21 thoughts on “Day Trading Income | The Truth About Making Money Online With Stock Trading (My Results)

  1. one thing i noticed…u paying $352 in commission….if u switch to the big firm like td ameritrade…which has a think or swim platform which has hot keys….u would be saving yourself $352. don't say oh they don't have what you until you try it yourself. shame on you clay.

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  3. Someone warned me of brokers who keep an eye on traders and wait to deceive those who are novices.Is that true.if true then how to handle this

  4. so i have to get use to that annoying voice and feeling. life of a trader, very different from books POV. i just hope it gets tolerable.

  5. Shouldn't even feel bad about losses. All investors take losses, just keep identifying why it happened and get even better like you're doing 👍🏽

  6. You lucky you still green for the month, often time 1 bad trade will wipe out the whole gain, never trade you in rush, I been there done that, I screw up much bigger than you. great video great that you show your statement , hope you do better this month.

  7. Your a excellent trader. It happened to me a few times recently I went from being up 500 to down 500 on the day. That hurt. My trade management is way better now. Cut turned my trading in the right direction. I can’t thank you enough

  8. This guy is trading on small price fluctuations, we are talking .05 to .10 moves on stocks. if his original leg in position moves against him he averages down. He is picking up nickels while a steamroller is coming. DO NOT follow this guy, it is not by accident his biggest dollar value trade in the month was a loss. If I was a betting man, he built a large position that never returned to his favor and he closed it out at a significant loss.

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  10. Clay. What chart app do you use for your daily charts? Or what broker is that? I can't find a chart that I like. And I like the looks of the one you use.

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  13. Re cap, if you are on vacation all the time then not as much money can be made. Got it !

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