And obviously under those conditions there’s a power imbalance that reflected in the way cultures are exchanged, and appropriation is one of those reflections. But it seems that the alternative is cultural segregation and that’s even worse. I think it ultimately redounds to the general good that dominant cultural groups try to understand everyone else and imitation is part of that understanding, even if they over-simplify things and fuck it up a lot of the time. It’s good practice to be aware that you probably don’t understand other cultures as well as you think you do, and that profiting off of the cultural products of disadvantaged groups is potentially exploitative. But this idea can be taken too far. When we’ve got Lena Dunham telling white people not to eat sushi and yoga classes being cancelled out of fears of cultural appropriation it might be time to dial back the offence taking *just* a little bit and embrace cultural miscegenation like the cucks we are. What I’m really trying to say is, I like watching black men bang my wife. If you like this video why don’t you *deep voice* appropriate it, but it’s only okay if you like subscribe and give me your money. Also, like I said at the beginning of this video this is a complex topic and I probably got something wrong, If you disagree with me, leave me a comment and tell me, or if you’re afraid of being dog-piled, send me a message on facebook. Special thanks to Nick Wolf, Garrett Lathey, J to the M to the C, Kat Stas, (demonic voice) Niltia, Stealer of Souls Vorone, no no no, Bottled Sky, Raymond Heinrich, Hete Rodox, Roman Uljuschew, and the other patrons who helped make this video possible. For more information, see the link in the (Led Zeplin Playing) (Soft blues playing)

100 thoughts on “Cultural Appropriation

  1. Japan’s culture is based on appropriation from China. Borrowing is the order of the day since humans have been around. That said I think it was right for the Rolling Stones to insist for Muddy Waters to be on tv with them.

  2. I think it’s funny that we don’t talk about some of the biggest cultural appropriation exploiters is the Christian History and religion.

  3. The Sauk tribe (from which chief Black Hawk was) has given the Blackhawks permission to continue using the name because it's meant to honor a man who was really good at killing whitie (though the millions in donations and education programs doesn't hurt).

  4. No I don't think people are being racist dressed up as Mexicans. The redskins aren't mocking natives it's a tough sport and it's giving praise to natives toughness.

  5. Tower records is going to send an intellectual property strike

  6. I mean it's peoples right to not hire you if you don't have a low cut hair cut.

  7. Watching these videos: woah he’s so handsome

    Watching the new videos: woah she’s so pretty

  8. Yoga is mostly from danish primitive gymnastics, swedish calisthenics, and hindi wrestling brought together by british officers in India stewing together for a century. The name yoga was pitched during a marketing meeting decades ago by Indian yoga experts to make it exotic by taking an existing name with cultural cache both in the west and the east. I mean think about it from the Indian gurus pov. How are they going to get money and fame by selling americans Scandinavian exercises? However make it "spiritual" and make up a bunch of cool sounding names and you have made it "other" and sexy. So, other that here in omaha a church banned yoga and kicked a little girl out of sunday school for witchery. Mission accomplished. The gurus also did the same thing religious leaders of most faiths have done and rape people so much that it is mind boggling.

  9. I remember one time arguing with this old white guy who said he wasn’t offended by the sports name and as an “Algonquin-Iroquois” that he would know best.

    He didn’t seem to notice or even care that Algonquin Iroquois is a contradiction and Impossible considering the Iroquois were a confederacy and a language, not a tribe.. and that the two were traditional enemies.

    But instead I just shut up. There’s no point trying to convince a white American how dumb and full of shit they are when they can’t even get elementary facts right.

    It reminds me of that old joke about why you shouldn’t play chess with a pidgeon.

  10. I think that complaining about cultural appropriation is just an easy way for the white left to make themselves feel good. A way to absolve their consciences for not tackling the real issues of discrimination and exploitation.
    Leaving aside the few instances where the intent is mockery, by and large people who copy elements from other cultures do it out of admiration. I don’t see how that can be condemned if not by prigs. In my experience most members of minorities don’t give a s* about cultural appropriation and those who do it’s because they perceive it as mockery ON TOP OF DISCRIMINATION, EXPLOITATION AND RACISM. Without those underlying real problems nobody would care about it.
    Complaining about hairs and costumes is idiotic on so many levels because not only nobody is harmed by cultural appropriation but the complainers trivialize racism and drown the voices of those who fight against real discrimination.
    Cultural appropriation: a manufactured problem to distract attention from real life problems. Congrats SJWs for helping the right to maintain the status quo.

  11. I have a serious problem with your statement that Zeppelin profited off black music without crediting the original performers. The liner notes of every Led Zeppelin album make it clear which tracks were not original songs and full credit is given to performers like Willie Dixon who wrote the songs they covered.

  12. Just let people do what they wanna do. The more we separate cultures the more separate we will be

  13. Whites aren't the only ones doing this shit.

  14. I have Irish & Norwegian roots & neither the fighting irish nor the the viking team, bothers me.

  15. Wow, I am quite impressed…your video was very balanced & sane. Would love to see you influence said types out of extremism.

  16. A little (significantly big) part of me wishing I was on the contra train in 2016 so I could at least message Nat on FB or Twitter and hopefully get a response
    But an equally little (significantly big) part of me is glad I became a part of the Contra train at all let alone at the (for now at least) height of her powers

  17. The led zeppelin example is not "cultural" appropriation, is just unethical behaviour and appropriation.

  18. ¡Ay, Dios mío, chulita!
    Que cosas lindas sus tetes y te gusta sus palabras lo más qué puede pero quiero más bofetada de perra con "the golden one" 😎

  19. I love that you included the Beatles in this. I got so excited that I had to take a second and spin around on my floor. I'm not joking.

  20. "this is a racial slur against Native Americans, a group I'm not a part of, so Imma say the word aloud and then say it's a slur so ppl know I'm still woke"
    lol you're not cancelled tho ik this is an old video

  21. Ok, so is time to adress the Completo problem: You Fkng gringos starting puting avocados in hot dogs and think you are genius but you are actually apropiation Completos.

  22. Nobody "owns" culture. As long as you don't outright lie about other cultures, anyone is free to create and develop whatever culture they might find befitting.

  23. I think the concept of cultural appropiation stems from trying to solve a problem like racism by focusing on the unimportant aspects of it.

    I'm mexican, and I love to see people that appreciate the beauty of Día de Muertos or the delicious food, even if they change it a bit to adjust to their culture. I don't think it is cultural appropiation to use our traditional dresses or celebrate 5 de Mayo, but I have an issue if this people are also the ones that support migrants being detained ar the border and mistreat foreigners.

  24. Everyone who speaks English is engaging in cultural appropriation.

  25. Nope it's still fucked up when black people make fun of Rastafarian and Caribbean cultures.
    But hey i'm a black Pagan who follows primarily the Celtic pantheon, and identified as Wicca for a few (10) years so stones and glass houses I guess.

  26. 4:18 maybe because it was 2 words, but the Jamaican accent was actually proper, not good but proper

  27. white celtic soldiers had dreads. tons of societies have cultural ties to dreads. cultural appropriation is real but people getting pissed over dreads need to worry about more important things.

  28. If I am a white person and wanted to make a video of me dancing to Mexican Cumbia dance … would I be accused of cultural appropriation?

  29. I appropriate whatever I want to. I am an unapologetic thief of culture. Now excuse me while I eat this gyrrito.

  30. Another video of appropriation, from which I understood nothing

  31. as a Mexican, the only thing I hated about that is how horrible your pronounced the "d" in Adios, have-way "d" but still with some "r"

    my thoughts exactly, another example is french designer Isabel Marant appropriating the design of Tlahuitoltepec (a small town in Oaxaca Mexico, of indigenous people) blouse & tried to register it in France as her IP, and made a collection. The issues is not in using it, is in profiting out of it.

  32. We have lost our manners and have become a bunch of warring tribes and 'cultural appropriation' is just another weapon in the wars.Taking offence too easily is just bad manners…as is dishing out abuse for no reason other than cultural difference.

  33. I have dreadlocks because I don't like to comb my hair every time I go to a metal concert and bang my head out. I like the aesthetic and I will wear my hair however I want. If people have a problem with that, they can deal with it. And yes, companies that discriminate against people with dreads should be shamed.

  34. Well this was a lot more palatable than the time when you called all trump supporters fascists

  35. Oh cool, there are leftists who are RIGHT about cultural appropriation! That makes me feel significantly better about joining the revolution.

  36. I really hope not to be very wrong but I live under the impression some Celtic and Pict groups had dreadlocks; the Britons and Francs didnt, but many Vikings had them too, so after Vikings came and went and came and went and Francs and stuff and miscigenation became a thing, many people (yeah I forgot the term for this period cohort) had them too, for a while (I guess at least up to the Inquisition starts in earnest).

  37. It is dumb because we are all human and racism ignores our common humanity, but so does the "other" thinking that the idea of misappropriation is based on. As a small child, born in Uruguay and spending most of my time with brown skinned women who hugged and groomed me a lot and gave me lots of love and affection, I happen to feel very close to these kinds of people and to be a very physically affectionate in general toward all people. This is very confusing to all genders and kinds of people here where I live in the middle of Kansas. Referring to myself as "Latina" is very offensive to one of my Puerto Rican friends. Que lastima!

  38. How are we spose to be multicultural if we can't share. When music gets so popular it no longer belongs to the group that invented it, but belongs to the world. imo.

  39. I am extremely far left but… if anything I think we should embrace cultural appropriation. Of coarse we need to be sensitive about it but if some white guy from the bronx likes his friend’s dreadlocks then let him have them. If an American is really into Japan and want to make their own shounen inspired comic with lots of Japanese writing and culture in it, then let him. But if a guy makes a rainforest tribe the bad guys in his adventure movie just because he likes the look of it… then he should at least understand what he is implying

  40. The concept of culture approbations is invalid and counter to the whole melting pot, freedom of choice for Americans So if someone is offended by you having dreadlocks or wear green on St Patricks day I am not offened We already have the religious fanatics and white supreamacist tell us not to wear make up and heels so enough with the culture nonsense.

  41. Roman's and other conquerors took any part of a conquered culture that they thought useful or helpful.

  42. I'm kind of left wondering what there would be of British culture if you deleted all the cultural appropriation.

  43. Please, stopp, don't speak in Spanish, my ears are bleading……..

  44. ''Religion is a lie, even religion that's made by brown people''

  45. It's not wrong to use a stereotype of an ethnicity and I encourage people to do it if they want.

  46. To anyone saying "EVEN BROWN PEOPLE CAN GET RELIGION WRONG" is an amazing sound bite, and how cool it is, you miiiiiight be missing the more overarching points on this video.

  47. 8:08 – Jessye Norman! One of the most bad-ass singers out there!

  48. What about Kirk Lazarus aka Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder?

  49. I love ContraPoints both before and after she started using set design and lighting.

  50. 1:36 Q: "Why are you not upset when the exact same thing is done to white cultures"
    1:44 A: "White collective original Sin."
    1.52 p.s.: No-one gives a shit about you/white people.

    Now imagine someone who unironically refers to Martin Luther King jr. as 'some black guy' get's upset about appropriation of white culture, but insists if blacks want to make a complaint they better canoe to Afrika.

  51. Hi. Cis white guy here. Just wondering, is my adobo, sazon, and tajin in the kitchen cultural appropriation? How about my Chinese green tea? My brown betty teapot? Checking for a friend. Lol

    Culture is a dynamic and fluid thing that is meant to be shared and experienced together, not be exclusive, and it isn't static changing over time, that point was made in the video.

    But in all seriousness aside, I'm binging on Contra videos now and loving every minute of it.

  52. I'm Mexican and whenever we see white people taking out shit we take it as a compliment. In fact. Mexico as a country EXPORTS IT'S CULTURE!!! Yeah that's right. Mexico actually organizes events to spread Mexican culture abroad in order to piggy back commerce on it. Tequila, food, music, clothes products, holidays, myths, movies, language, drugs, people, you name it, we export it. This is only an issue in the U.S. They forgot the concept of the Melting Pot. Mexico has not forgotten it's Mestizaje.

  53. I had huge dreads, but it's my nordic culture and me being a hippy. I'm groving my hear now to get them again.

  54. I call bullshit on that, chief. A caricature is a caricature, just because the situation of the irish and native americans are different it doesn't mean they are not being mocked because minorities in favour of group cohesion

  55. 7:34 was a beautiful take. Such division ideas are very common surprisingly amongst my race (being black). Which is especially shown when I express my taste for “white music”.

  56. Become LATINO, to be honest we come from everywhere black white asian arabic youd be surprised. Cultural appropriation I think is a U.S thing, be proud of your history and of the world. The United States spreads its propaganda on its people an by that it sheltered itself into this egg shell philosophy. Cultures clash creating a new one that binds a generation connecting them throughout the world. The world isn't so big anymore. Why LATINO because the music is black & native with european brass mixed up into cumbia salsa and various accordion styles & techniques. The food as complex as our peoples origin an just as amazing. Culture appropriation is to simply a psychological push I can be wrong an just overly proud but that's me my take. Your dope keep it real always catching videos. Good stuff

  57. Actually, the Jamaicans only appropriated dreads from Indians because of British imperialism…

  58. 2016, eh? And only now coming into my feed…
    I am (no lie) wearing Kshatriyas styled sarong, your discourse has left me self conscious and somehow reluctant to remove them.
    Defiant almost.

  59. I’m coming into this as someone who doesn’t think cultural appropriation is wrong, but I’m going to keep an open mind and listen to your arguments. As I go along, I’ll be giving my thoughts

    First of all, I agree, it goes without saying that those caricatures of Halloween costumes are racist.

    I disagree that the sports teams with names discriminating against whites are not racist. White people as a whole have hurt other races as a whole, but that doesn’t mean that any individual black person or Native American has been affected by that or that any individual white person is a racist oppressor. It’s still stereotyping a group of people for their race which is racist. Racism ends when we stop seeing race, and double standards like that don’t help.

    Anyone can wear dreadlocks. It’s a fashion choice, if it has a deeper meaning for certain people, then that is what it means to them, but it shouldn’t mean that nobody else can choose to wear it for whatever their reason.

    “Is it appropriation when black Americans do Caribbean accents?” First of all, it’s the double standard for race again. If it’s obviously wrong when white people do it, then it should be equally wrong when black people do it. In this specific instance, the only added complication is Caribbeans because going by your argument, they are the victims here and then we get into making fun of yourself or your own group, etc. If you’re doing an over the top accent for mockery purposes, that is racist. It depends on why you’re doing the accent. Imitation of an accent, in a vacuum is not racist, but it’s easy to become racist, the question of whether it’s racist is incredibly nuanced and can’t be answered with a single yes or no.

    I agree that zeppelin not giving credit is shitty but I would say the same thing no matter where the source material was from. I wouldn’t call it appropriation, I’d just call that being shitty and not giving credit where it’s due

    “I disagree that white people shouldn’t borrow things from other cultures” me too, and that was my main objection to people saying cultural appropriation was a problem. So, I will be interested to hear what you have to say

    “History is a story of people fucking killing and enslaving each other and as a result there is a power imbalance reflected in the way cultures are exchanged” that is true, and there are power imbalances that have come because of that but that doesn’t excuse racism against whites. As I’ve already said, the way to end racism is to not see race, to treat all individual acts of racism solely according to how racist it is and not who it’s targeted towards.

    If someone is trying to represent a racial group and is doing an extremely poor representation, that’s just doing a bad job of what you’re trying to do, if you’re going to try to do that, and you fail spectacularly, you deserve all the criticism that comes your way. If someone is imitating a racial group for the purposes of just mocking and stereotyping then that is racist. Anything else that people call cultural appropriation, I would argue that it is either not an issue, or that it is an issue but not one of race

    The last part about cultural miscegenation was a joke but it also had a point behind it. There should be no stigma around interracial relationships but there should also be no stigma around preferring one race over another as that is a sexual preference that you can’t control.

    Overall, I agree with you some, I disagree with you some. My opinion has not really changed, if anybody reading this disagrees with me I’d be interested in having a discussion

  60. Thank God Zep ripped off their music because the original artists would have been corrupted by evil corporations. I love exploitation.

  61. Oh God, the last video I want to watch is a mentally ill man who dresses as a women explain politics to me.

  62. 6:47 just to point it out, as a law student, when any media goes into the public domain, while economic rights become unenforceable, a concept that is known as "moral rights" which is essentially the right over authorship and respect for your work, still remains. While it is a fairly new concept and I don't know if it existed in that area at the time but I think it is valid to be applied retrospectively. Sort of like, how slavery was bad before the right to body autonomy became law.

  63. 1:14 did you just assume they're making mockery out of them? How can you know their intentions? Maybe they really like the style. And people have a right to wear dresses or costumes they like. So bullshit!

    2:24 white hippie with actual dreadlocks is appropriation. So?

  64. These leftists pretend that when white people arrived in the America’s it was some peaceful utopia. They ignore the fact that Native American tribes were constantly at war with each other. War was a big part of the Native American culture and the advanced weapons white men gave to some Native American tribes gave them a big advantage over others, it was a big part of why some tribes allowed the white man to settle. But eventually the white man got drawn into these wars, and we are supposed apologize just because our ancestors were wayyyy better at war? The Natives never should’ve allowed the white man to settle. Instead of fighting with each other the white man should’ve been the number 1 target of all tribes.

  65. Have you lot no original thought.So how come you never mention black women lightening their skin,straightening their hair, and dying their hair blond?Is that not appropriation of the white race.Oh,and white,European people had dreadlocks centuries ago.You people are endlessly offended.Get over yourselves

  66. How come it's only white people who shouldn't borrow from other cultures?God,you people are pathetic.All you do is trot out the same old crap ad infinitum

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