Day Trading Emini Futures Trade Setup That Works Daily

welcome to this video on day trading
emini futures one of my favorite setups that I look for every single day this is very very reliable I mighty to
add this to your treating arsenal so here it is it is a volatility trade
based on behavior of the traders that is fairly darn predictable so this is not one of those trades
that’s based on oh you know some ancient Phoenician
numerology or something that’s esoteric astrology or anything like that this is based on the very real behavior
of traders especially those and the exchanges and on the floor and i noticed
this when I was at the chicago mercantile exchange was on the floor and
you can take a real advantage that I mean a lot of the pits are closed down
now but i’m talkin back in the the olden days when I was getting some
training there and size down on the floor of the mercantile exchange S&P pit
and it was very obvious that people would trade very actively during the
morning and then they would go to lunch and we all know this thats not telling
you anything you don’t know there but as I was watching the e-mini futures pit it was very interesting because most
people know that general rule the markets most active in the morning and
then dies down in the at lunchtime and then volatility can come back in the
afternoon however it was very interesting because when i was there you
could literally and physically see which traders were leaving and which ones were
not and that’s think that’s a real advantage it really has and so you can
see whether you know the whales were leavin or if they were staying in too
early lunch sometimes they wouldn’t leave and then other times they leave
and they come right back and so it’s almost like they’re trying
to fool people that they actually were and because they knew they knew
everybody knows this general pattern and what everybody knows something guess
what it’s going to stop working so sometimes they’d leave early sometimes
they stay late sometimes they come back to literally
and so forth him yeah there’s an advantage in being able to see that but if you’re not trade at the
the floor no and I’m screen trader myself then
there’s a general rule that we can follow and then we just have to watch
the energies in the chart around that time so here it is and again this works for
day trading emini futures but you can use this for the day trading anything’s
really specifically for day trading not for swing trading because it’s based
around the time of day and that is the end of lunch time when people are coming
back and they start treating actively again so here’s how we would do it as a screen
traders here’s how I do it so there is a little range of time so these times down here these are
California times because I’m in California so that would be noon eastern
so you can do this with stocks to buy the way stock market works the exact
same way so this would be noon eastern and
obviously then that’s 11 central futures mostly trade out of Chicago and so
that’s the big big big futures market there and you’re looking to for the
market kind of flat here and to come back in somewhere after ten o’clock is
ten o’clock would be one o’clock east rim so this is your lunch hour if you want
to call it that now sometimes they take longer than an
hour but it’s usually after this time and I’m looking at it anywhere from like
about 10 15 – before 11 so about 10 15 – 10:45 kind of
that half hour zone is really the magic zone that we’re looking for ok so if you look at this and we’ve done
some recent videos on bollinger bands and bullets are bands help you with this
– because when the market state now and go into low volatility and so you see
the Bollinger Bands squeeze together here is people leave a very squeeze again here and then what
we’re doing is we’re looking for an expansion out of the contraction that’s the whole point after lunch is
over around this time so that’s the setup now how do I we
identify those trades well you can tap whatever trading method you use whatever
signals use whatever indicators you use I don’t have time to go into my whole
trading method obviously in just a few minutes here but so this is that’s one of the nice things about this
is that you can really apply this to whatever technical analysis method you
use but i find using bullet demands really helps you know what I’d be
looking for here – Stevie a little indication is you know first of all
cycle hi this is a kind of an average moment to exhaustion pattern here for us
and then we look to trade in the direction of the expansion and here for
watching my previous videos on bollinger bands the Bollinger Bands we get the
lower one and they move away from each other and that’s a good indication of
increased volatility in this direction so that would be one example ok let’s go to the next day we’ll just
do a couple of days in succession here and let’s see look around that same time alright so here we go and each one each
setup will look a little different that’s the setup is not necessarily the
same all the time what is the same or we’re looking for is
an expansion of volatility so here we get a cycle hi and then this
is the this is the key here so this time market comes back up makes another cycle
high but does not touch the upper bollinger band that shows weakness to
the upside therefore we’re looking to go short also momentum is decreasing that
momentum shift at the high before we’d be looking to go short and that’s
exactly what happens volatility comes in dramatically to the
downside see this is the thing about volatility
it determines the range of your profits and that’s why this trade is so good is
because you’re trading inside of low volatility and catching a new high volatility movement in the market let’s
look at the next date we like to catch these big momentum
moves why because well a lot of profit to the better reward part of the
risk-reward ratio all right here we go again around the
same time now you could this one came in a little earlier came right at the end
of lunch time would be your signal and you can’t read this couple of different
ways again made here we get our momentum signal to go along comes up touches you upper Bollinger Band all right and you
can even wait to little later if you wanted to and just take the first
retrace on the trend here this ends up going you know quite aways get a nice
move again big move in the direction of your trade
which is good for profits we like profits all right in here is yet
another one this would you look at this will be our
last one because we already kind of late here into this so again notice the Bollinger Bands
squeeze occurring we touch the lower Bollinger Band we do not touch the upper
Bollinger Band and then again bollinger band they start to move away
from each other we go into the lower Bollinger Band we’ve got a cycle hi we’ve got a lower momentum momentum
shift here and that’s our key to take this in the direction down as it expands
and again the pull move depending on how long you want to stay in it pretty good move right pretty good
profits there so that’s the idea is to look for keys again a couple of tips
there but you can use other methods as well whatever your training method is to
look for trades coming out of lunch for increased volatility for some pretty
nice big trades so that’s when we had a trade emini futures you can use it with stocks
as well of course so if you like this video and you’re
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