Day Trading Broker Canada Reviews – Questrade, Interactive Brokers, Wealthsimple Trade, Thinkorswim

What’s the best day trading broker for Canadians? We see a lot videos for the American traders. But I don’t see a whole lot fo information
out there for us Canadians. So today I’ll be clarifying this question
for all you Canadians out there who are thinking of getting into stock trading. Specifically I’ll be talking about the four
brokers I personally use, Interactive brokers Canada, Questrade,TD thinkorswim, and Wealthsimple
trade. I’ll be comparing their pros and cons and
of course, their broker fees. If that topic sounds interesting to you, make
sure to hit that like button for me and subscribe. Now let’s get started. So first we’ll be going over Interactive
brokers. This is the first broker I got when I started
day trading. And of course, what attracted me to interactive
brokers, just like most people, is their low fees. At first glance, IB is indeed a lot cheaper
than most other brokers out there. Basically the cost for buying and selling
US listed stocks is $0.005/ US per share, with a minimum of $1USD per trade. As for the TSX listed stocks, the cost would
be $0.01 CAD/ share. With also a minmum of $1 CAD per trade. So that’s Interactive brokers fees at a glance. Seems pretty cheap right? But where they really get your money is with
the market data subscription packages. Interactive brokers offer a list data packages
for all the exchanges, equities, futures, options and bonds… all separately. For an average day trader trading the US equities
market such as myself, this is what the subscriptions would look like and it adds up to about $48
us a month. That includes things like Equities and Options
quote for nasdaq exchanges, level ii etc etc. Now if you trade the TSX listed stocks You’ll
need to subscribe to additional Canadian market data subscriptions, or OTC market data if
you trade those. So the cost would add up. I’ll leave a linkt to IB’s data fees down
below for you to check out. I still use IB everyday because their equities
and options trade prices are cheap, but the cons of course their expensive data packages,
and I find their execution speed could be really slow sometimes. I also think their level ii is hard to read,
and lagging behind other brokers too. And their customer service, is horrendous,
which can be very troublesome sometimes when I need to call them for support. So that’s definitely something you should
keep in mind of. But i will give it to IB for getting better
at having short borrows on small cap penny stocks. In that regard IB is better than Questrade. That’s a perfect segway to our next broker
for day trading in Canada. Questrade, which is the broker I personally
prefer when it comes to most equity trades other than shorting penny stocks. They have two commission structures for the
active day trader accounts. For the fixed rate, you have a flat fee of
$4.95 per trade. And that applies to whichever currency the
stock you are buying or selling is in. So either $4.95 CAD or USD. They also have variable rates for 1 cent per
share to a maximum of $6.95. So depending on your account size and the
type of stocks you trade. You can have two flexible options for fee
structure to choose from. WHich is really nice! To day trade on Questrade platform you’ll
also need data subscription packages. For questrade the all in one packages come
at an hefty price of $89.95, either in USD or CAD depending on thwat you trade. Yes I know what you’re thinking, holy moly
thats a lot more expensive than interactive brokers. But hold your horses, because these data fees
are 100% rebatable. If you trade more than $48.95 in commission
fees in a month, then you’d receive $19.95 rebate from Questrade. And let’s been honest, if you’re day trading
actively, you easily spend $50 in commissions in a day… But if you trade more than $399.95 in trade
commissions in a single month… well, you get the entire $89.95 data fee rebated. The subscription fee rebate situation of course,
depends entirely on how you trade. Fortunately, or unfortunately rather, I usually
get the entire data package rebated to me each month. So that’s one of the many things I love about
questrade. Also, their customer service is amazing and
you can easily reach them through online chat. I find this extremely convenient and beneficial. Their platform Questrade IQ edge offers great
charting for technical analysis, and interface is easy to use as well. But the cons for Questrade is of course their
commission fees are more expensive compared to interactive brokers. But it’s still the broker i would recommend
any Canadians for day trading, swing trading, and long term investing. The third broker we’ll be talking about
today is TD Thinkorswim. This is absolutely my favorite broker for
charting. Very powerful platform and sophisticated analysis
tool for doing option strategies. They also offer paper trading just like IB
and Questrade. But what makes think or swim different is
their OnDemand feature. This tool allows traders to go back to any
US listed stocks on any date in time in the past and practice trading the price action
on that specific date. This is so so powerful, and is a great tool
for traders of all levels to go back and test out their strategies and review their trades. I use this feature all the time on trades
I messed up on and going back to review what I could do differently next time. The thinkorswim platform interface is definitely
top notch. But, it comes with a not so pretty price tag. Their trade commissions are a flat fee of
$6.95 US per trade. That is a pretty steep commission price. If you trade more than 10-20 trades a day,
that cost adds up really quickly. But if you are an active trader and make around
20 or more trades a day, they will reduce your fees to 5.95 or even 4.95 per trade if
you call them up and charm the customer representative with your charisma. Which, I may or may not have done, but, anyways. Despite their expensive fees, with Thinkorswim
you won’t need to purchase data subscription packages. They’re free for the Canadians, IF you maintain
$5,000 US in your account. In the US it’s only $500. 5000 could be hard for some Canadians . unfortunately
there’s no way around it. But honestly the OnDemand feature I mentioned
earlier is worth keeping the 5K in there. For me personally, i just leave $5000 in my
TD account and have access to the free platform charting. And I use IB and Questrade for my day trading
executions. Oh one last con i should remind you is that
you can only trade US listed stocks, no Canadian securities on TOS. Sorry guys, I gotta apologize like a good
ol’ Canadian here. Now last but not least we have Wealthsimple
Trade. Which is a free trading app, or as some call
it, Robinhood for us Canadians. I have done a video going over the app features
and emo extensively, I’ll leave a link down below so feel free to check that out after
this video. While the obvious appeal to wealthsimple trade
is the face that it’s commission free. I do not recommend this app for day trading. You need a lot more comprehensive interface
in order to do technical analysis on your stocks, with candlestick charts liker we have
here on Thinkorswim. WST only offers line charts. And there is no way of adding volume studies
or indicators. Which are essential for day trading. Besides the lack of charting, WST also charges
you a foreign exchange fee of 1.5% when you buy or sell US listed stocks. While that is a standard rate for broker exchange
fees, usually 1.5-2%, but the disadvantage is that WST does not have the functionality
of holding USD currency right. So that means you are charged a 1.5% for each
buy and sell, and you cannot hold USD cash for future trades on US equities. So that immediately scratches this broker
from my list. The most important downfall for WST is the
fact that the data quotes are delayed up to 15 min. There is no way you can day trade stocks without
live data and level ii, not successfully anyway. While I do appreciate the no fee trading,
I would only use wealthsimple trade for very casual swing trading with Canadian listed
stocks. I have put $1000 in the account just to play
with the app and swing trade some cannabis stocks such as Aurora and Canopy growth. Now that we’ve gone through all four brokers. Let’s put all four of them into perspective
together here. Which one should you go with? This is simply my recommendation as someone
who have used all four brokers. If you’re just starting out day trading
as a complete beginner, and perhaps just want to test out the water. I’d say, start with Interactive brokers,
the do offer paper trading, which is a great way to get started for the first few months
without breaking your bank. If you have an extra $5000 US lying around,
I would open an account and practice with Thinkorswim paper trading instead. But once you get a hang of it, and perhaps
become novice and intermediate, I would suggest moving on to Questrade. They do cost a bit more than IB, not as bad
as thinkorswim, but they offer far better execution speed and customer service than
IB. Hopefully by then you would have $5000 US
to open an account with thinkorswim and use their free charting and data as well. Now if you’re already a baller and trade
exclusively the US stocks, and don’t care about the $6.95 US per trade fees. I’d say, go ahead and open a Thinkorswim
account right away. It’s powerful platform is simply undeniable. For wealthsimple trade, I’d only recommend
it for swing trading Canadian stocks and not for day trading. If you want to trade US equities, I’d stick
with the previous three brokers I just mentioned. We will touch on long term investing here
briefly too, for Canadians seeking to take advantage of their TFSA and RRSP with a discount
broker, the only one i’d recommend is Questrade. They have the most reasonable commissions
and low quarterly activity fees that are easily waived. The other brokers just don’t offer those
tax advantage accounts. IB does offer those options but I really don’t
recommend it for long term accounts because of hidden fees, which is why I recently transferred
my TFSA from IB to Questrade. I have a video explaining that in detail if
you’re interested. If you are thinking of opening an account
with Questrade, please do consider using my referral code down below. You’ll gt $50 of free commissions, and I’ll
get the same as well I have received a lot of messages from fellow
Canadians regarding which brokers to use for day trading etc. So hopefully you guys find this breakdown
of four brokers useful. I have another video summarizing how to choose
a broker depending on the type of trader you are as well, so check that out below if you’d
like more information. Make sure to leave a comment and let me know
if this video helped you out. And please smash that like button for me and
subscribe for more content like this in the future. I make videos every Monday and thursday, and
sometimes even on weekends if I don’t have a life. If you have any questions or feedback regarding
brokers, day trading, or anything related to the stock market feel free to let me know
down below. This is the humbled traded, thank u for watching
and I’ll see u next time.

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    The fees for US stocks are actually higher than said in the video. It is 1.5% + the current nominal market exchange rate which at the time of writing is 1.346, so you're actually hit with 2.84% both ways for a total of 5.68%. That means you have to make a return of at least that amount on a trade just to start profiting. Source: see "What's the fee schedule for Wealthsimple Trade?" on

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