Daily Breakout Trading System | 100% Profitable breakout strategy Forex

Hello and welcome back to another strategy
video and this one I’m taking a look at the daily breakdown system. A little heads up this is an Australian dollar
Japanese yen hourly chart. And these periods separators these dash lines
show once every 24 hours. That’s vital to know. It’s a little easier to do than the one hour
chart as you can get some granularity you can do of the daily chart. But this just makes a little bit more visually
easier to deal with. And I have a couple of trades here that would
have fired off and you can see that I have a couple of rectangles. And what these represent in this case at least
is the high of the trading session. So day one here you can see that we kind of
drifted sideways a little bit. At the end of the day will draw a rectangle
or some type of marker to show where the day peaked out. It would also draw a rectangle on the bottom
to show the lows. Now in this particular case we broke down
to the upside. And that’s where you enter you enter on a
break above the highs from the previous session. This ensures that you’re going with momentum. It’s easier to do with the longer term trend. But some traders will take it in both directions. When you place your order and you go into
the marketplace you put your Stop-Loss at about 50 percent of the previous day’s session
allowing that perhaps the break out could be a false breakout. And if that’s the case you take a minor hit
at the end of the next day the day that you’ve entered you mark the highs again. So as you come into day three and day one
is really just the reference day I should probably say that day two is actually the
day you enter. But as you come in and day three you then
put your Stop-Loss at about 50 percent of the move you can see that we Brockmeyer again
and then this being the Sunday early Monday Asia you can either ignore that or play it
forward. This demonstration will go ahead play it because
the result would essentially be the same anyway. But as you can see we go into day three Musaab
losses here. We finished day three and we break it to about
here. Well then I just put my Stop-Loss here at
about halfway through day three. You can see we eventually drift a bit lower
and then break down. So in the end and this particular move you
got this entire area of profit and the nice thing about the daily break out system is
very simple it’s a very mechanical. You just check it at the end of your daily
trading range for many people that will be midnight GMT but it might be different with
your broker you place a trade above or below and you simply follow covering half of the
previous session with a stop loss. This allows you to either take a small hit
or gain from a trend or a momentum move. One of the most simple trading systems and
you can see it already has a built in safety mechanism half of the day’s ranges and that
much typically. But it might be larger here. So it really comes down to your comfort level. There are a lot of different tweaks on this
but this is a very basic trading strategy that tends to do quite well over the longer

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